Scam letter(s) from Brenda Mariana Lopez to Francisco (USA)

Letter 1
Hi! Since im visiting my family i dont know where i have time to be here on the computer and when not. Sometimes you can see an email for you at 3am, others at 3pm and so on. The new modem has been great, it seems to boost my cable line... I thinked “I will not have enought money to go and pay for the visa and the finger print scan stuff. I feel ****** for believing in him and i dont know if i should cancel the appointment on the embassy or just dont show up, i wonder if they get mad.” You saved me. I was not mad, i was just kind of hurted. So i guess it would have taken me a lot saving money. **** 9/11...made things harder.
Once i have the rest of the money $400 i can get those tickets....and ask my grandmother for the money she promised for my birthday. You are one of those who do what it needs to be done. Im exited again, and day dreaming with the gate, the food, and the hotel nights and days... Do you have a lot of experience in bed?
Im a fun, intelligent person ;), My live talking isnt as fluid as my written, so i hope we can communicate well. Sorry you cant call....Did i told you that i had to change phone line 2 months ago? (my parents angry and had to pay us$350 for changing it...)so im being very carefull with that, but i would like to talk to you before i meet you, to be clear about where we will meet, tickets stuff and all that. is that ok? Its not about fear, its about that believe it or not, even with the money from the modem here, i couldnt know if all of this is serious, changing my line is expensier than that. Youll have it in the time beetwen getting tickets and before going to the embassy on friday. Then ill see things clearer. Remember than a woman have more to lose than a man, need to protect therselves, same reason why i give my friend?s shop adress. Safety is 1st being a woman, I even have a handgun that my uncle gave to me, and know how to shot it. By the way, ill not take the joint that i said,dont worry about it. I wilI will get ***** with you. Would you like to get ***** with me? I can drink almost everything, what would you like to drink. I didnt say i speaked little english, of course i speak a lot, since ive always been on private schools i have always had english classes, i said i was out of practice in talking, i have a good hear too since all those shows air with subtitles, so watching tv is also a great way to understand how is really spoken. But its not very common to find out good english speakers. The first thing is to get away from the Spanish pronuntiation of the “S”. im scared of... waking up in a life that i dont wanted to end up with... like in the movie American Beauty. A hug , a kiss and a byte Brendita
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