Letter(s) from Estella Tantan to Gert (Denmark)

Letter 1

hello gert...thank you for the note... i had a wonderful time last night or afternoon in your country... i enjoy talking to you and hope we can talk again soon... it is sunday morning here and i will be taking the day resting and hopefully catch you on line later... i have here a photo as promise hope you like it just dont mind the date i forgot to adjust the camera date ... take care and looking forward to hear again from you


Letter 2

hello gert... i was shock with your photo!!!! wow you are naked!!!! very funny i like it a lot... is that really you in the photo because if it is you you are a very cute baby THEN!!!! but now OLD MAN it is your 50th birthday and i wish you all the happiness in this world that one can ever have... you will be the happiest if you have me (just kidding)... seriously, i had a wonderful time talking to you and i hope to talk to you again tomorrow... again happy birthday and hope you had a great time at your birthday... take care and i will be thinking of you...


Letter 3

hello gert(mr. handsome)... how are you today? i am here in the office taking my lunch break and decide to check for a mail from you... it is good to hea that you had a great time on your birthday... honestly, i find you very handsome and a very good person... i really enjoy talking to you and hope to talk to you again later... have a great week... take care


Letter 4

hello gert... i have here a new photo... it is not naked but i guess still a beauty!!!! keep in touch... i will always wait for your mail... have a safe travel and i will miss you sooooo much


Letter 5

hello gert... it is good to hear that we can talk later... i hope to catch you on line later. i think you did not like my last photo i have here another one where i look small... i had a hair cut and put some style in it maybe that is why i look different. you are very handsome in your photo and you are very busy with loads of work in your table. my photo was taken in my office... have a wonderful day today.... take care

Letter 6

hello gert... how are you today??? by the time you are reading this letter maybe you are already in Germany... i read your history and i like it a lot... good for you you have baby pictures that your parents keep. me i do have only a few. you are a cute baby and i hope our babies will look like you . the bikini picture i still have to look for it... i will send you maybe this weekend i will look for it during my weekend day off... i am really very flatered that you show me this pictures and take time to make your history... i am so happy that you trusted me with this one... i promise that i will also give you my trust and to be honest with you always... thank you for coming into my life and giving me a chance to know you... i am so happy when i talk to you... i hope we can see each other very soon so i can personally express how i feel for you. i like you a lot... take care always... i will miss you....i have here photos i hope you like them


Letter 7

hello gert... how are you in Germany? i just tried if you are online today!!!! and chek if i have mail... i guess none... i understand you are very busy... i hope you will have the time to talk to me... i will be waiting for you... miss you


Letter 8

hello gert... i am so happy to know that you arrive safe in germany. i hope you do not stress yourself too much... i know you are a busy man but you have to be careful with your health... i am also glad that you take time to read my mail and to reply even if you are very tired and occupied with your work. thank you so much... i just want you to know that i am here for you and i will be waiting for the day that you will be back and talk again... i wish you a great day today and i will wait patiently for your mail... to be honest, i miss you but not too much (hehehe)... seriously I MISS YOU SO MUCH.... i just feel that my day is not complete when i do not talk to you... be back safely... take care

your stella

Letter 9

hello my dear gert... i am so glad you are back... i was just thinking of you... if we can talk already tonight my time... it is good you had a safe trip... and i am looking forward to talk to you later... i know you will be very busy but i hope we can have a little time together... while i am writing this i know you are sleeping and hopefully dreaming about us... i will wait for you later.... i miss you


Letter 10

hello my dear gert... you are really handsome when you are still young and until now of course... wow you have grown your hair long during your younger days... but i still like the way you look now.... i have here a photo but not in a bikini... i hope to find my photo in a bikini and i will send it to you... i have this photo taken in the studio just this afternoon at the mall... i hope you like it... are you on line?

Letter 11

hello my dear gert... how are you? hope you are doing fine today... thank you for giving my regards to your parents... you have wonderful photo... my handsome OLD MAN... the view is very nice and so romatic... the feeling is mutual and i now like you a lot every moment of the day... i have here as promised the photo in the profile... i hope you like it ... take care

Letter 12

my dear gert, i am so sad that i cannot hear you... i just feel bad that we were no able to talk... i was planning to tell you that my boss gave me a vacation for the whole month of April... that means i have one month to spend with you... i am very excited because i told my boss that i am going to meet my future MAN who will hopefully spend my life with... and she is so happy for me... she said it is about time for me to find my partner in life. i told her about you and she said that i should go for it ask me if i feel that this is the right man that i am waiting for and i told her YES this is the MAN... i also went to the travel agency after my boss gave me a vacation leave.... the agency told me that they have the package for the trip... it will include 1) the passport processing including the documentation that is the authentication of birth certificate and others, 2)the visa application fee for your emabssy , 3) visa assistance fee of the agency so they will assist me and help me in the process of getting the visa and 4) the airline ticket via THAI airways. i told them that i do not like many stopover because this will be the first time for me to travel so they told me to get the THAI airways. the package will cost $3,200. i think it is already reasonable because i do not have to worry of anyhting they will be the one to process all the necessary papers. they advise me to start processing the travel documents as soon as possible so i can leave on April 1. we still have to schedule the interview for your emabassy. it is best to start the process now. they said that it is important to show your embassy that the ticket is purchased here so i can prove that i am capable of shouldering the expenses for the travel. i hope darling i can get a feedback from you soon because i have to start processing and make the necessary flight reservations. i am excited to see you... i hope it can be soon. i am really sad that i cannot hear you... i will go to bed now... i will think of you... sending you my love... hope it will be okay tomorrow... take care my dearest gert...


Letter 13

Dear Gert,

Good Morning!

Im on my way to work and just check on my mail. i love you poem and i feel inspired for this day. The agency told me that it includes everything and the professional fee that i have to pay just for me to get surely a visa. I think we have to trust the agency and its really a big travel agency. that is the price for the package that includes passport processing, visa assistance fee , visa applicatuion fee and the air ticket... it is at $3,200 and the processing for all the documents are included... i hope we can start processing within the week... there is a western uniion near my office so i will not have a problem finding one. i am really excited about this. have a great day... take care

MOBILE PHONE: 09059309680

lots of love ... stella

Letter 14

hello my dear gert... how are you today? i was so happy to get your SMS... i do not have my passport yet... remember darling that it is part of the travel package and i will need also my passport for the visa application. i have here my company ID with my name on it. i took a photo of my ID and send it to you... are you online?... i am excited to talk to you my dear date!!!

Letter 15

i am wating for your call... i will be close to you soon... did you get my mail? did you get my ID? i hope we can start processing my travel documents so i can be there close to you... the agency advise me to start as soon as possible because they still have to schedule my interview with your embassy here.... please let me know as soon as possible dear... i also want to come close to you!!!

Letter 16

hello gert... i understand you very well... i am just sad because i thought that there is something good going on between us... i began to like you everyday and my love for you goes strong each day that we talk, each night that we communicated. i hope you can find someone who you can trust. it hurts me inside but what can i do it is your decision... i was really hesistant at first to go to the travel agency and to tell almost everybody that i know about us. but i got so sure when you told me to ask for the travel rate and that you are willing to invite me... i even ask you if you are sure and i even thought that it was just a passing thing in our conversation but you said you are serious and i believe you... anyway, i guess this is as far as we go...i can feel pain inside me and it hurts deeply...but i hope i can recover from this one... you are not online in meetic or yahoo... good luck in finding your someone who you can trust and hopefully the one who will make you happy.

Letter 17

hello my dear gert.... good morning to you tooooo!!!!! i love your history part3 ... i like your military or army photo you look very handsome... and very sexy in your beach photo... i like it very much.... i am here in the office right now.... and i just keep on thinking of you and how handsome you are in your photo but please i am not one of those women who are running after you ..i am just crazy for you hehehe... i have here my bikini photo as promise i was able to find it after a long search... i hope you will not fall in love with so much after seeing my beautiful photo... till tonight... looking forward to talk to you...

your stella

Letter 18

hello my dear gert... how are you today? i miss you so much.... i was not able to write to you yestrdat because it is brownout in our place and i was not able to wait when the lights when on.... but i assure you that i miss you so much and i did take you in my dreams. i also got your 2 SMS and thank you so much... i just cannot reply because i do not have card load in my cell phone. i am here in the office right now having my lunch break.... i know you are still sleeping and i hope i am in your dreams. it is so nice to hear that your parents like yhe way i look... hope to meet them soon....i will be waiting for us to talk again.... stay safe my love...and hoping to be with you soon... take care.... do not stress yourse;f too much and have a safe travel.


Letter 19

hello my dear gert... i am so sorry i was not able to go online last night... i was having problem with my connection. i tried and tried to connect but i cannot go online.... i send you and SMS last night i hope you were able to get it....i miss you so much and i am excited to talk to you again. i hope you have a great day today... you are still sleeping while i am writing this letter and i hope i am in your dreams because you are always in my mind.... i miss you so much and hope to be with you soon.... i hope you did not change your mind in having me there... hope i can start with my travel papers so i can be there in time for my vacation. just keep me updated... take care my love... i am sending you many kisses

your stella

Letter 20

hello my dear gert... i love reading your history part 1 of your occupation. you are very handsome and i am very lucky woman to have you.... i am very pleased that at a young age you already know what you want out of your life and that makes you a very successful person now... the only thing missing in you is to find your someone who will be there right beside you... and now you finally find her... and that is ME.... i hope you agree with my statement....

by the time you read this mail you have returned from your party... i know you are tired and want to rest... so have a good night sleep... and you are always in my mind... take care

your stella

Letter 21

hello... you cannot hear me.... i am sad we cant talk very well today!!!! i hope it will be okay tomorrow.... i will miss you.... i will take you with me in my sleep... i will write you a mail tomorow when i come back from the travel agency again... they said they will get a reservation for me... i will keep you updated... stay safe always... take care and i love you!!!!!

your stella

Letter 22

hello my dear gert... how are you today? i am here in the office right now... and by this time you just woke up from your sleep and dreamt of me last night.... i went to the travel agency during my lunch break and they got me a flight reservation for april 21 2:40 pm and arrival in copenhagen at april 22 7:25am. i have a problem my dear... i hope you can help me... the agency said that i need to have funds for my bank account just to show the embassy that i can finance my travel and stay there... i tried to loan money from my office but they just gave me one month of my salary which is 15,000 pesos.... it is not enough show money for the embassy because the travel agency told me that i need more or less 150,000 pesos in my bank... if it is okay with you maybe you can lend me some money just to put in my bank account and i promise that i will return it to you when i come there...

another problem is that i cannot talk to you online later because the company has this product launching and my boss ask me to attend... i really would like to talk to you but i do not know what time it will end... i hope you send me a mail... i hope you undesratnd... but remember that you are always in my mind... i wish you a great day today.... take care my dear.... i miss you.. stay safe . i love you

your stella

Letter 23

hello my dear gert... i am having problem with my connection... i really wanted to talk to you to explain.... fist the travel agency did told me about the bank account before but i do not want to ask from you and decided that i can do something about it.... but the loan that the company gave me was not enough i even ask loan from financial institutions but it was denied. i do not know what to do anymore that is why i ask for your help... i am not asking the money for me to spend but just to put in my bank account... i am just borrowing it and i will return it as soon as i get the visa. i just have to show that i am capable to support my travel... remember that i am only getting a tourist visa and i need to have the money to support my travel... if i have an invitation they might think that i will stay longer than what i have planned... i have also started with the processing and gave the agency the money. if you decide not to lend me the money then i will just go to the interview and just take the risk if i get a visa or not. i will just keep you updated... i miss you so much... take care and stay safe... i love you..

your stella

Letter 24

Hello my dear gert. Im really sorry, something is wrong with my messenger. My room mate is trying to fix the problem. Im sorry if you are dissapointed, i cant blame you and honestly im dissapointed myself. Gert, i just dont know why it is very hard for you to trust and understand me. All i wanted is to make sure that i will be able to get a visa and be with you. There is a saying that life is a gamble, in your business, its a gamble too, how come its hard for you to gamble for me. Going to denmark to meet someone that i have not seen yet is also a gamble for me and yet im taking the risk because i have learn to like you.

Anyway, to reiterate that im applying for a tourist visa, and the papers you are telling me is useless. What i need to prove as a tourist is my capacity to travel and to spend . My orientation in the agency, is to see denmark and my travel is for pleasure. We can use the papers that you are telling me during the extension of my stay and it will be easy for you to do it, because im already in denmark and you can use your connections.

I hope you understand me. i will try tomorrow to go to an internet cafe if still the computer of my friend will not be fix.

I miss talking to you,


Letter 25

My dear Gert,

Im sorry, i was not able to get on line to you tonight. i was supposed to write you a letter at around 8pm when my room mates invited me to go out tonight for dinner because it was the birthday of her boyfriend. I understand you very well and i will not also make any comment on your letter. The agency will try to make a reservation for my flight schedule , so that the embassy will really believe of my capability to travel.I told the agency regarding what you said that it is impossible for me to go to denmark as tourist without any invitation and the agency said that we will also use what you have sent me. I will try to do what you wanted me to do for us not to have any more problem. Will update you on the development of my papers and will tell you ther date of my interview.

Now i hope you will be happy and will not have any doubts on me. I miss talking to you online.



Letter 26

hello my dear gert... how are you today? i am in the internet cafe and the computer that i am using at home is still not working very well... my roomate said that she will have it check so i do not know if i can come for a talk later... i will have a great sunday because i will just rest and do my house chores.. i am so glad that you had a reat time yesterday with your friend...

i like your history part 4.... you are a very lucky man in your business.... and i hope will be lucky in love too... now that you have me.... i am looking forward to the day that we will be together... i will think of you always... take care and have a great weekend.

your stella

Letter 27

Hello gert, The computer of my room mate is still in the repair shop. I promise to update you with regards to my interview in the embassy. Dont worry , i will not dissapoint you. I hope you can help me deposit a little money in my bank account, so that i have something to show the embassy and also during my travel to you, atleast i have something with me just incase something happen.
Gert , I wish you will understand, becasue im loosing hope. This is my chance to get a visa and to travel. Trust me, i really need it for visa purposes. Give me a little of your trust pls.


Letter 28

Dear Gert,

My interview was re-scheduled next friday. I dont know if i will be approved if you will not help me. anyway if that is really your decision , then be it. If i will not be approved, i dont know what to do. The person in the meetic site is not me. All pictures that i sent to you are all original and its me and nobody else.

Gert, give me your trust pls. Im not writing because i feel bad that all our effort will just go to waste if you will not believe and trust me. Please do what i have requested you and i will surely get a visa and be with you by april.

Praying that you will undertstand.


Letter 29

Dear My darling gert,

The agency people will just coordinate with me, because iam the concern party. According to george reyes the person handling my account, why is it so difficult for us to understand what they require us to do.Its for both of us and the money will be return to you after i get my visa. My darling im very sorry for not talking to you, i dont have a computer and i always come home late due to a lot of work in the office. Ofcourse i do miss you and im excited to be with you. I just hope you will agree with me. If i will be dishonest to you, then by all means, you can look for me and kill me if that will make you happy.

My darling, please let us agree with the agency, anyway the money will be return to you.Please transfer it now, its for my future with you.

Miss you,


Letter 30

Dear Gert,

I find it hard to explain and convince you. All your doubts are always about money. I think im worth your trust. If you cant trust me at this point in time, you will never do so. I do not want to waste my time explaining to you what the agency plan for me to get a visa, because you always have reason, just for you not to lend me money for my interview. This is not for me alone but for both of us. there is a 5 days holiday here in the philippines. I suggest that you send me the help today. My god, i will return it to you.

Please reply now. Dont waste our time by doubting each other. i will not spend your money, im just borrowing it. if money matters will just be a problem for both of us then we will not be happy. TRUST is important.


Letter 31

My darling,

I dont want to be dishonest to you. With my current status, it will be very hard for me to get a visa, without any bank account, so a friend has a contact with visa fixers that is why i paid the money for my ticket. I know you will never understand me, but i want to get out of this country. Im sick and tired of my life here. Please dont get angry. I need to have a back and fourth ticket. I will surely get a visa back door, that is the reason why i had to be dishonest to you. Im sorry, i just want to be with you and to have a good life and to get out of my miserable life here in the philippines.
believe me, i love you,