Scam Letter(s) from Elena to James (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello, my dear Jim!
How - you today? I so regret,
That I could not write to you earlier, I so worried about you,
And I so awfully grieved without you!!! I knew, how you excited about me all these are days,
About I really had no opportunity, write the letter to you. I do not want to tell you about it,
But I should be truelly with you. All is days I was in hospital. About as I badly myself feel all it is days because of my illness.
I was so ???? without you... I have caught a cold in the street,
And I had very high body temperature Doctors worried for me,
My parents worried for me also.
I should transfer norm of intensive processing .
But this processing costed very dear for me.
If I have not transferred this processing , to my health would threaten still with the big danger.
Now I - houses, but at the constant control of doctors.
And now I pay very big money for medicines which I accept.
I am very grateful to mine mum of that she ound for me, that money pay my processing .
I very urgently worried for you all these days, and it was very hard without you. If you were close to me,
It would be much better. Today I feel me not so well, but I have come in the Internet of cafe,
To write to you the letter because I know as, urgently

You worry for me and Ms. without me and my letters.
I want to ask you about the help. You know, my mum borrowed money for my processing ,
But - speed (in 2-3 days), I should return all this money back. I have asked to wait for them a little,
You see, when I to go on work, approximately in one month or more I can give this money.
But people in which my mum has taken money, have told, that I should give their money in 2-3 days.
And now I do not know, that to me to make (do((make)).
Therefore I want to ask you about the help.
I know, that for you it too very big money, but I believe, and I hope, that you can to me the help.
I should return 4200 roubles (approximately 140 $).
You know, I have no anybody more,
To address behind of the help, you - for me the unique (man),
To which I I am very resolute ????????? also which like. I hope,
That you will understand me correctly and will help me. You can think, that I use you,
To receive money from you, you very urgently are mistaken. I love you, are very strong!
You for me are the best all over the world. Well, I shall finish while, and I shall have rest, well?
I shall wait for your letter very soon, my fine! Ms. you so it is awful, your love for ever and always,



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