Letter(s) from Anastasia Polushina to Michael (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear friend Michael!
I am glad again will receive your answer! And it for me very much and is very interesting to read your letters, and to learn more about each other. I and knew, that you very interesting person, the remarkable and good friend. I sincerely believe in you. It is extremely pleasant for me, that too our acquaintance and dialogue attracts to you. I want you so many to tell about myself and much to learn about you. I have finished medical college in Nizhniy Novgorod, and then and the State Medical University, have received One of prestigious formations in Russia also I am considered not as the bad expert in the area Pediatrics. Me very much too love and the senior colleagues, and my small patients appreciate on work, both. Yes, I wanted you to tell, that I rather not badly know the English language as many years studied It at school, and then and at University. I can communicate freely enough on it, without special Difficulties also did not think, that to me it so to be useful, but the life has proved the opposite. Now I communicate With you and to myself all time I am surprised. The truth it occurs to me whether or not, that I am written by the friend, the man From other country. Also that we so without special difficulties have found common language and we realize each other! But dear Michael, i want to tell, that I can do many spelling mistakes, but I think, that you Quickly will help me to be corrected and we shall communicate without special problems. I want to tell also to you, that I write to you from the Internet of cafe because at me is not present what Opportunities of access in the Internet. We do not have house of the computer, it is very expensive, to buy it, and on To work there are many computers, but there are no outputs in the Internet. Therefore to have to write to you letters from here. It is not so convenient, but there's nothing to be done, to have to endow the free time, that To communicate to such remarkable person as you. I want to tell in detail in this letter about the family And relatives. We in Russia have such statement if want to look at the future wife and What she will be in some years it is necessary to look at its mother and to draw a conclusion, what mother, such and the daughter. And so at mum two and she has presented us all love, all skill and all beauty, and the daddy Mind has presented us and has learned us to be fair and decent people that it was never a shame to our parents with us. Alexandra Sergeevna my mum, to it of 58 years. She on pension, but continues to work. She works Managing city library also is the honored worker in sphere of formation and education. To tell the truth, it does not give what regalia or privileges except for free-of-charge travel in territory of our city. But we with the sister very much to it are proud, that not looking on that that to it was possible to leave freely on deserved Rest, but her do not release, it require also the Minister of Education personally asked her to work. She it is simple The good fellow always responsibly concerned to the work and sow day carries out different seminars and lectures. Always finds for itself adventures on work, for what is very much loved by collective and the heads. Mine daddy Grigory Afanasjevich as well as I the doctor, the truth it the adult doctor the therapist, and is a lot of years Has worked in a city polyclinic, but now on pension and does not work. To it 62 years and it is more and more Is engaged in a garden. We in a city boundaries have not big site, with a small house and a bath where it carries out The free time is a lot of. And us with the sister and mum frequently takes away there on the days off to breathe fresh air. At us very good ground and wonderfully tasty apples and pears grow. I want Primordially Russian girl will apologize, as I, I can be forgotten and in my speech can frequently To slip such words which did not translate into the English language. But I shall try to you nevertheless To tell more in detail, that they designate, that to you it was well clear. My younger little sister Cooking, a full name of the Barbarian as I name her more often, Studies on the fourth rate Economic faculty, the Nizhniy Novgorod State University. Also it will be fast present The modern economist. We seldom see it on the days off or holidays because she lives in Bottom in a student's hostel and I am mad on it I miss. It has young man, fight the friend, with Which they are friends from the first rate and dream to get married. But at us on Christian customs, and we Orthodox Christians, and our family respects all laws of church. Well and so on custom younger The sister cannot leave in marriage until then there will be no yet a grown-up, and differently both destinies of sisters will be broken And to whom there will be no happiness. Cooking also waits while I shall not find the half and I shall be happy. Though I to it I answer, that it will be not fast. Tell to me about your belief, and whether you trust in the god in general. What traditions which you at you is should observe. I should finish the letter. So it would be desirable to learn you more. It is so much many things about you For me to be as fiduciary, in ignorance. Write to me about all. I shall try to tell too about all that interests you. I wait for your letter, I say good bye, bless you God that at you all was good!
Your friend Irina!

Letter 2

Hello my Michael!

How at you an affair? How do you feel?
At me all is fine! Many thanks for your answer to my last letter, it is very wonderful that we write each other. I read your letters with the great pleasure and all I learn you closer. What you the man, and each time I am admired that you such remarkable, clever, good and decent person! I very much would like you the person will ask what you or you are more exact to what type of people concern? I for example the choleric person, the optimist and during too time the realist. I shall tell to you about the hobbies. And from you I would like to learn mutually too about your hobby, about a free time and where you carry out it? About your friends? How you concern to alcoholic drinks? (For me it is possible to tell a sick theme, as well as most part of women in our country) And about all trifles of your life. Really all it is interesting to me. And about itself, I very much borrowed the person, at me is a lot of work every day in the polyclinic, on the site. As each children's doctor the pediatrist has the site. That is, some streets, the certain area of city in which observes of all children living there. And consequently, except for daily reception of sick children in a polyclinic, I go on calls to patients on apartments. Well and at leisure, if those appears I try to lead it on the nature. I adore a camping! For me fresh air and the nature, it is not dependent on a season a pledge of my health and beauty. Also I go in for sports, well it cannot be named sports because all this at a level of an amateur kind passes, well it is possible to tell, easy fitness. I go to a sports hall where above soul there is a trainer and forces to do exercises. After a sports hall I go to pool and there I relax. I specially choose evening time, after work that it was possible will be weakened, then to come home and to fail in bed. It is the present diet and care of the appearance. That to me it is not indifferent. In fact I the woman young beautiful and I want to look always well. Earlier still ran in the mornings on a playground, but already is not present. But it happens, on the days off, with the sister or girlfriends I go to go skating on a skating rink, in an ice palace. And you are able to skate? For me it is the whole holiday if I have lead to the days off in Ice on skates, moreover in a circle of the best friends. Me to pull out, then from ice it happens very difficultly, I go for a drive for two hours and of anything I do not think. To tell the truth, it is necessary to tell, that then legs awfully get tired, but pleasure above all. I, was possible to tell, I turn out even very sports person, in any sort. At me so many favourite kinds of sports. But, probably, figure skating for me the most favourite. I always try to watch on TV, all championships, all Olympic games, with participation of our Russian sportsmen. They at us good fellows also are many talented guys for whom we with mum and with the sister experience all soul. I heard about a golf and the American football but when did not see that it actually much. Except for the American films where for a moment showed how Americans play a golf and that it at you one of favourite games. And that such the American football, I even cannot imagine. I very much would like to learn, that this such actually. Tell to me! And what at you favourite and not favourite kinds of sports? Whether you observe from the party, on the TV of sportsmen of this or that kind of sports. Or like to be present and alive to observe for an event in stadium or at other places. I, for example, look in the days off, for sportsmen figure skaters, and at us on work, little girls go on hockey and I too sometimes go with them for the company. But for me it is a severe kind of sports. Players go for a drive on the big speed and can run into somebody or fall or even worse beat out a washer or a stick a teeth. That happens enough frequently. Therefore I not so like to be present at this show. But not looking on all this this man's game the spirit grasps. Once I was on a field where a car racing were carried out. I have been shocked. I also did not think, that appears so is healthy to look behind race when machines are born with huge speed. I have thought of this moment as it is a pity, that I am not able to drive the machine and I do not have driving licence. I like machines and motorcycles. And especially old models of machines which have been restored and are in an excellent condition. Most of all I like foreign cars, especially German models, but in our small small town very few such machines. They are only at very rich people. But in the big cities such as Nizhniy Novgorod, Moscow and other them is a lot of. And what machines like you? Whether you are able to drive the machine? I shall finish the letter. At me today it is a lot of work and it is time to me to run. I shall wait very much your letter. In the following letter I shall write to you about the hobby and about that as we carry out the free time together with friends and family.
I say good bye to you.
I put a picture of me both my girlfriend and the fellow worker and its name Alena.
Your true friend Irina!

Letter 3

Hello my lovely Michael!
I am glad to see your letter. How you today?
I hope, that all is good. Because at me all is simply wonderful!
My love I so is happy, that we write each other and that has met such good person.
I have received from you, the letter and a life for me was filled with sense. I start, to understand, that my life is not significant without you as I love you. I always dreamed, to meet such person and to live with it all my life. I already present the future.
I spoke with my parents that I can probably leave for America, they only were glad for me, mother and father blessed me if only I was happy. They know, that it and is my happiness. I very much was afraid, that my father will not approve my decision, but on my happiness all happened all opposite. Today I all the day long for a long time thought only of you, how we shall meet you. I represented as you meet me at the airport as we search each other eyes. We find and we rush in embraces each other.
About my God as I want to be with you as I want to arrive to you. I for you have good news! My mum has one very good friend who works as the chief accountant, in one of our travel agencies of our city. Mum has told to me, that is necessary with it will talk, we to it descend and we learn how to receive faster the visa. What are necessary for this purpose documents and how many all this will cost. And I in the following letter shall necessarily write to you about everything, that I To learn As I want that time has transferred me through all seas and oceans to you, my lovely!
My lovely, I want to tell, that every minute, each second, with each sigh of your and my body I love you even more strongly. So it is strong and up to a pain in soul of anybody so did not like, as you my lovely. You reduce me from mind, I know it, I want it and it is pleasant to me. How it is a pity that you beside are not present, it is a pity to fall asleep without you, to not hear palpation of your heart, to not feel on the body, on a breast on hips of your gentle and strong hands I precisely know they such, you so are far and so you are close with me in my dreams, in my ideas but you beside are not present, it can game can we lunatics? I never shall answer you why you, that pulls me to you but I precisely know that I adore you, I was not enough of me only your letters want to feel you, I want to burn down under you, I want to wake up with you, to die and again to be born minutes of passion with you. To give you the tenderness and to take away your reason.
When you will be near to me, you will feel all depth of my Love. When you will be near to me, you will understand, that It has borders, however you cannot reach its coast, will not reach its bottom. Because my Love, being exhaled by a silent key, is spilled by the rough mountain river running into the immense sea. But also the sea of my words is a drop of water at ocean of my love. When you will be near to me, you will scoop a moisture a palm to freshen the person, and will understand, that salt of your tears - only an easy reminder on the ceased storm. When you will be near to me, you will blink from light of the Sun, jumping on waves of a calm. And your head will be begun to whirl from senseless recalculation of their number. When you will be near to me, easy breath of a breeze - the successor of a storm - will drug you the freshness and carelessness. The wind will whisper tenderly: « I do not know whence you, I do not know whence I, but I want, that you were near to me. » I believe, that all this will be, when you will be near to me. I very much want, that you were near to me. I wait, when you will be near to me. I hope, that sometime you will tell to me: « I with you. »
For now let my love beats a pure key, filling with itself the blue chasm merging on horizon with infinity of the sky. Many thanks to you that allowed to love itself! You have learned me to much though, probably, and that has not noticed, - to like, trust in yourself, to understand, forgive and to much to another.
Loved! With improbable tenderness it would be desirable to exhale this word. Even if has
dreamed, that so it is possible to love, I like! Every day all is more difficult and almost
impossible to tame heart in size with a planet, but it is. Also demands incessantly to
remember itself. Away mind and sober everyday lives! Is useless to contradict heart.
Any dispute with it comes to an end failure. There is no neither tears, nor a grief. There is
only a pain. A burning, intolerable pain of heart not subject to medicine.
Loved mine Michael, you - very fair name in my soul. You - the one for whom I wait and of whom I dream.
Madly, about as like unique in a unique life.
Every day - should approach me to you. You understand? This destiny presents me of you. Give
the God of forces. Simply forces to live up to our meeting.
My God, really I have not gained, have not implored at you the unique meeting? Really for hundreds lonely nights and days to me has not dropped out happiness to touch loved? To touch, words and heart. So it is melancholy from idea, that you are far. Beside, but such far would spread in a lap through all Russia to reduce multikilometer distance. I like, and all is not present you. The love and loneliness overflow me. And all because of you. The Dumas about you have exhausted soul, have exhausted and have dried up. Love, verses and songs all for you. Forces at times absolutely leave me. How to live without you???
To cry it wanted for some reason to me. These are tears of pleasure and grief. Heart breaks, cracks from a pain and wounds. The person how many should go through before will find the love, the happiness? On one question I can not find today the answer. So it is hurt.
From within your name is pulled out! At the Ice nights exhausts your image. And I live.
The happiness, for loved I wait.

I write to you the letter with love.
Also I shall subscribe under it blood.
I want to tell, that I to flare
And feeling, but I do not know,
To what on it you will give the answer.
I so am afraid to hear "was not present".
To me without you to not live one.
You, but not mine.
Your wonderful eyes,
As in broad daylight a thunder-storm:
Shine, sparkle.
Me that shine kill.
And how, tell, to me with it to live?
In fact there is nobody to love more!
With you I together only in dream.
You touched there me
So it is gentle, that hurt in a breast.
And all bad behind.
I live you, I live love.
And the signature is lower. The signature blood.

It is simple delusion, what you with me do?! I say good bye to you loved!
See you soon yours Irina.