Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Rikova to BjUrnar (Norway)

Letter 1
Hey there! Nice to meet you!
I have just seen your profile & I'm interested! I would like to learn more about you. I want to congratulate you with the beggining of the spring - a very nice time of a year!!!!!! "Time of love" as russian people say))) I wish you a lot of good and warm feelings!!!! And so now please let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Tatyana. My mum called me so. I like this name hope you like it too)) I'm 29, easy-going , cheerful and sensitive young lady. As people say)) I live in Russia. I would like to meet a serious man, who has unlimited potential of love and who is full of LIFE and of course LOVE, who thinks that it is worth to look for the girl all over the world, and it's so challenging.
where are you, YOU. Only you!!!! the ONLY ONE, super and a little shy and beloved man?..
If you exist in this world, please, show yourself. Maybe, it looks like a fairy-tale, but I DO BELIEVE in it, as love is always a fairy-tale. I am sure we can find the true love not only in films Only love makes the world go round: people are born for their own purpose, people are surrendered and countries are conquered. I need a person who will understand my soul, my inner self, a person who will accept me the way I am : with all my positive sides and drawbacks. And if I find him, I'll devote the rest of my life to him and only to him. That's what I call 'heaven on earth" and the meaning of life. If you are interested & looking for the same, if the distance will not be a problem to you, you can write me & I believe we will start with conversations through e-mail.
If you want to know more about me please write me on this e-mail address:
I have a serious intentions and I am not looking for a pen pal or an ever-lasting e-mail exchange!!!!! I would like to marry and create a family. ( this is the best dream of mine). I speak not bad English but I use a translator. And if you find a mistake please take it as a smile like this ))))))
Wait for your answer with a great impatience.
Have a great day!
Sincerely Tatyana!
P.s. Hope your letter will not make me wait too long))))
Letter 2
Hello, Dear Bjornar!
I am very glad, that you have answered my letter. You have very much interested me and I would like to learn you better, I do not know why, but I have got used to trust people. For thinking very much not usually to write to the person whom I do not know and when did not see. I the first time get acquainted through the Internet. To me it was advised by my best girlfriend. At her it has well turned out. But I think, that we soon learn each other better. I now shall tell a little about myself. But it will be difficult for me to tell about yourselves in one letter and consequently in the following letters you can learn more about me. I shall hope, that you to me will tell too about yourselves.
To me of 29 years, I was born and have grown in city Yoshkar- Ola. If it will be interesting to you, in the following letters I shall tell about my city. I shall tell now about the life: I live one. My mum very much for a long time death, and I for a long time did not see the daddy. He works where that far. But sometimes the daddy comes also we for a long time with him we talk. As he likes to give me gifts for holidays. Therefore I have decided to get acquainted to try to create the family.
Know, I think now I should praise myself that you have more become interested in me, but I do not like to do it. I the usual girl, I can tell, that I modest enough, but I think you have understood it, together with it I very sociable person, I have good sense of humour. I shall not describe the appearance, therefore I shall send you the photo. I would like and to receive from you a photo. It is important, that you sent a photo in the small size, and that the bad Internet and I cannot receive your photo from us.
I cannot meet the half of soul till now. You can think, that it is very strange, that I still have not met loved. Actually I cannot explain it but so it has turned out. To find my beloved and I has appeared on this site for this reason I and have written to you the letter, I very much hope, that my first experience of acquaintance in the Internet will be successful, I very much hope that you will answer me. And we can learn more each other.
I want to create own family, therefore I wanted to get acquainted with the man from other country because I cannot name a modern situation in Russia suitable for this purpose. But you should not think, that my basic purpose to leave from Russia, my basic purpose to find the man with which will win my heart which will love me which I shall love. I want to get acquainted with the man for which I shall be the most important person in a life, he will appreciate and respect me. I want confidence of the next day and safety, and at us it is impossible to be confident the next day. I think. That you understand me. I do not try to leave the country at any cost, simply I want family happiness. For me his beauty, his condition is not important, and his private world first of all is important. Therefore I very much want to learn you closer.
I have no house of a computer and I correspond with you through the Internet - the cafe if we with you shall correspond in the future I think it will not make for me a problem.
Write to me with whom you live, as whom work, tell about the parents, whether your work, what interests at you is pleasant to you. In fact through letters I can learn you more. As can write to me all that want. I only shall be glad, if we shall keep up our correspondence. If at you questions set have appeared, I with pleasure on them shall answer. Unfortunately I should go now. I shall look forward your new letter. Write to me please soon. I very much like, when in my box always there will be a letter from you Bjornar.
Thinking of You
Letter 3
Hello, Dear Bjornar!
It is very pleasant for me to receive you the letter. Thanks for your answer. I think that now we can get acquainted closer. I shall hope, that our correspondence will be long. Also that then we can build our attitudes. Now I shall tell about myself more. As I for one letter which I Bjornar have written to you, could not tell much. But now you can learn more about me and be defined with the choice.
So now I would like to tell to you more in detail about myself. I was born on March, 25, 1977. I have 165 cm growth, my weight makes 55 kg. my color of hair: a brunette. My eyes color: green.
I have formation of 11 classes of school. Also I have finished technical school. Now I have a trade of the bookkeeper, but I can not find work on a speciality. I now temporarily work as the housewife. I think that you Bjornar know, that this such. I frequently sit at home with children and to me for it pay money. It can be the nurse refers to. I live in city Yoshkar-Ola of 29 years;) since a birth. I very sociable and cheerful person. I live in 1-room apartment one. I do not have own apartment and I remove this apartment. I have grandmother, she lives far in village and I visit her 2 times a week. I like to carry out a lot of time at the grandmother, as now only she to me the most native and close person. And consequently at heart I very much dream to create the family. I would like to tell to you about children. To walk with them, to bring up them, to see as they grow, as get stronger on eyes as turn to adult people and all this so it is fine. And now I only dream of the child.
I think that now I should tell to you as I like to spend time. My most favourite season, this summer. It is possible to have a rest on the nature in the summer. In our edges many remarkable woods where I and my friends we like to carry out a free time and to go there on picnics. In this wood there is a skiing lodge. But I love figure skating, ball dances and track and field athletics more. I like to support myself in the form. This habit has remained with me from technical school. And you go in for sports? And which kinds of sports like you?
In the rainy autumn evenings I like to look houses of cinema. Most of all I like comedies. My most favourite film, is "Titanic". And you love cinema?
In the days off I very much like to go shopping. But sometimes it happens, that I do not have enough money and I simply looking, that is sold. Sometimes I allow itself to descend on dances with girlfriends. And still I adore to meet holidays in a good company. It is more than others the birthday:) and a holiday of new year. And I already for a long time dream to meet holidays in the family, which we together when that we shall create:) it would be interesting to me to learn about your opinion how you most of all like to spend time?
I hope, that I can seem the interesting girl. I think of a life much and I very much would like to become at last happy.
I can be the interesting interlocutor and I hope, that I could interest you, and you the attention can pay to me.
I simply write to you that occurs in my soul... Please answer me my questions and write to me more about itself. I would like to learn about you more... I shall be sincerely glad, if you will write to me with all soul. Tomorrow I again shall try to come in the Internet of cafe and I hope to see your letter. Ask please the questions, I shall try to answer them.:)
I would like to apologize for my English. I use the translator because I before had not to work on the keyboard, but I think that I in due course shall learn, but I can well speak in English. I hope you understand, that I write to you if you do not understand something ask also I I shall explain to you.
Thinking of You
Letter 4

Hello, Dear Bjornar!
I am very glad, that you have answered my letter. Thanks for your prompt reply. Today I have good mood, but in our city cold weather. My mood becomes better, when I receive your new letter.
I want to tell you about my biggest, most desired, most treasured dream. I dream to meet the true, the honest and the kind person. But for me the most important thing that we loved each other. That we lived with him and felt each other, any breath of another to notice when to another poorly. That our hearts fought simultaneously ( do you understand me?) Tell me what first of all important for you in the person?
I want to live with him, to have simple silent, ordinariest family happiness. To sit at a fireplace in the evening, or to watch TV and embrace each other that near to us there were children and they sat next. That we had amicable family. I want that we cared about each other, I want to love him, lot more than myself. I would be ready to give for all this everything. What could you make for the favourite person?
I want to tell you, for me not important what person outside, how old is he, how he looks (it is for me important in the latest turn). For me much more important oppressing the person, his private world, his ideas, his HEART. THE MAIN THING HOW THE PERSON TO CONCERN TO THE LIFE. I would like to find out about your most treasured, most desired, biggest dream.
My friend, I want that you always know, that I told you only the truth. I have nothing to hide from you and I told you all that you ask me only in all sincerity. I think that in relations between two people and furthermore in love never there should be a lie and distrust. It is necessary to tell all to the person with which you want to connect the life. I want to tell honest to you, that I never told lies to anybody, I always told all what I think (though it was sometimes uneasy: for example to tell the person about his lack, to admit the mistake or to recognize the not correctness in dispute).
I would like to write you more, but unfortunately now I should go.I with impatience will wait for your new letter.
Thinking of You
Letter 5
Hello, Dear Bjornar!
I am very glad to receive your new letter. Than you today were engaged?
How your mood, how are you doing on work? I went in the Internet of cafe with an idea that you have written to me and when has seen your letter at me it was cheered up. At us today very good weather. When I went for work I have felt in the morning, that the spring has come in our city. Now at us about +2. I very much love spring. In the spring all blossoms, the snow thaws and comes it is time in love. I think that you with me will be agree. At this time year in love find each other. And I think that we could find each other. Under your letters I understand, that you the good person and like me. Why I have not met you earlier? I in a life have gone through much and now I do not have not enough man's caress and love. I only could dream of such person, as you. But now we with you have got acquainted, and I am very glad to this.
If it is fair, I that I do not think of your work. To me the most important that in the future if we will have a family, you could provide our family. As I do not wish your work. I can find to myself work that too than that to help family.
Now I probably should you tell promy last attitudes. I a little to whom told about these attitudes. But I think that between us there should not be secrets. As we should know each other well. I had many attitudes with guys. But in any attitudes it was good me. I think that guys did not appreciate me. I do not know that did not suffice them. But my last attitudes, it were the most awful. And now therefore I do not want to have the guy from our country. For this time I could understand much.
His name Alexey and he was more senior than me for four years. We met him 3 years. I think that this very long time. The first year at us all was good, but then his feelings have grown cold to me. And he started to drink, come home very much late, it very much was not pleasant to me. Therefore we have started to swear. And when I spoke him, that I cannot suffer more it he started me to beat. Then I left from him, and now he does not know where I live. I do not want to meet him again. I very much am afraid of Alexey. And consequently I want normal attitudes.
I practically every day had tears and I could not so more to live and I have decided that it cannot so more to proceed. We do not meet 2 years. After that case I very cautiously concern to people. Also I do not hasten to trust. Though I very sociable and trustful person. Therefore I want to learn you better, you have interested me.
According to the best girlfriend I too have decided to get acquainted through the Internet. She has got acquainted with the future husband through the Internet. I very much envy her as she lives happily 5 years, they have which daughter of 2 year and the son to which 1 year. They live in Canada in city Toronto. Probably now you realize me why I any more do not want to have the friend from our country.
I was never married. And anybody on the present did not love me. I do not have not enough it... I always ask, unless I have not deserved it? It is hurt to me to speak now about it, but I think that is necessary shares the past. You so do not think?? In a life I cannot tell that at me all develops wonderfully (differently I would not use services of a site of acquaintances). I would like to find the person with whom it would be happy. I cannot tell that such happiness, as for each person happiness it something especial not similar fortunately other person. For me it is not necessary the man with a heap of money which I could love for money. Many my familiar think that I simply do not understand anything in a life and I think as the five years' child. But I want to grow fond really of the person not for his property, and for his feelings to me. I do not want to play a role being with him, I simply want to love and be loved. I do not want as to play game. If you only are adjusted seriously then we can be together in the future. I very much want to create the family with such person. I hope, that you understand me correctly. I think that was interesting to read you my next letter!!! Basically and that I wanted you to tell all. If there are questions then set... I with pleasure on them shall answer. I with not patience wait for your following letter.
Thinking of You
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