Scam letter(s) from Deborah Smith to Patrick (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Patrick,
thank you for love me so much am also feel the same way with you honey i just want to tell you that am not that ok now am little ill here doctor just admint me in hospital yersterday honey ,,,
am using the doctor laptop to mail you now that am very illl here that is why i can't contact you all this while, and also ask him to mail you i hope he have mail you honey , hope to ready your mail please honey, please try to understanding me .i love you so much i can waiting to see you talking to me online and also over there having hand in hand share were thought together you have take all the plan have been think about my parents ,
Letter 2
Hello Mr patrick ,
this Doctor james i i was ask to mail you about miss deborah she is very ill here i need some help to be ok she have fever here i think she need some fund ($300) which is it 150pounds here ,to take some drug she is down here , so tell me what is going to be do now ,bcos she told me that you are the man that is life ,
hope to ready from you today please , am still waiting for your mail back.
Letter 3
Thank you mr patrick i just want you to understand that miss deborah is not ok as all she need so bill to pay here for treatment now
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