Letter(s) from Svetlana Rechkina to Bo (Sweden)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend Bengt. This my first letter to someone on the Internet, therefore I at all do not know from what to start. My name is Svetlana, but in abbreviated form Sveta. I like more, if to me call Sveta. This is my e-mail xangellove2007x@rambler.ru I will wait for your answer here. Probably the most basic I have told in my profile, but certainly there is told very little. I am kind woman, able to be resolute. I work, as the secretary of the dean in institute at economic faculty. I have economic education. I am probably repeated, all would be desirable to tell and at once but so it does not happen. I am single, and never been married, I have no children. To me not so carried with men. I never respected inconstancy in men. I had some serious relations with men, but men were changeable and frequently irresponsible. I have thought, that on the Internet there is a lot of decent men. What has resulted you in the Internet for dating? You search relations to find unique, and to remain with her for ever, or only try, not knowing than it to end? I have small experience on work with the Internet, and interesting stories came across me on eyes, how girls found men on the Internet, and in a result they have been married and live now together and happily. I have thought, can be to me too will lucky? I shall finish the letter while on it. I need to make some affairs, to make some lists for work, therefore I shall write to you bigger letter when I shall receive your answer. I think, that to us is what to tell each other. I would be glad to find out more about your family, parents, friends. I send you some the single photos. The truth they not the newest, have been made in the autumn, but nevertheless I think, it will be interesting to you. Also I wait for your photos. Hope to see your letter soon, Your new friend Sveta.

Letter 2

Hello my new friend Bengt. It was pleasant for me to read your answer. You very interesting person, and I want to tell so much all about myself, today at me cheerful day, and I in very good mood. I have not told to you much about myself in the last letter, I do not know, whether my you remember profile. To me 32 years, my birthday on March, 5.
My new friend Bengt, when your birthday? How you usually celebrate this date? As far as this holiday is important for you? I am usual on the birthday I gather with girlfriends, we have loud fun. Or simply I spend quiet evening in a circle of the close friends.

A little about sports. I like a snowboard! We sometimes with my best girlfriend go on mountain district, than in city to go for a drive on a snowboard. Also I, as many women, am fond of fitness. You most of all like what sports, and in what sports are engaged? I was born and I live in Russia, in city Cheboksary. I think, it will be interesting to you to find out about my family. My mum was born in small city, nearby to Kazan, but has then moved with my father in Cheboksary to study here in institute, and in a result they have remained to live here. I have senior brother, to him now 40, and he lives in small city, in the north of Russia in Siberia. We sometimes communicate with him, sometimes he comes to me. My father and mother, again have left for republic Tatarstan to live in village, in fact they many years, and the noisy life of city not for them. But it near to me, about 240 km. from Cheboksary. I also like to travel. I like to be in the south, for example not so long ago was in Anapa. Also I was in Kazakhstan, on Baikonur. I was not in other countries, except for Kazakhstan.

I think, that it is very interesting for finding out about other culture, about other country. I the educated woman, and know much about the foreign countries. But inhabitants, certainly, know much more about the country than foreigner! How you think?

Bengt, you did not speak me about the work. In what your work will consist. I would like to know as usually there is a process of labour activity in your country.

I basically not the vulnerable person but if you will ignore this letter it will touch me, in fact I tell to you about the individual life and I want to create more interesting future, probably together. You have very much involved me, and I would like to find out more about yours lives. I think, we can discuss much very much. I shall set some questions, and I think, if we shall ask each other questions, we find out about each other more. What your religion? You think, what the difference of religions can prevent relations between the man and the woman?

I would like to mention a theme about children. Whether you want to have children? I would like to have children in the future. But it is not sure, as there will be circumstances.
Well, I shall finish on it the letter. I do not want, that you were tired with reading my letter as I should work, and my chief dissatisfied, if anything are not ready in time. I shall write to you when I shall have rest from work, I hope to receive your letter soon, in fact I work only 7 hours per day, and to me it will be boring without your answer. I wait with impatience, Sincerely your new friend Sveta.

P.S. On photo: my chief (the dean that that the grown-up), his assistant, I and mine the colleague.

Letter 3

Hello my friend Bengt. You bewitch and interest me all more! I am glad to receive the letter from you. I spoke, that I shall look for photos where I on a snowboard, and I have found them. These photos have been made about weeks ago, we went on base of winter rest by the last week. It is very interesting to me to look your photos. You very beautiful and courageous. It would be desirable to see more than your photos, but the main thing, that I can see your photo constantly.

It would be desirable to talk about cinema, music and other cultural interests. Let's go under the order, from music I love styles similar to a blues, a jazz, rock. From here we shall receive, many styles in music. I like group Tatu, I like some executors hip-hop, rap and r'n'b, for example Eminem, Jennifer Lopez, Akon, Beyonce. From rock to like me such classical groups as Scorpions, Rolling Stones and russian groups DDT, Lube. In general, my tastes in music are various. You love what music? It would be interesting to me to find out it in your following letter. I remember much in the questionnaire have been told about your interests, but in fact you can describe it in more detail, than there.

Also I like to go cinemas, museums, theatres. My favourite genre in cinema and theatre is a romantic drama: «Vanilla sky ». Also I like musicals. How frequently you are in cinema or theatre?

I wanted to tell once again, that for me there are no obstacles in relations, such as age, race, etc. In the person the main thing soul, his character, his relation to me and to a life. The main thing that the man understood, that love is more important, than career. You know, why I want to see near to myself the man is more senior, than I? Usually, men in the age from 34 do not pursue any more having high position, to not chase in promotion in career, and start to think of family more. I think, you understand, that my purpose in a life will consist at the presence of the husband with whom I can overcome all difficulties in a life. To live together, to grow children, To surround with their care, to provide with they the happy future! I think, That you understand me, and your vital purposes are similar mine. My letter again interrupts on the most interesting, but continuation follows... Your letter will bring to me a lot of positive so I wait with impatience.
By the way, you can leave to me the phone number?
I think, it would be fine to hear a voice each other.
Your friend Sveta.

Letter 4

Hello my friend Bengt. It was very pleasant to receive your answer again. You love group Roxette? Yes, I heard about them, it is very remarkable group. I shall refuse what to listen to songs of this group!
I send you some interesting photos. These photos have been made in January of this year when my faculty celebrated 75 years of the existence. Our faculty went to Moscow. It was congress of workers of universities from all Russia, it was fine trip because I have found out a lot of new that it is possible to apply in my work. Also I have found out new people which as well as I are engaged in work at university and their activity is directly connected to students.

My friend Bengt, is very a pity to me, that you have not answered my request. You remember, I asked you to write your phone number? Unfortunately, I have no personal phone to call you or that you called to me, but I could take phone from the colleague or at the girlfriend. I very much would want to hear your voice.
My friend, I told to my friends, that I have got dating with you. Friends are very glad for me, in fact I am, unique of friends to my age till, now single. So I have very good mood, and I am open finding out each other closer. I think, that next week I shall be at the parents, and I shall tell to mum and father, that I have got dating with you! All of us find out about each other more. And I feel, that we with you can become closer. I want to keep in touch so frequently as far as it is possible! I shall wait for your letter with the big impatience. Kisses, Sveta.

Letter 5

Hello interisted Bengt. I was very glad to receive again the letter from you!
Bengt, I tried yesterday to call to you. But, for some reason I could phone up to you. Probably you have given me a correct phone number. Probably it is telecommunication was bad. I know. I shall try to call to you later.

I would like to tell, that it is fine, that we have got acquainted with you. You very interesting the man and you very much like me! I think, that in the future, in the near future we can meet. We, certainly, know, about each other it is not enough, but under several letters I can already draw some conclusions on you. And as I have already told, you to me are very nice! I would not want to hasten in development of our relations. I do not want, that our correspondence was vain, and I want, that our relations were sincere, warm, pure. I want, that our relations were under construction on trust to each other, in fact one of the most important factors in relations between the man and the woman this trust. I hope, that you understand me, and will support me in it. I very much would want to know your opinion in this occasion! I with impatience wait for your new letter.
Kisses, Sveta.

P.S. Mum has told, that will arrive to me on a visit absolutely soon.
I think, that we will have very interesting conversation on you, I very much would want to know opinion of mum on my interest in you.

Letter 6

Hello Bengt!!!
How your affairs of an affair today? I hope, that at you all is good. I want to congratulate you on Day Valentine. And to wish you happiness this year. I want to wish you, that you this year at last would find the girl from whom you could be together, be pleased lives. What this year, you that disappointed. Today, I shall be at mum. Probably in the evening, I with the girlfriend, we shall go to cafe or we shall be at somebody from them at home. I hope, that your today will pass wonderfully. Once again I congratulate you, and I wish all best. Tomorrow I shall write to you the letter.

Letter 7

I want to drop a line about a marriage. In the life, I many times Thought of this question. In the life, I very much want to have Family. I want, what in my life, the person who can love was Me such what I am! A marriage, in my opinion, this very serious The decision, and is necessary to concern to it very seriously. For me a marriage very much It is important, as far as the marriage for you is important? I am not so traditional in The question concerning a marriage. That is, I do not think of such interdictions, as Sex up to a marriage, as the personal application of a hand at parents. In this respect I am quite loyal also sex up to a marriage for me is normal. Tell to me, as you You think of my point of view? As I already spoke, I do not want to hasten in our attitudes.
You spoke about a meeting. Certainly in the future we should meet. It in any case should happen, because as I already spoke I I search for serious attitudes which can give me family, and in fact ideas about Creation of family are impossible without a meeting. I think that you understand it. But on the other hand I do not want to do hasty decisions now. Give All we shall consider and we shall make the correct decision. I learn when will be at me Holiday and after that we shall plan ours to a meeting.

I have found on a computer of my girlfriend some from the photos (it is strange, why I had no it in my picture album ?). In the past To year, i.e. in the summer 2006 I went to Anapa to have a rest and simultaneously To work. We had conference of educational institutions. Well and certainly, What work can be in the summer on a resort, near the sea. Certainly, I with Mine the girlfriend - colleague searched for different adventures. You can see on Photos as I go for a drive on huge a swing, suspended on ropes. We had many entertainments there, but I do not have many photos Therefrom.

I have thought, that we should write each other our addresses. Would be It is interesting to write to you the letter on a paper! Well, perhaps, on it I I shall finish the letter. With impatience I shall wait for your letter. With hope for the interesting future together, Sveta.

Letter 8

Hello dear friend Bengt.
I am glad to receive from you such interesting letter. It is very pleasant for me To read your letters, it gives me a lot of positive mood.
It is good, that you have written the address. Probably not much later I shall send you the letter by mail.
I have found for you some photos. The photo about church was It is made one year ago, in city Great Novgorod. Also you can see My favourite soft toy. This toy I was presented by the girlfriend on mine 30-th birthday. We then very much laughed at this occasion, and up to This time this toy lays on a sofa of a house. Also absolutely recent The photo, has been made at conference one week ago. At us frequently There are various conferences, trainings. Only it is not necessary to be jealous to To this to the man, that in a photo. He/she is our director on questions Multimedia, and beside mine the colleague, she prosecutes subjects cultural Lives of students.

If it is fair, I think of trying myself in new area, Since work in institute of me has tired. As you think, in what to me To try itself? In the childhood I was fond of sewing of clothes, but then I Could sew only a shirt for the father with the brought down seams, etc. I think, That now I can sew better. Still I have bents to To administrative work. It seems to me, that I can be the manager In any place. I can watch that occurs in this or that Place. In general, I very responsible. And to any affairs I concern very much Seriously. I am sure, that in my life, to me most of all will be To go right this business. That you think of it. Whether you can tell to me, What do I am right in it? Even on so much, on how many you know me. As You think, what the trade in your life, would turn out at you Most of all?

Yes, certainly. I completely agree with you concerning a marriage. I as think, that before a marriage it is necessary to learn better each other. It seems to me, that it would be even better to live millet together any time what to be confident that the marriage will be good. What do you think of it? As to sex before a marriage, it seems to me that not so. It not the main thing what to have sex before a marriage. Certainly it to make sense in it. But, my opinion on it. It the main thing. I think, that representation, that I would want, that for me the person in sex would make. I shall tell to you about it not much later. I shall necessarily make it. I hope, that you will be afflicted, that I have answered you it in this letter.

I regret. But, I now should go urgently for work. I ask you To be afflicted in it. In the following letter I shall write to you the big letter. As I want to remind you, that I am very glad, that we have got acquainted with You in the Internet. Fairly, to tell, I value to ours with you dialogue. Well, on it I shall finish the letter. With impatience I shall wait for yours The following letter.


Letter 9

I understand, that occurs. Why you have ceased to write to me?
You can explain to me it. Answer me please my question.
You want to continue acquaintance to me, whether or not?

Letter 10

How are you Bengt?
Your letter again brings to me a lot of pleasure! The latest news: at me today interesting day, to me there have arrived parents. It was the big surprise, and we had very interesting conversation. They told to me as carry out their life in village, I with pleasure listened, and even I envy them that their life so is quiet a little, and I is eventful. But nevertheless my life is more interesting... I told to mum about you, she has told, that you the remarkable person and sent the regards to you. She has told, that you, perhaps, the one for whom I so a long time searched. In fact I the person very much not similar to others, and I always in a life search for something unusual, and you unusual! Acquaintance on the Internet for me is unusual!

You know, I want to tell to you, that in time which we are familiar with you, are familiar on correspondence, we had already time to find out much about each other. I want to admit to you that my feelings to you become not as to the friend, and something the greater. For this time, you became very interesting to me. I very much would like with you close serious relations. What can you tell to me about it? I began to feel from you more strong feelings more recently. Probably, you will ask why? I shall answer you. Because, when I read your messages, at me is always cheered up, in me there is fire of feelings.

I would like to talk a little about a meeting, in fact we should plan this remarkable event beforehand! I want to tell to you, that now at me on work all is normal, and I think, that if we shall finally decide to meet, I can take holiday without problems. Probably, even to leave, in fact I wanted to try myself in any other activity! Only we should be defined beforehand about date to a possible meeting since I need to legalize beforehand on work papers on holiday or on dismissal.

I think, it would be fine to spend together find out each other closer, in fact letters do not give everything, that can give a reality. Completely the person to find out it is impossible, only slightly and the most important. And in fact, to live with the person that there was a family, it is necessary to know all about the person. To know each trifle which it is possible to expect from the person with whom at you are planned on the future. And it can be found out, only in that, a case if to live with him any time. Now I have looked in a window, it appears, there was a snow. So it is interesting, when snowflakes slowly fall on the ground, get on glass of a window. I think, that is possible to look hours at how the snow falls. It is similar to when you look at the sea and overlook about everything, have not time to look back, and has passed one hour. What novel secret - soul of the person.

I think, that for me at present there are two things of which I can be lost in contemplation and, not having noticed as will pass time, to overlook about all. It is a falling snow and you if you, at last, have sent me the photo, I am sure, that would be lost in contemplation of your photo!

I shall wait for your letter with huge impatience! Yours Sveta.

Letter 11

I shall tell to you fairly, yes at me sex in my life was. But, it was once.

Letter 12

Hello my the close friend Bengt. I was very glad to receive again the letter from you!

You have received my message? It is a pity, that was not possible to speak by phone. It seems to me, that a phone conversation, has the value in creation of relations. At present, we cannot see each other every day, but phone call in any measure replaces it. I am very glad, that have talked to you.

I think, that is possible to tell, that we know about each other already much, and it so is magnificent. Pleasantly, to know, that for many thousand kilometers, there is a person who has to me respect, and respects my interests. We are already copied with you some time, and at me already much we know about each other. It is fine, because I had about you a representation as about very good person. I am very glad, that I have such fine friend as you.

I think, that if we shall have a meeting with each other I think, that sex will be pertinent in this case. But, it seems to me, that in detail we can discuss a theme of sex not much later. ok?

I want to tell to you that trust - a body in relations between the man and the woman. Relations are under construction on trust. It almost just as the house to be cost from the base as also relations are under construction, on trust. I want to tell, that already I have warm feelings to you, certainly love it for the present to not name, but I think, that we could be good pair and have fine family. Tell to me, what you think of it? Certainly, we need to meet to find out each other better and to draw similar conclusions. It is very important for me because it is the following step in development of our relations.

I so am glad, that you support my opinion on a meeting. Having read your letter, I have understood, that it would be so wonderfully if in the near future we could be together.

My holiday will be April. I think, that next week, I find out, that is necessary to arrive to you. It would be wonderful to meet soon!

I have found some photos, it has been made at theatre. I like to visit theatre or cinema sometimes. I have thought, that it should be pleasant for you, to receive my photos. Unfortunately, I need to finish the letter on it. So it would not be desirable to interrupt, but work is work. I shall wait for your letter with the big impatience. Yours Sveta.

Letter 13

Hello my dear friend Bengt. It is a pity, I cannot write is more often to you now, but it does not mean, that I do not want to develop our relations. Tomorrow my birthday, and I need to go to bed earlier to have time to make all planned. I promise to try to write more often, and the main thing I want to find out you more! I shall wait the letter from you. Yours Sveta.

Letter 14

Hello my dear Bengt! I was very glad, that you have answered me. It is pleasant for me to know, that we with you correspondence has not ended.

At me interesting day on work today was. I already spoke the boss (dean), that I am going to leave from this work, and to try something another in a life. First he very much did not want, that I left work. He spoke, that I the good worker, and he would like, that I have remained. But I have explained to him, that I already see my future, and work as the secretary in this institute is not included into my plans for the future. If I am fair, I did not speak him, that have got dating with the interesting, remarkable foreigner, that is you, and I gather temporarily or it is possible for ever leave Russia. Also has passed some days since that moment as I have told it to him, and boss has told, that he has already found replacement by my place and through two week I shall be free from this work. I thought of us, about our meeting. I gathered to find out how I can arrive to you, and what documents are necessary for me for this purpose at next week. I shall speed up this process, and in the nearest days I find out of more details.

I want to tell to you about my representation, about our future meeting. I arrive to the airport, I see you, you see me... First I think, we shall hesitate each other a little, but it will pass quickly. And we shall feel more is unchained with each other. We shall ask each other questions, and will find out about each other more close, than now, than it will be possible to discuss with you ours further plans. You will tell to me about the city that I felt like more comfortably, knowing some features of a life in Sweden. I am sure, that we will have interesting future together. It would be interesting to me, to find out now your representation about ours meeting. I think, that you will not complicate to write to me about it. At all I do not know, that else to you to tell about myself now. My ideas now about our future meeting, my ideas are my dreams of us.

But with the help of your questions it is easier to me to tell more about itself. I with pleasure shall answer your questions.

Concerning theatre. Yes, you are right it good and very big theatre.
But, it stands it is expensive. You can worry, I go there, where dearly:)

I shall be glad to see again your letter soon! You is a lot of hopes, Sveta.

It was very pleasant for me to receive from you congratulations, concerning my Birthday! I am glad, that you have overlooked about it, this most important. I very strongly thank you for it. I shall write to you, how I has carried out the birthday!

Letter 15

Hello my dear Bengt. I am glad to receive once again from you the letter. I already spoke you, what your letters always deliver to me huge pleasure? I am ready to repeat it every day, and the more so today, in fact at us solar remarkable weather! The sun heats the person, heats heart, and forces to start to think of warm summer days. Though at us today not the warmest weather, but it the spring has no value, in fact now! The spring, is a remarkable season in one year. All starts to blossom, and the animals leaving in hibernation, start to wake up. Speak, that the spring is the most in love season in one year. What do you think of it? At this time there is a lot of love. ? And probably the love, strong and pure, will be and between us? I believe in it, and something prompts me, that it is valid so! I feel, that in my heart there is a special feeling, this feeling is connected to you. I do not want to make hasty conclusions, but it seems to me, I start to fall in love with you!

I wanted to tell, that with impatience I wait for our meeting. I think, it will be very important event for us and our relations. I do not remember, whether I spoke you, what was in Kazakhstan at start of a rocket? I have found for you some photos made in Kazakhstan the last year. We went there excursion, there were students, teachers, workers of dean's office. It was very cheerful, and I then for the first time in a life felt, how shakes the ground, at start of a rocket.

I am glad, that you approve my idea concerning arrival to you. I am very glad, that we soon can meet and spend time together. I think, that tomorrow I could find out details about that how to arrive to you, to find out, what documents are necessary for this purpose. After I find out all, I shall write to you the letter, I shall try to write to you more in detail about everything, that I can find out. I flied by the plane to Kazakhstan, and I very much liked to fly by the plane so flight by the plane for me will not be for the first time.

I shall finish the letter ? to me so it would be desirable to tell to you still something, but necessary still have put on the house more many and to make some lists for work. But soon I shall, is free from all these lists, at least, for some time!

I already was going to finish the letter, but have recollected that I have not answered your questions.
You asked my address. I without problems allow to you it!
Svetlana Rechkina
Russian Federation
28-47 K.Mark st. - 1
Is not present at present, I still have sent you the letter by mail.
Probably not much later, I shall necessarily make it.

I shall wait for your letter with the hugest impatience, in fact your letters always bring a lot of pleasure in my soul and heart. Yours Sveta.

Letter 16

Hello my Bengt.
Today fine day, and it to become even more perfectly, in fact I read your letter! As it is good, that the Internet helps us to overcome obstacles of the countries, distinction of cultures, and to communicate without problems with the interesting person as you! I think, that we shall not have problems concerning distinction of cultures because we are already familiar with you some time, and I have already understood, that we with you have much in common.

I has found out all about my possible trip to you, and what package of documents is required to me. For arrival to you I need to receive the passport for travel abroad, the visa, the medical insurance, and certainly tickets. All this can be made with the help of travel agency, for a small time interval, a maximum of 3 weeks. This process is not too difficult. On the one hand I am madly glad, that all appeared, not so it is difficult as I assumed. On the other hand I am a little upset. On all my charges, the considerable sum of money is required, and I have no all sum. I, certainly, assumed, that all costs dearly, but what so it is expensive! And I even was upset a little. In fact sometimes it is necessary to refuse itself in many respects, as though we would like it. In any case we shall be good friends.

Earlier I hesitated to ask to you more personal questions. I would like to find out about your attitude to sex. I would like to tell to you, that for me sex ?
Sex for me means more than simply carnal delights. But I think, that the passion should appear only after two persons find out each other well enough. They should have strong feeling which does not give to live him without second half. Sex is remarkable only when you can accept the partner with all his lacks and advantages. Souls of two loving should incorporate as well as their bodies. We should have such spiritual communication to make love not only bodies, but also souls. I hope, you understand my opinion in it.

Forgive, but I as I can recollect why I so have written. No, you worry all well. If, you will send something to me, it will come to me, but will go for a long time!

For today I shall finish the letter, and I wait for your letter with the big impatience. I hope to see you soon! Your Sveta.

Letter 17

Hello my dear Bengt.
it was very pleasant to read your letter again. You know my dear, today simply remarkable day in Russia. Weather to become all it is better and better. The sun shines all more brightly and more brightly and gives more and more than heat. To such days usually in love go in pairs and talk about all. But now, I only live hope that our relations can give us much more, than simply love. I sincerely believe, in it and I think, that we should make all together and solve problems on a way to our happiness.

It so is fine, that we can to be soon with you together. I very much am glad to this, and I wait for the moment when I can embrace and kiss you. I very much, very much want to arrive to you and to be with you up to the end of the life, I am sure, that when we shall be with you together, we shall be very happy. These ideas do not abandon me never.

I would like to tell to you little bit more in detail about the sum which is necessary for me for travel to you. The visa costs cheaply, about 50 euros. And this cost does not depend on validity of the visa; Tickets cost about 300 Euros (depending on the airport); The passport for travel abroad costs about 120 Euros; Medical insurance of the international sample costs almost 500 Euros! It is the most expensive part, and is the most important for trip abroad; Also it is necessary to pay dearly up to Moscow, hotel, etc., that will cost about 240 Euros; In the sum for travel to you I need to have 1210 Euros. It under condition of if not to use travel agency. Also it is possible to conclude the contract in travel agency that is the most convenient for me since I should not go twice to Moscow, and on it it is possible to save. Also for me it will be much easier to order all documents through agency, and it is not necessary to stand idle hours per turns behind the passport and insurance (in Russia this moment is very badly discounted taken into account, and it is very inconvenient for people to receive documents). The contract in Agency will cost all for 50 Euros more expensively, and the sum to make 1260 Euros. I understand, that it is the big sum and if for you it also is expensive I shall understand do not doubt, in fact all the same once we shall be together! I now have some money, it about 350 Euros which I can enclose in travel, you can help with other part of the sum?

And even concerning work. I want to discharge from office as here pay a little. In Russia, this problem is very much distributed, and people search for places of work, such what to have decent money, for work which they do. I have very well thought of this occasion and I think, that in some days, I shall go to write the statement concerning dismissal from this work, on which I now. As, I find out concerning, what to have an opportunity to be employed in your country. That me would take for work without special problems, I think, that it is really possible to receive the license, and I shall necessarily make it for myself. If we shall be together for ever, this document very much will help me.

Dear mine, I constantly think of that, in what could proceed our relations, whether there will be it simply romantic meeting, or we shall find the true love or we can make fine family together and bring up clever and beautiful children who could become in the future great people. My feelings to you every day grow more and more and more. Now I any more do not know, that to me to do, because I now have insuperable desire to be with you. It is not important for me, what your income as far as it is expensive or is cheaply arranged your house, the most important, that I shall be with you, I can look in your eyes, hold you for a hand and feel touches of your lips. Unless it not happiness? Now, when the opportunity of a meeting has appeared at us, I all with the big impatience wait your letters and for me the happiness when I see in the box the letter from you is simple. Now I think of you more and more, I think of us and to me to become sadly, sadly because, that all of us yet together.
You know, we did not speak about much. But we have eternity ahead to discuss all about each other. I shall wait for your letter with the big impatience.
Yours Sveta.

Letter 18

How are you Bengt?
How you have carried out today? I hope, that at you all is good. What plans at you on these days off? You have received my last letter to you! In these days off probably, I shall go to mum what to visit her. She asked to help her with the house. Forgive, that I write to you so a little. I hope, soon to receive from you the answer.
Yours faithfully Sveta!!!!

Letter 19

Hello my dear Bengt!!!!
I am glad to receive from you the answer. How your affairs today? It is very pleasant for me to know, that my letters deliver pleasure in your heart. Your letters as deliver to me a lot of pleasure, I very much like to read your letters, sometimes I re-read them on some times. It will be so perfectly when we can talk with each other, in real time. I want to tell to you, that I am very strongly grateful to you that you help me, on trip to you. Thanks, as for, that you have written to me some phrases. I shall try to learn it. I think, that while I have not taken off to you, it would be wonderful, if in each subsequent letter you wrote to me, any phrases. Which will be necessary for me in the first days. It will be very wonderful, if you can help me with work when I shall come to you, I as think, that for me it will be a problem! I with impatience shall wait for the moment, ours with you of a meeting. Today I have had time to go in bank what to find out how you can send me of money. The manager of bank has advised us with you To use the company the express train of translations « Western Union ». Also has assured, that this campaign the most effective and successful in system The express train transfer money. For transfer neither me, nor it is not required to you To open bank accounts and all it is very simple. To carry out transfer money, you my full Name and the Surname is necessary to know. And I should know almost the same, only It is little bit more.
I should know.
I have written your data, check up it please and tell to me, I have written All is correct? And as, when you will send me of money, it will be necessary to me To know number of translation (MTCN), and the exact sum of money which you to me
You will send.
Now my data.
My full name in English: Svetlana
My surname: Rechkina
I hope, that tomorrow you can send. I very much I hope,
on your help to me.
With love yours Sveta!!!

Letter 20

Hello my dear Bengt!!
I am glad to receive from you the letter. Forgive, that I could write to you earlier. I have received your letter with number of translation. Today I shall have time to receive this money as banks in my city are already closed. I shall receive them tomorrow, and at once I shall pay for official registration of papers. I so am glad, that already absolutely soon we shall together. I wait for this moment with impatience. I am very grateful to you for your help to me. As, which you have written thanks for some phrases to me. I think, that on arrival to you it very much to be useful to me.
Jag saknar dig Bengt!
You asked me, about your hand-written letter for me, there is no I have received it. It should possible to go for a long time, and it is not sorted yet in mail... Well, on it I shall finish the letter. Tomorrow, when I shall receive money, I at once shall write to you about it. I embrace and very strong I kiss you.
Yours Sveta!!

Letter 21

You have received my letter as, I have written to you recently?
Yes, I have received from you the letter. It:

Hello my lovely Sveta!

Just a short letter for you so you got the imformation. I have send the money to you. The MTCN number is: 5642366990 and the amount in US dollar is: 1330 Now I have done what I can for us. I hope that everything will work out well for you so we can meet as soon as possible. I hope you wriye back to me soon. Yours Bengt

You asked me about this letter?

Letter 22

Hello my dear Bengt!!
I was in bank today, and to me have told, that what translation is not present. Dear, I was possible or you were mistaken in the data. I know, but have told that it is not present. You can send me a copy of the form which has remained with you. I hope, that you will complicate to send me it.
As, I ask you to check up all data.
Your data.
Name: Bengt
MTCN: 5642366990
When, you sent money, you have written.
Svetlana Rechkina
Well, check up please all this, and came to me a copy of the form from Western Union. Write to me please, as soon as possible, probably I shall have time to receive it today.
With love yours Sveta!!

Letter 23

I am glad to receive from you such fast reply. Yes. I have received from you the letter today in the morning. Where you wrote to me that you have specified bank where I should receive money. Yes, I was in this bank, and to me have told, that remittance is not present. I think, that it probably a mistake. But, if you as soon as possible will send me a copy of the form from Western Union. You have checked up the data which I have sent you in last letter. I want to know, there precisely all is correct.
Well, I wait for a prompt reply.
Yours Sveta!!

Letter 24

Hello dear Bengt!!
I shall wait from you for the letter, with a copy of the form from Western Union. I hope, that all will be good, and soon we shall with you together. I can look the letter from you tomorrow. Check up please once again all data, and write to me all in detail. Well, tomorrow since morning I shall wait from you for the answer.
With love yours Sveta!!

Letter 25

I not understand, but I not can receive.. I am very much confused with a copy of the form from Western Union. What for you deceive me? Tell to me the truth.. You believe me, I trusted that we shall be together. On the form which you have sent me, there is no signature of the agent, and there is no seal which should put. To me have told it in bank. If you all speak by the truth, concerning that you want to have a meeting with you. I think, that you should go in bank, and once again to send money. All depends now on you. If you not believe me, write to me it please. I wait for the answer.

Letter 26

My love Bengt!!!
You have correctly understood my letter. I in anything accused you of the letter. I simply only asked you. Because it is correct. I know, in what the reason of that I can to receive money. I believe you, I believe that you want to be with me. I very much want to be with you, I am sure, that when we shall be together, we shall be very happy. Please, understand me it is correct. Forgive, if my letter has afflicted you. Please, go once again in bank, and check up it. I think, that you should remove this money, and to send them once again... You can check up translation itself. On a site www.westernunion.com. I check it there on a site, there shows, that translation is not present. Once again forgive, if I have afflicted you. go once again in bank. Also check up translation into a site. I wait for your prompt reply.

Letter 27

You tried to check up it on a site www.westernunion.com?

Letter 28

Dear mine Bengt!!
Forgive, for my last letters. I trust you. All this my mistake. All will be good, I am sure, that we shall be together. Tomorrow, I go to bank what to receive it and to legalize papers. Do not delete money from bank. Yes, you are right today the agent to me as have told, that translation is traced on the Internet. The agent, has told, that he did not know about it. Now all is good, and to me have told, that it is new rules. I hope, that you will hold on me insult. Forgive me please, for my mistakes. Tomorrow, if you will delete money I shall write to you when I receive it.
I wait for your prompt reply.
Yours Sveta!!

Letter 29

Hello Bengt!!!
How your affairs today?
I hope, that at you all is good.
As, I received from you letters already for a long time.
I hope, that to this there is any explanation.
Well, I hope, to receive from you the answer.
Yours Sveta!

Letter 30

You want to have relations with me?
And you ignored that I asked you a pardon, for a situation which have taken place!?

Letter 31

Hello my love Bengt!!
I once again ask you a pardon, that I wrote to you before. I thought, so because the agent in bank, has told to me all this. Has told, that translation is not present. I want to tell, that he is guilty in it, but in it there is his mistake. I hope, that you understand it. Dear, I certainly understand you, I understand, that you should consider it. It seems to me, that if your feelings to me are strong, and you really want to be with me there is no sense. It is necessary to meet and normally to talk about it all. I want to tell to you to face, I test what feelings to you, and to explain, that I wrote in letters. Forgive me please, my dear Bengt. I certainly, understand, that you want to have any time what to consider those or other things. But, what to me to do, with the contract which, I temporarily have concluded with agency? It seems to me, that we should meet as soon as possible while neither there was something bad. I very much nor want to lose with you relations. I am sure, that with you, I shall be very happy. I hope, you will understand that I wanted to tell to you in this letter.
Yours Sveta!!

Letter 32

Hello my dear Bengt!!!!
I want to tell at once to you about my address. It is correct. This my address. I can deceive you. And I want it. You should understand, that, everything, that I wrote in the letters was the truth. I same, as well as you. I deceive whom and when. I speak always the truth, as well as you!! No, tomorrow I go to a mail what to find out about yours the letter, and on that, whether there came to me any letter. Probably, they I can bring to me him, for any reason. You can tell to me, that was in that, the letter. It is necessary to me precisely, to know, that you have sent me in the letter. If I had a mistake in the address, it seems to me, that your letter have sent you back. I am right? You know, are to a case, that letters are simply lost somewhere. But, I think, that to your letter of it occured. The agent in bank, has told to me. he has made a mistake because, about new rules in Western Union, informed very much late. On that, the moment when I have come to bank, he knew about it. When, you have written to me, that it is new rules, I have told to him about it. And it is literally after a while to him as informed about it. I think, that you should go there, tomorrow what to speak with them about it. I think, that if you will send money as, through WU. No, it seems to me, that it would be more safe and is fast. But, certainly, we as can consider other ways for this purpose. It seems to me, that if to do it through the bank account, it will be very for a long time and will occupy a lot of time. I simply want to offer you what to try to send money once again through WU. It seems to me, that this time, all will be good. And will be what mistakes. Well, I think, that I have answered all your questions. And now I shall look forward to hearing from you.
Yours Sveta!!!

Letter 33

Hello my dear Bengt!!
I am glad to receive your answer. And you know, what it for the girl?
This girl whom you have taken on a site, I!! You unless have found out me? It is a photo, it has been made very much for a long time, and it is made in modelling agency. I have found, this photo, and have decided to put on a site. For me it is strange, why you have asked about it? I wait for your letter.
With love Sveta!

Letter 34

hello my dear Bengt!!
That you such speak. I want to tell to you, that you speak by nonsense. It is the address which I have written to you, correct. It is the address, exists. You can tell to me where you have found out, what this address does not exist? It afflicts me, you believe me? Your suspicions, very much do not like me. I wait for your answer.

Letter 35

Hello my dear Bengt!!!
It appears, indexes in our city have begun me. Your letter seems to me, that, simply somewhere was lost. Probably, this your letter, will send to you back.
And so, a new index: 428028!
As I send you photos, this post office.
Yours Sveta!!