Scam letter(s) from Olga Gorshkova to Kevin (UK)

Letter 1

Hi Kevin!
Honestly speaking Kevin. I was very surprised that you have answered me.
To admit fairly I doubted In that that you will answer me but nevertheless I am glad that you have decided to write to me. But I want to be honest with you Kevin. I have a very close girlfriend. Her name is Julia.
I never understood those women which try to get acquainted through the Internet and on this I never had acquaintances through the Internet.
But she me has convinced of that that it very interestingly that I can find new friends and it is possible even the my destiny. But I shall not look so far in the future. Thank you that you did response to me!
I even did not think that you will answer me. May be, is it the fate?
What do you think of it? I'll tell thanks Julia! Today I have come to the computer club and send you my photo and I hope, that you will like it and certainly I shall be to hope to see more and more than your pictures.
And so if you have interest in me after this letter, then I shall glad to know you better. We can become the friends, but, may be, and more.
Time will show. Would you like to become my friend? Well, my name is Olga,
I am 27 years old and I was born on 25,12,1977. This year to me 28 years will be executed. I live in Russia, the city of Ulyanovsk. It is fine city with her beautiful streets, ancient houses. If you know even a little about a history of it That you probably should know cities that in this city Vladimir Ilich Lenin was born. I have blue eyes and wavy hair.
But I try to change my image often since I always like to be different.
My weight approximately has 52 kgs my growth not such big 168 centimeters.
In life I am very cheerful person and I have very responsible work.
I work as menenger in furniture manufacture. My work very much is pleasant to me, I am responsible person, I think, that the person should concerns about associates so how want that concerned about him.
What do you think of it? If you come here, you can see many architectural monuments. There are also theatres, cinemas, cafes and many other cute places. Though salary in Russia very small, I earn enough money to contain myself and to live in full prosperity. Though I haven't my own flat, I live with my parents in three room apartment. My parents are on pension already. But pensions are so small that my father works sometimes a watchman in the car park. And now I would like to ask you some questions. Tell me more about yourself, please,
everything you want me to know. Where do you live, what place do you work in? Tell me about your parents. Everything you write me will be interesting for me. Unfortunately, I don't have a phone and computer that is why I use the service of the Internet-Cafe that is why sometimes delays can be in my replies. I hope you understand me.
Waiting for your reply. Your kind friend Olga.
p.s. Excuse that I answer so late not as could not understand as my address works, to me only today have explained the employee the Internet of cafe.
Letter 2

Hello, dear Kevin!
I in the first want that you have excused me for my late answer,
the reason for this the Internet of cafe did not work. I was happy to hear from you again. How are you? Hope everything is Ok.
In this letter I will try to tell you more about my life style. I like music,
reading, movies very much. I often meet with my friends. Sometimes we go to the cinema or to the theatre. But sometimes I prefer just to stay at home,
to read an interesting book or just to watch TV. I am fond of languages,
I had a course of English in the University so I speak it rather fluently.
As I studied much Elementary education but basically my training went deep into a science of business. As I already spoke you I have a trade menengera and on this the knowledge of our economy and studying of economy of other countries is very important detail in my work.
But unfortunately women In our country have no big prospects in work.
At us in Russia all affairs operate male. That is why it is very difficult to have good work in our country. And you know our women more time give the families, children. Working in such sphere I do not overlook to watch myself. I two times week visit club of aerobics. To me it very interestingly also helps to support my figure in good condition. Kevin you like to be engaged in what kind of sports? And what as is your hobby? Sometimes it seemed to me that it was necessary for me to choose a trade the tutor for children. On so much they please my heart. But unfortunately I have no children. As I was never married. I do not have brother or the sister.
I have 3 sisters cousins and one the cousin, they live in Saratov.
And my brother lives in America. But at present he Is on business trip on work in the Asian countries. I when was not at them on a visit.
I like to travel but there is no time. I very energetic person,
with sense of humor. And in nutria I am very tenderness, and sometime,
I shall give all tenderness to my favorite's person. Kevin know,
I decided to use the service of the Internet because I have a dream to create a family. Unfortunately I was not able to find a man here in Russia. They don't care about their women and I dream about a loving and caring man. I would give him all my love and tenderness in return.
I do not have favourite person. I have few photo, but I shall send you the most favourite. Time now has come to close my letter but I all my heart I shall look forward to hearing from you. Waiting impatiently for your next letter. Have a good day.
Yours Olga.
Letter 3

Hi, my dear Kevin!!! I got up early in the morning being in a high spirit! I was thinking about you!!! Cooking breakfast I imaged how I would do it for you! Do you like to have breakfast in bed? You know today from a window of my house I saw fine wedding. The groom and the bride looked such happy as if all life belonged only to them. You know I was even envy a little bit. I just imagined me on her place... And having looked on this wedding I represented my dream. If to you that is interestingly I could describe to you my dream. You know in life there is nothing constant. Work, a way of life is all can vary, but the family happiness seems to me that that understanding which should be in happy family it is all constant. Many my familiar always think more about money, about career, but this not most the main thing in life. Kevin you agree with me in it? My dream it to create a happy, strong family. I love children so much. But I shall not have children without the consent of my husband. Therefore if the husband will not want to have children, and will be!!! But the most important person in my life will be my husband. I will take care of him and will love him deeply. I imagine how we spend the evening together. Only you and me. We have candles in our room everywhere. I look so beautiful in my red dress with just washed hair. And you are a man of my dream, you are so gorgeous! You look at me with the tenderness and love. I took away your shirt and you my dress. You touch my skin and I feel your warm hands around my body. I will such a deep passion and love inside. And we have a night of love only for us!!! What you think of my dream? Kevin you have the dream? I so want that between us there were no barriers. I all heart want that you always spoke about yourselves, spoke than you are engaged. In a word I want to be in your life each minute. Tell me, please. It seems to me that I begin to fall in love with you. The love is the most important gift that is given to a person from the God. So, that's why we should take care of it. The family is the result of the love, when two persons decide to join their destinies for ever. The ideal family is to be based on the trust, on the mutual understanding, and on the love. The woman as the creator of the home comfort has to do all her best to save the family. In general all the responsibilities are to be shared equally between the wife and the husband, but still this is the woman who is responsible for the home and the family comfort. I want my family to be full of love, happiness and kindness. Coming back from home the husband has to be happy looking at his beautiful, smiling wife. On weekends we have to be together. It is so great to spend time together! When children appear, we'll spend a lot of time with them, going together to the cinema, to the park, etc. I believe that both parents have to participate in the upbringing of children. The main condition for the family success is the wife's tolerance, her understanding and the care for the husband. I think the husband's responsibility is the care for the wife. The responsibility of the both is the careful attitude towards each other and, of course, sincere, fair love The dream: My family is the happiest family in the world! There are no disappointments, a lie and a perfidy! There are only the understanding, the happiness and the love! This fine instant of my letter I to tell you that to me should is time to go. I so am much ready to share with you I think what even can To not suffice time for this purpose. I could not present that at all all this occurs between us. I am glad that you with me. Well. Now I shall close mine The letter also I shall look forward to hearing from you. Always your kind friend Olga.
Letter 4

Hello my gentle Kevin. Your letters such gentle that I am ready to thaw from your fine words. My lovely I am very glad that you again have answered me my letter. To admit fairly I waited for yours The answer all heart and with all love and I feel in the seventh sky with happiness so As you as well as I want to meet face to face. You know I thought that you will tell to me That you do not wish me to meet. But I am happy that you as feel that our life belongs To us and only to us. Kevin I have fine idea as it will be better to us to arrange our meeting. The matter is that at me is very good familiar which very much frequently travelled to others The country and I think that they much can to me the help in that as to us to arrange our meeting. At me After a while holiday from work will begin and I during several months can be exempted From work. I shall find out completely as it will be better to us to arrange our meeting. Kevin sometimes it seems to me That we too quickly start to fall in love in each other, but I cannot order to my heart. I really very much want to meet you and let we even are familiar not so a lot of time but I think that It is chance of our life to meet during this period of time. I agree with that that all of us still We are in a stage of studying each other but nevertheless always it is possible to study each other better when you look Directly in eyes. You agree with me my lovely? Well I at all do not know all how to explain. At me does not suffice Words to inform you that that speaks me my heart. I know one that I feel the happiest woman In this world both me it is very important that also you were as well as I happy with me. The happiness as air, it soars where That above a head and is very important to not not let off this happiness. Kevin you trust in destiny? I very much believe in destiny. When I had in the past my relations I knew that we shall not be happy with him. Though so all is well at us passed I was happy but that that inside my heart spoke me that it simply illusion. That I inspire myself that I It is happy with him and I shall be with him. And you do not imagine my expectations. We really have soon left and to admit Fairly I not so strongly regretted for it as I never forgive a deceit, but I was possible also could forgive if Loved him on the present all heart. Such small history from my last life. And with you I feel All differently. At me as if the ground from under foots has left when I have got acquainted with you. I never before so am free with anybody Did not communicate. We as if found out each other from half of word. I know that to me still very much much should be be found out About you but I aspire to this as you to me are not indifferent. It is spoken by me and my soul which obviously wants to tell to me That you that male which is intended for me by destiny. oops I at all have not noticed as have quickly passed time. It is time to me to close my letter. I hope that I have not tired you with my letter. Well my lovely.
My love my home address:
Olga Gorshkova Russia Ulyanovsk 412900 Proletarian st. 30/3
You should not give a dear gift only a card as can be stolen it is all for the sake of safety and I do not want that your gift for me vanished. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THAT YOU WRITE: N aiai ?i?aaiey Olga. May au eiaou many more ec eo e ii?aoa all of them auou n?anoeeauie iaieie. Au caneo?eaaaoa auou iiniio?aiiui iinea e ia?aaioaiiui ia yoei aiai aoaao aao aaiu. As I informed you I shall shall find out As it will be better to us to arrange our meeting and I shall inform to you as soon as all I I find out. Well. Now it is time to me. With love and gentle kisses I shall close my letter and I shall look forward to hearing from you all heart. Write to me. Your gentle LOVE Olga.
Letter 5

My gentle love Kevin.
As I was happy when I have again received your letter. Your letter has raised in me that hopes in ****** fortunately which at me was not all life. Sees The God I am glad lifes together with you. My love I is glad to hear from you that you as want Meetings with me. Sometimes when I close my eyes I present as in a reality our meeting. I present as you meet me at the airport and we gently embrace each other and we speak As long we waited for this day. It so is fine my love Kevin. I found out from friends as to us will be It is better to arrange a meeting. To me have informed what in the best way to organize our meeting through agency Travel as they give a guarantee that it will be unforgettable pleasure from travel and The agency can issue the help all necessary documents for my trip. In one time I thought that on will be much better if you will arrive to me but to me have told that our country Can not provide safe travel of foreign citizens yet. At us it is valid much Problems with it.
It is a lot of foreigners simply purloined and demanded the repayment. But I think that you All know about it. So it is a shame to me with my country but I that I can not make it. And on this I have decided that will be Better if I shall arrive to you. I have found out from the agent of travel that will be necessary for me that I could prepare for travel. To me have informed that it is necessary for me to make the visa, the foreign passport and still Some documents. They can to me the help with registration of all these documents and it will occupy not so much To time as will prepare for me for the air ticket with the best route for you. I have asked how many to me it will be necessary Money that I could pay all these documents and the air ticket. My love it will be necessary for me of 1125 dollars That I completely could prepare for all my documents as pay the air ticket.
My lovely I shall ask my parents That they have helped me to pay my arrival. Only I not am sure that they can to me the help. Nevertheless if I can not Pays all I can to expect on your help. Kevin so it is a shame to me to ask you about it but I most of all want you to meet In this life. Please I ask you that you did not think that I is nothing not the capable woman. It for me very big Money is seen also by the god I would not regret this money for our meeting if they at me were.
But my heart prompts me That you will not give up to me in the help,
especially I can not be sure that my parents can to me the help as they already Old and sometimes require money. I would not like to disturb them my request though I know that they will not give up to me In anything. Yes my lovely to me as have informed that they can prepare me for all documents during 2 weeks. I feel Myself such happy that very soon I can see you. As though I wanted that this day has come as it is possible soon. Well My lovely Kevin. Unfortunately time now has come to close my letter but I all heart I shall look forward to hearing from you. I kiss you my gentle and tender Kevin.
Yours and only your loved Olga.
Letter 6

Hi my favorite and gentle Kevin!!! I understand that you very much very much wait for my letter, and I so long did not write also the reason for this New Year's holidays the Internet of cafe did not work. I met the New Year with mum and daddy of a house and I had biggest desire that we liked with you each other Kevin and I could arrive to you now as it is possible soon. I have received your letter and was very glad that you have written to me. Each your letter is brought to me a particle of your heat, And this particle of heat warms my soul, Also gives hope to me that I am not indifferent to you. You invest all soul in the letters and I feel sincerity and honesty in them. I shall answer you same and I shall be always honor with you. How are your days? Now evening, at us good weather I think as we could walk and keep for hands stars and the moon above. Then going inside and keeping each other warm. Kissing each other's lips, feeling your soft lips on mine. Removing our clothes and feeling your body against mine. My hands roaming your body, feeling every curve. Kissing each other, rolling around for hours and then falling asleep in each other's arms. I long for the day when we can be together, to do things together, take walks together, talk for hours face to face. I very much missed without you and all time thought only of you As it is sad, to love and to be far apart! I saw you in dream and we with you were kissed It was very much nice. Now I want to be kissed with you on the present!!! I very much love you! This dream has doubled my love to you and I already never can without you! Promise that you always will love me and never me will throw!? In me so much love now has collected, that I can burn out all world! Also it is all only yours! Only for you! For my sole! I with impatience wait for that day when at last we shall be together and I can give you it! Lovely, when we with you we shall meet? When we shall be together? Write to me the answer. I wait with impatience of the answer I love! I love! I love! I love! I love! I love! I love! I love! I love! Looking forward to your letters, Your love Olga.
Letter 7

Hi sweet, darling, my magnificent love Kevin! Kevin, you have a love that truly means a lot to me all the words. I feel so good when get your letters and I can imagine me there with you and looking at your beautiful smile. I love you its easy fall in love with you no male makes me feel like you do to me no one capares to you my love. We are so meant for each other and we have such a joy about our love we share to one other only. I know how we feel about each other and a serious creation which is beautiful to have and think about you. You have come into my life in letters and love and what I see in you is all perfect true meaningful caring love. Love that treasured so deep in the heart a love, that about a good life and long lasting love which makes it very good to have and share for us. It does show a love and more you are so adorable, so beautiful comes with love never had such joy in my life as I do about us my love. I will respect you honor our love and see to our love for a life time. I want to be next to you all my life and give you my best love always and genital ness and caring and most meaningful. Honey I love you very much in love very much wanting us together very much us a real true couple in love. Your name upon my lips are always there just for your kiss. I lose you I will lose the greatest lover ever you mean more to me then life itself. I have found that unique person, as you, Which I shall love all life and me more whom it is not necessary except for you. I want to be only yours and to whose has more. To me who is more not so interesting from men, you my ideal, you my genius, you my angel. The god on our party, It has blessed us, and has presented such happiness as love, not looking on such big distance, but it is not Barrier to us because I think, that can stop the present love that. Who in this world is not capable to prevent to find to us the general happiness and love. I want, that we with you had some beautiful children, we shall love them very strongly, we shall give them all care and warmly loving parents. I all time dream of it. I all time wait for that moment when we at last shall meet you also all troubles will be behind of us. We should be happy, I think, that it is our destiny. Can not be on another. I very much hope for your support and the help. When I to you shall come I shall be the happiest woman on the ground. My love, I feel, that we need to wait very little. When I present, that is fast we with you we shall meet, my heart starts to **** with such force, that it seems to me, that it just about and will take off from my ******. I so worry, I do not know, that to me to speak, when I shall see you at me gift of speech at once will be gone and I can not speak, for excitement and strong feelings. Then you should embrace me very strongly and to kiss me so strongly as whom and when did not kiss. And I shall tell to you three words I LOVE YOU, and then I shall cry, but you do not calm me it there will be tears of happiness and pleasure, that I at last have found such love, that to me and did not dream. I now write you, and at me tears of happiness already drip. I such happy. I hope, that it is all not dream. If it is dream I want, that it when did not come to an end... I want to comb you lovely beautiful hair after you bath and kiss you tell how beautiful you are and how much I really love you. I want to sit by you talk with you and laugh wit you and feel our love bring us lots of fun and joy being together and being in love. I want to wake up in the morning see you open your beautiful eyes and see you smile and see you kiss me and have a such wonderful joyful day with you. Love is fun but only with you my love. I can inform you, that we will have a great love a very good life of love about true caring love the best of love be us honey. I want to help you all the way in life and show you a love is as beautiful as the sea and shore go together. So that we are are love works and does all we can have a life of good ness and caring and helping I do care deeply about you my love my best friend my heart has you in it you have the only key to it all yours for a life time and more just you give me hope and faith and love and happiness of such joy. Well I got to run in home and i'll be thinking of you all the time. I will be thinking of you and wanting to be me there with you, so we can be a real true beautiful couple. I love you very very very very very much honey its more then meaningful its pure tender caring love. take care my love keep my heart with you its love There with you for a life time our love will never go but grow and grow and grow and grow i love you honey the time will come for us my love. I will always feel safe with you and in you arms I will be safe. I WANT TO KNOW WHEN YOU WILL HELP With MONEY THAT I to YOU HAVE ARRIVED? With lots of love, sincerely your love Olga.
Letter 8

Hi my FAVOURITE and GENTLE KEVIN!!! I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I in Christmas with mum went to church and asked the God that I could arrive to you as it is possible soon. I only dream of you and about our meeting and I want that my dreams have come true. I shall wait for you each evening with impatience glancing in windows!!! I shall feed you with that tasty food which I am capable to prepare!!! I never get tired to love you and I shall not run away from you, because you the kindest most romantic the man in the world!!! I do not know that was in your life bad before my occurrence in your life, but now anything bad happen never, I SHALL BECOME SECOND HALF OF YOUR SOUL, AND YOU WILL BECOME SECOND HALF OF MY SOUL!!!! And you will never feel badly yourself with me because I shall lift very much your mood because I love you and I wish for you only happy days!!! I shall make to you massage after work to remove your stress, I shall take you in bed to make love to you, to wake up in the most fine mood, to have good spirit and to be full of vital forces to have a good working day!!! I shall open to you the most distant sides of my soul, and you will make the same, we will not to cause each other a pain, but we will make each other happy!!! I do not escape, beloved, I try to catch our happiness that it never lose any more!!! I know that we are not perfect, but we shall make all to become better for ourselves, for each other, for people around of us that people are looking us to became better than us!!! I SHALL BE YOUR ANGEL THE KEEPER, and YOU WILL BE MY ANGEL THE KEEPER!!! I shall help you to fall asleep and wake up in happiness!!! I shall forgive you all and I shall teach you to forgive also!!! I shall be the good wife for you!!! I shall love you and to cherish, because this my applicability in life because THIS BIGGEST FEMALE HAPPYNESS TO MAKE THE BELOVED HAPPY!!! YOU THE MOST REMARKABLE, MOST GOOD, KINDEST PERSON IN THE WORLD and I LOVE YOU KEVIN!!! I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THAT DAY WHEN I SHALL SEE YOU. My love I want that you sent money at once as will receive my letter that I began to do the visa tomorrow and to arrive to you in 2 weeks. My love you understand that I very much very much itself want to travel and I shall be the happiest when to you I shall arrive. I want that you sent money now today 500 dollars that I began to do the visa the passport the insurance and to buy the ticket aboard the plane preliminary that should what problems. I ask you that you went in the Western Union and sent money today. Waters the information of me: Olga Gorshkova; Russia; and I can receive at us in city in love the Western Union. To me as you should know your full name, a surname, your address under which you will do translation and the most important to me have told that you will receive in Western Union MTCN it is the coded 10 numbers without which I can not receive your monetary help. I now hope that you understand all that I write you. I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE YOU, I very much hope, that in the following The letter you to me will tell good news. With love your Olga.
Letter 9

Hello my Dear Love Kevin, Nice to hear from you, I really needed to hear from you. I could not write to you earlier as the Internet of cafe did not work. I have a lot of love to give to you. I have never felt like this before, I have so much love to give and have no one to give this love too. Not until I have met you, Did I feel that their is someone I can love and be loved by in return. To love and be loved back is a wonderful thing, for two lost soul's to find each other in this crule world, is a thing that just do not happen very often. So we must try and hold on to what we have found in each other. I fell that our soul's have found what we have been looking for, in each other, so let! ' s try to keep what we have, this felling of love and hope with each other. I have always felt that it is better not to have loved someone, than to haved loved someone and lost them. So with my heart in love with your's, I give to you all my blessing's, and hope that you do not tear my heart apart, and play with my feeling's about you. So to night hold my love next to your heart all through the night, and in the morning smile at your self and I will fill what you fill. I LOVE YOU my sweet Kevin. I understand that you think to arrive to Russia to Moscow, BUT I to YOU ONCE AGAIN WANT TO TELL THAT I VERY MUCH VERY MUCH WANT TO TRAVEL to YOU TO LONDON. I the truth yet when did not travel abroad but I have girlfriend which much she travelled also to me all tells as it is necessary to legalize papers and all about travel. My ticket aboard the plane will be from Moscow up to London. I up to Moscow shall travel by train it on many cheaply. FOR me NOW the MOST IMPORTANT TO START TO DO the VISA AS it is POSSIBLE SOON ON NEW WEEK, YOU UNDERSTAND IT THAT I WAIT WITH IMPATIENCE of YOUR MONETARY HELP NOW AS it is POSSIBLE SOON THAT I COULD START TO DO the VISA??? You should understand all that I write to you and I ask that you sent money that I to you have arrived as it is possible soon. I wait with impatience of your letter with good news with the information on a remittance. I shall come to write to you to Monday as tomorrow week-end the Internet of cafe will not work. Your love Olga.
Letter 10

Hello my lovely husband Kevin. Today Monday 23 January I have received from you now the letter and the smile on the person is very very glad and at me. I all waited that week-end has passed as it is possible soon and at last that I have waited also can write to you. Kevin, you have a love that truly means a lot to me all the words. I feel so good when get your letters and I can imagine me there with you and looking at your beautiful smile. I have understood that you ask me the bank account but I have no bank account and my parents as have no, as we not when did not require it, but I about it on cared and at knew at parents that my uncle has the bank account and I spoke with him. He has given me without problems the information of the bank account and has told me that as soon as money he to me at once will come will give.
The information:
Beneficiary Bank: SWIFT: CBGURUMM;
Account with correspondent bank: 04413603;
Name: Guta Bank;
Address: 5 Dolgorukovskaya Str.,
Moscow Correspondent Bank of beneficiary's bank: SWIFT: BKTRUS33;
Name: Deuthse Bank Trust Company Americas;
Address: 1 Bankers Trust Plaza, floor 16, New York, NY; ABA: 021001033 Beneficiary: Beneficiary's account: 42301840915001004064
Beneficiary's name: Korolev E.A.
Payment details: Private transfer to Telebank client 974909
He has told me that it is all correctly, the uncle can receive as soon as money will come and that you should copy and go this all in bank to you everyone will explain. I would explain all but I in it do not understand. I hope that you will make to me translation into my uncle as it is possible soon. I as understand that you to me speak that I borrowed money and arrived to you, but I speak the truth not who I my love Kevin does not give also hope only on you. I day and night dream and I think only of you. I yearn to be with you. I want to watch your eyes light up as you see me. I want to see you, touch you, hug you, feel you and to taste your lips, and you neck. I want to run my fingers through your hair, and down your back. I want to massage your shoulders and back. I want to hold your hands. I want to gaze into your eyes. I want to share the air that you breathe. I want to be with you. I want to hear you voice and you laugh. I want to hear your heartbeat. I want to love you. I want so much more than that. You know what at me the big love to you on all life. I do not understand what you ask a photo that I sent, but it seems to me that you ask ***** and I at once want to tell that I have no ***** photo and I shall not do, I ask you be patient as soon as I shall arrive you can love and see me ***** how many want. I ask you write to me as it is possible soon and please me with the letter. Your sweet love Olga.
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