Letter(s) from Nadezhda to Nick (England)

Letter 1

Hi my love Nick! How are you today? I now fine as it is very pleasant for me that you write to me fine letters. I would like to be your wife. I would be very happy if it happens. I know that about 60 of unlucky marriages in your country. But I don't think that we will be among them, of course before I took this decision i thought much about it. You think that it will be for the first time for me that I'm inexperience, but you are mistaken. When I meet you I hope you won't be disappointed with me. I SEND YOU ALL MY LOVE AND TENDER KISS.

You is fine lady Nadezda

Letter 2

Hello my love Nick!!!

I so am glad to see your letter. It is pleasant to me to receive from you such good letter. I agree to arrive to you. I my dear wait from you your full home address that I could learn how many the trip to you will to cost. So my prince I wait from you urgently letter with your address. Because I think to not waste time and as soon as possible I could arrive to you. My dear it so be fine that we we can with you together already very soon. I very much am glad to this. In fact we can learn more each other. And it means that our feelings will be even stronger. My dear Nick I as wish to ask you if I will not have not enough money that most to arrive to you. You can help me? In fact you know how many I receive. And still I should look after for mine mum.
So I wait the answer to my questions.

You is a lot of kisses for ever Nadezhda.