Scam letter(s) from Irina Shahurina to Brian (USA)

Letter 1
My love Brian!
I begin the letter so because I feel that I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!
This is new and unusual feeling for me because I never have such strong feelings. My heart have a lot of love and I have no any words to express it. All day I though about you and how I tell you this words. But I litttle hurry. I shall tell you all under a order. Today at school was usual working day. But after lanch in school has arrived a woman which worked as the teacher of biology earlier. One week ago she has found new work. This work in the regional passport center. And today she came to say goodbye to us. When she worked at school we was very good friends! Today we talked too much with her too. She has told that she works in a department if Internationals passports. I have seen in it a sign on destiny. for me very important that relations between you and me were not only in Internet but also in a real life! Therefore I have told to her about you. She has told that it is not a problem to receive a passport for me. Instead of usual long procedure, she can help to make me a passport within few days. I just need it to visit her tomorrow in passport center. And she will tell to me how to receive a passport. She has confirmed that a meeting of two people through a half-world is real! My love Brian, we should use this chance for our meeting! If two persons I have feelings to each other they should meet necessarily! Tell me what do you think about it? What your ideas about our meetings? Please write to me your ideas. It is very important for me. I agreed with my girlfriend and I think that we have real feelings between as! I think we have to do anything for us, I feel our feelings are very important for our future, we have to use this chance that given for us and not lose our happiness. I am afraid to lose anything we have now, because letters is good and it give us for understanding each other but it does not compare with personal meeting. I believe that we are born for each other and we can pass a life together. I think, that one meeting in person is better than any letters. Do you agree with me? What are your ideas? I would very much like to just that you hold me in your arms for as long as it can be, that is a day I have been dreaming of for quite sometime now. I think, the most important thing for us is not to lose our chance that is given for us. I have a lot of thought about it. I need your thought and ideas. Love you, Olga
Letter 2
what is your closest airport my love?
Letter 3
Hi my sweetheart Brian! How are you today? Today for me was very hard day. Today I worked very much and after work I went in visa agency. All this time I thought about you only and about our future meeting. Every minute I miss about you more and more. When I have seen your letter I became very happy. It is make me smile. I love you so much and my love to you becomes stronger and stronger every day. You become sense of my life. I was in visa agency today and I have many news for you. I talked to the clerk in visa agency. He has explained me that it is probably to receive the visa to me. I can receive the visa within 3 weeks. Visa agency will help to collect all necessary documents for reception of the visa. I can receive my visa after reception of the passport only. When I shall receive the passport I should be choose with type of the visa. The clerk has told to me about 3 types of the visa which I can receive.
1. Work visa. This visa allow me to work in USA and stay in 6 month.
Also this visa can be prolonged for more month.
2. Tourist visa. Allow stay about 2-3 month and also can be prolonged.
This isn't immigration visa.
3. Visa of the Bride. This visa is immigration, I can stay in America forever. Unfortunately it is impossible for me to get such type of visa now because we must have a meeting for this visa. My love Brian! How do you think, what type of visa will be better for us? All visas will cost about 150-200 dollars. This cost includes all services visa agency. Unique distinction in visas is a time of visiting. Tomorrow I have also most important day for us. I will try to get news about a cost of the ticket. Tomorrow I shall go to my mum also. I want to talk with her about you, about us and about our future life. My mum very good and kind woman. I am sure that she will bless us. When we shall have all information we shall decide how to do I hope you will have nice day there, I must go home get warm bath and dream about you!
Only Yours, Olga
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