Scam Letter(s) from Ksenia Gerasimova to Mark (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi my dear new friend Mark!
I am very glad that I can to write to you the letter! So I can say that today I have got a new foreign friend from another country. That’s why I am smiling now and life seems happier to me. And what about you, Mark, I want you to smile now too because you have also got a new Russian friend today. And you can tell everybody about it. But stop! What will you say to them about me? I have told you nothing about who I’m, where I live and what I do for a living.
OK, Mark, let’s start under the order.
As you have already learned my name is Anastasiya and I’m 27 years old. I was born on the 24th of May in 1979 in the town that is called Kazan and I’m still living here with my parents. My town is very big and it considered to be one of the most ancient towns in our country. In 2005 we have celebrated the 1000th birthday of it. It was a great holiday. The population of Kazan is over one million people. I would want you to see it one day because my town is very beautiful and has a lot of beautiful places which are very interesting for tourists, for example, parks, theaters, museums, cinemas and many other places which are worth seeing.
Maybe, Mark, you want to know something about my parents too. I will tell you it with great pleasure. My mother’s name is Olga Petrovna and she is 54 years old. My father is the same age that my mother and his name is Igor Dmitrievich. They don’t work because now they are the pensioners. But in spit of it they try to do something every day. My mother cooks very delicious dishes and my father and I like to taste it every day. My father has a car and that’s why he has a lot of work with it, as he says, because he is constantly spending time in his garage trying to do something with it. My mother and I don’t even ask him what he is always doing there because we understand nothing in it. And what about your parents, Mark, tell me please a little about them. Do they work?
As for me I graduated from the State Kazan University, the faculty of international relationship and work now as the teacher of English language in the secondary school though I should be an interpreter. But it is very difficult to find a job of my specialty here. But I don’t complain because I like to teach children in the school. It is a very serious and responsible work that I am not afraid of. But to tell the truth sometimes I come across with some difficulties there but I try to be strong and overcome them. My parents and friends help me with it and I feel their support which helps me to do my best. But I will tell you about my work in next letter because now I want to continue the story about my family, Mark, if I haven’t bored you with it yet. It’s a pity that we can associate only by writing letters to each other because sometimes it is very difficult to express some feelings and we don’t see the reaction of everything that we are writing. But I hope that we understand each other very well. So, at own risk I will continue.
Besides my parents I have also an elder sister Masha. She is 31. The difference between us is 4 years. But we get on not bad. She is married with the man Oleg and they have a 7-year-old boy Maxim. They have their own flat near us and that’s why we visit each other very often.
In the end I can say that I love all the members of my family. We all try to take care of each other and live very happy.
Here, Mark, I will stop writing because my time in the internet cafe is getting to the end. I hope that you will like everything I write you here and will wait for your next letter where you will tell me about your parents, work, town where you live and everything you want with great impatience.
Sincerely your new Russian friend,

Letter 2

hello my dear friend, Mark!
Today I was running from the school to the internet cafe to see your letter in my mail-box. I had a lot of thoughts and doubts and the only question in my mind on the way here was if I really will see a letter from such a person like you, Mark. And can you imagine how happy I was when I found that you answered me! I tell you it because I think that you are a wonderful man who begins to understand me from the first letter. And my intuition didn't tell me a lie when I decided to write you the first letter in the site of acquaintance.
I think you have a question about the reasons of writing to you, Mark. I can explain. I decided to register on this site for only one thing (I want to be honesty with you) to find love. And I don't deny that maybe later I will fall in love with you but first of all we should learn each other better. Who knows maybe we won't suit for love but I hope that we have been already become friends and I can tell you everything that happens in my life. So, I hope that you will trust me in such a way I do it, because I consider trusting and understanding being very important and necessary things in our life. I try to be such a person because I want people to behave with me in the same way. What I do for them, the same they do for me. It is a life law which I try to remember and adhere. How do you think, Mark, am I right? I don't want you to hide anything from me even if you think that I'm wrong. For me it is very important, remember it, please, Mark.
Also I want to thank you for your wonderful letter; I like everything that you write me there. I feel that you are honest with me.
Today I want to tell you about my work day.
Usually I get up at six o'clock in the morning and begin to prepare for going to the school. Maybe you think that it is very early but I can say that I used to getting up in early in the morning. I go to the bathroom at once to have a shower. And the first thing I do there is that I put on my lenses because I have a very bad sight. I spoilt it at school because of reading a lot of books in dim light. I was eager to read and could read everywhere. Now I'm fond of reading as well and always when I had free time I try to spend it with a book. My favorite authors are Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and almost all Russian writers. I wonder if you have ever read or heard about them, Mark. If yes, can you write me what you like most of all?
I've departed a theme. Sorry, Mark. After a shower I usually have breakfast which my mother has already prepared for me while I was taking a shower. I can prepare it myself but my mother is very careful person and insists on doing it for me herself. She says that if she doesn't do it, she will die from melancholy. It is a joke and I hope you understand it, Mark. After breakfast I render an easy make-up, do my hair and dress a suit. Near 7.30 I go away to the bus-station because I go to school by bus and at 8 o'clock in the morning I am in the class-room ready to give a lesson for the children.
Usually I have 5 or 6 lessons a day and every lesson lasts 40 minutes. So after the afternoon I am free and go at once home to have dinner with my mother and father. By my coming mother prepare a very tasty soup. My favorite is borsch. It is the national dish of Ukraine but in Russia it is also very popular.
After the breakfast I check the homework of my children or make a tutoring at home. At 8 o'clock we have supper which I help to my mother to cook. At the supper we discuss the passing day, our problems or tell each other joke. We like to laugh because it makes us feel better and raise our mood. Also we like to watch the TV together. But my parents have different tastes and sometimes they quarrel about what program to watch: my father like news and sport but my mother prefers ?soap operas. But as the father is the head of the family we watch at first such programs that he likes but it continues not so long because usually he falls asleep before the TV set and then we switch on the program that we want. So nobody offends. At 10 o'clock in the evening I wish my parents good night and go sleeping in my room. I forgot to tell you that we live in a two-room apartment. One room is mine there. Oh, we have also a cat at home. It is also a member of our family. His name is Tom like in the cartoon ?Tom and Jerry. I believe you have seen it. It was the first foreign cartoon that was showed in our country after the disorder of Soviet Union. My cat is always sleeps with my mother because we suppose she feeds him and spend more time than my father and I. But I love him anyway, he is very tender. Mark, do you have any pets at home? Write me it in the next letter please. I will stop now here because it is late now and I should go home to sleep because my children will wait for me tomorrow in the school and I need to be ready for the lessons. I send you a sweet friendly kiss in you cheek and wish you good luck. ?Don't worry! Be happy!
Sincerely your nice friend,
P.S. I have sent you a photo, where I with my mum.



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