Letter(s) from Julia Romanskaya to Frank (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Frank, thank you very much for your letter and nice photos.I'm interested to get know you better from real life. How soon can you come to visit me in Ukraine?

Letter 2

Dear Frank,
thank you very much for you nice letter and photos. I want to say you that once you wrote to me(few years ago) , it was letter by post with photos, imagine I found it!
I would you rate my English skills on a scale as 4.
Yes, I think meeting is most important than writing 100 letters.I would like you come to Crimea(Simferopol), for me better if we'll have meeting in my home town than I will go to Kiev.
I like in man when he is kind, honest,loyal, sincery and when man never account how much money he spend for woman and what he will get for this.
I like tender man , I think so man can be sexy for me.
Please tell me more about you in next letter
My home adress is Julia Romanskaya
str. Marshala Zhukova 15-ap233
Simferopol, Ukraine,95035
I would like we contact for internet, it is more faster way.But I would like to ask you could you,please, pay for my internet expansies?
Also, could , you,please to phone me?

Letter 3

Dear Frank,
At the moment,I have no job and I don't work.I have 3 rooms apartment ,I give a rent one room and live from this money, but it is too little , not enough for good life.
My tel number is 380(652)48-38-33, will be very glad to speak with you
For internet I spend 50$ for mounth.
I be finish my not long letter for now and wait for your answer.
With best wishes,