Scam letter(s) from Victoria Dolgusheva to Patrick (Ireland)

Letter 1
Hi Pat!
I am very glad to receive your letter, I hope that we learn each other in our letters. I wish to know more in detail about you, than are engaged, your hobby and much many other things. As I already wrote, my name is Tatjana and me 28 years, 15 december to me 29 years are executed. My growth about 170 centimeters and weight about 58 kgs. I consider myself attractive. At light hair. A beautiful figure :-))). I was born and I live in the city of Volzhsk. Now I live with mother. My mum the most wonderful person on light. I very much love it. It to me did only kind, good. I think, you too with it will get acquainted and will grow fond of it also, as well as I love it. Never was married, children are not present. Studied in Volzhsk in pedagogical institute. On a speciality the teacher of elementary grades. I very much love children. Therefore also began to learn children. Very much to like me my work. In private life at me has not developed. I till now have not married. Does not carry also all. I have decided to find to myself the husband on the Internet. English I know badly, but conversation I can support. As at my place the computer is not present, I write letters to you through the Internet-cafe. What I wish you to see? I want. That you were able to love, be gentle, tender, lovely. That you liked to do and accept gifts. I too like to do gifts. This everything, that I while inform on myself. In following letters we can learn about each other better.
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