Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Yambarsheva to Matthew (Australia)

Letter 1
How you today Matthew? I am very glad, that you share my feelings, concerning our possible future. To me is sad, when I see other pairs, which are happy together. I know, what I shall have happiness too, but when this time will come for me? To me is sick to look, how the in love pairs go for a walk in park or talk in cafe and keep for hands. I want it for myself too. My grandmother speaks, that there will come day, when also I shall have love and pleasure too. But I am tired to wait it already. Yesterday before dream I spoke with my grandmother concerning my life. We have the very close relations with her and I trust much to her. She understands me and often gives good advice. I think, that is necessary to listen to advice of the adult people, as they have the greater experience in life. Many people do not listen advice others, as they speak, that do not want to repeat mistakes of other people. But my grandmother has lived happy life and I can trust her. As the native man for me, can not wish to me poorly. The happiness of my grandmother consists in that, I think, that their the grand daughter was happy too. I hope, that it is pleasant to you to read my letters and to receive my pictures. Dear, Matthew I very much want to see in your eyes and tell you : “I love you very much, my dear Matthew!” I think, that in these words the large sincere force is latent. And these words did not speak me the men for a long time too. Matthew, I feel, that I begin to become attached to you. May be, I should not ask you it, but I want to learn that you feel concerning me now. I understand, that we are familiar small quantity of time, but I think, that the destiny has connected us with you. I hope, that as a result of our dialogue, the relation between us will be stronger with each day. Thanks for your interest to me, yours Nadezhda.
Letter 2
Matt, it makes me a very happy to read your letter send, feel the love, that you have for me, and I have searched for you my whole life. I will make you a good husband, and I can't begin to tell you over the computer what you mean to me and what you make me feel inside. I will just show you how much you mean to me when I will arrive and we start our lives. Matt In your letter you to ask me that I to give you details that you could give me money to payment of my contract for travel to you. Love mine I to want to ask you that you sent money through western union because it is the fastest and safe way to take your money. You will require mine of the information to send me money. My city Kanash (428347), the Country Russia, street Mira the house 12 apartment 42. Mine full name Yambarsheva Nadezhda. dear if you will carry out a remittance for me, as it will be necessary for you to inform me your data. Your full name and a home address as at office the Western Union to me informed that as soon as you execute a remittance, you will need to inform me control number of a remittance, it that I could receive your remittance and then do payment of my travel to you. I would enjoy having you as a husband and I promise that I will make you the happiest woman in the world. Well I am working really hard and I better get back to work. I just couldn't wait to read your letter and feel your love. I LOVE YOU MY HUSBAND. Have a great day and I will talk to you later. Love you!!! Forever your love, Nadezhda
Letter 3
Matthew, I am glad to hear that you are ok. I do worry a lot about you. I wish that I will be there to be with you , but I am here and I am waiting to meet with you. I will also be there and here the rest of your life. I can't wait to hug and kiss you. I ask for you to over look me being nervous , when I see you for the first time, I feel like a kid kissing a boy for the first time. Crazy isn't it. I will be waiting for you to tell me everything that is going on. Don't forget to tell me about your life and this last days. Please be safe, I miss you very much, and I love you more than I could ever tell you. I have said a pray for your safety. Well, I guess , I will go and get ready for bed and talk to you later. LOVE YOU ALWAYS. Yours Nadezhda.
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