Scam Letter(s) from Olesya to Wayne (USA)

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Letter 1

hi, Wayne !
thanks for your quick answer !
I am Alesya !
I am 24 y.o from Ukraine.I speak English fluently.I work at the store and sell cosmetics. I live with my mother. I dont have any luck finding a good man here in Ukraine thats why I am trying this way :) hope we can get to know each other better. I like to dance, take long walks and to be outside especially in summer. I am romantic , sexy and loving. I like to cook and keep my apartment cozy , I burn good smelling candles and like to relax after a busy day .
please tell me about yourself , i hope we can find much in common !

Letter 2

hi, Wayne !
how are you today ? thanks for the photos !
I am glad that you are a romantic person !
I really wish we lived closer but I believe distance is not a problem when two people really want to meet each other. how do you treat your lady ? would you rather have her stay at home and take care of you or would you want her to work and make living along with you ? do you like to go to the public places or would you rather spend an evening at home ?
I am just trying to get to know your habbits :)
thats enough questions for today I guess :)
waiting for your reply !

Letter 3

hi, Wayne !
how is your day ? I am doing fine, just relaxing during my lunch break at work :)
i would like to know what kind of lady you are looking for. I am romantic and joyful, I like to take care of my home and to cook. tell me about your family please. I live with my mother , my parents are divorced. I dont have any brothers or sisters. my grandma passed away a month ago.
I would also like to have a family and to have a husband , a lover and a true friend in my life :)
do you like to go on the dates ?
if we were to meet in the real world where would it be ?
I hope to hear from you soon

Letter 4

hi, Wayne,
how are you today ? my photos are small because it is expensive to send heavy files besides it would take ages with such slow internet speed that they have here. but you still get an idea of what I look like right ? :)
thank you for the photo, whose wedding was it ?
wow, you sent me the whole questionnaire :)
I am 170 sm tall, 55 kg, as for hobbies I guess that would be dancing and learning English. i have many interests, cooking, shopping, going to the movies :) i dislike rude people, people who drink a lot of alcohol and lose control. I dislike muddy weather. as for bedroom as long as there is no pain everything is fine with me.
I am looking for a tender and at the same time passionate lover .
Wayne, if we decided to meet in real life where would it be ?
i hope to hear from you soon



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