Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Volkova to Richard (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Rick.
I am glad, that today I have received news from you, thanks you, that have written to me. The truth I never in the life communicated with the person who does not live in Russia, and talks on I native language.
But I well understand everything, that you have written to me.
When I went to school, and then at university I had very good teachers on English language and consequently I can read your letters without assistance and write to you.
And I hope, you understand, everything, that I write to you.
As Rick we only we get acquainted, I should tell about myself more.
To me now 28 years, and my birthday on December, 21st, 1977.
My growth of 170 centimeters, weight of 61 kg.
I very much like walks on fresh air, I very much love the nature.
I like the sea and is pleasant to float, in the summer I often bathe and I sunbathe on coast of our remarkable river Volga.
At us in city Kazan in which I was born and a lot of water has grown.
Inhabitants of our city name his Volga Venice.
In Kazan as in any big city there is a river port.
There there can be vessels going through Baltic or Caspian sea.
I love a life - I am an optimist, and I believe, that the majority beautiful a thing expects us in the future.
I trust in the God and destiny, and I expect my unique unique person.
I trust in family and love, and I search for the person to the one whom I shall give all heat of my heart and with that whom I shall be always together...,
I wish to divide with it all things - good and sad, all which we shall meet in our life.
My person, clever also has strong spirit, it is kind and magnanimous and generous, it will do that - be for me, and will know, that I shall do that - be for him.
Unique my person who requires love and can give love.
It is a person who requires reliable family and fair attitudes.
I to want, that you would send me the photo.
I do not know, why, but it is pleasant to me to write to you the letter.
I to want, that you would answer me somewhat quicker.
Write to me about itself, than you are engaged what to love, I all to wish to know about you.
Questions which you wish to set to me also will be interesting to me, I with pleasure on them shall answer! I do not know, that I will be valid happened, but looking ahead with hope and a smile.
Your friend from Russia Katya!!! P.S. I wish to ask you Rick some questions, I hope, that you will answer them.
How do you release anger?
You trust another easily?
Letter 2

HI my new friend Rick..
It is pleasant to me to receive again the letter from you probably, that our correspondence will give rise the attitude between us is more white serious.
It was very interesting to know new interesting things about you.
And to you, I hope, it was pleasant to learn about me more.
Under your letter I see, that people everywhere identical, and there is no distinction of what country there will be my future person.
The god who created this world, it did not create geographic border so I do not see any distinction.
I know, that when at me will appear my unique favourite the person then I shall move to it in any place in this world.
I assured, that good people can live in any place, especially when they love together.
I shall try to write something about me which could be interesting to you, and only to a thing which I wish to inform you.
And if you will wish to ask me something, be not afraid to ask.
I always have only two choices, when someone something asking me: Answer fairly, or to not answer.
I never shall be to you Lie, I shall always answer to you your questions Sincerely.
I shall try to inform you on my qualities also.
Only, to warn you, that you could at expectation from me:-)
the Hope to not frighten off you with it this.
I - the kind good woman, definitely a kind, a good sight, care and fair.
Sounds similarly to a poem in mine name:-)
I am some dreamer... One of my dreams and hopes - to live in full family somewhere in a good place, have good friends instead of to disturb us strange things similarly to a political, economic situation and etc:-).
I want family there all members only a life the friend for the friend.
I love open inclined people who prefer to speak sad things, instead of it hiding it - even on behalf of care. I am rather patient person, and I can at carrying out in my feelings while I do not understand a situation completely but if something does me angry - I - very much character.
Similarly to my friends informs " very difficultly to waken a good sleeping bear, but if you made it you would be better to escape :-) ".
If address to the facts, I - very much and become very rare angry;
can remember only pairs a situation - my lie of former my young man to me when it spoke me one, and actually deceived me. But about it this I shall write to you later.
And if to inform on attitudes with other world... There Are only two parties - me both my family, and rest of the world. I like to prepare, and I like to create a cosiness in the house.
I always try to create a sweet sweet home, and I really wish to have the family:-)
to finish family! I really live for someone who will divide with me all pleasures of a life and could be favourable in any situation. I very much like to travel.
I earlier much with mum went across Russia when still the prices for tickets were not dear.
Now I presume to go to myself with friends not far from city on lakes.
We go to campaigns in the summer.
It is very fine, at us very beautiful edge.
All year I wait for summer when I again can take the backpack and I shall go on lake.
A wood, a guitar, tent, unless it is not fine? I like to look cinema.
I like to listen to classical music, especially to me to like Betchoven and Tchaykovsky.
What music is listened by you? Still I like modern music, it cheers up.
Now we live with mum. My mum call Elena Sergeevna, he/she is very interesting person.
I always share the pleasures and griefs.
she never will give up to me in advice. I do not know, that I did, if I did not have such fine mum.
If you saw, how it she learns children. At its lessons the atmosphere of understanding always reigns.
My daddy was the good person, I very much love and I miss on it. I think, that you understand me.
To I regret have no at home phone and consequently to write to you to me it is necessary to go to the Internet of cafe.
On it I think to finish the letter, it and so it has turned out little bit big, and I hope, that have not tired you with it.
And I am more about myself to you I shall write in the following letter, in fact we only start to learn each other.
I would like to ask you some questions, and I hope, that you will answer them as I wish to learn about you more.
How you live, at you it is a lot of friends?
How you like to spend your free time?
The hope, not frightened you with greater letter. If you have closely read through all, write to me again.
I with impatience shall wait for your answer Rick. Katya ! P.S-I want to answer your questions also.
Whether as to I am romantic. I very naive person and was too easy I trust people. It can is my lack? But nevertheless I very romantic person and as my some friends speak me, I a little " At me an old-fashioned sight at the world "
When I rise in the morning I think that I should make for a day...
Usually when I rise, I at once go to have breakfast and I accept souls.
Letter 3

Greetings my favourite friend Rick.
Thanks for your new letter if it is fair I to wait for it all the day.
I to be afraid, that you to not write to me.
It is very pleasant to me to receive from you letters, and with each letter to learn more increasing about you.
With each new letter we to become more close and more close each other.
All of us it is more to learn each other.
I hope, that you feel it. I today hurried up in the Internet the center to see your new letter, and to write to you about myself.
I hope, that I write clearly enough and much about myself.
I shall try to answer all your questions.
If I shall not answer your question, mean I could not to understand it, do not take offence at me and write it once again.
I think, that you understand, that the overall objective in my life is to find that only thing, my second part me with which I can go through all difficulties of a life.
Together to meet pleasure, occurrence of children, to grow up them, to surround with care, to present them the happy childhood, I so to dream of it this!!!
I think, that you to understand me, and your vital purposes are similar to mine, and I in a shower hope, that when - that our hearts to meet.
So residing at other country it will not be difficult for me If a number with me will be which person I there will be a love.
I have ended institute 5 years ago. When I studied it, fine student's it was time.
Sessions, you know, that this such, do not sleep at the nights, worry, and when day of examination comes, heart simply jumps out from a ******.
I think, that you too have gone through it.
I very much liked to study. When I studied, I was engaged Fitness.
And now after the termination of institute I work as the trainer on Fitness’.
This work helps me to be always in the good form. But, likely the most positive result in my work is its result.
It is pleasant to see, how the client changes.
The person in the good physical form feels more confidently, and it is joyful to realize, that you are involved in this success also.
This work gives me enough income for my life.
Yes, I know, that Russia in a bad economic situation, but it only with is compared to other countries.
My income here as approximately 100-170 $ in a month, It depends on that, how many clients are visited by ours Fitness - centre.
We live with mum and the sister not richly, but is amicable.
My sister name Tatyana, to her 21 year. I not so small, but often to address for advice to mum.
It is very fine, when in family there is a mutual understanding.
I always to dream to create such family. Only I to wish to have three or two children.
We with the sister two children of our mum, parents have presented all love to us.
I very much love honesty and decency.
If I shall create the family, I think, that the main thing in attitudes with the husband will be full confidence to each other.
I consider, that it is the mortgage of strong family.
I wish to inform you a little more on my life.
I to rise morning in 7 o'clock in the morning, I make to myself a breakfast.
In the mornings I eat a sandwich and I drink coffee. Then I go for work.
I go by the bus. Sometimes happens, that at a stop it is a lot of people, and I cannot get in the bus and to me to have to go on foot.
Generally, I love walks, but I love slow walks when it is not necessary where to hurry up, be passed on familiar streets, to come to girlfriends on a visit, to sit to drink tea, to talk.
To me to like to be in a society of good friends.
It is possible to solve any problems with them, to divide pleasures.
It is always pleasant to surprise friends, to look at their reaction. How I shall live without friends?
I work from 8 mornings and till 5 evenings.
But employment go through the certain interval of time and consequently in working hours I have sometimes a lot of free time.
I always liked to work and irrespective of my mood I should be given on 100 to work.
Work made about love brings pleasure to people.
It is always pleasant to me to see smiles on persons of our visitors.
In the evening I go to the Internet of cafe to look mail, but it sometimes does not work, therefore if I shall not write to you during one - two days do not worry, I shall necessarily write to you as there will be an opportunity.
The day off at me Saturday and Sunday. In target I to like to read books, to go to walk on city, to visit a cinema.
Besides in the days off I spend a lot of time for homeworks.
I like to prepare for houses, to me to like to please the relatives preparing them any tasty things.
And my favourite dish is a jellied pike perch, it very much is pleasant to me, and if we we shall have, when be a meeting I shall necessarily feed you this dish.
As it is impossible to explain words as it is tasty, it needs to be tried.
In the afternoon in the days off I am cleaned at home, I love, when the order of the house.
I do not love when things are scattered, the dust lays on shelfs, in a basket the ***** linen, in a bowl not washed utensils lays, you agree with me?
Now, when we we learn each other.
We should trust each other because without trust it is impossible to live.
I earlier too have trusted in the person, and it has deceived me.
I to wish to tell to you about it. I have been madly enamoured in the person, and it only pretended, that loves me. Actually it scoffed at my feelings.
Was such, that it appointed to me meetings, promised to come to me, I waited for it, and it did not appear.
I sometimes cried, because it did not come in the evening, at us in city in the evening not so easy, and I worried for it.
And it, the bad person, came in day or through two and spoke, that it had business and that it loves me.
And then I have learned through its friends, that at this time it had a good time with what that maidens.
It did not like to work, it often borrowed from me money, promised to give, but never repaid.
And I forgave it because loved. I even hid it from mum. Has passed some time, and I have seen it in the street with other woman. They kissed. I did not remember, how have come home. I cried all the night long. I had a depression very long.
I began to work much, and began to forget this villain.
After that case I have solved, that I shall never deceive enamoured people, I shall never scoff and play feelings of other people, and I to solve, that all this not for me.
I shall not bear still such moment in a life. I any more will not entrust Russian men.
As at them only one ideas how to take a walk on the party, and all of them greater fans to drink. I to not wish so to risk and break more to myself a life.
I to wish to be simply happy and to live as the normal person.
After that I to decide to find second half by means of the Internet, and here I to find you, and we to write each other.
And it very much to like me. I to wish to be happy with the man and to lead with it all life.
This person should be little bit more senior than me that it could learn me and my future children.
I to wait from the man of understanding, I to think, that this the most important and, certainly, big love and care of me and of our future family. I shall try to make the man happy.
But without its help, without its love and understanding it will make difficultly.
I once again to wish to test such feeling as love. I very much to hope for it.
Therefore I to write to you. I to think, that you to understand my words.
I to wish to learn your opinion on all this.
I shall ask to tell you about how you spend the day, than you are engaged, how spend days off?
Tell to me about the friends, about native.
I with impatience wait for your letter.
Your letters for me as a beam of the sun among dark day.
Your friend from Russia Katya.
Letter 4

Hello Rick, mine love the friend! It shall be possible to name I you so?
I already for a long time did not speak such words to anybody.
I more increasing and it began to be convinced more, that I have already attachment to you and already I wait your letters with impatience.
Your letters heat to me a soul :-) Perhaps, I represent fairytale for me, but I feel very good about you and I, that you feel the same about me, I think, that you place in words less than you really think, only because words cannot transfer all our ideas.
Certainly, I knew, that I shall be the Course for love to any place in it world:-), but I eventually thought Found out, that there is almost nothing in Russia which can connect me with this country urgently.
Really, if to think. It usually connects people and the Countries.
Friends, but real friends will be happy for their friend if it will find true love.
The family, yes, but moving to other country does not do the Means breaking all communication.
Work, maybe, but not for me. I do not think, that it could be the problem with detection of work with my specialization and formation.
I really live for the person who will enjoy things which I creation and who could surprise me Something too:-)
I dreamed as we could at session all together sometime, and only at pleasure to be together!
I really wish I shall live for my which unique person will like to love about it me.
Today since morning bad weather, blows strong, mood bad and only an idea that I shall see your letter, warms me this day.
I wish to tell a little to you about the childhood.
Mother and the father very much loved me and brought up me strictly enough.
But then my father has died, and cares, in my opinion to education have remained to my mum.
And I am grateful to it for how it has brought up me. I had many friends, and we with them played in a court yard of our house.
It were carefree years, we lived and we did not have those problems which have appeared when I have grown.
I went to school on well and perfectly. I always remember my first teacher (Tatiana Andreevna), she has opened for us a door in knowledge and owing to her I can freely communicate with people.
I am infinitely grateful to it for that feeling of human kindness, that she to all of us has imparted.
And we till now are friends of girlfriends and sometimes we meet, we talk, we listen to music.
To like me various music sometimes when at me good mood I listen to dancing music and when to me sadly I like to listen to slow music.
It seems to me, that with each letter between us there is something greater, than friendship. We start to trust more each other, we become more frank, you agree with me?
I think, that our showers approach. But while I one also search the partner in life.
I wish to continue with you attitudes, and I to trust, that all can be very good.
I wish you good mood for these days, and do not forget me (the Smile!!!). I shall wait about impatience your letter, and to miss the close friend on you!!!!
Yours Katya!!!!!
Letter 5

Hello my loved friend Rick!!!
I am very glad to receive your letter. I hope that you may understand my letters.
I so am happy, that you at me on mind all the day. I am happy to read your letter.
How at you an affair? How mood? I think that at you all is good. I want it very strongly.
I shall ask the god that you were healthy and happy. Today at us solar weather and it is wonderful. I want to tell you, that my heart began to beat more often when I think of you.
I want to feel you, your gentle sight, your smile, and your hands. I so need in heat and care and I think, that I ask not so much. I to search pure love and romanticism in relations.
I to like, when all is beautiful, fine, gentle and romantic!!! Desire to have the family, the loved person beside, feeling care and constant support difficult minute, to what to aspire each person in life and I too. To me 28 years, and I and to not have, about what I to speak you. I was close to happiness in the past, but my trust to break my heart.
I should trust the person with whom I shall be all life. To trust his each word, gesture, a sight, a smile. In the world now so it is a lot of meanness and deceit, that it is necessary to concern to people which to surround you very attentively. I to not speak you that it is necessary to concern about mistrust to everyone, just necessary to know the person so that to be completely sure in him. I to know you not long, but I can tell, that you very fair and open and it very much to involve me and let's me trust, that I can love and be loved!!!
My mum to teach me, that I should be always open. I to tell her, that our relations to develop successfully, and she is happy for us. She to dream, that I, at last, there was not one and to have family. We are far apart. But it does not prevent our dialogue. Though I already thought that through the Internet it is not absolutely enough dialogue to understand each other more strongly. What you think of it? I would like to see you not only on a photo. But I do not know as it probably, because we very much far apart. You to like me and I think, that our relations may be deeper. I do not know how to explain it in a word. I simply feel it. Your letters make my mood high. To me it becomes joyful on soul.
I shall wait your letters, and I hope, that you will write to me soon. I think that sometime we with you shall meet. I would like to arrive to you to meet you, to look, as you live. I want it because I begin to understand, that between us to occur something the greater, than the friendship to seem to me, that this feeling of trust each other, to me to seem, that it is love, me to seem, that you too feel it. I now very much to want to talk about you! I so to want to share with you pleasure personally when I to see your eyes and a smile because, that I am glad. I to want to see your pleasure and to share it with you. I to want to know what to make you happy? And I shall try, that everything, that I to make was the present happiness for you. Please, give me chance to make it!!!
Give me chance again to feel the loved and loving woman.
I wait for your beautiful letter and I promise, that I shall think of you each minute. About love your friend Katya!!!!
Letter 6

Hi, my dear Rick!!! I am very glad to receive news from you again.
And I too when I see your pictures and read your letters it seems to me, that I too know you long. And I think that my pictures too like you, and I shall send you my new photos. I feel how with each letter you become closer for me. It is pleasant for me, that you invite me to yourselves that I have visited you as the visitor; I could accept your invitation. I am tired from life here without the person whom I can grow fond, and you - unique who warm me, and give me force to live. You see, that we became much closer, than ever before. You can not imagine at all that you mean for me. You mean much. You can ask it is possible: why. I do not know. But I really know - that you for me became very much the close person.
I never knew such beautiful soul as yours. You have opened it once for me and never closed. Now I open my soul for you. I give you my heart and my offer.
I thought of you last night. I think, you unbiased and are fair to me. Now I completely trust you, and you began for me to relatives and the native person to whom I can open the heart. I speak you all this sincerely, I am not going to deceive you and to play with your feelings, and I hope, that you too will be fair under the attitude to me. I like to read letters from you. My heart always skipping when I see when I see the message from you in my letter box. Then I eat it as a whole lines and only the ambassador whom I read to this carefully some times.
See, I become the seized aspiration from you. I do not want that you were put forward with my feelings. Excuse me if I am too expressive. Probably, you did not expect it from me? But something has changed a way of my life recently, and I believe, that it - you.
I think of you each hour and each minute. It is a pity to me, that we not friends for a long time. I know, that there can be, I - hopeless romantic, but I truly believe that to ours the Meeting through the Internet - the best thing which could happened to us.
I wish you remarkable day! Katya.
Letter 7

Hi Rick !
I think, that for that time that we with you are copied we very much pulled together and between us the feeling has appeared, I think, that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you, you have taken a place in my heart.
On work I became a little inattentive also my girlfriends speak, that I on myself am not similar, whether joke you have fallen in love. I do not know that to them to answer. I was never so is happy. I have absolutely changed about it my girlfriends and familiar speak. It is all because of you. I as though fly in heavens as at me the person to which has appeared is possible to trust and which it is possible too to me trusts. I do not know, how you will react to my letter, can, will count me more thoughtlessly. But I wrote to you, that I am very romantic and impressionable also I think that I LOVE YOU!
I thought of our attitudes and concerning our feelings. I already on have become attached to you so much, that I miss each day your letters. I always, think of you. I of nothing can do with myself. I think that I am in love. Yes I love you!!!!! I talked about it to mum, and she speaks, that it is good, she thinks, and that I shall be happy. I have told mum, that you the best person and that I completely trust you. She speaks me, that I should not be mistaken. She speaks, that we should even closer study each other. She to love me. And she is simple my native mother. I think that you understand me. She wishes us happiness and the big love. I think that we should meet; we should see each other look in eyes because through the Internet emotions are lost and it is difficult to understand each other. We became frank with you, and I think, that you want to learn about my ****** experience. In Russia all men only dream to drag you in bed, but I do not want it, I to not want to be given to the first comer that it has taken pleasure. It something from above she gives love to the person to learn happiness in this life, and men represent her only as ***, I think, that it is not correct also I hope, that you with me agree. I want to be with the only thing the man with which I shall feel like loved. I shall give myself to it completely both a body and soul. We together learn all depths of pleasure. Our passion will be poured out for limits of love, and we shall enjoy the friend the friend all life up to last moment of our existence.
Today we with the girlfriend walked on city, went shopping I waited for the moment, that you will write to me the letter, and I have waited it. I feel, what our hearts are beaten in one rhythm, and you feel it? I wait for your letter, whether it is important for me to know you share my ideas. Forever yours......
P.S - is valid we with my mum with the sister we talk about us to you.
My mum is very glad for us with you and my sister supports her in it.
They are really sincerely pleased for me because they see me happy now always...
Still my mum speaks that you very nice the man..
Letter 8

Hello my loved Rick! You - one of best people with which I ever informed in my life. Though we communicate through e-mail, I believe, that it - not a lot of various from real conversation ****-a-****. In the past I ignored the Internet communications with whom - that and did not understand, that it could be so bright and is delightful. Before the letter to you something has changed in my opinion, which has told me to try (why not). And now I am happy, that it has taken place. And now I read your letters, they are full of emotions of heat and Sympathy to me. I start to understand, that my life is not meaningful without you because I love you, I think, that during that time, that we with you write each other, we have much gone through together and between us the feeling has appeared, I think, that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you.
I grieve without you very much. You are in my heart. I know, that I require you very much, and it is very pleasant for me to feel, that you require me too. I always think of you, about our meeting, about our feature. Now I feel, that you - my second half.
And I want to be with you most of all on this planet. I’m lonely in this huge world and now I have found you. I want to inform to you to that my feelings and words concerning you always were sincerely, and I always understood, that we place a lot of trust, that our union would be real. Now I am sure be relative all 100, that I can to you to trust.
And you are that person who is necessary for me. When I read your letter, I saw in it your sincerity and fidelity to me. I have made your letter for me directly big conclusion which is possible for expressing in three words, I LOVE YOU MINE Rick!!! I spoke with my mum about that that, probably, I shall leave, she only were glad for me, mother has blessed me, she thinks, that it and is my happiness. Today I all day thought only of you, how we shall meet you. I to represent it to myself as you meet me at the airport as we search, each other eyes, we find and we rush in embraces each other.
Today fine day, but me it is sad, because we with you so Far apart. Between us huge ocean, but in the ideas I itself. I To love you and for ever in your ideas. I wait your letter it important for me. For ever yours Katya...
P.S - My dear, I want I shall tell to you that I to try to write to you the letter the hand...
But I think that it will reach very for a long time you.
Probably two or three weeks, probably it is more. Between us such big distance..
Letter 9

Hello my love, RICK!!! I so am pleased, that you to write to me and that me, to find so a plenty of letters on my box. You a ray of light in my heart.
I have understood that you are necessary for me as air and about what I want to be with you. You imagine dream today has dreamed me, it was such bright and fine: I am, at home you enter my room, and I feel your aroma. You cautiously place me in a sofa to unbutton to me, the dress and your soft hands start to caress my ****** softly. And our bodies merge as a whole, and you compress me so strong, we hear, as our hearts start to beat in one rhythm. Then we start to be borrowed love. About as I, would like that this dream appeared the truth! I think, you will not object, if I tomorrow shall go in agency of travel and I shall find out that to me will be necessary to arrive to you. I very much want our fast meeting with you! I long so without you here. I have such strange feeling inside. I grieve without you awfully. I need in you so much. It not only words that I feel now. I think of you all time. I never had it before. I did not see you nevertheless, but I can not live without you any more, your letters. I want to touch you to feel your heat and tenderness, I love you, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you are not frightened. It is strange for me also. But I can warrant to you, that it is true. I love you, and the idea on you does me so happy. I want to be with you so much. I want to feel you with each part of my body, I want to feel sensitive contact of your hands to smell your body, only to know, that I only yours and that you are mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am full desire, and I want you as the person, I want to be your wife, your friend, your assistant to soul, your beloved, and your dream. I understand now completely, that you are a person of my dream. I searched for you all my life, and now I have found you, and I am not going to lose you. We shall be happy together; I shall do all for this purpose. I am strong enough to overcome all difficulties and difficulties which are between us. There is no barrier which can stop me. My love will overcome all difficulties on our way. We shall be together to trust me. I shall move ocean only to be with you. I do not need in anything - I only want to see you to study your eyes, to kiss your lips, to concern your strong body. My love will be enough for two of us. You know song Bon Jove "Always". This song - about my feelings to you. I am afraid to ask you this, but what you feel? It is very important for me. It is better to know truly for me than sweet lie.
So, please, inform me your feelings. ~ And I think, that it - already time for us to decide, what to do, I could arrive to you, and I think, that it - the best variant for us. So I shall find out all about the visa and as I could arrive to you.
And I shall write to you about it in my following letter. Love of you
Letter 10

Greetings my angel Rick.
Today I very much hurried up to read news From you again, concerning me, it now most of all To be important for me with you on communication, my angel...
Please do not count me impatient, but it is simple I cannot now without you on such big distance From each other my most precious Rick.
My love and sweet Rick I think, it Now, when we on steel so the friend close to the friend, Nobody can prevent us to meet the friend The friend in the person and to build ours the further communication Life my most dear Rick. Now I to want To tell to you to all concerning my arrival in you...
Though to me it is very sad in this case, but however Should speak you all about it my dear Rick.
I to study, which the visa in you will cost for us with you 450-550 American dollars, including the medical review, Insurance and the passport for travel abroad.
In general I need from you in funds for clearing My from documents which, I should demand this sum Within the next several days. Mine the majority of loved Rick Understand me correctly which I cannot simply pay It, I cannot simply make it one, without yours The help. I have already prepared all documents for this purpose.
As I to study, that I shall demand visa B-2, It - the visa of the tourist as it is the most suitable For us with you a variant my loved Rick.
I to study all concerning it and to understand, that I can To be in you during 6 months, I think, it on this time Will satisfy us to study each other better.
Concerning these days we can do our plans The future. My precious Rick to me it it it is very sad To speak you about the price of all it, simply understand me Only it is correct. I understand, that it is not easy for you To make it for me and to send me such big money, But however, I to not see another release from this situation...
Before, to write to you it, I to speak about all it With mum and to tell to this about the wild prices for the visa.
We spoke with it almost 3 hours on our kitchen, it To tell to me, that I did not worry in this case, As I find the good future husband who can To understand me all this, however she, to tell to me which will be To help me with some funds for mine Movement to Moscow and to allow its some savings...
When I it to hear it in me on eyes have appeared Severe tears, and then I to see, that my mum also Shouts, observing I but then she strong to cover me And to allow us with you parental blessing.
My loved Rick I to want to tell to you, this You to send me it on reliable monetary and credit and system of the credit Translations the Western Union, from me it are obliged you The address of bank through which I can receive it from you.
420111, 2/43, Ukhtomsky str., Kazan
Republik Tatarstan, Russia...
And my full name in which you demand, Ekaterina Volkova.
My loved Rick still I to you to want to tell, That I have learned that from you all this still undertakes me To know number MTCN which will consist of 10 figures, in Which I need to receive it from you.
Still I want to tell to you that to you not necessarily to send money for "Tatfondbank".
Lady in the Western Union has told to me that you can send money with a mark "poste restante".
I do not know that this such, but she has explained to me that it will allow me to receive money at any office of the Western Union here.
You to understand? I think that it will be very convenient for me to receive these funds from you...
I shall wait it from you very soon, mine Rick, And I very much hope, that however you can help me With it. So I shall wait for news from you soon.
With love and sincere hope in heart...
Your Katya...
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