Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda to Tijn (Holland)

Letter 1
Tijn I,m really glad to receive your message. How are you?I want to tell you something about my interests. My favorite color is white the symbol of the cleanest. I like to rest on the nature. Also I like pets. You know I have got a cat it,s name Barsik. When I come home after work I sit and take my cat on the knees and hear nice music. What kind of music do you prefer? I like to listen classic music, soul, pop. But the choice of the music depend on the mood. In the summer evenings I with my friends go to walk. I like to spend the time in the kitchen too, where I do experiments with new dishes. I like to cook most of all. Have you ever eat russian borsh, pelmeni, pancakes with honey? In the last letter I'm not write about my family and I want to make it now. I was born and in Salagaevo live there now. I don,t remember the Father because he didn,t live with us. I was brought up by mum since the childhood. She was very good woman and we lived with her very well. She was for me my best friend and the most close person on the Earth. Unfortunately now she isn,t with me. She has for a long time a cancer of a stomach and in 2001 she has died. I was 25 years, but I felt like the unprotected child whom has remained alone. I,m long time grieved for her death and couldn,t believe in it. I am grateful to mum for happiness. Now I live one in the house. It is the small house but very cozy. After death of my mum I feel very alone. I have no brothers or sisters. Now my family are my friends. I have many familiars but only two main friens. There are Lena and Anna. We are friends since the childhood. Friends of the childhood the most reliable and I can always address to them for the help and support in a difficult situation. Unfortunately Lena live in city. But we write each other letters. Anna lives near to my house and we meet with her every day. Her care and support for me is very important now. I think that the friendship is important and necessary for each person. Do you think so? Can you tell me more about yourself and people near you? You can ask me about everything. You seem to be an intelligent and interesting person from your letter. So please tell me more about yourself, your likes and dislikes, interests, expectations, desires. I'd like to know more about you I hope you be interested in me, my life and my hobbies. I shall try to tell you all in the following letters. I shall answer your questions with pleasure. With the best regards.
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