Scam letter(s) from Anna Tarasova to Steve (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my dear friend Steve!
Thanks you for your fine photos, they have very much liked me.
I am very glad, that have answered me, that you are interested in me.
Too it was very pleasant for me to find your letter in a letter box.
I am very glad to our acquaintance, that all of us it is more and we learn about each other, I about your life, and you about mine more.
I want to tell to you, that I too do not play game and I hope, only on serious relations.
I want to tell to you, that I can leave the country. But only for the favourite person With which I shall feel like well.
I hope, that you understand me.
I know, that it is interesting to you to learn not only my internal qualities, but also external.
I have been given birth on December, 14, 1972, and now to me 34 years
My growth of 1 meter, 73 centimeters or 5 ` 7. Weight of 56 kg.
As you probably already saw my eyes of blue color. This color I love more others, it is color of the sky.
Steve I want to apologize beforehand that I not always can write to you every day.
All the matter is that at my place is a computer, but we do not have Internet. I learned how many money for this purpose it is necessary also expensively for me. And consequently I use services of the Internet on work.
Certainly is forbidden to use the Internet in the personal purposes but when I have opportunity to write to you, I try to not miss it.
Me very much interests, whether you understand all from my letters. The matter is that I write letters itself, I very seldom use the program of translation, it only when I meet difficult words. I studied the English language at school within 10 years, then it is a little at university. And when already began to work in individual clinic, has saved up money and has ended rates, the English language. It very much was useful to me on my work.
As many preparations come to us in city from abroad and it is necessary to know all.
Therefore, I hope, you understand, everything, what I write to you?! Though very much and it is very difficult to translate many Russian words to English. It would be desirable to inform up to you their true sense, but not always it turns out. So if you do not understand something, you can ask everything, that you interests.
And then I shall try to write is more accessible. In our language absolutely others even speech revolutions and sometimes to me to have to break a head, to tell to you all correctly that all has understood also nothing has missed about my life.
Steve I want to tell many thanks that you have answered me. I am valid with impatience waited for your letter.
I would like, that we with you have made friends.
You are very interesting to me as the person. And consequently I want, as much as possible to know about you and about your life. In the letters I try to tell about how I live. And I want the same from you.
I do not ask you to write to me the big letters. I only want, that it was easy and interesting to us to communicate.
Steve tell to me about a place where you studied. Also that interesting occured during this period.
It would be very curious to me to know about it. As you already know, I studied 5 years at the state university in the city of Ufa as only there there is a Bashkir state medical university where the higher education is possible to receive.
But I can tell, that this time of a student's life has passed cheerfully and interestingly.
All this has passed so quickly and imperceptibly, that I could not experience all fun of this carefree life.
During this period of my life I began an independent life. After I have acted in university, I had to leave from parents and to start to live independently. I think, that it has served me as a good lesson in a life.
Certainly, there were also cheerful days of my training. We with friends had tradition.
Every summer we consulted by boats on the White river.
I at all do not know, why it so refers to, but it very beautiful and pure.
You sometime were fond of driving by boats? I simply adore this employment. We carried out on travel about two weeks.
On a lodging for the night stopped on coast. Now I at all do not have this primitiveness.
Now, unfortunately, all has changed in our life. All already for a long time have matured, at many the family and work.
All have parted, and we very seldom see. We have left this employment somewhere there far in our childhood and now is very sad, that it is impossible to throw, shirk all employment and to run away on the nature to have a rest, as once it happened earlier.
All have run up who where. Certainly, at all now a different life. Someone has created family, someone career.
I for myself yet have not decided, that I want to reach most of all. For me the question was always very important what to prefer. To create family or to build career, and the everything else will be applied?
I can not while to answer this question. I love the work. Also I can tell, that has achieved
almost all that wanted in a life and that else is not present I am sure still ahead. I am fast to all I study and is sure, that I can reach all!!! The most important is to put the purpose and step by step to overtake it.
In general I very serious person and persevering. I have always got used to achieve the purpose and in general to achieve that I want.
With career, with my work all is much easier, I was already possible to tell the good doctor and the expert of the narrow structure. I still very much wanted to create family. I can tell, that is completely ready to this. So it now does not suffice me!!! I would like to combine these two concepts.
To live in family, to care of it and to go on a service ladder. That is I want to tell, I want to give the energy and love to the family and close, and not just to my patients.
I very much hope, that at me all will turn out. I very much aspire to this. And I am ready on much to reach the purpose.
I to this always was learned by my parents. For what I am very grateful to them. I think, that they have brought up in me the worthy person. I very much respect them and I like. As parents - they gave me all.
I very much miss on my parents. As you know, we live not together. But I try to visit their each days off.
In the following letter I in detail in absentia shall introduce you to my family.
And you to me in detail write about the!
On it I want to finish the letter. I already start to wait for your answer! Very much I miss.
Steve I want to ask you to send your photos.
Your family, your city and everything, that you will want, only I will have to you the big request let they of the small sizes. If they will be big it is necessary to spend a lot of
Internet and to me can forbid to use it. I very much ask send only easy photos.
Unfortunately, I cannot write more at still more many work.
Good-bye my new friend!
Yours Anna.
Letter 2
Hi my dear Steve.
I am simply happy to see today your letter and I is glad, that you do not overlook about me.
Today at me simply mad day! At me it is so much patients still more so much the private affairs.
Now I have small break, and I have thrown all and I write to you. I can not be kept to miss any opportunity once again with you to communicate!
Dear Steve, at us now very warm spring weather.
Such weather should be at us only in a month and who understands that occurs.
But in the street it is very warm, approximately +10 degrees C.
I to you at all did not tell about the city of Salavat. At us simply remarkable city with very interesting name.
It is formed in 1948 and named in honour of the national hero of Salavat Yulaev. It is approximately in 178 kilometers from city of Ufa and about 1500 kilometers from Moscow.
I cannot tell, that city very big, but also not small. The population of city about 200 thousand people.
At us here many the different enterprises connected to oil refining and not only. There is a drama theatre where I very much like to be and much only. The city is madly beautiful, is especial in the summer.
A plenty of trees do its more beautiful and interesting.
In it there is a plenty of gardens and various parks.
In it a plenty of squares where I usually like to walk on the days off is located.
In my family there is a small tradition. We like to meet on Sundays and all the day long to carry out on fresh air.
We frequently walk on park which is located in city centre.
Unfortunately, not in each day off such opportunity drops out.
I want to tell to you about the family.
My parents very kind and lovely people and I think, that they have brought up as me, and my sister that we could live adequately.
My father, Alexander, though also strict, but very kind person. he has worked all life at a factory under the name "Synthesis".
It is an oil refining factory which is engaged in release of various fuel production.
He very much loves the work. And at any opportunity tells all the most interesting, that there occurs.
I not absolutely approve his interest to this work. In fact this employment brings the big harm to health.
And for so much years it has done much harm to the father. At him sight and his health that was before has very much worsened became at all.
But something to him to speak it is useless. I sometimes simply am surprised as they could meet mum.
In fact it is people of absolutely different trades.
My mum, Tatyana, the person of art.
She has finished college of arts and all life dreamed to leave abroad to engage in higher art.
But father has turned all her life. At them it is valid very beautiful and romantic history.
When to mum was twenty years, she studied in art and at this time has got acquainted with the young man who promised her the beautiful future and was ready to take away her in the distant countries.
As mum she tells was ready on all. But somehow in the evening, walking along the street she has got acquainted with simple but very charming person, my father. And this meeting has turned all her life.
Now she teaches in one of schools of city where she teaches children the skill.
I very much miss on them, in fact now we not frequently see.
I try to come to them on the days off because I know how I do not suffice them.
My sister Natalia she lives now in Moscow, she there has married and now waits for the child.
We seldom are at her as it is rather far, but each meeting it always the big holiday for all of us.
Since that day as I began to live separately, all my life has turned over.
I have firmly decided, that should begin a new life. And I try to do everything to achieve the.
I such person, that if that shall want, I shall necessarily achieve it. Now I have firmly decided, that should create family.
I am ready to this both morally, and physically. I do not have not enough only the satellite in a life.
For this reason I have decided to take advantage of this way of dialogue. Also has met you, I very much like to write and tell about the life. But I want to learn more and about you, full details are interesting to me.
I see, that you very kind person.
I feel you through your letters, through words which you to me speak. I would like to learn you better and closely.
I would like to see more than your photos. It is interesting to me to learn any you inside and externally.
Steve it is very important for me. I really believe in our friendship and not in what case I do not want it to lose.
I with impatience shall wait for your answer.
Well and certainly questions which so interest you. I with the great pleasure shall answer.
I shall wait for your letter and your new photos.
Yours Anna. P.S. It is a photo of my family and our friends. We saw off my sister on station, she leaved for Moscow. At the left you will see me and my sister. Further mine the daddy and my mum. About mum my niece. Further our friends.
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