Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Muravyova to Bryan (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my new friend Bryan.
Sorry for delay... It was very pleasant for me to receive your answer.
I hope now we can begin our dating. Some days ago I have come to computer just to find some information and was looking through the sites. And suddenly my eye fell down on your profile. It was some dating site.
It called IwantU or LoveAccess if I am right.
I liked your information and I have seen and decided to write you to learn more about you.
So if it is interesting for you, I believe I should tell you now more about myself.
My name is Ekaterina, shortly Katya.
But you can call me how you want, it is the same name.
I'm 28 years old soon 29. I was born on February, 18, 1977.
I was born and I live now in Russia, in city Syzran.
It is not far from Moscow in the cantral part of Russia.
I have never was been outside of Russia but I have been in several cities in my country. I have never had friends from other countries therefore it is very intersting for me to have new friend from another country. I'm brunette with grey eyes.
My height 5 ' 8 ", weight about 64 kg (120 pounds). I live alone in an apartment. My mom lives in my city also not far from me. I use the program-translator therefore my apologies for bad English language. I hope that you will understand me. I shall wait your following letter and want to learn about you more in detail.
I sending a picture to you like I promised… Me sitting at working place here... Hope you will like me, anyway I will wait for your next letter soon.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and best wishes to you and to your relatives and friends!!!!
Letter 2

Hi my friend.
Hope it is OK for you that I call you my friend.
Still do not have any letters from you. May be I have not written to you enough information about myself to make interest of me.
My apologies for not writting some important information about me in the first letter. I have no the computer at home and consequently I write you from Internet Cafe.
This is paid service of granting of work on the computer and grantings of using of a network the Internet. Therefore sometimes I would not be able to write to you everyday. Please sorry for it. Also please sorry but I have not access to chat online, it is very expensive here, I hope you will understand my situation and you will continue to write letters to my e-mail address, OK???
Also I can not use computer at work because I do not have personal computer at work and nobody can not use computer in individual missions at all here.
OK here is some more about me.
My mum is 57 years old but she is much younger. I very much love her because she one at me. My daddy has died when to me was 26 years 2,5 years ago.
He had got in failure and next day he had died in hospital of loss of blood. But time flies imperceptibly and I have reconciled to his loss. I work as a consultant of women clothes in the local shop.
My work consists in consultations about clothes to people which come to buy it in our shop. Also I help women to try on dress. Our shop calls "Modern". Though I have a high education, I can't find job on my profession that is why I work there to be more independent. My work quiet and easy. I like my work though it does not bring to me the big money. But to find such work in Russia it is very difficult, therefore to have to remain on this place. And do you like your work? What do you do at work? I quite often get tired at work and I come home to sleep. Because there are in shop alot of people many visitors sometimes and I get tired strongly.
But I shall find time to write to you.
Excuse if I shall not answer you some of your questions or it is wrong to understand them, simply the program of translation on the computer works automatically and does not take into account features of our languages. Therefore sometimes I have to think of a question or a word myself. Because I know English sometimes slightly apply the knowledge reading your letters. I have not a telephone, sorry…
I wait for your answer with impatience... Please write, OK...
Happy New Year and best wishes to you and to your relatives and friends!!!!
Letter 3

My dear friend Bryan.
It was very pleasant for me to read your letter again.
You know I forgot to inform you in the last letters that I single although three years ago I have had a boyfriend, but he have left me to other girl because she was rich. I think that he has acted **** though it is his affairs and I am not in the right to decide for him. I am not in the right to interfere with his life. Now I have no boyfriend also because I can not find the good person. Here in Russia it is very difficult for making because many men drinks and rough with girls. I am so tired to search a male for future life or just a boyfriend for myself because I am tired to be alone. But to find good male here is really difficult mission for women. And I want to love and which tendernesses so do not suffice me. I have few friends although they quite good people. We frequently meet with them on a nature and we have a rest, play volleyball, we talk, sometimes we drink **** or wine. But I can not find a male for myself among them, because almost all my friends in pairs. And how does you and your friends have a rest?
Do you have alot of friends or few good friends as me?
Write to me about it because it will be very interesting to me to know it...
If you do not remember I do not have home phone at all.
You know also I can not use to call to you a work telephone because it is forbidden here. I can not promise to you about phone calling but I will try to do it…
Miss your letters…
Your russain friend Katya...
Letter 4

Hi my favorite friend Bryan.
Yes, I really call you favorite because I like to communicate with you and to tell you about the life. You are very pleasant for me as good pen-pal and simple friend. You know sometimes it would be desirable to me even to appear near to you and to take your hands and to look in your eyes. Your letters are very pleasant for me.
Today my mom have Birthday and I have left work earlier and have asked to remain the girlfriend for me at work. Mom has invited several familiar. We drink tea and ate an apple pie. It is 58 years old to my mom today. It was slightly a pity to me of her because she has lived the big life and now she is alone because daddy has died. She lived without his caress and love. But she looks at life simply and does not long for it. Though sometimes it happens so she simply cries.
And how you celebrate holidays and what?
How frequently?
My favorite holidays are my Birthday and New Year Ave, and yours???
And here is my pic for you again. It was made some days ago, it is not good pic because I have very sad face here, simply I wanted to send this pic for you because it is the newest pic of me...
Letter 5

Hi my favorite friend Bryan.
You know when I read your letters my heart begin to beat fastly and more strongly. It feels heat and tenderness.
You know I never tested anything similar and sometimes begin to think that I have more feelings to you than to just a friend.
I did not tell to you in the last letter that I yesterday saw beautiful dream about us.
I saw that I ran on a high grass on a field. I ran long and the longer I ran the more strongly I felt heat on the body. Then in the distance I have seen your silhouette and began to run faster. I have approached to you, have taken your hands, then have strongly embraced you and you have presented me a sweet sweet kiss. I have woken up from it and my body was damp. When I had boyfriend I never saw dreams about him. And about you saw... I never thought that I shall test to you such feelings, but speak that the love comes suddenly and quickly.
May be it seems some strange for both of us, but I have really had such dream.
And you would like to appear in my dream and to present me a kiss?
It would be very pleasant for me to arrive to you and to meet you.
Bryan, what you think of it?
I was worry when I was write this words to you but please understand I only write what I think no more. It is my real feelings.
I shall wait your answer with impatience...
Letter 6

Hi my lovely friend Bryan.
You know today I have left work earlier because wanted to read your letter. All day at work I thought about you only. My fellow workers asked me why I am such thoughtful, but I did not begin to speak them about it because I have simply fallen in love with you. Yes, and it is really such way... I frequently think of that that I want to nestle on you and to feel your body. I want that your hands touched and ironed my body. I want to feel your breath your tenderness to me. My feelings to you grows day by day. I can not understand what happens with me.
I think I falling in love to you.
What you think if I want to come to visit you?
It would very interesting for me to know it.
You know I will inform all about my trip to you later when I would learn about it here.
Bryan, I shall wait your letter with huge impatience.
May be it will interesting for you to know my home address here is it:
18 Lipovaya Street, apt# 47
Syzran, 446031
Yours Katya
Letter 7

Hi, my favourite friend Bryan.
I became very happy to receive your letters.
You know I forgot to write to you my last name in my last letter to you. My full name Ekaterina Muravyova. But You know it would be better if you continue write to me using internet because russian post work very very bad and most of letters do not come to address… But if you want to send a letter to you it will very pleasant to me if I would get it.
So my full address:
Ekaterina Muravyova,
18 Lipovaya Street, apt# 47
Syzran, 446031
I think it would better if we will use an internet.
For these letters I have understood, that you that which I waited all these years. All my ideas of steel only about you, I live by dream to meet you faster. But while I can not make it because I have a lot of works now. I can inform you about it in some days, mine love. I am very tired from our city, our cold, I want to receive heat and love from your words, your touches. I think, that you will become happy, when we shall meet. I wait for this day each day. And you? I have understood, that it is the real love, I dreamed of it for a long time. It so is wonderful for knowing about that that on the other end of light me my waits favourite. You know, all my cares were beaten off by my love to you, I very wait for this meeting. I never thought, that will grow fond of the man which is some senior than me. But your last letters have forced to understand to me that I do not test similar to my friends. I already for a long time did not meet them because I think only of you. I have forgotten about hobbie, I think of work a little. The friends have noticed that I became slightly another, but they do not represent that my life became another after meeting with you.
I love to dream of you.
It so good and pleasant for me.
Here is one more pic of me again for you. It was made at home 6 months ago. Hope you like this pic. Anyway I shall wait your letter.
Also please send me the name of your closest international airport or some of them. Simply I want to learn how much it is costs for me to come to you. It would better for me if I will know it faster.
Letter 8

Hi my lovely friend Bryan.
I am very glad to read your letter again.
I never wrote to you about that I have a hobby - I collect old coins.
I have about 200 in the collection. I began to be engaged in it when to me was about 6 years. I very much like to do it but I have no many money to increase a collection new copies. But I do not worry about it because I treat quietly this. I think that it is pleasant to you. You know for these some letters I have fallen in love with you very strongly. I for a long time did not test anything to men, and you seem have demented me. I understand that it a little bit silly so quickly to fall in love but it is valid so. I never thought that I shall fall in love with persons with help Internet but I so have strongly grown fond of you that to me now not important as we have got acquainted with you because the main thing this that that I love you madly and it is very healthy...
I very much want to arrive to you but unfortunately I have no such opportunity. Yesterday I have learned all about my trip to you, I must have registration of visa and passport, so I must pay about 250-290 $ US for those things. This amount includes: payment for visa and passport registration, payment for promptness because sometimes registration borrow 4-6 months. Also this price include Interview in embassy and medicalsurvey. (I must have blood testing before leaving) I will have work visa so my firm will pay for tickets so you must not worry about tickets or money for tickets because my working firm will pay for this. But I must ask money help from you for payment for registration of my work visa and passport to your country, because I do not have any money right now. So please try to find way to help me this money sooner, so I might pay for it because as you may understand it will borrow sometime. So if you would send money help that amount today or tomorrow I will be able to pick up your money help faster and pay for it, so it would take less time... I dream to appear about you and to present you the present love, the present passion which you did not test already for a long time.
It would very pleasant for me if you will be able to help to me amount for visa and passport sooner.
So if you will help to me this money it would nessesary to do it via Money Gram or Western Union transfer system because we have only these kinds of transfer syster in our city. Also as I have heard it is faster and easy, because sending money via mail or post office is some dangerous like I have already explained to you, even our post office has attention papers "Do not sending money and expensive things via post". Also it is not nesesary to send via any other system because simply we do not have any others really.
If you can make it today that to me it will be very pleasant.
So I can give my money for registration of the passport and the visa that will borrow in time about 2 weeks.
Though if you cannot will make it today it would very pleasantly to me to know date when you can make it really that I have calculated the days and most quickly appeared with you.
Bryan, I want to be only yours.
I love you and very much I miss on you.
Yours and only yours Ekaterina Muravyova...
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