Scam letter(s) from Zuwieratu Abubakari to Kirk (USA)

Letter 1
hello my dear nice to hear from u pls the same to me taht a live alone and am looking for someone in my life as my soulmate and i no u are interest in me no problem and a girl of honesst so if u are pls let as put heads together to form a family ok as for my pics i will send them to u bye the way i want u to no that for now am in ghana to visit my dad and i will be coming to the state very soon so we must no each order here before i come hope u will reply me back i wil be whaiting for ur reply ok byee
Letter 2
hello my dear this is my pics
Letter 3
hello my dear i realy want to be with someone like u in my life am very seriouse ok pls if u realy love me to stay with u in your houres i will be very happy to be with u i hope u will reply me now this is ayishatu from ghana your wife to be byee my love
Letter 4

yes my my love i miss u when wil i see your nice face ans pls will u marry
me as your wife
Letter 5
hello my love have my pics is me ayishatu
Letter 6
my love if u can send me money so that i will let my agent start the prosees of coming to u ok hope to hear from u now
Letter 7
hello my love for now i need $150usd to renew my pasport if u can help me
let me no ok my love am whaitin for u
Letter 8
hello my dear love nice to here from u pls taht is ok but pls u can send the money true western union money transfear for the agent so that he will do it for me to come and my love i no u will do anything to make me feel happy in life and i no if i come to u u will treat me like a quoeen in your house wow i cant wahit to see your lovely face my i hope u will help me with this and i have call the agent so he give me his address how u will send it so my love u can have the address now
name.....salim alhassan
location...west affrica
my love this is all u need to send the money true western union money trans fear ok so i will be whaiting for ur reply sonn my love have a nice day and pls after u send the money they will give u some address too so try to reply me with it i love u and will never stop loving u have a nice day and may god bless u byee hope u will reply me soonbyee
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