Scam letter(s) from Irina Gavrilova to Charles (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Mr. Meldrum. I really lawyer Irina. I am sorry about you, that at once it was not presented you in my letter. My name Lyubov. I have read your letters. Yes, I understand your anxiety and frustration. But I also can stop and not help all this to Irina, and you also. But I do it of human qualities. I repeat, that if you do not want the help Irina tell to me it... I to speak Irina that has written to you. She at once began to cry from it. Its excitement and nerves on a limit. Irina asked much about you, about yours health. Irina thinks, that you any more do not trust it and do not want the help. But Irina very much hopes for it and also very much loves you. Irina very much wants, that all this has more likely ended also you were together. Irina hopes for it and trusts. I calm always, that all will be OK. And now it depends on you and a little from me. The most important - is necessary to pay the penalty. It is valid 2150 USD dollars. And it is necessary to pay the penalty at once entirely or in two parts. It is necessary to pay better at once all sum. Or all over again 1150 USD dollars and in a week other part of money. What do you think of it? Now about tickets. I considered it. And if to look the Legal law of the Russian Federation tickets and the visa can be restored. I know as it to make. Tickets, the visa will restore, because Irina had problems with the law. And under the Legal law of the Russian Federation at the presence of the lawyer it can be restored. And I can make it. Therefore you need to pay the penalty only. But also for my services of the lawyer I shall ask payment. I shall not ask much, because you a complex situation. I to respect you, as the person. I to understand your situation and consequently I go to you to the aid and concessions. I shall ask only 500 USD dollars. It very much is not a lot of, in comparison by a payment to other lawyers. And when all will end, I shall personally see off Irina in the airport. I to track its flight.
All of you understand?
Now I shall look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully lawyer Lyubov.
Letter 2
Good evening Charles.
I read yours letters. This affliction certainly. I talked to Irina. And I have told to it, that you the help will pay the penalty and a payment to me. I spoke Irina, that you very much love her and that soon I shall arrange trip Irina to Canada. You would see person Irina during this moment, its smile, pleasure. She was happy, she was pleased as the child to this. It were the most pleasant news to Irina for the last some months and unique pleasant news... And I do not know as now to me to speak about it Irina..? What to me now to tell to it??? How to speak me about this trouble Irina??? I cannot make it... I shall think out something to play for time. I cannot tell to it these sad news. I shall try something to explain Irina. I think, that at me it will turn out. But you have told, what have now 550 dollars? I think, that you can pay my services of the lawyer now. And I shall make all for Irina both morally, and legally, and psychologically that she felt like ok. I necessarily shall find something soon to release Irina. But I should know, for what I work and I try for the sake of it. Therefore I to ask you that you to pay to me for my diligence. Otherwise, you can send money for the penalty for Irina then she will leave on freedom and then simply to not pay to me. And I want reliability that you to pay to me. You understand it? And I can then to agree, that Irina let out on the security of money. And then completely, after payment of the penalty. And after that she can easy leave to you for Canada. You understand?.. Irina spoke me, that you send money on Money Gram. And it suits me. Certainly I have no a lot of time. I constantly am engaged in affairs and I have no many free time. Therefore for me my assistant will receive money. Its full name: Olesya Korolkova. I shall be grateful to you, that you will make all how I to speak in this letter because we do a common cause for your happiness and the future with Irina. I shall look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully, Lyubov.
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