Romance scam letter(s) from Olga Loskudova to Gary (UK)
Letter 1
Hi mine dear Gary
Thank for yours the answer to me. I am grateful to you. I have many hopes, that our correspondence can conduct us to to that more, than simple friendship!!! Whether you agree with me? I would like to continue to inform more concerning myself, city, where I live. My growth 173 ni, weight of 59 kg. I was the happy child, because I had the best parents in the world!!! But 2 years back they were lost in automobile accident. Certainly it is very heavy to me about it to speak. Now I live one, but I have dog, her call Margo. It was the dog mine the daddy. It has picked up her in the street when she still was small. It is memory of it. Unfortunately I have no the telephone, as in due time it have not established. For me now it is very expensive. I should come in the Internet of cafe and to write to you the letters from there. Dear Inform me more concerning your family. You have the brother or sister? You have dreams concerning the future. Inform me more concerning that place where you live. As to me, I live in Yoshkar-Ola it approximately in 12 hours of driving up to Moscow. In it the man lives approximately of 900 thousand, but because of difficult crisis in economy I can not speak that all from them are happy. However I am still young and I have dreams concerning the further life, and I hope that all will be good in my life. And I shall have remarkable family once. I work as the seller - adviser in shop audi and video of engineering. Certainly my salary not so large only 250 USD, it it is not enough, but Russia is those. I hope you know that in Russia very many gangsters and the people which drink and do not want to work. Earlier I had friend, but in due course I have understood that with this man I can not construct the life. And my best girlfriend with which we to be friends from the childhood to find the love. She as well as I to decide to come in the Internet of cafe both to correspond and to find the man from other country. I am very happy for it that she has found the love and second half. Now she lives in other country, and from its relatives I to learn that she is very happy. I certainly have received from it a pair of the letters, but she certainly to write to me more. But as the mail at us in Russia works the very badly many letters do not reach. I certainly earlier not when to not try gets acquainted with the man through the Internet of cafe, but now I have decided and has written to you. I hope that I shall receive from you news very soon. With the best regards Natalya.
Letter 2
Hi, mine dear Gary!!! I am very happy to receive the letter from you again. Now I want answer your questions and inform it is a little the ideas on some things. I want find the companion of life from other country, therefore as I not want that my children lived in Russia, therefore as here very bad conditions of life for the people and there is a lot of criminality, it is especial is distributed among youth. I hope that you to understand me in my aspiration give best children. I have many friends, but basically it is the friends with which I to study in institute. We to meet them sometimes, but majority of them are already married and children and family have, therefore they have no a lot of free time. I think that it is very important to have the close friends, which can be with you in good and poorly moments in life. The good friends will help you, when you require. I never marry and I not have children, but I dream of them and very much want them. Most of all I appreciate in the man honesty and I consider that the sincerit between the people strengthens and pulls together them. I consider that any family should be is constructed only on reciprocity of feelings of the husband both wife and the honesty should be most important in their attitudes. You to interest me and I to decide to write to you. I to not know as to explain to you why I have interest to you, but you to seem to me by the interesting and formed man, and I begin to be convinced of it now. I hope that we shall have with you continuation of our attitudes and closer to learn each other. I to ask apologies for mine English, I hope that it is improved in the future. I - very sociable man, and I love to contact to the various people. I think, that one of the best things in life - communication with the good and interesting people. I dream concerning presence of family and to have the close friends, to collect together and to spend a vacation, leave together. Ok, dreams again. Well, I should be closed here. Care. Bye! Natalya
Letter 3
Hi my dear Gary!!! I so am happy to receive your letter. Which you to send thanks for all pictures, all of them fine, at you very beautiful children. My dear as your affairs as you to carry out the free time? I today with my girlfriend to go in a wood. We very much like to walk on an winter wood, it is very beautiful. Then we with the girlfriend to come to me home and drank tea. We talked to her also I much to speak her about you. I to speak to her that I have decided to write to the Internet of cafe the letter to you and now we get acquainted all closely and closely. My girlfriend was very glad for me and has wished me of good luck. Then I see off her home and have decided to come again home and to take a walk with my dog MARGO. We with her to walk and I to train her a little. She very clever dog but she is already very old also to her already difficultly to do many commands. Well and in the evening I have decided to come and write to you. I think you as tomorrow can write to me and tell about the life more. Tell to me about the plans in future time. And than you are engaged at leisure and you would like that we met. I when earlier to not be in other countries and for me it very much dream. I think that I shall be very happy to arrive to you and we can be together and find out each other closer. I still shortly am going to start to prepare for the passport for travel abroad. I think that my salary will be fast and can save a little for the passport for travel abroad. My dear Gary still I to want to inform you that I very much love soup borsh and the apple pie, I to think to you very much it was pleasant if you to try that that I to be going, in general you to try Russian kitchen? Gary I very much like to listen to various music, but most of all I like group Enigma, in their music it is a lot of magic and imagination. Well my dear I shall stop to write now my letter and I wait for your letter tomorrow.
KISS KISS KISS yours Natalya
Letter 4

Hi my love Gary! I am very happy, that I have met you in my life. I never was so is happy. Now I have changed completely, all mine the friends notice it. It is all from for you. As though I flied to heavens. I need only in your letters. When I receive your letters at me even mood rises. I yesterday thought of our attitudes and concerning our feelings. I always thought of you. Yes I have fallen in love with you. My grandmother is very pleased. Whether she has asked me really I love you, I have answered that very much I love. I can not present the life without you. I have told rather to you to the grandmother and she has answered that you the very good man. But she is slightly exited concerning me, that I should not be mistaken concerning my choice. She speaks that we should know better each other. I understand her, she loves me as the daughter. And she all that at me is. I think you understand me. She wishes happiness to us and love. Today there was a very tiresome day at work, I am very tired. I shall write to you tomorrow. I shall be with impatience to wait for your letter. I notice that our letters are complete by love. I want that so was always. I send you a passionate kiss and successful day. You always in my heart. Yours Natalya
Letter 5
Hi mine dear Gary!!! I am very glad to receive your letter. During these long days our letters receive specific sense for us. We make sense to divide our emotions, and to consider our meeting and life together. To study it is more rather each other. I grieve without you, and I can that with it make. Yesterday I helped the grandmother concerning houses and kitchens. I helped it to fry a chicken. When we shall be together I shall prepare too chicken for you. We should thank the god for all. You largest my precious gift for me. I think of you each minute, and I want to divide each minute of my life together with you. I am very happy that began the correspondence with you mine lovely. I wait from you my love of the prompt letter. The god cares of you. For ever yours Natalya
Letter 6
Hi mine accomplished and remarkable Gary!!! I am again pleased to see Your letter. Each your letter Brings heat in my heart. I dream of that day, when it will not be the letter and Our long-awaited meeting. My dear Gary unfortunately we to not have Macdonalds, but there are many various cafes. Yesterday I dreamed of us going in a wood. When I Think of you, my favourite man, I became so happy! D it is pleasant and joyfully on heart, that for me it would be desira Ble to fly with happiness. I understand, that I can not live without you, without yours Words, without your embraces and kisses. For this purpose, that I searched for all my life. You Are probably intended to me by destiny. I should connect life only to you mine perfect. I am happy, that you are mine. I estimate it very much. I want to lose you never. You - my sense of life. Without you I have no anything to live in this world. I always Dreamed concerning such man as you, such understanding and man fond. I want it, we shall be With each other. I shall wait for your letter soon. I hope to receive it and to be Admired to your answer. It is a lot of kisses in mine favourite, yours always love Natalya.
Letter 7
Hi my love Gary!!! I am glad receive your letter. Thank for pleasant words in your letter. Which you to send thanks for a photo to me, you very beautiful the man. My dear Gary I to think that when we are can together we together go in a wood with your daughter Madison. I to think that I to like her, I very much to want to make friends with her, and to play with her in a wood and to collect small herbariums, it would be healthy. Yesterday there was such perfect night, but I as could not fall asleep, because I all time thought about to you. I have left on a balcony and has looked at the sky. The sky was star and I long looked at stars. And suddenly star has fallen and I have thought of desire, I think you understand what desire I has thought, because it seems, that we understand the friend the friend. You love to look at stars? I think that love because, as to me you seem, romantic man. I love you and I want to be on always with you. I hope soon to receive your answer and I wait for it with impatience.
I love you, yours Natalya.
Letter 8
Greetings Gary!!! I am very much upset that you so could think of me. I to not understand where you to take this picture, but in fact that it there is perfectly visible at all I. Now I to cry as you to accuse me of that that I to deceive you, I when to not dare you to deceive, I in general to despise such people which to deceive. Gary you very strongly to offend me I to not deserve from you such relation. I to send you a picture that you to compare me to someone whose picture you to me to send. Natalya
Letter 9
Greetings my dear Gary!!! I to receive your letter, I to not write to you as I have been very much offended on you that you so to think, I would not like to communicate more with you, but my heart speaks me completely another. I to not understand at all as you could accuse me. I can send you the recent pictures as soon as them I shall bring in a computer and I to think that after that your doubts completely to vanish. My dear my full name Natalya Ivanova. I when to want to cause you a pain but why you to do it to me. Natalya
Letter 10
Greetings my lovely and love Gary
I to send you a small poem. With a holiday of you!!!
Sending you my love
with words spoken true
From the depths of my heart
I send them to you
Like petals of a rose
is the touch of your face
I can feel it every time
we're wrapped in embrace
The taste of your lips
is like sweet dripping honey
Feels like butterflies swirlin '
inside of my tummy
The warmth of your touch
is like a torch of fire
The tingling inside
makes me burn with desire
So I just wanna say
my love for you is true
Along with these words
I wanna say " I Love You "
Happy Valentine's Day
Your love Natalya

Letter 11
Greetings my lovely and love Gary!!! I am very glad to receive your letter and your remarkable poem. Thanks you for her. Mine love yesterday to me it was sad without you when I to go home that I to see as many the in love pairs go along the street and kiss. I so would like that you were near to me, to me were very lonely. In our city competition the longest kiss was, many pairs kissed, and I all to think of you, that when we to be together we shall arrange the small holiday. I love you my lovely prince Gary, I shall ask the god that there has come faster that day our meeting. I miss Gary!!!
Kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Your love Natalya
Letter 12
Hi my love Gary!!! I'm happy to receive your letter again. I thank Lord for his granting you to me. And I want to be with you very much. Just dream of visiting you one day. I dream be with you a number I to mean what to want to be always near to you both in mountain and in pleasure. As soon as I to read your letter I for the sake of interest to go in firm of travel that to me there to inform. I went to agency, they have told me what documents I should settle. They inform me that I should to bring by him the information from a place of work and medical information. I can make these documents in 2-3 days. After I give the documents back, they will prepare the visa and the passport for travel abroad. This visa plus expenses costs 520 USD. My agent as will inform me that the tickets to prepare to me too firm of travel as the visa to do they. And it as the tickets will inform to me more cheaply that as the firm already for a long time is engaged in it. I want to begin making the visa and buying the ticket to fly to you. What are your plans? I to want to know everything what you to think of it. We should trust each other because we like each other. I imagined our first romantic evening many times. Dinner in the candle lights, table with fruit and soft grape wine. Slow music. We're dancing. You touch me gently, and we merge in a long tender and passionate kiss. You drag my hair with your fingers, we hug each other, feel the warmth of our bodies. I love you and I begin understand that love this such a strong feeling, I am glad that I could experience it thanks to you.
With love yours Natalya.
Letter 13
Greetings my lovely and love Gary!!! Yesterday we with girlfriends to go to a wood and to look a lot of interesting. While we to go on a wood we to see as small fiber to look after small children, into it simply to not put words, but all this was pleasant to me. My dear I to look transfers about your country and to know that at you there are very beautiful places where it is possible to go. I so to hope that when we are together you necessarily me to reduce in the finest place, this place I to think it will be simple paradise. Mine love I very much to miss on you and to wait for the moment when I at last I shall be with you. I love you
Kisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Your love Natalya
Letter 14
Hi mine dear Gary! How you feel yourself, dear? I - ok. I a little excited, and yesterday I hardly fell asleep. I was grasped with an idea about to our meeting. For me and I have this joyful event from it much emotions. Such as excitement both the big impatience and expectation of this day. You have brought the whole sea of emotions in my life Gary, and it is difficult for me with it to consult, but I can tell, that it pleasantly and gave me new push and the purpose for life. I write you the letter and I show you my feelings in a word. But I so want to show you my feelings in real life much. I want, that you felt a touch of my hands, felt heat of my body, heard my gentle voice, smelt my pleasant smell, enjoyed sweet of my lips, might see me each day and have many fun and love together. My prince, I want it and I know, that you also want it. My love to you is pure, similarly to tear of the child. My intentions to you are serious, I want to be together with you for ever. My feelings to you are real, my heart prompts me. Now I shall finish the letter and to wait for yours.
Kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Your love Natalya p.s. My Birthday will be on March, 5
Letter 15
Greetings my lovely and love Gary. I am very glad to receive your letter. Today I to go to firm of travel and to me to inform, that I need to know from you the information, for filling some papers. My lovely Gary the agent has given me the list of questions that I to set to you. I to require this information as soon as possible.
1. Your full name
2. Your full address, phone
3. Your full date of a birth
4. The name of the airport where you will meet me.
While questions which me the agent from firm of travel has asked to find out all this. I to ask you to consider this very attentively, without mistakes as these data will be brought in my documents. As you to know I already to start to do the visa and me it is necessary to pay her, it is a shame to me about it at you to ask, but your help is necessary for me. I very much shall forgive to help me with payment of my visa. I hope you to understand me correctly. I very much wait for your answer. I to think as soon as all my documents will be ready, to me to inform when I can arrive to you. With love your princess Natalya.
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