Scam letter(s) from Olga Berezhnyuk to Norman (USA)

Letter 1
... Yesterday again I come home.... Do you know, from loneliness the life at times seems unfair.
Though is more exact -wrong, because validity is. Validity is always. Who likes, trusts and waits - will receive all this. So also we will have Our day and Hapiness.. Though is not present, it is not enough a day and it is not enough a year... but all the same, as it is difficult to understand, that someone precisely also is broken off, also waits and also bites lips.
Your energy of me charges and makes happy.... In Rovno the sun again shines. For me it shines due to you. Thanks you for it:) I miss..and the ticket at me will be only to one way. I wait for this arrival and the meeting step by step to come nearer.. In fact we at all did not represent to any moment about existence each other anything.
Unless guessed, that somewhere there is someone. and now we transform into a dust thousand kilometers, throwing the feelings through the rivers, mountains, woods and fields. And each word without a miss beats in heart. So I wait for this moment. The moment of a meeting. I know, banal "greetings" will sound not simply so.
But today I am very much upset...
Not fast arrival does not leave another, except for how to wait..... And again to wait......
Norman,I likely cannot arrive to the nearest two or more months. I did not think that tickets such expensive. Earlier to me familiar spoke that ticket cost 200-300 dollars,but in real it's costs approximately 800 dollars. I am much upset ....But it's my problems.
But time of arrival of value has no, I shall wait because I love you and in any case I shall come.... This test by time nonsense for Love... may be you will can come to me earlier... I very much want it.
You became necessary for me.. With you to me it is good and quiet. You for me are already strong and invincible requirement.
From it to not leave anywhere... I on distance feel your heat,strong heat, I feel very much .We are necessary each other.. It is unequivocal.
Norman,everything, everything at us will be good and another cannot be. On another I simply cannot represented. Love you, your Olga.
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