Scam letter(s) from Oksana to Wayne (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend!

I'm very thankful to you for your attention with me and I hope it will be nicely and attractively for us to correspond with each other.
My name's Oksana. But my friends and acquaintance usually call me Ksusha! I am 26 years old.
As you could saw in my photo, I'm a blond and have brown eyes.
I live in Dnepropetrovsk. It is in Ukraine.
I'm romantic person and I like travelling a lot. I go in for sports and like dance so much. Twice in a week I go to the gymnasium. It makes my body beautiful and strong. And to my mind this one useful for everyone. And what about you?
I am very sociable person and my kind heart always open for reliable and tender people.
My free time I prefer to spend with my friends.
You know I belive in love, in true love...and I want to find a real man who would be a good friend, attentive husband or just interesting interlocutor.
There are a lot of good,interesting people in Ukraine ,but I'd like to communicate with somebody special...Maybe is it you?

I'll be waiting for your answer.
Your new friend KSUSHA!!! :)
Letter 2
Hey my new Friend!!!!
Thank you for the letter. There were a lot of pleasure to receive this one but it was some difficult for understanding.
I want to be in correspondence with and if you don't mind lets do it in English
So Today, If you do not mind, I'd like to tell you something more about myself.
I think, everyone always dreams about the place, where he can speak about his problems, chat with close friends,where he can feel happy and quiet.
For me it's my family and my home.It is the best place in the world and my dearest people live there - it's my parents. You know now I live in Dnepropetrowsk, but I was born in Stanitsa Luganskya. It is not big village, but there are very beautiful nature. I spent wonderful childhood there. Now I live along.I rent a small flat in Dnepropetrowsk.
And most of all I want to build my own strong family. And what about you?
You know, Dnepropetrowsk is very marvellous town. I like it so much.There are a lot of sights, some parks and squares decorate Dnepropetrowsk.
The biggest river of Ukraine flows there.
I'm studding and working there.I'm master economics and in future I want to work on my profession, but now I work as a seller in clothing store.
It's not easy to combine studies with job, but there is no other way out.
I want to receive good education and I must to earn a living.

I'd like to know some facts about you, your mode of life, your interests, your dreams... I'll be waiting impatiently for your next letter!
Letter 3
Hello Wayne!!!
It was very nicely to receive your letter. I like you, I like your thoughts, your mind. I know not much about you but nevertheless we already have a lot of common . I hope we are able to make a strong friendship and who knows may be more. As for me I'll do my best. So at first we have to know each other better. Do you agree?
As for my inside I'm honest and sincere person. I'm sociable. I like to communicate with interesting people.
I like to go to the cinema, to the theatre, to the museums. I like get to know more about different people, countries, cultures. I like travelling as well. I like to listen music and dancing so much. By the way what kind of music do you prefer? I'm positive person and I like to bring gladness to other people. As for my dreams. Most of all I want to construct my own strong, united family, to have a lovely man and a lot of children. To my mind it's greatest happiness in the life. And what do you think about this one? It's really interesting for me!! Take care
Your friend Ksusha!
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