Scam letter(s) from Valentina to Paul (United Kingdom)

Letter 1
I am very glad to get your letter I wait it and I think our aquaintance very nice:) Sorry for some delay in reply...I had problems with my mail box but now everything is ok:) So Paul I will try tell you now all about my life in details. I was born in 04 February 1977,I grew up in good family my mother teacher of Russian language in school, my father engeener in factory and my father love his job very much thay construct tv sets etc in factory, but now my father work in private firm as engeener but not earn much because in Russia now not the best economical situation, but they can live with my mother ok, my mother not work at school already few years, my mother very nice person and she take care of me all life as a best mom:) I am the only child in family but I always wish have brother or sister:) As my mother was teacher she teach me Russian language well and I even have practice as teacher few times in school:) it was funny, my mother also very good cooker, as me too I hope:) she teach me very diferent dishes prepare:) Paul I dont know do you ever eat Russian dishes? My favorite dishes Russian is: Solyanka, bifstroganov etc... I like very much too cook also and I like home food, I dont like eat always somthing in restaurant or somewhere I prefer if its possible eat much at home, I like to eat Pizza with mushrooms and hum and cheese i can prepare it also, and i like BBQ, and fried chicken and potatoes, also I like sandwiches and many another dishes, but I dont eat much I like prepare different things and eat a little from every one:) My favorite collor is blue and white:) what colors do you like?and can you tell me why you like one and not other:) So Paul I grew up in good family there the most important goals was trust, love, nice relations and harmony, be near each other in any situation, I think I had nice childhood because I have nice parents which show me good way in life and be for me all what I can see and be also right in life...
I finished a school in Moscow,and after I begin take a private lessons for exams for universyty which I want enter... Moscow is nice city because its the city where live very many good persons cultural, smart and interesting, I mean teachers, all my teachers in school and in university was very smart and realy good teachers... So after all my hard lessons and the one year private lessons I take exams good and enter in Moscow State Medical university in Pediatrician faculty:) I always dream be a doctor... It was so good year for me its like a dream that I enter to university and I get this specialization, I enter all exams high and my education was free its about 20% of studens who pass very good exams can get free education in univercity... I was very glad my parents also as I choose this specialization because I like children and it will be great to treat them, so I finish university after 5 years of education and get diploma, this day also was very important for me, because it was very difficult study in university, I have no time for walking, I have no time watch tv and read books, all what I do all time it study and read my student books etc, so I even have no friends during this time, I lose my schoolfriends because during my university I have no time communicate with them... So after university I work about some time in hospital and i liked there, but I cant work much there because there a chief doctor changed and come new one who thought that with his position and money he can buy everything..but I am not from that I need to leave that place and I never work after this... Also I took lessons of how train horses and now i am horse trainer specialist also...i really love pets and animals.. I deside come here to Armenia and stay here in my grandfathers home, because my father in Russia last time drink much and I dont like he drunked, I love him much but my mother said better I stay with my grandfather and I come here, my grandpa very good person and was glad I stay with him here I am here in Armenia about few months. I use internet here in cafe very near of our home its like first floor of our building, its good I can reach it easy:) you know I even didn't know how register profile and asked girl working here in internet cafe for she do it and she helped me.. sad that i didn't know she put wrong location:(i am in Armenia..
also she put nickname:) My new friend Paul I hope I dont bore you with my letter, but I think you be glad to know all about me as I want know all about you we are going may be make the most important step in our life and its very important know more about each other... I like reading very much, I think it comes from my mother in childhood when I was little and I cant read I was about 4 or 5 years my mother always read for me different things:) I like read very much Russian classics for example: Lev Tolstoy, Dostoyevski, etc... Also I like very much books from my childhood my favorit writers are Jul Vern, A Conan Doil, Romen Rolan,Teodor Drizer, A Duma, etc:) you know few days ago here was problem with electricity cable and I sit under candle light in
evening dont know what to do, I see book of Konan Doil, stories about Sherlock Holmes, I read it in my childhood and in my mind I think that now if I read it it may be seem primitive for me, but I begin to read and cant stop:) it was so nice:) I read Harry Potter not so time ago I like it to:)Tell me what you like to read? I like music very much, I like latin music, pop music and dancing music I like to dance sometimes:) I also went musical school during my regular school, and I play piano not bad, but to tell truth I dont play already long time here my grandpa have no piano, my favorit is moonlight sonata by Beethoween, I like it much and I play it much few years ago:) I like very much go out of city for picnics or something same:) I like prepare different tasty things in nature and eat I think everything is more tasty in nature, I like go walking in parks and traveling sometimes...but never been outside of Russia:( I can use internet very little time I come and see how to use it and study but I still dont know very much things and I type not very fast but not slowly, you know I think its help me that I play piano I easy remembet all keys in keyboard:) and to tell you truth I never in my life write so long letter as now, its first time I write so long:) I deside to get aquaintance with foreign man and start serious relations because I never feel seriousness in men which I know also here in Armenia, I am here have no friends and dont know no one and i go walk even with my grandfather, but in Russia for example when I study in institute I dont feel from men in our faculty that they are ready for have serious relations, start family, be sincere in relations all time and ready in any situation be together... For me very important that my future husband be sincere and good heath person, who can love only me and whom I can love all life only him, and live in harmony and be happy, enjoy every moment together... I like man who think that family is most important thing in life... And I like if man come after work home and we can sit talk a little interesting, watch tv, have supper, or sometimes go walks in evenings:)
sometimes I am very romantic I think:) So in this time I look man who can be my husband, my
friend and all for me, now its the thing I look because I am tired be alone and i need someone near me... I write you so much because I feel that our aquaintance and relations have potencial and can be nice... Also I removed my profile from dating site as I don't need it anymore..I dont' want to get letters from others when i talk with you.. Ok dear Paul I will finish now my long letter and I will try come internet tommorrow for write you, think of you yours Valentina PS I send you my pics.
Letter 2
Hello my dear Paul! i am so happy to recive your sincere,cute,sweet letter:)) you know i don't know you long time but you become so dear to me...each time i realize that something empty in my world and i know that emptiness can be completed by are such honest,true guy,about whom i was dreaming whole my life... it is so difficult to find someone with whom you can share your feelings,your dreams,your whole inner world.. when i open my mail box,i can't wait time till yout letter open and my heart bit so fast till i read it... i miss you so much and think of you alot... i know it can be seemed that it is too soon for feelings,but i am hot person and if i like someone it will last so long,if not forever... please tell me what you think what kind of woman can win your heart?:)) what makes your mood up and down... do you believe one day we meet?i believe i am so optimistic person:)) nice Paul i dont know about Armenia much as i am not from here, the only relative i have is my grandpa, i dont knw anyone else, the only thing i know that they treat very bad to russian people
and when they find out about you are russia you are becoming an enemy in their eyes. dear Paul i never try other food then Russian and bit Armenia, i would say they both are good, but i would like one day to try with you different food. Dear Paul i never been to St.Petersburg, the only places i have been is Armenia Yerevan, in Russia Sochy on Black Sea. Solyanka is a soup where you can but different things like sausages, eggs, tomato etc. I will definitely prepare it for you its so tasty. i wish have computer at home for writing you each time... ok nice man i will wait your letter with great excitement,yours Valentina
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