Scam letter(s) from Chelo Getino to Gerrie (South Africa)

Letter 1
thank you for givin me a chance i never expect this,but if u really mean to help me ...i thank you so much! & i will make ur help worthy in return & that is honesty,sincerity........i want you to knw that i serous but i was nver expect that mr buddy will **** of he think im gone........

i am living separated to my parents & i do rent a small room! i do chat when i got time.......the main prob for me is financial right now for parents cant afford to help me! & i am ashamed tht i was looking for some1 to care to help not asking u to help me a big amount but wht u can nor how much you can ... i am looking forward to be tlk to you online! so we can see each other & we can do make things work for u & me better! if possible that u can do something for me b4 april 4 w/c is my due date to my rent room bill....& hopefuly together my food expenses u can do provide for me this month ........gerrie thanks for ur understanding & i really glad tht u came into mylife even u not knw me yet but u never say no to help me ,to provide me! thanks so much!
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