Letter(s) from Kelly Harden to Matthew (USA)

Letter 1

Hey Matt,
I like your profile and everything you said on your profile is interesting, anyway my name is Kellie Harden, I'm 29 years ,5.7ft, residing Phoenix AZ. but presently in Africa with my mom, she's sick so i had to fly down quick to check on her. I am single with no kids at present, it's quite difficult to write about oneself when u know that others will be judging u on what u write, i'm just going to be simple and fly straight. I've been told that i'm a classy girl with a great dress sense,i'm an optimistic person who has a variety of interests....i'm a down to earth lady who consider herself confident, intelligent, honest, romantic, spontaneous, caring with a big heart, easy to get along with positive personality, ambitious, self-motivated, secure, expressive, attentive, passionate, good christian with a good sense of humour, i love cooking,sports,movies,music, i'm open minded and fun loving,little things in life count, i'm drug,smoke and disease free,i'm not into games,as they hurt, absolutely not a time waster..Yea, i have really tried to tell you everything about me..Lets see if it works out for you. I will be waiting for you in my mail.

Letter 2

Matt,i wish i could speak to you atleats hear the voice of my man to be. But am so sorry i cant afford to get a mobile phone inhere cos of the expenses of my mom's surgery even though i am still in alot of trouble here, but i believe if i cant get my right man and get the claim of the properties left behind for me by my parents, i would get rich some day, i mean i would also count myself as a millionaire some day cos i already accepted a deal of about $4.5Million on selling the estate and the company in it.

If you wanna talk to me, you can always call within the hours i am with mom in the hospital that is between the hours of 12pm to 6pm but i guess it is about eight hours ahead of your time over there, just call the doc and tell him you would like to talk to me, his number is +234-805-995-2131.

I cant wait to hear your voice Matt, you are a very nice man after reading from what you wrote to me and every woman would like to get to know you, are you sure you still single and looking for a real woman to be your wife, sorry am just trying to be carefull cos i got alot of inheritance ahead to claim from my parents and i can only get it with my fiance's signature thats why i am so worried and carefull, i dont want to be played mind games and i dont want to be deceived.i want a true love.
Waiting to talk to you honey

Letter 3

Matt, the city is in Lagos in Africa, if you wanna dial, you can dial it like this 011-234-805-995-2131. If you wanna call that number, you need to check your phone if you have a long distance call card on it, i really need to talk to you, it is kinda important, well it is about me, my mom and us, there is alot going on here which i will wanna explain to you and i believe talking to you on phone will be better explained than e-mailing you, mom is not getting any better and the Doc told me her Cancer is getting to the Third Stage so she has to be operated as soon as possible, i just want you to help me talk to the doctor, they seem not to be helping me cos i am white and not their colour.
I need you here, i know it is wired and also you might not have the time to come here but i believe you can handle things right from there if you wanna do it, i need to speak to you pls, i attached some pictures to this mail so check out for it ok.....Kellie

Letter 4

Honey, the name of the hospital is Holy Christ Hospital, you should know this country is a third world country, the hospital might not be online..The pictures i sent you were from the picture of the first surgery she had..... The doctors that did the first stage of the surgery were offcourse white, how do you expect just one doctor to perform a surgery, they will definately be alot of surgions in the theather room. They invited the doctor you saw in those pictures from Cuba, those are not americans. i am sorry they were not clear cos they were taking with a mobile phone.
I am not happy with your mail but i understand what you are going through, i now there are alot of lies online but i dont know what to do to make you believe i am real, i told you to call me if you want to do so, i would just have to get the doctor's nuber to you so you can always call me within the hours of 12-6 pm. Also i think i have never lied to you from the first day i met you cos i seem to like all about you and i taught to lie. If you still dont believe me then i think all i got now is sadness and unhappiness cos i have gained alot of interest in you and Lauren and i really want to be part of you and hers...anyways i will try and scan my passport and send to you so you can still find a way to believe me. Matt, i would never lie to you, all i said to you was nothing but the real truth okay. All i need you to do is relax and take your time to believe me. Pls dont dought me cos you will read any meaning to any little things you study about me.
I will be waiting for you online.
Lots of love

Letter 5

Matt, i underatand how you feel about all this and i am so sorry for rushing,all i just wanted is to be loved and not fooled and i saw you as a responsible and respectable soi believed you were just all i am looking for and gave it a trial...anyways i will be waiting for you online so we can talk more.

Letter 6

Matt, i really feel the same way you feel,i dont really know much about you but still i asked for your help, i had no choice than to seek for your help just because you are the only friend i am talking to and i tried calling my uncle's number for over a month but he has not been around to pick his call, if you wanna try call him, his name is Kevin and his # is 616-617-3259, which i know you have verrified that. You can call to confirm again if you wanna try again, i have droped alot of voice messages till his mailbox is full. Matt if i had another means of saving her then i would have done it and stoped giving you problems about this, pls i need your caring heart, just help me for Charity sake and stop thinking about me trying to lie to you, all i asid to you was real. If you wanna loan me,pls do so then i will refund to you later,probably when i return back to the state and work a lil time then i will refund it back to you.
Matt, as long as you dought me and this matter keeps extending, then you are allowing my mom's chance of surviving gets critical. I was able to get a better shot of her now and i am attaching it to this mail, you will see that she is not getting any better, i am on my last breath pleeding for mercies,pls stop making me feel like a begger, i just need your financial assistance to get mom back to life, all you should think about is saving a life and not killing her,if you dont believe me then you juse left her dead. pls believe meand help me with the remaining funds.
I believe your next mail to me would be how you will help me pay the money to the doctors so i can ask them on how you can send the money to them....pls help me and i will always remain loyal to you besides i wanna tell you there is more to gain from me than to loose. We will talk more about that but not now,all thats needed now is saving mom first okay.

Letter 7

Matt, why have you been doughting me and acusing me of what i dont do, is it because i asked for your help and you dont wanna help then you think staying away from me and lieing against me will make me stay away from you, this is unfair and God knows that you are so bad hat you just want me mom dead anyways thanks for wasting the hell of my time and breaking my heartagain....Hope Lauren is okay.