Scam Letter(s) from Anna Nikitina to Gerold (Germany)

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Letter 1

Hello my dear Gerold. How you do? How your day?
I the order. Only it is very tired naaiaiy.y I wish to go home and to have rest. My dear I very much to miss. I thought of you very much today. Recollected your letters. I would give much for an instant to see you and to walk with you on city.
Today very much a sunny day and all of thawing in the street. Very well and I an idea. That all snow to thaw. The spring has arrived and to pleasure of a downpour. It - even is more than pleasure from your letters my dear. I have problems with money now and I can not write to you often. The Internet of cafe it is dear now to me and I cannot write to you often. My dear you understand me. I would be glad to write to you every day, but I cannot do it now.
Now I shall finish my dear. I wish to have rest.
I wait your letters. Now I shall have rest and to think of you. My wishes to you and my most gentle kisses. Your Anna.

Letter 2

Hello my dear Gerold! How are you today?
I hope that you are in good mood! And my letters make your mood more and more better. I want to tell you that ideas about you don't leave me all time! After your last letter, I was think about us and about all this things that we have between us.These feelings... they are very warm, and you know, I saw at the night on the sky where was be very beutiful moon. So if you will have time, look at it, and you will understand all my feelings. There is half moon at this day here in the sky. One half of it is you. This half is covered at light and high temperature, and other half of it is me, dark and cold, that you don't know very good now but that you will know more soon(I hope that you will). Stars around of moon like people who surround us. You know for me, it seems, that you are very good person and may be I will open to you. You are fine, sensitive, kind, you deserve the most good words, and your attitude for me is the most fine things in my life. Sometimes I think that I love you, may be it is true, but then I think that we know each other not a long time and we can't love each other yet. I hope that you understand me, and it means, that at this moment my heart belongs only to you. Now only you is may soul, I'll not be hart, if you will write me, that you haven't this feelings, Cause I understand that we know each other not a lot time for this. I am very pleased with your letters, and I always wait, when I'll enter in the Internet will read your letter. You know when I was start to find someone, I was think that I want to find a mna who will be my soul and who will be very nice and kind for me, and I think that I find this man, I hope that this is you are. My soul young and soft I think that I didn't want to lost in the true, cause it will broken my hart and my soul. I am try to understand you and to write more about me directly! Now I think you are very important and necessary for me! And even we will not create our future, I will always remember you with good fellings! You know I think that in the real all in your hands! Do not leave me, and I'll not leave you too. I think, that we shall have fine time! Walks, entertainments, consideration of films, Suppers in candles together! SO I think that all will be fine for us, it must be fine and good. Take care. Yours Anna.

Letter 3

My darling Gerold. Forgivethat did not write to you some days. The cafe did not work at this time. there were holidays. How you have lead easter?
I was with aiie and the girlfriend. They liked my entertainments. But I did not have not enough you my dear. I so wanted that you were a number with me.
I have made a copy of the passport my dear. I think that it is necessary for you for bank. I shall send you it now.
It not the big letter. I need to go for work now. I only wish to tell that with me all well and I miss. Also I send you my wishes and sweet kisses. Your Anna.



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