Scam letter(s) from Elizaveta Pavlova to Timmy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my loved Tim!!!!!
My love, I is glad to you to inform that I has received your translation.
I very much to you am grateful for such help to me. You do not experience for the money I shall return all of you up to cent when I shall arrive to you.
And I today have made a credit card. And I have shown it in agencies that I have such sum of money and I can receive my visa.
And my visa now have directed to Moscow to register it.
But I already inform you that I already tomorrow shall be in Moscow in the evening and I shall receive my visa on hands.
And I already plan to arrive to you on April, 8th, but I shall write all exact information to you tomorrow. OK? At you easter when?
At us in Russia at night with 7-8? I wish to meet this great holiday in Russia and descends in orthodox church. You understand me?
I shall finish this letter.
I to you once again thank for the help to me that you do for me and for an our meeting.
I love you all heart and we already shall be together in 2 days.
With love, yours Liza.
Hello my love Tim!!!!!
As soon as I have read your letter, I have gone to bank and have received your remittance without number MTCN.
Then I have gone to agencies and I was so is glad that now they will give out me the visa and I can arrive to you.
And as I today in the letter informed you since morning, that me cause in agencies, and on the account what-that law new.
When I have met my agent which is engaged in my visa and have told to her that at me is now money for the ticket of the plane and I can buy it in any day.
She to me has told, that it yet all.
I at once was changed in the person and my pleasure all has disappeared also I started now that she will feel to speak bad news.
And it is valid. She has told to me that under the law of what to take off for America under visa B-2 I should have with myself cash.
At the rate of at least $30 for one day or $2700.
I it was very much upset also with me to her began to explain, that I in America have friends and I shall live at them and they will help me with money.
But she has told, that the law is the law and she cannot break it also it is the new law has left in the end of March..
My agent has advised me to address with the help to you and to ask for the period of $2700.
I shall bring this money to you back, they to return to you as soon as I shall go out from a gangway of the plane.
I have asked her except for this money still, what be it is required??? And she has told that is not present.
As soon as I show her my credit card on which she lays $2700 there and then prepares all documents and gives out to me the ready visa.
And as you wrote to me in the last letters that at you is money and you have received the credit in bank.
And I have thought that can you to me will give as though in loans, and I hope for your help and when I shall arrive to you I I promise you that
I shall give all of money up to cent and you there is nothing will not lose on the contrary we shall get only me.
And it at me to you the huge request to gain me with this sum and without it I cannot simply arrive to you and will meet you
And it I am very terrible also do not wish to think about it and I wish to be with you beside and to be happy.
I am very much upset and at me one hope, only on you my love.
We have already overcome so much, that I think, it is not necessary to stop on last step up to ours with you of a meeting.
We needed to make last step up to our meeting and with us interferes to make it a step only this credit card from $2700.
I hope that you have very closely read my letter and have understood that I need in $2700, without this sum I cannot receive the visa.
At ocurrence in your country I should have cash money. At the rate of at least $30 for one day.
This money not where will not get to also they will be at me, that is at me. And when I to you shall arrive,
I shall give you them as they are necessary for me only to show them that at me is money.
For tomorrow to me have appointed last interview, I should give all ready documents by tomorrow's day.
This interview very important part in reception the visa and if I will not have credit card on which is money, me will not allow before interview.
I ask you to find as soon as possible money for a credit card and to send me through office of the Western union.
I very much hope, that you have closely read my letter and all have, understood. I hope for fast your answer.
To me as well as it is a pity to you, that before us with you costs so many obstacles, but we together them should overcome all.
As at us speak: « In a field one not the soldier » if even us two we already a command also can battle on our love and for our future. You think as?
I hope that you as soon as possible will find this money and will send me as through office of the Western union.
I shall wait by all means for yours the letter and your answer.
Also remember, that I very much love you, I want to be near to you and to love you.
I hope, on your strong love to me and I wait with impatience of news from you.
I shall try to come today in the Internet of cafe once again to check up your answer.
I ask you to answer this letter, at once as soon as you will read it.
On it I end my letter and I hope for a fast reply.
I embrace also whole.
With love, yours Liza.
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