Scam letter(s) from Daria Bogachenko to Gareth (UK)

Letter 1
Hi my special man Garett!
What a wonderful letter you wrote me! I loved it very much. If you have some more beautiful photos, please send them to me because you are so gorgeous. I am really looking forward to meeting you!
I must admit that warm feelings for you are growing within me too. I already feel that I have met someone special. We have some very important things in common and I know that at the very least we can become very good friends and even more, I hope.
I outlined in my last letter what I am, but I will tell you again as there are so many things. I am FEMININE, kind and sweet. I am romantic and passionate about life. I am intelligent, I don't like to boast of myself, but I would also can have deep conversations if you want. I am friendly and love nature.
I would like to work as a LOVING team with my man. I could be an incredibly loving and understand how to forgive. I would also be beautiful for you and as I have already told you, I will be keeping fit. I want to have kids and a loving husband. I have a good sense of humor, so that you would laugh every day. I am good with money and value honesty and integrity as it is the only way to a deep and lasting relationship. I would travel with you whenever you want and I have some sense of adventure.
That is my secret, and I will open it to you only. I love to kiss and cuddle up. I like making love.
One day I will share my dream about us, which I have seen yesterday, I hope you will like it.
I didn't ask any question to you, because I suppose that you will tell me what you want.
Now I will stop.
Letter 2
Honey Gareth!
I think we will understand each other well because you seem like a nice and interesting man and not one of those guys which just want to play games or want to break my heart. I will never answer them again.
I hope our communication becomes better and better with each letter.
And I would like to see some pictures of you and maybe of your country too.
I should confess that I was writing for other guys before meeting you.
But they were not polite and wanted only ***, but I am serious and want to be a special lady for you.
I have never had long term relations because almost all my life I was trying to get some money. And now I looked around and understood that I am ready. I am ready to love and to be loved. Now I am feeling such happiness, I begin to live thinking about my future with you.
Dear, I want to see you very much or just to hear your voice. But unfortunately I can't use the computer by myself, the operator does it for me. And I have no mobile phone, because the price is so high, but my salary isn't so great. If I write you it, you would laugh, because it is very low. I have access to the phone at my job, but it is in the principal's office, so I could use it when he is absent. May one day I will call you, though it is unlikely.
I wish to meet with you one day, do you have any plans how to do it?
I have no International passport, because there was no necessity in it.
I have never been abroad before.
Well, the correspondence with you will be finished tomorrow, because my account has already ran down and my salary will be not very soon, so I want you to take the decision whether you want to continue our letters or not.
I will be waiting for your decision.
Only yours,
Letter 3
Dear Sir,
We are "Savex" , the firm which provides the translation services to your woman. We are the organization which deals with the translation of the different kinds of documents, and we also give the Internet services but only together with translation services. We are not the Internet cafe. We are a reliable firm and work since 2005 year.
Unfortunately we have no our web-site, but our operators are working on it. We want to confirm that Daria Bogachenko is our client. Her account at our firm has come to the end. None of your letters wouldn't be translated until the account will be replenished. If you want to help your woman, please let us know and we will send the price list.
the principal
Alexzander Geisner
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