Letter(s) from Galina Snopkova to Andre (Portugal)

Letter 1

Hello my dear man, why did not you tell me your name? :)

Thank you very much for writing me back! I have been waiting for your answer! As you have written me back that means that you are interested in me, I am interested in you very much, and would like to know you better! I want to know if you are that person I am looking for. We have such a great opportunity to communicate by means of letters, and I hope that if everything will work with us than to meet you in real life! I know that only real meeting can tell us everything, but before that let's open some secret desires of our souls to each other.

I would like to tell you now more information about myself. I am a student now, I study management now, I would like to work by my speciality, I want to be a travel manger. This is my dream! I like traveling a lot, and that is why i would like to see all pieces of our world! I live with my parents and a sister .We live in the east of Ukraine, in an industrial city of the country - Rovenky . It is an average city with no metro or high traffic .But it is also not very convenient because I live and study not at the same city .

I have so many interests .I want to be able to do a lot and know a lot .Most of all I adore music .I listen to it almost every day, I like to get up with the light music. Sometimes I do morning exercises , I like to listen to music or some radio programs.

If you want to have some more informations about my life, you are welcome to ask me everything you want, i will answer you with pleasure! I want you to feel free in communicating with me! :)

I wish you to have the good day! take care!
Your Galina.

Letter 2

Hello Mago,

Thank you very much for your reply! I have been waiting for it with impatience! I would like you to be my good friend, and who knows maybe we will become very close people one day? I belive that distance can not be a problem for us, we can communicate by means of Internet and when the time will come, we will arrange the meeting, what do you think about it? I want to tell you if you are interested in something that i have not told you before you can feel free in asking me everything you want, I would like to ask you some questions if you don't mind :) Tell me please what do you do after work? Tell me please about your every day life. How do you like to spend your free time? What hobbies do you have? I like cooking very much, when i have the free time i take the cookery book, and try to cook something new, my relatives tell me that i am good in it, and I want you to try my delicious food, I invite you for a dinner! :)

As we know each other for not so long , I have the good positive feeling about you, I know that people can be happy only when they love each other and share the same feeling together, I don't want to have love only from one side, i want my man to love me as i will love him. You asked me if i am ready to relocate, i think i am ready and i would like to be with the man who i will love, and as for the studying, one year is left to get the diploma of the specialist, and I think this will be very soon. Of course i have been thinking about family, and i hope i will have it very soon, with the kids, and with the loving husband. I am ready to share my life with the other person,the person who will love me as much as I will love him.

Mago,i wish i could tell you everything what i think in your language. but i can't. I don't know English, that is why i use translation firm, where interpreter helps me and translates our letters. i like you very much and i have caught myself thinking that i need to take some courses soon.

I want to ask you one more thing, have you ever met someone from Ukraine? Tell me please about your country.

Sincerely your Galina

Letter 3

Good day to you my dear Mago,

I hope you are doing well today. Thank you so much for writing me. It's a good feeling to know that you are interested in finding out more about me, and allowing me to find out more about you. In my mind I believe there has to be a reason why we were allowed to discover each other. To think that two people from opposite sides of the world are able to find each other... there has to be a reason for it. Is it fate? Perhaps, but we will know that as we continue corresponding and find if we are a match. I know that I like all that I have found out about you so far! If we truly have the goal of making our partners happy, I think we will discover that we have much in common.

Mago,,dear, you told me that it is nota problem for you that I don't know English, it is the good news for me, I was worrying on your reaction, and have been waiting for your letter, and hoped till the end that everything will be ok, I am glad that the language barrier can not separate us! :) I will teach you my language, and then you will teach me your's:) I liked the photos which you have sent me, they are really very nice i would like to see all the views which you have sent me in the real life, hope you will show them one day :)

As for the friends I have many friends, and we gather together all the tine, and i like to spend the time with them, the season of the meeting started as the weather i more warm then in winter, and now we will have a lot of meetings on the nature, I think you would love my company :)

Mago, every time when i get the letter from you, I feel very special about you, really! i will tell you my thoughts, and dreams which are connected with you. I want you to share the rest of my life. Share my innermost thoughts. Know my intimate details, I want you to stand by my side and give me support. In return you'll get my support. You will listen to me when I want to speak about the world we live in and life in general. Though my views may be wrong they may even be perverted you'll hear me out, and won't easily be converted to my way of thinking. Maybe you'll often disagree but at the end of it all you will understand me. I want you to care for me passionately with every thought and with every breath. You'll help me to see things in a different light all the things I detest I will almost like, I don't want to be tied to anyone's strings I'm carefully trying to steer clear of those things. But when I'm asleep I want you to put your arms around me and kiss me tenderly.

Dear, tell me please what are your thoughts about me, and what kind of relations would you like to have with me?
Wishing you all the best... and hope to hear from you again soon.

Your Galya