Scam letter(s) from Elena Postnikova to Mario (Italy)

Letter 1
Hi my new friend!!! My name - Elena. I saw your structure and you very much have interested me. I would like to learn you it is more. A little about myself.I'm from Russia. I live in city Kirov. You speak English language?? Please Write to me in English. I do not know well enough Italy language. But if You can not write in English that I can try to communicate with you in your language. I to you shall leave e-mail I hope you write to me the letter and will send your photos. I hope, that we shall study each other better. I want to build the serious relations for the further life. I wait with impatience of your letters. Elena Da: Hi my new friend!!!(
Letter 2
Hello Mario. I send hi from the far country of Russia. My name is Lena. To me 26 years. I live in beautiful city Kirov. My city ancient and beautiful. I studied at university as the manager. Now I work in the large supermarket as the seller. I the seller - adviser of clothes. In my family 4 men. My mum, her 54 years, my brother Alexandr, him 19 years and my stepfather, him 50 years. I very much like the family. We live very amicably, we like to have a rest together in target and in free time. My mum works the seller in grocery shop, my stepfather of the mechanics in car-care center. I can inform about myself, that I the attractive, sociable and lovely girl. While. Lena.
Letter 3
Hello .
I did not think, that so quickly will answer my letter. Mine put a birth on August, 30th. Thanks you for music It has very much liked me. It is interesting to you, probably, about me more to learn. Today on my letter there were some answers, but I have chosen you, because I liked your name. Your name very unusual to me and very beautifully sounds. It is interesting to me to know, what means your name? Speak, that the name has the large meaning in destiny of the man. I too very much like my name. I very much like to communicate with the people, I like to read the interesting books, to look films. In modern films there is a lot of cruelty and murders, it is not pleasant to me. I like to look films about love, real everyday histories or historical films, comedies, entertaining programs and educational films. Besides I very much like to be engaged in needlework, I like to embroider. I embroider interesting pictures, landscapes, flower compositions. It is beautiful and fascinatingly. Write to me about itself. I want to communicate to you, to learn, whom you work as, in what district you live. Than are fond.
Letter 4

Why you have stopped to write to me???
You do not want more to communicate with me.
I would like to learn about you more.
I wait for your letter.
Letter 5
Hi, mine far familiar!
It is pleasant, that you write me and was delighted, that you do not overlook about me. Probably it is interesting, why I search for acquaintance in the far country. Simply I think, that at you the people are much more interesting, is more civilized. I write it because many films foreign and me look to like what large attention you give to family, children, education of children both moral values and family traditions. At us it is seldom possible to find good boyfriend. They do not want to get family, children, irresponsible. At me, certainly, was boyfriend. We were friends of him 3 years, thought of wedding, but once we with him went for a walk in the company with the friends, marked day birth of his friend. To the people was much, danced, sang, drank, was cheerful. Suddenly my friend has disappeared, I have gone him to search, and has found him in a dark room with other girl. I could not to him excuse such relation to me. He then was sorry at me, implored that such to not repeat any more, that so it has turned out because he has ***** much. Where the guarantee, that he such will not repeat each time, when will have a drink. To me is not necessary boyfriend, which not constant and appreciates mine of feeling. After that I do not meet it.
And at you how are you doing with the girl? Why you liked Russian girl?
Write, I shall look forward to hearing, as a nightingale of a summer .
Letter 6
Hi, my far friend!
I receive true pleasure in dialogue with you. To me is what to write to you and with what to inform. Today in the street good weather, shines the sun, the fresh wind, mood simply perfect blows. Is and more glad to that you write and do not forget me. At us a soon small holiday, birthday at my liked mum. This day we have many visitors. We prepare tasty pies, tasty salads, pel'meni (Russian national dish). To us there come in the visitors the girlfriends the mum with the husbands and our friends of family. It happens cheerfully, sing, dance. I like to participate in preparation of a holiday, to prepare different dishes, I like to prepare different meal, I master the new recipes. At me it turns out very much even is tasty . We always prepare meal of a house, home meal tasty , and useful. I do not like different sandwiches and hamburgers from them it is quickly possible to type superfluous weight, which does not decorate a figure. I watch the figure, me to like be in the form. In days off I am engaged in shaping. On shaping we go with my girlfriend Katya. We are friends of her from school. She the correct girlfriend, me with her is cheerful and it is interesting to communicate.
She works in children's polyclinic. In days off we go with her in cinema, in theatre.
Than you are engaged in days off? Whether you like to read? What at you of hobby?
Good-bye, my far friend!!
I wait for the answer, as a nightingale of a summer .
Letter 7
Hi, my far friend!
As is perfect, that you write me. I each day wait for the answer from you and me joyfully, that you write me.
At me at home the cat Anfisa, her 2 years lives, the last week she has given rise 2, boy and girl.
Anfisa them likes and strongly is jealous, does not like, when we look at them.
I often think of you. Than you are engaged in day. Whether recollect me.
I think of you often. You have houses an animal? How his name is? Write.
Letter 8
Hello, mine far, Mario.
I am glad to your letters. I like to communicate with you. It is a pity, that only we can write to each other, and see each other we can not. At us weather happens different. The winter happens and up to 30 degrees of a frost, the summer happens hotly up to 30 degrees. Most of all me to like in the summer. Winter I do not like, because it is necessary to put on on itself many warm things. It is impossible to say, that at all I do not like. I like white snow, easy frost. Around the trees cost sleepy and are covered with white snow, hoarfrost. It is very beautiful. The unique lack - is cold. And summer it is good. Warmly, circle the trees green, blossom beautiful flowers, sing birds. At the end of spring nightingales very beautifully sing, is especial in the evening. They so involve attention each other and search for the partners for creation of family and posterity. And behind city a nature very beautiful. Huge meadows, where it is possible to have a rest on a grass to type a bouquet from meadow grasss. The bees fly with flower on flower and collect of honey. Sing cheerfully shavoronki (are such birds, which live on fields and on meadows. They do the jacks directly on ground, and sing very beautifully. Rise highly on the sky and sing) Cheerfully, when we are going by the company, we play of volleyball, we take with ourselves a guitar. The guitar is played at my girlfriend by he brother and well sing. For all the day on a nature to get tired, home we go had a rest.
You how spend the days off, whether there are at you friends? Write
Letter 9
Hi, Mario/
With a greeting the girl hurries to you which even more often thinks of you. To me to like, that you write me regularly and do not overlook about me. It is interesting to know, how you spend time. You think of me? I do not know almost Italy, but in the future I would like to learn it on more and to visit it. You can send a photo of Italy? Thanks you for your photos. You very beautiful the man. You have very much liked me. Yesterday I went in the evening after job with the girlfriend in cinema. Looked film « Tristan and Izolda » It is beautiful historical film about beautiful love. Love - it great force, which can open the man and call on great businesses and acts, and also she can force the man to suffer, to be unfortunate. Nevertheless is perfect that there is on light a love, which can force to be pleased to worry at meeting, to experience in separation. And you looked this film? We with the girlfriend went from a cinema and talked, the large impression was made on us with film. It was a pity Tristan and Izolda, that they could not for ever be together and to be happy in life. To be beside with each other, to like each other, to grow together children. I read somewhere, that the people if like each other strongly and self-denyingly, such love happens is not happy. For example: Romeo and Dzhyletta. And recently we with Katya on a home video looked film « Anzhelika-markiza of the angels ». It is madly beautiful film about love. Only 5 series. Statement of film fascinating, intriguing, fascinating. For a day off we have seen with her 3 series and looked during 6 hours. Katya asked to look further, but I to her have said, that good should be a little. The film is taken off in 1967. The actress beautiful, costumes remarkable. It was pleasant very much to us. Write about itself more more, than you are engaged, that you prefer to look, what films, transfer. Lena.
Letter 10
Huge hi to you from far city. It is pleasant, that you write to me. I with pleasure read your letters and with the same pleasure I answer on them. It is pleasant, that far. Far someone to lovely my heart knows about me, thinks of me both does not forget me and writes to me such perfect letters, which to me lift mood. Your letters very much like me. I want to you to write about the cat. If at her good mood, she plays, and allows itself to iron. That she is interesting, at us multi-coloured and moustache on the one hand of white colour, and with another black. At her a very long wool. She likes to lay on a window sill and to look in a window, if sees, that a birdy she past flys by to become very ridiculous, if not glass, would take off for a window behind a bird. I like our cat. She is not whimsical to meal. Eats everything, that we ????: ????????, meat, fish, eggs, milk. She meets each day me at doors. While, mine good. Write I shall wait for your letters.

Letter 11
Greetings my far Mario.
With greetings to you your Lena. Greetings my darling, I have come into the Internet of cafe, whether to check up there is a message from my distant friend. The days off I have lead houses. It was tidied up at home, has taken a walk with the girlfriend on park. Weather was fine, warm. We came into cafe, have eaten ice-cream, cut juice. At me there have passed days off perfectly. Than you were engaged? What mood at you was? I have even more often started to think of you. I think of you every day when I wake up, in the evening when I go to bed. I think, than you are engaged at this time. It is good, that we have an opportunity with each other to communicate. I am glad, that you have appeared at me. At me today the good mood, but is a pity, that I cannot see, touch you you. To like me, that you such serious, sociable, with you, probably, does not happen boringly. Me other guys do not interest, I do not wish to meet, get acquainted with anybody. I dream about you, you there lovely and gentle. I even more often about you, think and I wish to see your person, to ******, I even represent as you answer mine of caress. As I am glad, that you have appeared at me because the life without you was boring you to me is necessary. Two months ago I was going to go to the Europe for work. I even have made all necessary documents for this purpose but at me it has not turned out from this that because at the last minute at me vacancy for work has been borrowed. But now there are at me documents on which I can to go to the Europe. That is if we shall decide to meet that what problems at us will not arise with it. I consider that a meeting this the most important in acquaintance. Because at a meeting we shall understand all our feelings up to the end. It will be the endings after which already the joint life and creation of family begins. I hope that you also consider as well as I.
With impatience I wait for your answer.
Letter 12
Dear Mario.
My sweetest dream about us. I hope you like it: night, the stairs are in the sky we are alone in the room, we turn on the music and dance slowly. I look into your eyes, they are so deep and you look in mine, they are full of emotions. I see your lips, so soft and I want to kiss them. Our bodies merge in uniform rhythm. We love each another and the minute is an eternity. We have *** till morning . Then I cook a very tasty dinner and we are sitting at the table, you tell me the news, about your work and I am just listening to you. I don't need anything else. I just enjoy the moments I spend with you. Then we go to the living room and seat near the fire. We are sitting on the sofa, hugging and kissing. I think that this dreams will be real soon.Write me , please, your thoughts about it. Looking forward for your letter.
Kiss you
Letter 13
Dear Mario.
Forgive my dear Mario that that I could not write to you yesterday. At me was too much work. Forgive me my dear Mario. I did not have time. I don't stop being surprised how deeply you understand my heart and how much in common I have with the man who lives on the other side of the planet. During the time we are corresponding you have become the closet and dearest man in the world. You have become the true friend for me with whom I can share all of my feelings and thoughts, to whom I can trust all of my secrets and I am sure that you will always understand me. My God! How long I have been waiting for it! How often I depicted it in my imagination! It seems to me that it's just a dream and I will wake up soon and everything will be over. We are feeling as Romeo and Juliet. You are whispering the words full of love and tenderness, the words that I have always been dreaming to hear: "My sweetheart, my one and only, we will never, never part again! This fairy tale will last all our life!" Love is covering us with its sweet sheet and it seems as though everything has changed. The stars and the moon are shining now only for us, the nightingales are singing their magic songs only for us and the time is passing in another way. The unbearable melancholy is seizing me; the tears are appearing on my eyelashes on their own will. These are the tears of sadness and at the same time of joy. I feel joy that even if we are far our hearts and souls are together. When we meet we will be able to enjoy everything we have been dreaming about. My darling, my one and only, my true friend, I am living with the hope that some day everything will become the reality and we will not have to go asleep and wake up separately, to cook dinner for one. I will have you to warm me up with your heart and body.
I will give you my love, care and tenderness.
Kiss you Lena
Letter 14
Dear Mario.
It is already a tradition for me to go to the Internet cafe.
I want real attitudes, I do not joke. I wish to create family with you my fine Mario.
If I did not want with you real attitudes that I with you would not correspond my fine Mario.
I want with you real attitudes my fine Mario. You very strongly like me my dear Mario.
But frankly speaking, it is the best what is going on during my day.
I enjoy every letter I get from you and re-read them every night.
I want to share my life with you, I want to be always with you, to feel your warmth and care.
I am a very emotional, passionate, hot-tempered woman and it is usual for me to show my feelings.
May be it seems strange for you, we haven't met with you in the real life, we have only letters which I cherish but I have the feeling that we know each another for ages.
Hope you understand me.
The most important in the relations between two people, man and woman, love, of course, mutual understanding, respect.
Two people should trust each another at first, understand, care about each another.
His life will be my life and I will give him all my love, care and tenderness.
Kiss you Lena.
Letter 15
Dear Mario.
Here are those poems I found for you today.
Your lips speak soft sweetness
Your touch a cool caress
I am lost in your magic
My heart beats within your chest I think of you each morning
And dream of you each night
I think of your arms being around me
And cannot express my delight Never have I fallen
But I am quickly on my way
You hold a heart in your hands
That has never before been given away 2
As I stand here today with the world as my witness,
I pledge to you my undying and everlasting love.
I will stand beside you as your partner,
I will stand before you as your protector,
And I will stand behind you as your solace.
Please spend and end your life with me
I hope you like these poems I am sending to you.
I can't wait to get your next letter.
I can not wait to hold you and share our happiness together for the rest of our lives.
Kiss you Lena.
Letter 16
Dear Mario. Thanks for a compliment. It has very much liked me.
What are you doing with me?
Your personality just makes me crazy and I'm dreaming all days long only about you, my dear!
I'm so happy to know you, you cannot even imagine!
Last night I felt that you are next to me lying on my bed.
I felt you everywhere around me.
It was a very sweet feeling I cannot even describe it...
You know what did we do...?
I had a desire to eat whole of you, to embrace whole of you...
I did not want to let you leave me...
I just wanted you to be everytime next to me.
I want to say you THANK YOU for your existence.
For everything you did for me to light the dreams and sweet emotions go on.
Lately both I and my grandmother cooked turkey.
Turkey was one of the best dishes I have ever cooked.
I want you to try it one day. Look what a beautiful words I found for you:
There's a sea between us, love, and I wish that it weren't true, for every day when I awake, I yearn to be with you.
There are many miles between us, love,
though you're always here in my heart, and every night, beneath the silver starlight, I pray for the day we'll never part.
Kiss you Lena.
Letter 17
Dear Mario.
I sat at home all day wishing you were here with me.
Road Mario I am very glad that you wish to meet me. I too wish to meet you my darling Mario.
I have already all the necessary documents, I already wrote it to you my favourite Mario.
I tomorrow shall go to agency and I learn that still is necessary to me for a trip to you.
I tomorrow shall write to you that there to me will tell my darling.
Today as been a long day for me.I know what i want and that is for you to be near.I can only wait.
The wind and oceans is the only thing between us for now.I was sad today,all i thought about is you.
I was bored knowing how bad i want you and the distances between us is for.
I hurt today in a good way knowing soon you will be with me,but i felt better when i thought of the happiness you bring my heart and soul.
I went to my room this afternoon and look at you and read all of your letters today. I know in my heart there is true love and trust.
I want to hold you strongly and love you softly.I want you to know my love for you is very strong and passionate.
My heart travels with this letter to you and my love for you.My life has not been the same since we have met in the distance.
I have more happiness and energy now.Without you in my life it would not be worth living for.
I want to embrace you,and softly kiss you and to love you forever.MY feeling for you are as strong as yours and maybe even strong than your.
I feel like i could tell you all these thing all night and would never be bored of saying them to you.
My sweets i write this letter to you from my heart and from the love i have for you.All i want is to be able to embrace you and sincerely love you .
My LOVE is true and deep for you and i will always love you no matter what.
Kiss you
Letter 18
Dear Mario. Yesterday I descended in agency and I wish to inform you those news which has learned.
Which I have those documents approach to arrive to you in city.
That is me in agency have told that now for travel it is necessary to buy only the ticket and I can already arrive to you this week.
I have learned cost of tickets for flight to you.
The ticket of economy class costs 488 euros.
It is the most optimum variant, that to me has offered in agency.
I have no this sum to pay This ticket. We can have a meeting if you can help to buy to me it
The ticket. You can pay my arrival in you? The ticket is necessary for me
Only. I hope, that you very much wish to meet me. I hope, that we shall be
Meet. And I shall arrive to you this flight.
When I close my eyes, I see you next to me - two hearts bound in Circle of love.
Two bodies pressed closely to each other. I want to kiss your lips and embrace you strong .
I steadfastly look in your eyes, and our souls are united.
I begin to understand that my life without you is not meaningful.
Today I thought only about you all day long . We became frank with you and I think that we should be together. I want to require you and to be with you.
My thoughts only about you and about us with you together.
I wait the day when we meet,
when you tell me at a meeting: “Hello my Darling! At last we meet!”.
Kiss you
Letter 19
Hi Dear.
I am very glad to see your letters mine dearly Mario.
Forgive me my dear Mario I today very strongly was late on work.
There was works on it I much write to you with such greater delay my beautiful Mario.
Road Mario I am very glad that you to me can to pay to me travel up to you my prince.
I would not have such sum what to pay to myself a trip up to you my beautiful Mario.
I should buy here tickets what to show these tickets
The insurance company, that it to me would make the insurance that
with me that does not happen at flight to you my beautiful prince.
I in in advance send you where it is necessary to send money as at you they will appear. You can send money for our meeting through the western union this system of remittances have advised me in the same agency the main advantage in this system that that money come from one country to another in some hours. You need to come to branch of the western union in your city or in any the friend and to send money for my name. Here necessary data that you could send all of money.
Name: Elena
Surname: mihailova
City: Kirov
The country: Russia
Index: 610000
Street: pervomayskaya 25-52
These data should suffice for remittance from you all is required too (that is I should know and completely your address)
I hope at all of you will pass successfully and you can send money. If you will make it today or tomorrow then I can precisely arrive to you.
Lovely Mario, I want to say to you the very important thing. I want to tell to you about my feelings to you. With me so never happened. I for the first time have met the man and has understood what is it really that it is necessary. I always dreamed of such of the man as you. To me your words in the beginning of our attitudes are remembered. From that moment between us the spark was rolled. It was not simply spark, and spark of love. She to light fire of love between us. I do not want that this fire has died out. I shall do all that he typed the force. In a course of our attitudes I became attached to you ever more. It was always pleasant to me to read your letters. With each day I understood that I shall be happy only with you. And that that I do not present, that with me will be when I shall stay one. In a course of our attitudes I have understood that not only I want to meet you, but I and to be ready with you very long. I thought of our further life. I long thought and precisely has decided that I am ready to become your wife. I know what is it a little strange. But I want to say what is it my exact decision and I shall not pity about it. You are very expensive for me and I do not want to lose you. I shall hope that soon we shall together.
Kiss you in your fine lips Mario.
Letter 20
Dear Mario.
If love and say it to each other both in words or by doing nice things to each other like giving each other a good kiss, or some beautiful flowers, - a nice dinner, - or a warm hug, - or touch the head softly like you do with small kids to tell them that you love them and appreciate them more than everything in the whole world. Then I think we both will be encouraged to have an everlasting competition in making each others hearts smile and make each other feel real happiness deep inside where it does good grows strong - and start to float around in every part of our bodies making us smiling from top till toe for everyone to see it and for ourselves impossible to hide. Then we will have a safe and strong feeling of real lasting love and happiness inside our hearts, and find strength and support in each other which will make us able to withstand troubles and bad times both as ownstanding persons but just as much as the couple we make together.
I think it is very important to not be to careful in showing each other that we love each other a lot of physical contact hugs, kisses, smiles holding each other close and...I did not thought I would write this and having *** together is the most beautiful and ultimate way to show each others that you appreciate the other one more than anyone else in the whole world.
I hope these thoughts is something nearby the thing you appreciate in a woman, if it is I just wanted to tell you that I really really like you very much Lots of hugs and kisses and love from me I feel so good and warm inside my heart when I think of you.
Kiss you
Letter 21
Dear Mario.
Road Mario to me have told in agency the approximate price of the ticket. The return ticket is necessary to me. I shall visit you for a week or two.
And then I shall arrive to you on always my fine Mario.
I should go to Moscow and then to sit down in the plane and to fly to you my favourite Mario.
Name to me a way on which to me it is necessary to fly.
Today it is such a wonderful day in my life, because I received your letter. I reread it several times and felt that we become closer to each other.
I want you to know that I need you and your letters very much.You have very kind eyes.
I want so very much to beside you and to look into them!
I'm grateful to God that He gave you to me, and I'm so grateful to you. That now I have You, and I won't feel myself lonely anymore. When I was a child I liked very much when Mom read fairy-tales to me. Most of all fairy tales I liked that one- where a prince saved a girl.
They loved each other and the whole world was glad for them. I thought I would never meet my prince.
But now when I met you I believe that a fairy tale can be real.
You lighted up a light of hope in my heart, and light rays of love.
I love all this world only for that it gives you to me! When being lonely I often ask God to give me power to outlive all this.
He helped me much.
Kiss you
Letter 22
Dear Mario.
Road Mario I am very glad that you help I meet you. I tomorrow shall go to agency and I shall learn the information on that which you to me have given. Also I shall search for that ticket about which you to me spoke. I am very glad that we very soon shall meet you. I am waiting and I am dreaming for a moment of our meeting in your airport . I will cry in this moment, because it will from our happiness my dear . I dream as we will live together my darling, to go for a walk, keeping for our hands. I want that you will show me your native land, a places where you like to go for a walk and you like to spend a more your time. I want very to be with you my, I want it very much , I miss you. I want to say to you that I have spoke with my friends about us again. I want to say to you that they have so many happy smiles for us too, thay are so happy because we love each other very much, simple they have said me that we wwill happy with you and they wish us a large happiness together! They see my feelings and my happiness from our love with you, and they understand me that we with you can't without each other and wish us a great love in this time and our future life too! A hot hello from my friends to you, please, accept the love from my friends. Ok, let me to finish my letter I hope to see your letter as soon, as possible. Kiss you
Letter 23
Dear Mario.
I is very a pity to me Mario, but I have not phone. It would be very pleasant To me to speak with you Mario, but I have no such opportunity. I shall be very glad, if you will give me number, and I shall try to pass through you. I do not promise you, you see, that the communications in Russia is very bad, but I shall make all this in my forces. You have my heart with you I am so lonely and unhappy because I don't have the one thing I need in my life right no and that is you . I felt you in my heart holding me and saying you love me. I want to be your everything I want to make love to you like. I never had such feelings before your always in my mine and sole in my heart your my angel. I need to keep me going in life. I do want to dance with you and look in your eyes and see the glow of happyness in them I like to say you are my life my everything and to prove it to you I have a very letter you ever sent me so you see I do love you with all my heart
Kiss you
Letter 24
Dear Mario.
What you say is part of your heart and that warms me . Road Mario thanks you for a phone number. I shall call to you as there will be at me an opportunity. Unfortunately I have no the messenger Msn or Yahoo. The day we meet will be the day that the sky and earth come together,there will be such an earth quake... my world will shake to my foundation, Our eyes will meet and our bodies will come together and our hearts will skip a beat . Our lips will come together that will be a kiss to die for I look at your picture and think Iive gone to heaven for such man like you. I know that heaven is missing an angel and I found him here and he is so wonderful !!!!!! I some times think I was born in the wrong country I should have been born somewhere near you. You are an answer to my prayers. I asked god for you and he has answered and his answer was YOU we have something that I will keep with me forever and no one can take from me . I will keep all your pictures and all you have sad to me close and never let them go!! Thank you for being in my world. I LOVE YOU .
Kiss you
Letter 25
Dear Mario.
These days I thought only about you. I represented it as you meet me as we search each other eyes, we find and we rush in embraces each other. You are my prince, whom I so long waited. I dreamed about you, it is a pity, that you may not see, how I smile, may not see pleasure on my face, when I think of you. My charm, I want our life to be pleasant in every respect, that life way to be in the pleasure, surrounded with quiet and long happiness. Every time when we go to bed or get up I want to kiss you and to tell I LOVE YOU!!! I am looking forward for our meeting when I can embrace you and kiss. My feelings to you as wide as the sea, boundless as the sky!!!! I want to be with you very much.
Kiss you
Letter 26
Dear Mario.
Road Mario I cannot load msn because, in that with which I write the Internet of cafe is impossible to make it. I is very a pity to me favourite Mario. The ticket from kirov to Moskva approximately costs 30 euros. I am very glad that we can soon meet you and to see each other my fine Mario. You know, reading your letters I realized that the real value of love can be felt only when you lose it. My love is so great that I can't stand it, and the whole strength of love is the only thing that keeps me alive. Even the rain is falling outside, and the leaves on the trees are trembling, and the drops fall down on the grass, and the whole nature seems to cry. But when the sun rose and the light flood into each corner then life seemed different. Even nature seems to have the same mood as I do. But the sun is shining brightly, and my heart is full of hope and happiness. I love the best, the most beautiful man I ever met, and he loves me, too .
Kiss you
Letter 27
Dear Mario.
I ` m so happy to get your sweet letter! I like getting your letters so much that I can ` t imagine my life without them I dream about our meeting. Favourite mine Mario I was very glad to hear your voice. At you very pleasant voice, it has very much liked me. To me it was very pleasant was to talk to you my fine Mario. My dear Mario I should buy here from myself the ticket in agency. Because I should make the insurance. I if I shall buy the ticket in agency that they to me do the insurance. And without the insurance me will not let in on flight. I think that you understand me my dear Mario.
Here necessary data that you could send all of money.
Name: Elena
Surname: mihailova
City: Kirov
The country: Russia
Index: 610000
Street: pervomayskaya 25-52
These data which you asked. I still send you the ?????? the passport.
I understand everything very well. Although I'm a young woman, I feel that it's right time for me to get married and create a family. I think that the main role of any woman in this life is to be a wife and a mother. I want you to be sure in my feelings and intentions. I understand that we are different people of different cultures and it will be natural if we have some problems, but I think if two people love each other and want to be together, any problem can be settled and overcome. Love makes wonders. Agree? I think you feel that I write you my letters with open heart and soul. I know that life is not easy and we all need a family, a warm and loving house. If something goes wrong, we will do everything together, and our family and house will be the place where we will be happy. I'm a very patient person, I know how to overcome difficulties. I believe that we have a chance to be happy together, that we will never disappoint each other, that our feeling will be strong and deep.
I kiss you, think of you every minute of my life.
Kiss you
Letter 28
Dear Mario.
Road Mario forgive that to you I write to you so late. Today has stood out at me a lot of work. I spoke you that the ticket from Kirov up to Moskou by train costs about 30 euros. To me in agency spoke that will not let out me from Russia without the insurance my fine Mario. Because I yet was not abroad my darling. And whether it is not enough that with me can happens can at flight and at a finding abroad. Better to me I think to make the insurance my darling so will be more safely and more confidently to me at flight to you my fine Mario. I have always dreamed about the one man only that would became for me everything: husband, soul mate, friend, lover and my entire world. This is my big life dream that still waits for its realization and I suppose that you are the man who could help me to make my dream come true. I want our relationship to be based on honesty . I think suddenly you have not written to me, and I suddenly have not written to you. But when I see. That all normally to me become well and I with pleasure and with good mood I write you the answer.I spoke to my granny about us. She has asked me that I really love you and if i want be next to you. I have told it is so, that I can not introduce myself without you. I have notified it concerning you and she has told that you the most good man and it is possible to trust you. I always heard the opinion of my granny and she haven't advised me anything bad.
you Lena
Letter 29
Dear Mario
Road Mario I yesterday could not write to you. Because yesterday there was a breakage on a power plant and there was no light my fine Mario. It have made only recently.I should buy tickets here and to show the insurance company. Without these tickets to me cannot make the insurance my darling Mario. I have no VISA card. My dear I would like on faster with you to meet my favourite. You the sole man which understand me and accepts such what I is! I am sure that we shall are happy together... I want to believe in it! My perfect, you so is gentle and is attentive that I consider our meeting as a miracle. Probably it is indemnification for many years of unhappy life!? I very much love you. As anybody and never I have told about us to my girl-friends . Certainly they will miss me as much as my parents will. I think that we are already so very close to each other as a husband and a wife, But, unfortunately, separated with the long distance. But despite the fact , we should continue to love each other and to trust each other. Do you agree with me? It can be dangerous, but I'm crazy in loving you. Your letters are filled with such a warmth and care that sometimes tears of happiness drop out from my eyes. I think " My God, thank you for your help in granting me my dedicated, my sole man, and I hope that he and I shall merge and we shall be happy.
Kiss you Lena
Letter 30
Greetings my lovely. I was very glad to receive your letter, lovely you know as strongly I am glad when I see your letters. I today have woken up in very good mood. When I have opened eyes I have seen snow behind a window. It is very beautiful, a pity that coldly, but is beautifully mad. When I have risen that have understood that I today am very happy. I very much for a long time did not test this feeling and consequently was very well adjusted for today. After breakfast I have gone on work, I thought that I today will have a lot of work, but it was not and consequently I today had a lot of time to communicate with my friends at work. I very seldom talk with a lot of work by them because I am usual have, but that day today was when time for friendship was gave me. I have not enough friends, but you see the present friends should be a little, such friends which are necessary only can to divide yours for mountain and pleasure, and I there are such friends. I have best girlfriend, I already about it wrote to you, but we see it very seldom because it as well as I have a lot of work. At my work one women because in my hospital there is a children's branch and consequently basically one women there work work basically. You very difficultly know to work in only female collective because each day to see the same women very difficultly. At everyone the problems and everyone tries to know about your private life all and women very much envy and they suffer from it, but nothing may do with it. But I try with all my employees to support good relations because I such person, I can not think of people poorly, only because they do not like me, I try to see in them something good to be more friendly. Lovely and how your affairs at work with yours colleagues are? It is very interesting to me. Lovely I write so much about the problems that overlook to tell you that I very strongly love you. You know lovely I to you already spoke that I today am very happy but I can not understand why, I tried to answer this question all morning but and could not. There may be it from that that you are in my life. You borrow all my time, I think only of you and can not think about something the friend. I wake up and I see your person and I think of you, then I begin to live the usual life, but all the same you always are in my ideas. It probably because I love you. I do not know as it might take place with me, but I am very happy from that that you at me are, because such person that she might feel herself protected is necessary for each woman, it not always may be near to it, but all the same she will be happy from that that it is. And I am glad to this and from it I am happy, because I have you and you always will be with me, let now you are far, but your soul always will be near to me. But when we can be together, it will be most fine time in our lifes because we have found with you happiness, but not absolutely but when we can look each other in eyes that we we shall find our full happiness because we with you could find each other in this huge world. I do not know may to you it is not pleasant that I write you. But understand for me it is air in my city and in my country because you there and you write me, you to me speak that like and consequently I live, if I did not have you that I would not know as to live, but I have you and now I only need to wait for that moment when we shall be together. Because when it happen that we as if we shall fly up in the sky because it there was our most secret dream and if it will come true we shall be happiest people on the ground.
Lovely mine I once again want to tell you that you my unique, you my destiny, I love you.
We are simply created the friend for the friend and consequently we should be together. I very much love you I shall wait for your letter.
For ever your Lena
Letter 31
Hello mine Mario.
Road Mario to the Internet of cafe were what that problems, there was no Internet. On it I could not write to you my dear Mario. Forgive me that I did not write to you. I could not write not on my fault. Road Mario I very much experienced that could not write to you. To me was very sadly that I not could write to you. Road Mario I have no still the insurance. I should make it. And that it to make to me it would be necessary to buy tickets here and to show their insurance company. That it to me would make the insurance. Road Mario you you to me trust me? You consider me that I deceive you? If you so consider that I deceive you, you very much offend me Mario. Without trust at us that to not turn out with you Mario. I trust you. And you trust me? Or you consider that I deceive you? I wish to construct with you real attitudes mine Mario. I wish to create real family. I wish to live with you and to test with you happiness in a life. I love you my favourite Mario. And you similar do not trust me Mario and it very much afflicts me. I you would choose what to create family and to be with you happy wash Mario. I really wish to have with you a meeting mine Mario. I very much very strongly love you my favourite Mario.
Kiss you in your fine lips my fine Mario.
Yours for ever Lena.
Letter 32
Dear Mario
Road Mario it is a pity that I do not see your letter. Why you today have not written to me? To me it becomes very sad when I do not see your letter my dear Mario. Sometimes I think how interesting the destiny can turn : some happy unexpected event - a conversation with an interesting man, sudden meeting, - and all your life changes radically. But the utmost luck is always depend on a person. I adore your letter I can tell even more: I love it!!! :) Thanks for being in the way you are: so open, honest, sincere and lovely. My dear, by your words now I know that you can to be my second half, the man I was waiting for. I want to win your heart but not as a trophy but as a beauty gift from God! If this relationship works for you and me, I promise that you will be happy, I will support your dreams, your goals, your wishes and will share with you my life, all it's good and bad moments.
Kiss you Lena
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