Scam letter(s) from Dinara Akhmetzyanova to Bo (Swede)

Letter 1
How are u today? It is very pleasant for me to recieve from u letter. I think, that it is an interesting thing, to learn someone through the Internet. It is unusual to me, because I a little Is familiar with the Internet. Of course much better to meet, speak in a real life, but not all people have an apportunity to travel.My town is not big. The city is constructed not by high houses till 3-5 floors. It is very calm by us. But I hope very much that some day I can visit another country. I wrote u that I like to cook unusual food, for example, Japanese, Chinese, Italian food. By the I have my own recipes of cooking some things, but its secret. I would like to say that I like to be at home, do a cosiness, to care of flowers and so on.I think, that for the woman the main thing to have in a life not Career or other success,but strong family and the favourite person near that to care of him and give all love. Tell please, you dream to meet what woman in the life? Excuse , that I ask you to discuss such frank thing with The person whom you know couple of days. But it is interesting to me to know It about you. Ok, I finish my letter I understand that I can not to write everything about me, about my feelings and so on in one letter. I look forward to u Letter. Kiss u. Yours Dinara.
Letter 2
Hello Roger! I see u are a really very kind and honest person. Such people attract me very much.t is just wonderful that we met, I read u letter and I feel that we have relative souls and have good understanding. I like it very much and just happy.I see we have the same aims,I am looking for someone who is my soul mate, my other half who will make me complete too.I think the most important thing anyone does in life is finding the right person to spend their life with.Of course It's important for girl to have a nice body as i have a nice body but this is outer beauty which is only skin deep , inner beauty is much more important as it is makes up a big part of who we are and it lasts for ever.I fell u have a wonderful soul I fell it.It is pleasant, that you studied my some ideas in the last message. I usually do not tell about the deep ideas and opinions, but to you has written, because has felt desire to open it to you. I more independent woman, but probably sometimes am necessary that there was one man, which can to open and trust - sometimes frequently it happens hardly to reflect on all these things. I am glad, that has found at you understanding me, you see it happens not frequently. I look forward to u Letter. Kiss u. P.S. I am really very happy that we met each other in internet. Sinserly Dinara. By the way I have no computer at my home, I go to the internet cafe or to my friend Lena. Yesterday I think she was in meetic, I will ask her.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Roger! How are u? Thank u very much for u letter and nice foto. U are very interesting person. You know that now I have my holiday and these days I was at my parents in another town that is why I did not write you. I want to say that I miss your letters very much. I wrote that I live with my grandmother and my parents live in another town not far from me.I like when all members of my family gather around the table, we speak, my father always tell us interesting stories, sometimes we joke at my mother, tomorrow I will tell them that I have friend Roger.And u, do you like cosy evenings with the family? Where is your parents? do u have brothers or sisters? As for me I am an only child in the family, but I have a lot of cousins, nephews,nieces, aunts and uncles. Many of them live in another cities and we see each other not so often.Almost all my cousins are married and have already children, when they come to me sometimes I feel very lonely because I also dream about my own family. I want to spend my time with my husband and my little child, take care of them, love them. I so miss it. But I do not lose the hope that I can have strong family. I look forward to u Letter. Kiss u. Dinara.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Roger! How are u? Thank u very much for u letter.! I today waited the time to come in Internet - cafe and to read yours e-mail. Tell me honourly, and you wait for my letters? I would like to learn about your ideas concerning our acquaintance. Whether you have any ideas on learning me better. I very much would want to learn more close about that with what you the man. Probably you have to me any frank questions? You have now any woman or you the lonely man? I consider you as the good man and I think, that you to like many women. You want to me to tell about the last experience with the women? I had in the past some relations with the men, but they brought to me only one disappointments. I have lost hope to meet the good man in the city for creation of family. Roger, Write to me please, what you are good family? What you would want to have family and relation in it? I with impatience shall wait yours e-mail. with each your letter I more well understand with what you inside man, what at you ideals. I like to read, when you tell about yourselves. Always I wait for your letters. Kiss you. Yours Dinara. I have forgotten to answer your questions my birthday on 25 July,I work in a small firm as an account,Kirov is about 1500 km from Moscow.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Roger. How are you today? Finally I have an opportunity to write you. In the internet cafe it was crach with the computers and i could not to read your last letter. These days the cafe was closed. Now I think the computers will work.These days i really missed your letters. I hope you do not forget me.Honey now i have to go and i will write you tomorrow. I kiss you so many times. Yours Dinara.
Letter 6
Hello my dear Roger! How are you? I am fine, and think of you. Dear Roger I very much miss on you, to me very alone and difficultly now but your letters warm me and give me huge your heat from which me to become very well . Dear we now very bad weather in the whole days have rains, the summer at us has already ended also leaves on trees become yellow probably soon the leaf fall it very beautifully will begin, very much it is pleasant to me when trees throw off the foliage, and it is very fine to go on this foliage and when it rustles under legs. Dear Victor I very much would like, together with you to walk on yellow from leaves is more scarlet and to listen as foliage rustles at us under legs. On it I finish the letter, 100000000000000000000 kisses with love yours Dinara.
Letter 7
Hello Roger! I am so stupied, I understand now why you did not understand why I named your Victor, exactlier to write "Victor". It is my favourite romantic hero from novel about real great love of him to one girl.I am so stupied i did not think that you did not know russian literature.If you want i can tell you about this book in my next letter. I am very sorry that you can think of me bad. My holidays is over and i begin working but i have still summer mood.It is always difficult to begin working after holidays.I was sitting on the balcony last night before I went to bed and the moon was out very bright it seemed like it was daytime , the moon was full . I got up a couple of times in the night and the moon was very bright still I could see everything outside . My dear you would like it very much as I. This time of year we have a lot cranberries, and they are ready to be picked I shall pick some this weekend I like to pick and eat them they can get real big as big as a grape. The weather is still rainy and it becomes cooler and cooler. I finish my small letter, i kiss you. Yours Dinara.
Letter 8
What happened? Why you to me do not write?
I do not understand that happened?
I something not that have told?
Please write to me if you any more do not want to write to me!Dinara
Letter 9
Hello dear Roger! How are you? What news? I was very glad to recieve your letter, sorry that I could not answer you at once.I was in an another town at my parents we must solve some problem concerning the flat of our aunt, she dead some time ago and left to our family the flat and we were busy with it. There are a lot of formalities that to become an owner of the real estate. I hope, that you have not lost me, and will continue to correspond with me. I with impatience shall wait for your letter. Yours Dinara.
Letter 10
Hello dear Roger! How are you? How do you spend your weekend, this time we have long weekend, 3 days because on the 4 of November is "The day of agreement and Reconciliation". It is a new holiday in Russia, earlier we have holiday of Revolution on the 7 of November.I think for almost all people in Russia it does not matter what holiday we are glad only that we have weekend. and you, do you have a lot of holidays? I know that in Europe it is a great holiday is a Christmas but we celebrate very bright New Year. In my next letter I maybe write you how we celebrate this holiday if you want. These 3 daysoff I am busy with my flat I do a repair and I do it always myself and tomorrow I am going to glue wall-papers I suppose I will do it since early morning till late evening. Today I prepared walls for it.I like that my flat is clean and cosy. You write me that if we will be not so far from each other you invite me, but in spite of the distance we can organize our meet, you can come to me or I can come to you for a holiday as for me I would like to spend New Year holidays with you very much. I think it will be just wonderful to spend some days together. What do you think about it? OK, I finish my letter and wait for news from you. I kiss you. Yours Dinara.

Letter 11
Hello my dear Roger! How are you? How is your mood? We have very strange weather, yesterday it was winter, thre was a lot of snow and it was cold, today it rains and the snow melts. It is very wet and it drizzles. The weather changes very quick and that is why I feel today not well. I must say that more brightly we celebrate New Year than Christmas and last year we have even 10 free days in January, it was called "new year holidays". We celebrate Ghristmas on the 7 of January, last year usually on this day my grandmother and I go to the church.And as a rule we cook on this day a goose, I have a special recipe of cooking of the goose. But in the New Year all our family gather together and have a lot of culinary delicateses. we have a tradition to present each other little gifts and surprises. We joke, sing songs and play different funny games, dance.And of course we decorate our home with New Year tree. I have almost finished my repair in the flat, you can congratulate me. Concerning our meeting I concider that the real meet gives much more than only letters. If you really want to meet me I think that it is possible. If you will write me your full adress and the neafrest airport to you I will find out how I can arrange our meet. As for me I want to meet you very much. I send youo billon kisses and look forward to your letter. Yours Dinara.
Letter 12
Hello my dear Roger! I go still to netcafe, it is not comfortable to go there every day but now I try to do it every day because for me it is very important to speak with you. How are you? I am fine. Tomorrow I have my weekend and I decieded to go to my parents, that is why I can not write you tomorrow because there is not an internet. And you? What are you planing to do on your weekend? Roger, today I printed your foto and tomorrow I will show it to my parents, I am sure they like you. Roger, today I also was in the travel agency, they explained me that I must to conclude with them a contract and then they begin to work with me. They said that their services cost 3500 rubles, it is about 105 euros, this price includes the price of the foreign passport, insurance and service of agency it is ok for me. I was glad that it costs rather expencive but I can pay for it. I do not know now how much costs ticket to your country and visa. I will know it only on Monday. I hope it will be not very expensive. Honey, I want to hear your voice very much, if you can send me your phone number I will call to you. I finish my letter and send you million kisses. With all my respect sincerly yours Dinara.
Letter 13
Hello my dear Roger! How are you?I have recently returned from my parents, today it is very cold, it is about -4 degreses but I was very cold when I waited for the bus. And you, what did you do on your weekend? What is the weather? Is it cold? Today I am very tired to answer your letter because I want to write you also a long and detailed letter. Tomorrow I will tell you what my parents say about you and our future meeting. Tomorrow I will go to the agency and in the evening I will write you.I kiss you. Yours Dinara. P.S. By the way I called you but I was said that your number is not complite.Send me please your number with code of your city and your country too.
Letter 14
Hello my dear Roger! How are you? As for me I am very upset, because the agency. Yesterday I have even any wish to go to the internet cafe, I did not want to make you upset. Yesterday I was in the travel agency and they explained me everything exactly,the agent of travel has told,that first of all I must conclude the contract with them, that contract includes the price of the abroad passport, insurance, visa,ticket and services of agency.The agency of travel concludes the contract which includes the ticket.They do not do visa separately from the ticket. I also asked them about the papers that you wanted to send me, they said that I do not need it, everything is simplier. The price of all documents,ticket and works of a travel company, about 840 euro. Visa costs 235 euro, ticket is about 530 euro and the work of agency 75 euro.We looked through the prices of tickets and found out the best price and flight and if everything will be good already in 2 or 2,5 weeks we will be together, because at first they do visa it takes about 2 weeks and when they know exactly when it will be ready they wiil book a suitable ticket. So, I recieved such an information and realised that it is impossible for me to pay such money.My salary is about 110 euros and now imagin,Roger, how long I must save money for coming. I hope that I can honest discuss with you such questions I want that you know exactly our reality. I can not even take a credit in the bank because I have a little income, my parents is not rich unfortunatelly.Now I realise that everything in our world depend on money, today It was very insulting for me when I wanted to borrow money at my chef but he refused to give me money. I was so angry that because I have no money I can not change my life. So, I hope I explained you the situation well why we can not meet. Honey, I have a great wish to come to you expecially after our talk, I saw that you are a very kind man and I want to be with such good man very much,but not everything in this life depends only on our wishes, such situation makes me cry. So, I finish my letter. Always yours Dinara.
Letter 15
Hello dear Roger! I am so happy to read your letter. You are so kind and understanding person I am very glad that I am not mistaken in you. Honey, today I was interested in the agency if I need invitation, they explained me that if we will do an invitation, it takes a lot time, easier to go as a tourist and do tourist visa. They said me that I will buy a tourist tour in your country and it is much easier and sooner. As for the bank account, today i was in the bank and found out that it takes about a month to open bank account, besides they open such an account only for legal persons, for example, for organisations. And my friends advised me such a service as Western Union, it is very comfortable and quick.You need to know about me some information to trasfer the money and I also need to know about you the same information.
My name: Dinara
Surname: Akhmetzyanova
Adresse: country Russia, zip code 610000, city Kirov, street Lenin 45-30
I hope that everything will be good. And how are you planing to spend your weekend? Today it is very cold in the street and i am cold very much when I go to the internet cafe. Today my cousin came to me we drink tea with cake. I like strong tea very much. It is very interesting to arrange a tea ceremonie. There is a special way of preparing tea and then it should drink tea from small cup very slowly, that you can feel the taste of tea. After this ceremonie thougths become clearer. I want to do such a ceremonie with you, I am sure you will like it. OK, I finish my letter and wait for news from you. I kiss you, my honey. Yours Dinara.
Letter 16
Hello my dear dear Roger! How is your weekend? Yesterday my cousine had her birthday and we went to the cafe, it was nice and I said to all our relatives and friends that I am going to you.they say you "Hello". Yes, you are right that I must pay for hotel, for 10 days it costs 560 euros,including the ticket because I have chosen the cheapest hotel.The travel agent offered me Rica city and Baltzar, they are in the center of Malmo, they have the same prices. I have chosen Rica city. Concerning 40 euros a day, they said me that really there is such a low, but it is only a formality. So, I need now 870 euros for trip to you. As for me I can pay for the abroad passport and work of agency 75-80 euros and I can borrow at my parents about 50 euros but nothing else, and if you can help me with 750 euros it will be very well. Concerning Western Union, I can recieve money at any agent of Western Union. As soon as you send me money I will conclude the contract and they begin to prepare documents. Tomorrow I will try to call you.Now I wait , what you say me about it. Ok, I kiss you many many times. Yours Dinara.
Letter 17
Hello my dear Roger! Today during my lunch I went to the bank but I need to know how much exactly you sent me, I need to say an exactly sum. Write me it. I will wait. Tomorrow I will go to the bank again.I am very glad that soon I can pay to the agency and they begin to prepare documents. We become closer and closer.I am very glad about it. OK, I kiss you. And tomorrow I will call you again. Yours Dinara.
Letter 18
Hello my dear Roger! I am fine, I am very glad, that tomorrow I am free. Today we have very warm pleasant weather and in the evening my girlfriend Lena and I decieded to walk a little bit and now I am in the internet cafe, Lena is waiting for me now to go home. Today in the evening I was in the agency but they have today a short day because their director has today a birthday. I will go there only on Monday. Today I thought what present to you, my grandmother is so funny, she wants to knit you warm socks. I laugh at her but I do not want to to offend her. So, I will take with me socks for you. I wish you sweet dreams. On your phone number I will send you sms and you will see my number. I kiss you. Yours Dinara.
Letter 19
Hello my dear Roger! How are you today? I tried to send you sms but could not do it I send you my phone number and you can send me sms. Today I had a lot of works. I made my flat clean, in the afternoon my grandmother felt very bad, I was very afraid and I called a doctor. The doctor came, gave her some medicine and in the evening she felt better.OK, my number is 0079047258789.I kiss you a lot. Yours Dinara.
Letter 20
Hello my dear Roger! I was today in the travel agency and concluded a contract with it. I paid for visa and abroad passport, the rest I will pay as soon as I recieve the money. Today I bought some medicine for grandmother, I hope it will help her. And how are you? What news at you? In agency I was said that it takes about 2 or 2,5 weeks to recieve visa. As soon as visa is ready I will go to you. Today I wanted to speak with my director but he left work early and I could not speak with him, I want to ask for the holiday but now I do not exactly for what time. Honey, I look forward to our meeting and a little bit worry because I have never been abroad.We do not have a smog because we have already a frost, the temperature is about -19 and today I am very cold and think now how to reach home very soon. Now I leave you and wish sweet dreams, I go home to sleep. I send you 1000000000000000000 kisses and wait for news from you.
Letter 21
Hello my dear Roger! I recieved your sms today evening. Maybe something with the phone conection. Today I could not recieve money because during my lunch I called a doctor for my grandmother, and in the evening it was already late. I asked for free day for tomorrow because I will go with my granny to the hospital to do some analyses and tomorrow I also will recieve money and then will go the travel agency, so tomorrow I will have a lot to do. And how are you? What news? I think you are a little bit nervous because our meeting, are you? As for me, I imagin how we meet and what we say each other, very well that I can speak English, my English is not very well but I can understand you. But the health of my grandmother makes me sad. Tomorrow I will call you or send sms, I miss you and wait for our meeting very much. It is cold at us, -17 and very windy today.OK, I finish my letter and send you a lot of kisses. Yours Dinara.
Letter 22
Hello my dear Roger! Everything is OK, yesterday I recieved money but i need at once to run to the hospital and could not write you. How are you? Today I was in the agency and paied for the contract and now I will wait for news from them.I was very angry yesterday as I wrote you I wanted that my granny do some analyses and you can not imagin what I was said in the hospital they said me that my granny is already old and why I so woory about her I was ready to **** them for such words. anyway we did analyses and they will be ready on Monday. Now I am sure that we meet everything will be prepared and I hope soon. I kiss you and wait for your news. Sorry but I am stiil angry of these stupied people and I so want to come to you.A lot of kisses. yours Dinara.
Letter 23
Hello my dear Roger!I called you today from the post-office but you number was busy. I will try to call you tomorrow. Do not worry, i paid for everything and now I wait when visa will be ready, i think it will be next week. Only tomorrow i will know the results from the hospital.And some time ago I recieved your sms and answer you, but you did not answer me, i think you did not recieve it.I want only to visit you and i will be glad of any gift, i like surprises. But do not have trobles for yourself, you have already made for me very good gift.Ok, now i have to stop and i wait for our talk tomorrow. I kiss you. Yours Dinara.
Letter 24
Hello dear Roger! How are you? Today i had a call from the travel agency and they said me that next week near the end of the week i need to come to the agency because documents will be almost ready and we book the flight.I am very glad that our meet become closer and closer. I am very happy that I can come to you. And tell me how you usually celebrate Christmas? It is interesting for me. I wait for this holiday with great impation. You know that the weather in Russia become crazy. We have very warm weather for this month of the year.It is very wet and today the radio said that we have magnetic storm, do you feel it? As for me i have all day long a headache, i think because of this storm.Yesterday i was in the hospital and I had a consultation and he said that my mother had a very high intracranial pressure and it turned out that she had a heart attack in summer but she transfered it on foot.Now she must not worry and take some mediciene, tomorrow i will buy them.I hope that everything will be good soon. OK I kiss you and think of you. Yours Dinara.
Letter 25
Hello my dear Roger! How are you? This weekend i was at my parents i wanted to speak with them before my coming to you, today i have a call from the travel agency and the travel agent asked me to come to them tomorrow because evrything is already ready and tomorrow i think i will take visa and ticket. You know i am very exiting now. I even forget to ask them the date of the flight because i think that i need to tell you this news as soon as possible. Already tomorrow i will write you the date of my coming. I kiss you very very much. Yours Dinara.
Letter 26
Hello dear Roger! Everything is ok, and of course i am not against if you come with your friend. I will also go to Moscow with my girlfriend because i am afraid a little bit to go there alone. As soon as i will go there i find the internet cafe and write you, i want to be in touch with you.I have my flight on Sunday morning,I will be in Moscow on Saturday morning.Numder of flight is SU 216 (A 319) and time of flight from Moscow is 08.25.Ok, i finish writing and i am very exiting too.Always yours Dinara.
Letter 27
Hello my dear Roger! Only at 1 a.m. we reached airport my girlfriend Jenya came with me in Moscow. Now I found out the internet cafe and write you. Everything is ok, tomorrow I will write you too before my flight. Now we will sit at the airport, maybe we will sleep a little bit, I am very very tired. I took with me your adress and number of your phone. OK, now i kiss you and frankly speaking I can not believe that i will see you. Good night, honey. Yours Dinara.
Letter 28
Hello my Roger! How are you a favorite? Do you wait for me? Here my phone with sim card of Kirov does not work, at first I wanted to call you. I could not today fly to you. Roger, today I have found out that here really there is such a rule that each tourist in your country should to have with itself cash, it is not less than 1320 roubles a day, I have visa for a month, so I need 39600 roubles, it is about 1200 euros. They speaks, which was happen, when the girl from Russia has left in other country with small the quantity of money also became there the ********** and the ***** and after that at the airport have entered a new rule in him to speak that if I want holiday in other country, it foreign tourists could cares of when arrive to you. Roger, I Should show this money, during the review aboard the plane, on the customes. Dear, you know that i have no such money,I have only with me about 200 euros. As I was explained, it is only a formality, I need only to prove that I can live in your country. And now I am sitting and think what to do.If you can send me this money when I arrive to you, I shall return to you them back. My information to send it, you know, but not only write the name of city, that i can recieve them in Moscow. Here there are a lot of places,where I can recieve them. I hope it will be no difficulty for you. I wait for yours messages. Yours Dinara. I will put off the flight till Monday evening.I worry about everything very much.
Letter 29
Hello my love Roger! I am very glad that I can come to you, thank you very much that you give me an opportunity to come to you. I thought that I will have ticket on Monday but I took the ticket only on Wednesday in the cash department they have no tickets on Monday.Tomorrow I will go to the Western Union and then write you if everything is right. I can not sleep now, I am so exsiting, I am very glad that my girl friend came with me to Moscow. She support me very much. And I am very happy that you do not leave me here without help. Tomorrow we will go to find the cheapest hotel to stay there till Wednesday.I will write you tomorrow, my honey.I kiss you. Always yours Dinara.
Letter 30
Hello dear Roger! Now I decieded to write you, i with my friend found the hotel near the airport and rent a room. Tomorrow in the morning I will go to the western union. I hope everything will be good. And after western tomorrow i will write you. Now i wish you a good evening and by the way concerning the time of my flight to you, when I wanted to change my ticket to another day, in the cash said me that I come to them on Tuesday to takre a ticket and tomorrow i will know the number of flight and write you. Sincerly yours Dinara. I am already tired to be in Moscow.
Letter 31
Hello my dear Roger! Today I recieved money and now I wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow I will have ticket because today I was said to come tomorrow because today they had no tickets for my flight. And if everything will be good tomorrow in the evening i will fly from Moscow. You can not imagin how i am tired of everything I have never seen in my life so many people, there are everywhere crouds. It is so noisy, a lot of people, terrible. Tomorrow i will write you. Now i kiss you. Yours Dinara.
Letter 32
Hello my dear Roger! I think that you are preparing for Christmas, I am very sorry that I can not join you right now. Today in 2 hours I go to Kirov back, because i can not live in hotel for a long time, it costs a lot of money, i can not wait every day for the ticket which maybe somebody brings to the cash. I decieded to book ticket on January, i hope that you understand me, we can have good time not only during New Year night. Nothing works at us till 10 January and i will book ticket for 11 January, say me, is it ok for you? I am very tired of Moscow and want to come home. I will write you already from my town. I kiss you. Yours Dinara.
Letter 33
Roger, some days I could not send you the letter from my e-male box, maybe it does not work.Dinara.
Letter 34
Hello my dear Roger! I am at home now, I can not write you earlier because i went to my parents. When I came from Moscow my grandmother was at the hospital, yesterday she left home. She began to ill more when I went to Moscow. Now I will take care of her, I hope she will be better. As I already written I can come to you only in January. Now I wish you marry Christmas.
All the best and a lot of succes,may all your dreams come true!!! We've had our share of tears
we've had our hopes and fear
it'e been a long hard year
but now it's Christmas
the world will share this special night...
All is quiet on Christmas day
a world in white gets underway
you see the world by candlelight
the time is right...
every day the dreamers die
to see what's on the other side
but in this night
there is a kind of magic in the air
in this night
listen over the rhythm that's confusing you
listen over the hum of the radio
listen over marching bands playing out their time
listen to your words they'll tell you what to do
There's a kind of magic in the air
close your eyes and dream away
see the world in green and blue
see the canyons broken by cloud
see the Bedouin fires at night
see the bird with a leaf in her mouth
see the world
feel the world
because on this one day of days
there's still a kind of magic in the air
and the dreams come true...
Write me soon. I kiss you. Yours Dinara.
Letter 35
My dear Roger I wish you a very happy year of 2007 That all your wishes is fulfillled and that you are swamped with pleasant things That all your troubles disappear and that all your family is healthy That the sun shines every day for you and that it brings you happiness wealth and joy of living I wish you only the best things which can exist How did you celebrate New Year? As for me I was at my parents. In Russia we have holidays till 9 January, and tomorrow I will go my parents again because New Year it is a family holiday. I kiss you a lot. Yours Dinara.
Letter 36
Hello my dear Roger! How are you? Only today I returned from my parents, you know that on the 7 January we have Christmas and I with my mother went to the church,my granmother also was at my parents, we were in the church during the night. Tomorrow I am going to the hospital because during the night in the church I was cold very much and last days I am ill a little bit, some female problems, tomorrow I will go also to the agency to book ticket, I am planning to book it on the 14 January and then I will write you. Now I send you a lot of kisses. With all my heart yours Dinara.
Letter 37
Hello my dear Roger! How are you? I wrote you that I am ill a little bit and the doctor registered me treatment, I have an female inflammation, I do not know how to explaine it in English, and the doctor said that it is better to stay in the hospital and think that I will agree to lay in the hospital but i worry how without me my grandmother will be alone at home.If she will agree to go to my parents for this time I lay in the hospital? because she feels not well too and she needs a care. I did not book a ticket to you yet because I do not come to you ill. I will write you tomorrow and I think that we can wait a little bit and put off our meeting for 10 days. I kiss you a lot now and write you news tomorrow. Yours Dinara.
Letter 38
Hello dear Roger! Only today I see your e-male,you know that I worried about you very much too, I wrote you from another e-male but you did not answer me and I decieded that you do not want to comunicate with me any more. Today I was said that it is possible to renew my old e-male box and see your letter. Now I work a lot in 2 works. Please, do not worry about me and I am very sorry that you have problems at your work, I hope that everything will be good. Write me your news and I hope that we will be in touch with you. Yours Dinara.
Letter 39
Hello my dear Roger! How are you? How is your work? Of course I want to meet you but now I have no such an opportunity and I am very sad that I can not come to you when you gave me such an opportunity and that is why I do not mention about this. I work now in the evenings in another firm, I do for them some accounts, prepare some documents and so on.Now I need to safe money and that is why I do not visit internet cafe I go to my girlfriend she has a computer. Nothing interesting in my life, work,work and work. Write me about you. I kiss you. Yours Dinara.
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