Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Chepaykina to Phillip (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Phillip! I am looking through your letter now and, I don't know how to explain, I am surprised very much, pleasantly surprised, that you have written me! As you see, I have written you absolutely nothing in my letter, and no matter this you are interested in me! I hope Phillip that when you will see my photo, you like it. I worry a little bit about it, but I hope, that it will be pleasant for you! I decided not to place anything on a site (I didn't do it, it was made by operators here, I have told them what to write and have told that I don't want my photo be placed), I am just don't want everybody could look at me (smile). You see, it is better to write yourself, and I wrote to you, and you answered me. It is very pleasant for me! I want to ask you did you meet people in the Internet earlier? I do it for the first time and it is so new and unusual for me. I am writing the letter to you and doing it slowly because I write each word in Russian, I know English but it difficult to write words in English. I write you from INET-club. You think probably why I have decided to make it?
One my familiar, Evgenia also acquainted with the person from France one year ago, his name is Jan and everything is so good for them. She gave me an advice to try too and I make a decision. I am simple very modest girl and it is difficult for me to get acquainted with the person just like this, at the street, and it is a little bit easier to do it in the Internet, I do not know why, but it is easier. It is difficult for me to get acquainted here, in Russia, because a lot of men (this is my opinion) simply want to oversleep with the girl and that is all! I am so frank maybe. We don't know each other at all, but I want simply, that you could understand me! I want to tell you also that concerning words of my girlfriend Evgenia, people from other countries (Europe and USA), are very good, and they can appreciate and respect women as they are worthy it. It is an opinion of Evgenia, and I want to agree with Evgenia completely. Evgenia chosen boyfriend Jan from France because she knows French language a little. I do not speak French language. I can speak English language, and I have decided to write to you. I have written you a lot and nothing has told about myself. As I said I'm 27 years, my face you can see on my photos, my growth is 158 centimeters, weight is 53 kg. Please, write me if you liked me! I am sensitive, kind, thoughtful and surprised a little. In opinion of my close friends and relatives, I am kind, cheerful, clever and intellectual, purposeful, sociable. I worked in a garden a lot this summer, therefore have lost in my grown a little, but I shall add in weight (smile) a little to winter.
I live in city Kirov, it approximately about 800 kilometers from Moscow. We have a small city, about 600 000 person. There are many beautiful places, lakes in our area. I shall look forward to hearing from you, if something will be not clear for you in my words ask me! And if you will have questions, please, ask. I shall answer with great pleasure!
Letter 2

Hello Phillip! I am very glad (I want to tell you this again) to receive your letter. I waited very much that you will write me, and I glad so much to see your words!
It is interesting for me to learn more about you. I have told my girlfriend (I wrote you that my friend acquainted through the Internet with the person from France) about our communication and she was very glad for me that I acquainted with you. She asked me to say Hello from her to you!
It is very interesting for me to read your e-mails, from them we have a chance to know more about each other, and I beginning to know more about you and your life. Certainly, you want to learn a point of our correspondence, about its sense, do you? I want to inform you that when I saw your profile, it liked me more than profiles of the other men.
I hope that we will have serious relations and I want you to know that I am very serious about us. I have a great hope that at all will be good for us! I work as the secretary at school. I have finished technical school by a profession - the secretary. I help to write reports, I type the text on a typewriter, and I hang up the schedule of lessons. It is approximately about 1 000 children at our school, I like my work, certainly not all duties. For example, the most important, that we have a bad financing from our government for schools and this is reflected in our salary in general. But our collective copes with all.
I want to tell to you also about my parents. I live together with mum and my grandmother, my grandmother absolutely old, she is 75 years, and my mum 48. We live in a two-roomed apartment. My mum works as the teacher of Russian and the literature at school. She is a very kind woman like all mums, I think. My grandmother on pension, she worked as the milkmaid in collective farm, but 5 years ago she arrived to city because it is very difficult to live along in a village because she has an ill leg, therefore it is necessary to look after her.
I want to inform you also that I talked with my relatives about my acquaintance with You through the Internet, they approved it because they care of my future life. My parents wish me a happy life and wish me to find my second half, mine person.
I had a father, but he died when I were 8 years, he served in Afghanistan and he had many wounds, and eight years ago he's heart has stopped.
He was very good, kind person and he loved me very much.
I have cousin also, his name is Ruslan, he works as the security guard in bank, he always protects us, helps always, and he has a wife and a child, who is just 3 years. It is all that I can tell about my family. I don't mean that I have nothing to say about my family more, I can tell how we like to spend our holidays and how we spend our time in the garden in a village. If it will be interesting for you, I shall tell about it. Please, tell me about your parents too, just about your family.
During ours weekend, in my free time, we, my girlfriends and I walk in our city, we like to sit in cafe with a cup of tea. I love my girlfriends very much, especial my Best girlfriend Evgenia. She is like a real sister for me! By the way, Evgenia works at our school as the teacher. I want to tell you also that Evgenia and Jean live in Kirov now. Evgenia visited at the last year Jean at France, Jean asked Evgenia that she should visited him after that, When they have understood that they cannot live without each other. I remember, how happy Evgenia was at that time. They lived during 2 months in France. And then they arrived in Kirov, easier speaking, Evgenia asked Jean to visit her relatives because she misses them very much, and she would like to see Mum and daddy on some time, and they arrived from France in Kirov. They are very happy together, they love very much each other, and I envy Evgenia and Jean a little. We are meeting together, walking, we spending a free time together. We are good friends!!!
I want to tell you also, that I never been outside Russia, I never visited other countries, but I would like to travel once, it would be so romantic, I think. Well,Phillip, I should finish my letter to you, I hope, that we shall continue our correspondence, also that you will write me much more about yourself and I shall try to tell you more concerning me as far as it is possible in the future letters. I want to ask you About many things, and I hope that you will understand my questions and answers. I want to know more about your country.
I hope to receive your letter soon. Please, take warm greetings from my family and from my friends Evgenia and Jean!!!
I shall look forward to hearing from you Phillip.
If you have photos, send me all which you have(smile), certainly if you have an opportunity.
Letter 3

Hello, my dear Phillip!
I just want to say how much I glad to receive your letter! You know that we communicated not so long time but I like so much our talks. I like to share with you different information and just to learn something new! I liked your photos very much!!!!They just wonderful! I interested to know about your life, yours interests and just about your hobbies.
I trust you fully and you can ask me about everything what just you want and I will answer with great pleasure! I hope very much that and I can ask you about everything what just I want to know!
I want to ask you if you ready to take a responsibility and just to have someone in your life. I think that it is a great pleasure when you want to take care about someone!
Today after my work I decided to walk in the park, we had a sunny weather and I saw a loved couple! I had a great desire to be on their places. I felt that I want tender feelings and at this moment I thought about you. I imagine to myself if I could be with you we walk around the park and just talking, smiling and just spent our time together.
I have a lot to talk with you about my dreams, my life. I want you to know who I am in reality.
I understand that many couples have a problems includes their dishonestly. From the beginning they pretend something else not what there are in reality. They show what they want to show but not what there are! They do just what their half want to see and nothing else! But the time appears their true nature. I don't want that to lie and I will not lie to you! I serious person and want to love just one man! I think that possibly it could be you?
I understand that it is my feelings and I want to know about yours. It is very important for me and for our future! I like to communicate with you and I wait for you letter with great impatience! I hope that you will write me soon and I will answer all your questions!
I really surprised that I wrote such a big letter! I hope that you will like it! Kiss you, Nadya! Take Hello from my friends.They asked me to do that!
P.S Yes, on photo was my mum.Do you like her?
Letter 4

Hello Phillip!
Today we have such a fine weather! I would like to tell you how I spent my weekends. I spent them with Evgenia and Jan, we went in cinema, and then we visited a cafe where we with Evgenia tasted an ice cream, and drank a little wine. You see, it is very pleasant to spend time when your friends around you, is it? In the evening we walked in the city, and were very happy, the only thing that upset me a little, that you are not with me at that moment. I told them about you, that you are such a remarkable person, and that everything is good between us. Also they told me that they are going to go to France, can you imagine?
I was upset and was glad for them at the same moment, was upset because I will not have here such friends and Evgenia will go away. Phillip, they invited us to visit them, you see, we shall be someday together, I dream about it very much, we shall arrive to them someday, do you agree?!
And then I came home and felt myself so sad, sad because between us such a big distance, and I cannot even speak with you often, as I wanted.
Phillip, people from work noticed that I become happier, my mum and my grandmother constantly ask me about you, about us. They joking that I need to bring a computer from Inet-Club home, and I shall embrace the monitor (smile).
Phillip, I think about us all the time. I have a lot of dreams of our future. I see some pairs, some families that they are happy and I think of us, you see, it would be so fine if we will have a family, I hope that that you think about it, I hope that you will tell me about it. Well will think and will tell.
P.S Your photos are wonderful. Please, if you can send me more.
I wanted to say that if I will not be able to write you for some days don't worry. Inet- clubs are going to have a vacation and I will not have a place from those I can write you.
Letter 5

Hello Phillip.
You always tell me so many kind words; it is very pleasant for me to hear them. I want to tell you that I thinking a lot about you and I wait for every your letter. I wait for your stories about yourself; it is very interesting for me to learn about you something new every time. Thank for the answer on my last e-mail, Phillip. In my opinion, it is so wonderful that we write each other, because from every our letter we learn more and more about each other, do you think so, Phillip? I am interested in our correspondence; it is very interesting for me to learn about you, about your life, believe me, in general, I read your letters with great pleasure. Write me about your typical day, how it is begins and passes. I didn't tell you about my hobbies, interests. You see, from this you probably will learn about the person a lot when you know what is pleasant to him. I think that I am right. I like to read books, simple novels, or magazines at my free time, for example, we have a library at school and there are sometimes magazines about sewing or just about health, how to be in the good fit. When I studied, I took a part in competitions of running, was trained in aerobics. Sometimes I like to listen music, simply to sit in quiet romantic conditions, at restaurant, or it is simple near the fire. My mum, grandmother and I when visit a village often simply bake a potato and we look at stars. I didn't visit a restaurant for a long time. Last time we celebrated a new year there, it was some years ago. But I would like to talk with you, to drink (smile) a little, to listen music, would you like it? I think a lot about your voice, about your look and your very beautiful eyes. I like to listen music of Russian and foreign players. From Russian musical players I like to listen songs of following groups " Spleens ", "Total", "Zemfira", "Aria", " Agata Cristi ", "Bi-2", "Chicherina" and so on.
From foreign players I like: Madonna", " Bon Jovi "," Red Hot Chili Peppers "," U2 "," Scorpions "," Elton John ","Cranberries", "Garbage" and so on. In general, I like to listen good and modern music. Phillip and what kind of music do you like to listen? It would be interesting for me to know about it.
About films, I like to watch comedies, dramas, fantastic films, Romantic movies. But very great impressions have left films " The King of Rings "," Harry Potter ". I hope that you know these films?
I liked film "Patriot" also with Mel Gibson in the main role, where War between England and USA described. I liked this film because There are a natural patriotic spirit, love to the native Land! I I think, that it is very important qualities, which should have all people. Phillip, I hope that you watched this film too, and you have many great impressions from this film. Mel Gibson played his role as the really talented actor! I liked also film " Severe Games ", in my opinion, it is very sensual and educational film for youth. I liked film " I, Again I, and Irene " from comedies in playing of Jim Kerry.:))) I hope that you watched too this ridiculous film. I liked film " the Planet of Monkeys " from fantasy, very entertainment film in my opinion, and a film "The Sixth Day " (Arnold Shvartchenegger). I want to tell you that I like to read books very much, especially the literature of domestic writers: L.N. Tolstoy, Dostoevski, Chehov, Pushkin, Lermontov and so on. But I had a great impression from reading S.King's books. " The Dark Tower ", in my opinion, is very interesting book, where the main hero Roland - the purposeful person, he goes to his aim to a dark tower, and I like quality of Roland- purposefulness! I think that this one of the most important qualities of the person. I hope that you will agree with me, do you, Phillip?
My favorite food and dishes this are fry potato, various soups and I love meat, I shall not hide it from you:) I like the fish and the hen very much, do you like the hen? I love a pizza also very much. It is very tasty. I like fruits and vegetables, the apples, lemons, oranges, bananas, tomatoes, cucumbers and so on are most of all. Do you like to cook the food, Phillip? I like to cook very much, and it is tasty for my family the food that I prepared.
I like to do sports, you like it? I like to ski in the winter and I like to play volleyball. But most of all I like aerobics trainings at my free time, we with my girlfriend Galej have an aerobics, in my opinion, this kind of sports helps to support a body in the good form. I like to dance ball dances:) did you dance sometimes Ball dance? It is so attractive and beautiful, do you agree with me, Phillip? I am sure, that you would like to dance ball dance With me once, do you? Probably, in the future, we shall dance Ball dance, it would be healthy!:)
Now I want to tell you about my hobby. I like to collect various beautiful female Magazines, they are about a style, about female life and so on. Now about mine Favorite dreams. I dream to operate the automobile in the future, It would be so healthy and it is interesting. But I want to tell, that our family has no automobile, it is very expensive to buy the automobile.
By the way, my mum and my grandmother and friends ask about you all time:) my mum is very pleased about our correspondence and ours relations, Phillip. My mum and my grandmother wish us good relations in future, and it is possible, in the future if we shall be together, they want that we could be magnificent pair. :) But remember, Phillip, we should know more about each other, should we? It is very important for me, Phillip. Business in, if you know, that on statistics, the majority of pairs are separated because they know each other not enough, and I do not want to make a mistake, I hope that you will understand me, Phillip, will you? As I told you earlier, we should know more about each other. I want to talk with you very much, but I do not have house phone but if you have phone write it me, and I will call you if I will have such opportunity. You see, probably on the post office it is possible to do it. You would like to talk with me, just to hear a voice. I know the English language a little and we could understand each other. I just want to hear very much from you words: hi Nadia!
Wow..... I cannot believe, Phillip, I have written you such a big letter... I hope, that it will be interesting for you to know about me more. Do you agree with me? Phillip, I will be grateful to you, if you write me about your hobbies, about your interests, what music do you prefer to listen, what cinema and another. Ok, let me finish my letter to you, by the way, almost forgot, it is as usual, to you. My dear, I really want to know more about you, please, be so welcomed and just write me more about you!!!!! I will be very glad and just happy!!
Letter 6

Hello, my sweet Phillip!
I glad to receive your letter like usually. You know, I noticed that I miss every your letter, our words and communication. It is become like very important and needful part of my life.
I know that it is difficult to have a contact when you can’t see the face of person, his eyes and can’t feel his touch!
I read somewhere that about 80 of people all around the world to 2008 year will marry and create a very nice relationship with help of Internet! I think that it is possible because with help of Internet we can know the person in the way which is not really possible in our real life! Communication on Internet gives us a chance to show us in the deeper reality because we don’t afraid say what we really think and we don’t feel any shame! We tell each other what we feel and share our dreams. I want to say that I very glad that I’ve met you! I really interesting with you and now I can understand that hole my life before you was not true, just without any point.
I know now that I missed you, missed the man like you are.
You may have a question why this girl so hurry could felt about me!
I want to answer you, I am along and very romantic and I miss a real love and gentle relation. I think that you can give me that. I want to say in the simple way that I falling a love in you.
I sure that every people can be happy and can give love to another person. Thanks God that I have met you. I never expected that love thru Internet is possible but it is and I can feel this!
I want to tell you that today on my job I think about you all the time. I can’t stop doing this.
Even my colleges noticed that I become some kind happier. My sweetie, Phillip, maybe I too open and hurry but I feel this right now and I wanted to tell you this just to share.
I never ride on horse, I want it very much. So now I have a teacher.
Maybe you will teach me how to drive because I can't do it too.:)
I totally agree with you about meaning of frienship between partners. I think that we already have it.
Now I finish my letter and I really wait for your response. I need to know that you are with me with every your letter. Kiss you, your, Nadya!
P.S Those photos are so funny!!!
Letter 7

Hello, my sweetheart, Phillip!
Please, leave my photo on your night table. I like it a lot.I want to tell that you are very funny on this photo you sent me.
Oh, I was waiting your letter with great impatience and it came to me at last. I happy to hear from you! I don't know how I can explain my condition! May be it is too romantic mood but my heart is ready to jump out from my ******. I can feel that when I thinking about you my breath want to stop, it is so exiting and my heart is ready for love. I know that in loved people look like a crazy a little. So I crazy, crazy because of my love to you! I want to feel that every second, every small moment of my life! Now I know that somewhere I have my man, my love and my home for heart! You took my heart and please, don't give it back! It is yours and I love you, Phillip! It is such a great pleasure to tell you these words. I wish I could tell you this all the time: when you just woke, come home from somewhere, just when you are near.
I know what I would do in the early morning for you. I would get up earlier and see you sleeping dear face. Then I will cook a breakfast for you and then I will come to you and will wake you up with my gentle light kiss and say: "Hello, my love!" You will smile and your kiss will give me a true happiness. This is my dream, a very far, but so pleasant dream.
I wish I could do it in reality!
I needed such feelings for a long time and you gave me them. The whole world is changed for me after this! This is because I happy and have my beloved person, whom I love and whom I want to give a great happiness! You are in my soul and heart! I don't want to lose this never! My lovely Phillip, tomorrow my girlfriend Evgenia will go together with Jan to his home! Phillip. I look on them, and I have dreams about you! You see, Evgenia at first has arrived to him, she made a lot for this, found out about the documents, herself has found money, Jan has helped her with it also, but most important that Evgenia was not afraid to go to him, and then they have arrived together to ask hand and heart from the parents Evgenia! Jan met the father Evgenia, and tomorrow they leave! For me it will be very sad without Evgenia, but I have you and your letters, with you, only with you all will be very good. My lovely, I think sometimes about the song from film "Titanic" "My heart will go on", it sing Celin Dion (I probably incorrectly written, but I hope will understand it), and I think that it is necessary always to listen the heart, and it seems that we can do that and our hearts can be together! I write you these words, and maybe I too hurry, but I really feel it in my heart, especial when I see that my girlfriend did it and it is possible for making!
I kiss you and wait for your letter very much! Just yours Nadya
Letter 8

Hello, my sweetest love on the whole universe!
I was so glad to hear your voice, I need you.
Phillip, I missed you so much and I understand that every second without you are terrible for me! I feel that want to see you, to hug you, just to feel you near me and your touch will bring me a happiness and heaven for our lives. I can feel that and more that it is my inside desire!
I have a very good mood because I have you and I have a lot words to say about our love!
Our feelings are mutual and this is very important for me and for you too. I imagine all the time about our first day together. Maybe at first it would be difficult for us to relax and to feel that two persons are meet since so many time of just correspondence. I don’t want to waste our time and our lifes could be and should be together. We are known that our happiness is in our hands and I will do my best to overcome every difficulty. I want to be with you and I dreaming about this. I can’t imagine my life without you and you are in my soul forever.
We shouldn’t wait for a great day if we can do everything by ourselves. I hope that you understand my feelings and I have a decision to see you, to tell you all face to face. You are my destiny, my man and all that woman want it is just to be with her man. I want to be with you.
I am going to know everything about my coming. I don’t know for now what do I need for this but I will have some information and then I will write you. I think that our relations become deeper and now it is time for our dreams coming thru!!!! I wish that with all my heart!
We have an aim to be happy and we can do that. If we really want something we will do that.
Our family will bring us inside peace and care! I want to give you that and I am yours forever!
I will write you soon, Phillip! With love, your love, Nadya.
P.S I think that my call is very important but I think about our meeting face to face.
Letter 9

Hello, my sweetness!
I want to call you like this and more you are my love and my future, Phillip! I hope that you get my last letter.
I can’t wait for time when I can give you my inside passion and love. Now I understand that all my love and passion just for you. I been waiting you to give you all this and to be loved in back.
I just a weak woman and for me it is very difficult to be apart from my man, my strong and tender man. When I am reading your letters I feel myself like the most beautiful, most needful and wanted woman in the world. I want to feel that all the time. For me you are the most attractive, most handsome and loved man. I can give you that feeling all the time.
That is why it is so difficult for me to love you and at the same time I have no opportunity to express that feeling with touch, look, and kiss. Our love making … Oh, I can’t wait for this… It is just so wanted for me. I am too romantic maybe but I love you so much!!!
I have some information about my coming. I need to hear your opinion about this then.
To go to you, I should be very patience. So I need to do visa, it is cost about 350$, passport to go abroad, air-tickets (about 1100$), insurance (600$), it is rather expensive, yes? As I wrote you, I am trying my best and I have some known people and some friends from work will help me and I think that visa, passport, air-tickets I will be able to buy!!!
At the agency they gave me a full explanation about travel so far away and they told me about how dangerous could be a journey in the foreign country. It connected with terrorism acts and possibility of different bad occasions with my property and health.
If really to say I afraid at first but they insure me that all will be fine and in case of something bad I will be fine with help of insurance. It is necessary to do now because of dangerous time and my government wants to be sure that their citizen will be fine in the foreign country. I understand that very well but because of this I have a great problem with paying for insurance. I can’t find this sum because I asked for a help of every people who could do that for me. Phillip, I think that you understand my material position and I think that I need you help. It is not pleasant for me to ask you about this but this is a reality of our days and you know that I really want to be with you and I do everything for ability to kiss you and to tell you how much I love you! I really do and I feel you no matter what. I need to know your opinion, my man about this.
I wait for you sweet letter and I want to say I LOVE YOU many many times.
Your heartiest, Nadya.
Letter 10

Hello, my lovePhillip!
I thinking about you all the time and I want to express my feelings all the time.
I understand that we are so far away from each other but my desire from this growing up.
I think that soon it will get so high that I can’t live without your touch and your kiss.
I am really close to this and I want to embody my dreams in reality.
I have fantasies about our future and it seems very wonderful for me. You are my sweetest love, my man. I miss you every time and we have only our love.
I am dreaming about you. My prince, I need you to keep my heart and soul.
I understand that maybe it is very hurry but what I can do with my feelings?
The answer is easy, nothing. I don’t want to stop it. I just want to feel it all the time without any stop; distance is terrible for me because I need you now, every moment of my life. You are my life already, Phillip. I want to be a part of your life too. I think that maybe it is childish a little but I want to cook for you, to make everything what you want for your good mood. How are you, my strong man? My mum told me that she will be very happy if I will be with you because she sees that I really miss you and talking about you all the time. She doesn’t worry about me because she thinks that love is the most wonderful feeling and I have it right now and forever.
I contact with agency and they show me a standart contract for every tourist going in USA from our country, this insurance appeared after terrorism act in your country. You know, that relationships between your and our country are difficult and my country want to be sure that a russian citizen will be safe. I abset to know that I should do that, but after all this holidays my friends can't help me more with money. It seems to me that my future is your future and I want this future be with me.
Can you imagine snow everywhere? It is we can see now and cold weather is nothing for me because how it is says in Russia, my love warm me up!
I think that our future is in our own hands and I will try to keep a good mood for you, my honey lips! I hope that you will do the same for me until we will see each other and kiss with all our passion.
Kiss you, with love, Nadya.
Letter 11

Good day to you my sweet love, Phillip!
Did you get my message by phone?
I really liked photos.Your house is a dream!!!!
Funny video made me laught for 5 minutes!!!!
You, I must say very attractive man!!!
I hope that day will be really good for you.
If I could I make everything for your day be happy and easy! Today I decided to go for a walk with my friends. We just want to see our city beauty in winter. I think that snow everywhere is wonderful and I need your hand taking mine when it will cold. You will gentle **** on my cold hands and I will feel my self safety and warm.
I thought a lot about meaning of the love in our life and now I can say for sure that without love a person just living looking for a sweet love. I don't need to look it for anymore because I have my love to you.
I waking up with this feeling and I wish that when I will wake you will be near me. The warmth of your body and your breath is already familiar for me, I can imagine this. I am a woman full of love and I want to give you it without the rest. Don't worry; it is always will be a big part to continue of giving. :)
I want to be with you and I know it for sure.
You, Phillip, become a point of life for me.
I will do everything for our happiness and safety.
I understand that I should be patience but it is so difficult without seeing you, touching you and kissing. I want to give you more then this. I talking about our love making and I want to feel that I am yours not only in my heart and soul but with my body too. I made for you and I think that God couldn't do a mistake. He saw two people and understood that they should and will be together. I really miss you, I have a feeling that when you will come home you will be waiting for me there. I will be waiting for you no matter what in your home which I think I can call ours.
Honey, I understand that it is a big sum for you. I trying my best too.I began to do documents and they will be ready soon, so I just must pay for insurance. They take money in cash, I payed for documents.So don't worry. I need to pay on next week for insurance. Posting to my city will take 4 weeks,I am not sure in security of money in this case. It is good for letters, not for money!
it is too long and I asked at the agency how to translate money fast and save. They told me about Western Union. Do you know about this?
If now I will know for sure and write you how to use this service.
If you will be tired I will help you to relax, if you will be angry I will calm you down. If something will be with me I know that always I can use your shoulder and you will support me and tell: "Sweetie, I am with you!"
Our first meeting is a great treasure for me. I want to have this treasure for us. I think that two adult people understand perfectly what they want and time for them is no matter when they are together. At this way they have an eternity. Two hearts becoming in one. My inside feeling, my love, Phillip, feel your heart no matter the distance!!! I love you!
I kiss you many times, yours Russian love, Nadya.
P.S I want to give you an address for letters and my full name:
Joshkar-Ola (the near city)
st. Karl Libkneht 83
user box 22
index 424 040
Nadezhda Chepaykina
We have very small town and posting there could take about 1 month and more. Near of our town there is a rather big city and my relative work at post office, she told me that better to use this box in her town, because posting take about 3 weeks and all letters will be in security. So if you are going to post something, write city: Joshkar-Ola.Ok?
Letter 12

Hello, my sweet,Phillip!
I writing you and I know that I can’t express all feeling just by letter. I need your touch, your strong hands and warm body! I want it right now and forever! I want to be with you and feel our love and passion. I think that our love making is… Oh, I have no words, I need you. Please, be with me. I can’t be along anymore I want to be with you and be happy. I tired of waiting and I know that soon we will be together, but time is killing me. I have so many emotions and I can’t stop them inside of me. I want to give you all. Just take it and I will be happy. I think about future and I ready to embody this future for us. I love you, I need you. When I can see you? I want it so much!!!!! I trying my best and I know that we will settle all things and we will be together. I glad that I am not along with all staff and you want to help me with some problems connected with my arriving. Thank you for this, my only one!!! I know that it is necessary to have information to send money thru Western Union. I am going write you this and please be careful, there should be no mistake. My name:
Last name:
I know that after you will send money Western Union should give you MTCN, it is ten numbers without which I can’t take money in my country. So I need to know then in any case. After you will send money to me, please, honey, write me the letter and those 10 numbers. I need to know it and that you have already sent me. I will need a full information about you(country, state,name, last name, address).I hope that everything will be fine and I can do everything very fast. I really dream about our meeting. I love you so much. I love you, never forget it!!!!
I sorry that I wrote you in way that you didn't understand my address:
Nadezhda Chepaykina
P.O. Box 22
83 Karl Libkneht St.
Joshkar-Ola, Russia
424 040
Your russian tender woman, Nadya.
P.S I like a nightdress or nothing when I go to sleep.:)
Letter 13

Hello, good day and with all my love, Phillip!
How are you? What are you doing? I often asking about this during my day and I can't wait to receive your letter and read that you love me and miss me.
I imagine that soon I will be with you and maybe I will be doing other things. You know, my heart, Phillip, I think that I already used to live another life. I know what I need in my life and this is you. My woman nature tells me all the time that my happiness is near and I believe in that.
When can we see each other? I often think about it. I understand that there are a lot of problems to go to you. Paper work is so tiring. But I know that at the end I will get a best prize, it is our meeting. How I need your touch and gentle word.
I talked with my mum about our future and she told me that she see how difficult for me not to see you. She worries about it. I know that we will meet and that hope supports me a lot.
But I miss you every second and very hope to see you soon. When people found each other they should get a risk I think, another way they all their life will be thinking that they lost something very special and important and even didn't try to do something.
Yesterday in the evening I visited my friend, she has a family and a little child. I like to see what they doing, how they communicating and with her husband I see that is a happy family with their own inside home, home for their hearts.
I need to have my home, I need you, Phillip.
I hope that all will be fine and we will see each other soon.
I love you, my man; kiss you and all my best wishes. Nadya.
P.S When all will be ready about my coming I will write you.
Wait for your letter!
I hope that soon we will be together!
Letter 14

Hello, My Phillip!
Where are you?
Are you allright? I hope that you fine and you will write me soon!
I need you, my documents will be ready soon, I glad to tell you this!
I thinking about you and our future together!
Kiss, Nadya.
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