Scam letter(s) from Marina Simonova to Keith (England)

Letter 1

Hi my loved Keith.
I very much want to meet Christmas in your embraces. I want to embrace you very much strong, that my heart has not jumped out of my ****** as your heart draws my heart and it is the BIG LOVE!!! Tomorrow I shall go in travel agency and I learn all that is necessary to me for trip to you. I already have passport for travel abroad so business remained for small as at me is familiar in agency and they will try to make all for me quickly. I would like know for what time I can to arrive to you and as for a long time I can enjoy time lead with you.
With love and caress Marina.
Letter 2

Hi my dear Keith
Today I have squeezed out myself as a lemon and have made all that I could. I have sold a ring and my mum has issued the credit for. She does it for the sake of us. The sum which I has received from sale of a ring and with the credit it 1420euro is huge money for our country. I need now only 580 euro you spoke that can send me 300euro I ask you as a token of our love try to find still 280euro and we shall be together. I would change the ticket that you had time my departure to Moscow at 18.15. I shall wait for you and your answer On-line till 17.00 I so much for us I do and I try to arrive to you hope you too will make effort and will help me to you to arrive.
I sand to you foto for you ask.
Your future wife Marina with big love
Letter 3

I wait for you on-line mine lovely. I have have found out all about arrival to you under the invitation I cannot make it as the information from work on my incomes in size 500euro at me will be necessary for me is not present such incomes. I am very glad my lovely I have found still 150euro and now with your help I can be with you. We shall be together for Christmas. What you would want a gift from Russia for Christmas?
Your future wife Marina with hug and kiss
Letter 4

Greetings Keith
Keith at me the big trouble.
I have received the visa
Me have plundered have put a knife a throat I has given money and me then also have beaten
I do not know that to me to do help to me I ask you. In the name of our love
I understand that to you too very hardly but I ask believe in our love.
I do not want to live more in this wild country do not throw me here
I do not know as convince you I can to reach to station and to call you if want.
I only from hospital my girlfriend in Moscow would give me 200 roubles that I could contact you.
To me it is necessary 1200usd. 800usd for me the girlfriend will give if you will help me.
Please my love do not leave me this heavy minute. Probably it is destiny checks our love on durability. With big love your future wife Marina
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