Romance scam letter(s) from Elvira Gayazova to Kurt (Norway)
Letter 1
Hi my friend Kurt! I was surprised and glad to receive your letter. I am more and more convinced that at us with you much in common and that we shall correspond and admit long to you, I very much it would like. I am more and more convinced that you very attractive, with kind soul of persons. Forgive me for that that I long might not answer you. I was ill slightly, have caught a cold. And I had to lie some days in bed. But already all behind and I am completely healthy. But I had a lot of time to think of you and you to me are very nice. With each new letter I am more and more convinced that you would be the reliable friend and probably loving husband. I hope did not shock you this recognition, but some time what to be convinced of the feelings would be necessary for me, and completely to you to trust. In it letter I want to describe to you the family and the members of household. My mum call Sveta it is the most dear to me the person. At present she retired also keeps up the house. I very much and very much love her! She has given education to me and learned to reciprocate goods of the person. My father Viktor, the driver of the lorry on distant flights. To him to have frequently and on long to leave from us and we with mum miss without him.My daddy the strong person, the courageous and fair person. The favourite lives in our house cat Murka whom we very much love. You have liked animal? Write as you carry spend the days off? I with impatience shall wait for your letters.
Your friend from far Russia Marina
Letter 2
Hello my dear kurt! I'm very glad to hear from you again. How are you? Howis your mood? I'm very glad that I could run away from all my work so as to spend some time with you. It's really true, when I write you letters I imagine that you are near. And you know in this unbelievable and furious speed of life and remind about you often and often. And I always am eating by the curiosity, if you answered me or no. And when I found your letter a smile appear on my face. And you know, when I came home after hard day I tried to imagine that you were near with me. We are sitting near the fireplace. The fire warms us. We are listening to music. By the way which music do you like? You hold my arms and say me "everything will be all right.. You are beautiful...I'm with you... And I feel your sensuality in my blood. And then a new day came, I with new power, which I got, thinking of you, rush to it. As you my dear I also want to feel stability and reliability in the life, which only beloved person can give. And I'm tired from loneliness. I think our life is not for to be alone. It's for to love and to be loved, first of all. I think if a person hadn't love during his life, he didn't live. Love is life. I think it's awful when near with you there is not a person, whom you can give all your the most beautiful feelings, whom you can give your soul, your heart and yourself completely. It's so great even to sit near and to enjoy that you are together, to hold arms and look at eyes each other and enjoy that you are together, to fall in sleep, listening to the breath each other and wake up from the beating of beloved heart and enjoy that you are together. And my dear, could I ask you, why is not a man near with you? I mean your beloved man. Why is your heart not full of real love, why do you feel alone? I think it's very important that two people would be honest and open in relations. And express their feelings, their desires and wishes. That's why I want to get to know more and more about you, your life. When is your birthday? In what position do you like to sleep? Do you want to have children? What is your favorite smell? Do you like to be waken by the kiss in the morning? Are you passionate and romantic person? Do you like to "spoil" your beloved man and how? I'm sorry dear, may be I ask a lot questions, and I think it's better to stop now. I don't want that you'll run away from all them. I'll never forgive it to myself. But I want that you know that my questions are the showing of my interest to you.P.S.My birthday will be May, 25, and I was born in 1979, it is loved my holiday, I am always happy and inexpressiblyglad to this day. When around of me only my best friends, and the best girlfriends. I remember one of these days till now, to me was executed 10 years. The big celebratory pie was, beautiful music played, my friends have tried with a gift and have presented me for a long time the jacket grown fond to me, however to me the gift and as him present is not important. On all room the smell of the apple pie prepared by mum was distributed, and the friendly atmosphere everywhere reigned. I do not know why, but this day to me will be remembered probably on all life. Now we with girlfriends spend birthdays or any holidays more in cafe, or behind city on a nature. But all the same this holiday one of my loved.
Your Marina
Letter 3
Hi my dear Kurt. I was glad to see yours letter and I am sorry that long did not answer you. At the end of this month was a lot of work and delivery of plans and works of the commission. Therefore at the end of day of forces at all did not remain. I hope that you understand me. Perhaps I too sensual person and intimate. But to see a pain and sufferings of other people very hardly. The pain suffering tries to console and relieve. I hope that you understand me. I shall be glad you to meet and carry out together with you some days. If you will have many free time I might prepare for you useful and entertaining actions. It is sure that we shall carry out this time in good mood. But I should know with what purpose you arrive and how many you will have free time. I also shall be glad to leave with you to have rest. Because I am very tired from work and rest is really necessary for me. But that I might leave with you it is necessary to start official registration of papers beforehand. Registration borrows time is long and it is necessary to submit the application now. But before to do it I should know your opinion concerning it. I wish you successful days and good mood. With the big expectation I shall check the mail.
With love Marina.
Letter 4

Hi my dear friend I very much was surprised that my letter box was empty without your letters. I do not know that at you happened, but I very much for you suffer and I grieve without you, probably you will think that has passed so not enough time, but believe me that for me these days, hours, and even seconds seem eternity. I very much for you worry, I ask write to me that with you happened, but I hope that the reason not in our attitude, do not torment me in this uncertainty, I ask write to me when at you this opportunity will appear. I hope that you correctly understand me. My beautiful fairy tale, presented you may disappear at one moment without YOU! I hope that at you all well, and that with you everything is all right.
Sincerely yours Marina
Letter 5
HI my dear Kurt. I called to you today but connection was very bad. The bell stopped.
Therefore I of nothing have understood. It seemed to me that you do not want with me to speak. It so?
Very much I hope that I am mistaken. I wait for your answer.
Your sincerely in love with you Marina.
Letter 6
Hi the my dear Kurt! I am glad that you find time to write, and is glad that I am not on last place. Know that my feelings to you sincerely and in all sincerity. You have presented me the most dear in this world love and happiness. Whether I want you to ask you are happy with me. Believe me that I want it most of all, write to me as you represent it, and shall try to embody all you told in a reality. I would want that you felt like being near to me in the seventh sky. Due to you I have changed the way of life, I would want that you were proud of me, and that you would be envied by all. I any more do not present the life without you and you are very dear to me. I am ready for the sake of you on everything, you the most dear that at me are, and I thank the god that there was our acquaintance and I think that it is the happiest day of my life. But most of all I dream that we shall be together, and I you shall make you the happiest person. My life has turned to expectation of our meeting, but know that I am ready to wait for you my loved so much, how many you tell. In depth oppress I dream that she has taken place as soon as possible, but above all I very much am afraid of you to lose, I very much value you. Sometimes it seems to me that you so far from me and who knows that else may take place, may you will meet what simply will fascinate you and will steal you from me and I very much am afraid of it also to me become from these ideas not on myself. Please tell me that it never will take place, and that that you will be always with me. Write to me what you wish to see me and there will be such what you of me want to see, I am ready for the sake of you on all. I very much love you, my long-awaited prince who has presented me happiness which I searched for all life. Thank you for it, my love.
I shall look forward to hearing from you my loved Kurt
Your Marina
Letter 7
Hi my love Kurt. I hope that at you everything is all right. I was very glad to speak by with you to phone and to hear your voice. He has installed in me confidence and has given hope in in the happy future together with you. I believe and I hope that the happiness soon will arrive to my life due to you. For this purpose I am ready on all. But without yours the help at me will turn out nothing. As I already spoke that we could leave together for Norway to me it is necessary to begin official registration of papers. It is long process which borrows time. I want to concern to this seriously because you are very dear for me. It is confident that we shall to have remarkable time in Russia also. I shall introduce you to the parents and friends. You will see the eyes my life in Russia, our city and the nature. Specially for you I shall prepare for traditional culinary dishes and I shall prepare interesting cultural actions. Anyway I shall be your guide in my city. It is confident to you it is pleasant. The most important now it to begin registration of my documents. Registration of the passport for travel abroad borrows long time. I also will need the visa and the ticket. I was interested in travel agency and to me have told that the total sum of the visa and the passport will make 570 $. I should pay this sum and after that process of registration will be started. Therefore I ask you to do translation within the next few days with the help the western union. I also shall take advantage of services of the courier in travel agency. Have at itself the large sum of money it can to be dangerous. Therefore do translation into name SMIRNOVA SVETLANA. she is my courier in agency. He completely is responsible for safety of money, therefore I should not worry for them. Specify in translation Russia, Cheboksary city. I shall look forward to hearing from you very much. I wait with the big hope in heart of our meeting.
With love Marina
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