Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Volkova to Mike (USA)
Letter 1
Hi Mike!
How are you doing? It's me Tanya from Russia again. Don't you forget about me? Thanks for replying. Honestly to say I was worried if you will reply to me or not. At first I must say the reason why I have contacted you. I just moved here, to Uren', where I am living in my grandmother's house and I have no many friends here. I have only one good friend, her name is Olga and sometimes I feel lonely here. If things will go well and we will want to become friends, I'll tell you someday the reason I moved here from Nijniy Novgorod. I must say I am not good in computers and Olga helped me to find this website and create profile. I liked the way you described yourself in your page that's why I am interested to learn more about you. Is it ok for you Mike? Also I should say country you living in is very interesting for me too. I don't know much about it but heard some things and want to learn more. I think I should tell you a little about who I am? Don't know how to begin :) Ok as you already know my name is Tanya. It's a short version of my name. The full variant of it is Tatyana, but friends usually call me Tanyusha. So you can choose what you like or what sounds better for you, Mike. I am 27 years old and my birthday is 27 of March. When is your birthday? Actually I don't believe in horoscopes but just curious when I will need to send you greetings card :) So what to say else about me... My height is 169 cm and weigh is 56 kg. As you see I am blonde, my eye color is grey, but I like to change style and sometimes I re-color my hair and wear contact lenses. What type of woman do you prefer, Mike: blondes or brunettes? There is very popular opinion around the world that brunettes are more clever than blondes. I think it have thought up by woman who are envy to us, blondes, because at most men prefer blondes and it's a fact. Just kidding :) Do you agree with me Mike? Ok enough about appearance I just told you about it for you to imagine better how I look like and honestly to say I value soul and character qualities more than appearance in people. Anyway I hope to exchange photos with you. Olga burned much of my photos on CD and now I always have it with me. Forgot to say I am writing you from Cyber-cafe, which is about 15 minutes walking from my grandmother's house, because I have no computer there. So I am sending you one photo of me and hope to get some of you in your answer. Ok I will continue.... My profession is a teacher of initial classes. I teach kids of small age. From 7 to 10 years old. The main subjects I teach them is mathematic, Russian and English language. As you see my English is not very good and I can make mistakes sometimes, but my knowledge is enough to give lessons for kids of this age. I like my work very much and chosen this profession just because I like kids and I think they are flowers and future of our life. I finished college of teachers in Nijniy Novgorod where I lived all my live with parents since last year. Now as I said I moved here. Olga promised to find a map of our region in Internet so maybe I will have an opportunity to send it to you for better imagination where I am living. Oh almost forgot to say I am currently single and I have no kids. I have left my boyfriend in the last year. Mike, I am a little tired of typing. It took me about 1 hour to write this letter, I am very slow typer :) I hope I am not tired you reading my letter, just wanted to say as much as I can for a first time and I hope to hear the same things from you. In the next letter I will tell you more about me, my family etc... Ok I will better go now. I will wait for your letter with impatience. Bye for now. Have a good day!
Tanya. P.S. Hope you like this photo and don't forget to send me yours.
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