Romance scam letter(s) from Vera Klimova to Jean (Belgium)
Letter 1
Hello my love Jean !!!
My dear one hour ago I have gone to the airport to fly you, but to me there informed information which has shaken me.
Evening mood in me has fallen, because to me informed sad news.
Jean , I do not know even concerning you which it speaks.
I cannot transfer all they Russian laws anyone it - is more.
At all did not represent, that so it is difficult to leave Russia and many documents are necessary.
Also significantly I have gone down up to the notary and interested it.
It has prostarted up to speak me to one important thing, that to me informed at the airport. Under the law of Russia, each citizen leaving the country should have in itself the sum from cash for 2700 euro. It is made, without which the Russian citizens could come back problems home if something is impossible to them in other country.
I tried to explain to them, that all it will be good, but they have told, that the law is the law, and they have no any right on break it.
My dear Jean when I shall arrive to you, I should return to you to all of money with which you cannot excite.
I cannot wait, when I shall lay with you on a bed, and you capture and will kiss me. I too very much very much want to employ with you a floor but while I cannot think of it.
My ideas are borrowed tomorrows in the afternoon.
I think only when you will meet me at the airport.
Has not sworn at all with chapters of the airport a little.
Mine Jean , you can send tomorrow for 2700 euro.
This money will be in me and on arrival in you I should give them.
They will be necessary to transfer the control of the airport only and then when I shall be in you me of them to you, I shall come back.
I understand, that it the big sum but if you could borrow them from whom - that we necessarily, would give them with mine arrival.
I hope you you understand me! I need in you in Jean !!!
I love you Jean !!! I want you Jean !!!
Jean you does me by the happiest the girl on all white light.
Jean only to not be sad and to make do not swear concerning the arisen problem. My love I very much worry, when at us all is available, and we still have 2-3 more days to be together to us these bad problems prevent. I am ready to abuse all.
I very much upset. It was difficult for me to write to you this letter, but circumstances which here have forced me.
To me it is simple there is nobody to address more.
This last obstacle before our meeting
My love Jean I shall show, that I leave to you with money I am capable you to write time and date of my arrival.
It - last difficulty which interferes ours long-awaited meeting and to our happiness.
My love we already the day after tomorrow can be with you in bed. It so is wonderful.
And it will be. When we shall meet me, and you we shall be the happiest pair in the world !!!
I LOVE YOU Jean !!!
For ever yours beloved Valentina !!!
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