Letter(s) from Daria to Rick (Canada)
Letter 1
Welcome to my life, Rick! I was thinking for a long time how to start my letter and not be boring or like others, but I think it is impossible, because there are some standards of writing letters. So, my name is Dasha, but close people call me Danila, it is more kindly, I think. I live in Ukrainian city Lugansk. Have you ever heard about it? My birthday is in January,27. I don't like my birthday, I don't know why, maybe because every coming year is not changing anything in my life and I celebrate it without beloved man. Yes I have a lot of friends and I have big family, oh, by the way I live with my parents and I also have a sister and two brothers, but my sister and one brother already have their own families and don't live with us. Sometimes I really feel myself very lonely and in such moments I just take my cat Santa and play with her. Do you like animals? So, it must be interesting for you what I usually do when don't feel myself lonely? I study at the University, last year I entered to the Pedagogical University, and I am going to become a visagiste, it is very close to me and very interesting. Unfortunately, I can't work now as visagiste, because I don't have a diploma, but I also couldn't take always money in my parents. So, I was working as a hairdresser, because after after school I finished half year courses and have right to work as a hairdresser, but I don't work there now, because the the saloon I was working in was robbed, and it was closed. So, I didn't know what to do, and I have remembered that in school I was going for aerobics, and I began to going for this again, so, now I work as a trainer of aerobics in sport club. My salary is not big, but I like this and it also helps me to keep my feet. I want to be honest with you, because I think it is very important in any relations. Unfortunately, I don't know English, I know only some words, but it absolutely not enough to communicate. One of my Mum's friends gave me the advice to apply to the translating agency, she was using it and have found very good man and they were already meeting several times, she went to him and he was coming here, now they are thinking about her relocating there, so, I decided to try. I don't want to use marriage agency, because I don't want anybody to look a couple for me, I want to do this myself. I think it is right decision. Ok, it seem to me that my letter is becoming too long and boring, I don't want to bore you, because I want you to write me and tell me your life story. OK? Please be open with me, because I myself very open person and I also like people who can say everything they think.
So, welcome to my life,
Till next letter, Danila
Letter 2
It's really a surprise, Rick! So, under the word "surprise" I mean your answer! I think that our correspondence can really develop and maybe one day it will grow into something bigger. I hope you understand what I mean, don't you? I want you to know that I don't see any problem in our difference in age. Love doesn't care about age. The main for me is your inner world, your soul and not you age. Age is only a number in the passport. And the main is how you feel yourself inside, the main is to have common interests and common outlooks on life. This is what I care about. Ok, I want to ask you something. Are you ready to leave everything and to give everything for beloved person? As for me, I am really ready for everything for my love. When I was a child I was reading a lot of fairy-tales, and of course I was dreaming about prince. Now, I understand that our life is not a fairy-tale and you need to build your happiness yourself. When I went to the translating agency first time I was understanding that I want to find a man from other country, I also understand that in case I fall in love with him it will be necessary one day to decide where to live. So, I want you to know that I am ready to leave for any country, the main thing is to be with beloved person, because together we'll be very strong. It is very interesting for me what you think about all this? I also want you not to be shy to express everything you think or want to ask, because now the main thing for us is communication and I am sure that you agree with me. Ok, let's go further. As for my hobbies, I like to do a lot of things, because I think that a person has very short life and it is necessary to take as much good things as possible from it. I was trying myself in many things, I mean hobbies, such as singing, playing musical instruments, or, by the way I like to play the piano and I also can play a bit the guitar. When I have a bad mood, or I just need to be some time alone and relax, I like to draw. My parents say that I took this skill from my grandmother, she was drawing very beautiful pictures. Sometimes, on the picture it is possible to express your feelings and your thoughts better than in words. You know, my Dad says that I am rather unusual person, because have too many interests and he is always wondering how I can keep everything in my head and not forget something. I don't want you to think that my head it is like a computer, I just think that person needs to be many-sided and developed in a lot of things. Ok, I think I need to end this my letter also, because it becomes also long as the previous one. I just want to tell you as much about myself as possible, because I think you need to understand what type of person I am. I'd really like you also tell me about your character, hobbies, likes and dislikes, in a word, you can tell me everything you want.
OK? Just Danila
Letter 3
Hello Rick! I was very happy to receive your letter, it made my day and my mood better. I had not very good today. It is the day of my salary, but my boss didn't give it to me, and he explained this with that fact he has problems now and will be able to pay one in a month or even two. Can you imagine. So, I have fired, and now I am looking for a new job, because I can't work for free. Ok, I don't want to bother you with my problems. I am really happy to read your letter. I can't understand this, but every time when I write you I feel something good and in such minutes I forget about everything, I imagine like you are near and I am talking to you. Do you feel something like this? I want to tell you one story, when I was a child, I was playing with other children near the house and mat one old woman, she asked me to give her my hand, she looked in it and said that in future I meet a man, he will be from other country, she also said our meet will be unusual, but we'll be very happy together. I have remembered this story yesterday and thought maybe this man is you? Who knows? Tell me do you believe in such things? Have you ever had something like this? Do you believe that there are people who can forecast future? I watched a lot of programs on TV and read a lot about this. Of course there a lot of people, who just earn money on this, but I think that there are also people who really can forecast future. It is very interesting for me to know your opinion about this. You know, I want to admit that it is very easy for me to communicate with you about everything, I think it is very important. I just trust you and feel that you are very good person. So, I am waiting for your next letter,
Your Danila
Letter 4

Dear Sir! We are writing to you in order to report that your Lady can't answer you. As you know, Dasha don't know English, that's why she was using the services of our agency. Our agency "In.T.A." suggests services of translating and Internet. With our help people can solve their language barrier. But we want you not to mix us with the marriage agency, because it is not so. Dasha was our client till this moment. Your Lady is very interested in you and in your further correspondence, but she has some financial problems. And now she can't pay any more for translating of your correspondence. Dasha asked us to report you about this, as she is worried about you. If you are interested in Dasha and want to help her, you can contact us any time on this e-mail address or to the e-mail address of our agency and we'll give you our price list. We'll answer all interesting you questions. Agency "In.T.A."
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