Scam Letter(s) from Maria Shevnina to Rudolf (USA)

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Letter 1

Greetings my love Rudolf, I very much also am very strongly glad, that I can look again my mail, that is your letters for me. Mine Rudolf, today remarkable day as I today have received money from my work and now I can dare to go in the Internet of cafe and to write to you the letter. Unfortunately for all this time at me has collected many accounts on a payment of habitation and the maintenance an apartment. I am very glad that you have written, me very pleasantly good words in my address. My love, I today has met my old girlfriend which I to know very much for a long time, we for a long time talked with her about a life and about our destinies, I asked at her about news, she too asked me a few news. I have told that I now have my favourite person whom I very much love and with which we soon shall together, I have told that you to live in America and that we with you have a lot of dialogue!!! I have told that I very much love you and that we plan to meet soon. She has told to me then one history which has taken place with her. She has told that one year ago corresponded with one man from America, my girlfriend has been in love in him, she was crazy from him and wanted to marry on him. They planned to meet with her and he has told that will help her with the visa and tickets. She agreed with agency and at her all documents for registration of the visa were ready, her it was necessary to wait only when that person will help her with money. He promised to help her with all about what she required, but to one day he has written her the letter and has told that he will not help her and will not send any money because he communicated with her for the sake of a joke and he to scoff at my girlfriend, he has told that does not like her and that she him is not necessary. It broke heart my girlfriend and she has told that more during lives will never go to Internet - cafe and to anybody will not write. This history of me has very much upset also I even the man with my girlfriend has begun to cry from that as severely acted that, I am sure that my girlfriend does not deserve such reference with her, she very good girl and that the man was unworthy even her a little finger. Dear I, I very much to not want that at us it has turned out the same history, I to trust you and I to not doubt of you, but all the same to me it will be easier if I shall know that you really love me and that you want to meet me soon in the person. My love, let's agree with you that I shall arrive to you and we shall aspire to make my fast arrival. My love to arrive to you to me the visa is necessary, it costs 450 $, is the big money for me and I cannot save it. My love, the visa is made out 2 weeks and then I at once can arrive to you. My love, you agree that I arrived to you? You can help me with my visa? Tell to me what is the time to you it is necessary that you could help me with my visa? My love, I very much to want to be with you and I do not want to postpone my trip to you for far term, I want you soon and I to dream of it, I cannot live without you and only I love you!!! My love, I very much to want to be with you and I to not see sense of my life without you!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!! Please to help me to arrive somewhat quicker to you, I cannot wait for that day any more when we shall meet, I very much want to love you and to have with you a lot of sex!!! I want to have at last my first sex with you and I very much wait for it, so please make it somewhat quicker!!! My love, I wait for your answer and it is important for me to learn answers to all my questions that I could not worry. I very strongly love you and I tender kiss!!! Your love forever Alla!!!

Letter 2

Greetings my love, is very a pity to me, that recently I cannot frequently write to you the letter as I am very much borrowed on my work. How you? As your mood, at me excellent as I again can write to you the letter. Today there was a wonderful weather, at us in Russia the temperature of air began to raise gradually, and from it in the street becomes warm. It will be fast absolutely warmly. My dear when I can arrive to you, very much you do not suffice me, I wish you all and not only by mail. I thirst your touches, your words proceeding from you in my ears. My love when I can arrive in Moscow for registration my visa? As soon it will be carried out, I realize you that at you not enough means for this purpose. My mum sends the regards to you, she has told, that I about you speak few news, as I work much, she also experiences for us. I wait for your letters my love Rudolf.

Letter 3

Greetings my dear love Rudolf. You have become bored on me? I on you have very strongly become bored, I do not have not enough you. I today have found the free time from work to write to you the letter, I worked hard all this week, and tomorrow at me the day off, I so would like to lead this day off with you my love, I dreamed in dream as we sit together at you an at home, in the street there was a rain and it was not pleasant at all in the street, but we were at home and were heated at a fireplace, weather in the street was not necessary for us, it was good us together we sat in dressing gownes and drank wine near to a fireplace. It was romantic evening, we talked about interests, about our life, to us was perfect without a difference on all other things. And the ambassador I began to lower slowly from myself my velvet short dressing gown, you have looked at me with cheerful passion and smiled, I also have smiled to you. My back part of a body was heated with a fireplace, I faced to you. You have risen from a sofa at a level with me and have started to touch me, I have closed eyes have cast away a head back and enjoyed your touches, us us wine and all our life well operated seem sweet as in a fairy tale.. You have started to kiss my gentle leather in the field of a neck and a little going down below to my beautiful breasts, I have sighed from pleasure, you have clasped me hands and I have felt heat of all your body, I was romantically excited from it, and have noticed as yours Dik also started to wake up and started to harden and to me from it it became even better. You have started to caress my body with the even greater passion and have lifted me on hands and have put on a soft sofa on which we not so long ago sat and discussed our ideas. Your body was released on mine, you did not stop to caress my body your soft language and going down below already up to my tummy. I began to become wet in between legs, I was got by you up to the perfection. And further you have come your language to me there and began to groan from excitation and it was super pleasure I has caught ecstasy in it. And you have plunged on me entirely entering the dik into me. To me this dream was especially remembered, I till now know all entirely all dream. And today I have gone by all means to write to you about it. I to a regret my dear Rudolf, that could not write to you all this time as at me it is a lot of work and I cannot go every day in the Internet of cafe to write to you the letter. I very much want to be with you, I do not know as soon it will take place, all depends on you my love. If there was an opportunity, I would stop all here to arrive in you my love. I wait every day for it, that as soon I shall with you. Your expecting Alla.

Letter 4

Greetings my unique and unique love Rudolf. I am very happy to receive your letter for me as we already for a long time communicate m already have completely grown fond each other. You are ready to accept me at you? I also for a long time wish to arrive to you my love, but unfortunately I do not have means for registration my visa. I because of it cannot arrive to you. My love I today has tried will be released from work and at once arrived to the Internet of cafe to read your letter for me, you do not represent, as I waited for it to come to be here and to read your letters. I was invited today by girlfriends to go on cinema in a cinema on a comedy, the truth I do not know as film refers to. Simply at my girlfriend a working holiday today and they together were going to go on cinema. I very much would want to go together with you on remarkable film to sit next you to nestle on you. I today in dream saw you my love as we had together a rest after persistent work on repair of our house, we were happy, as all of us did together, and then we went together in souls and my dreams began to come true. After soul you have incurred me in a room, have put on the big bed and we caressed each other, we embraced and kissed each other, it was very good us, as more it was necessary nothing for us, we had all to what aspired. We enjoyed presence each other and it proceeded all the day long, we had hardly time to have a rest, and our sexual marathon then proceeded, I have told to you to you in eyes, that I you strongly love also to anybody you I shall not give and have kissed you on the mouth with gentle passion. We were happy. It is my dream dreamed today at night, I have woken up wet from excitation as I strongly wanted you my love. My time of using a computer approaches to end. And I shall speak you see you soon, I very strongly wait for your letter. Yours Alla.

Letter 5

Greetings my lovely Rudolf. I am very glad that at last - that I have got in the Internet of cafe, last three days as not iiijaea to make a campaign in the Internet of cafe as I worked as the whole days. And today at me free day was gave out to descend in the Internet of cafe and to look your mail. I very strongly missed under your fine letters. You till now do not trust me? I am very strongly touched with it as I give you all my soul, I strongly suffer, that you can tear contact to me as I work much and at me not always it turns out to go in the Internet of cafe. You insist on my address, certainly I shall give you the address, but would like to warn you, that not always letters reach me as I live in old area, here small mess with addresses of new and old houses. And when me of the girlfriend sending letters from it is far not could to send me letters, they after that have understood that it not the most successful parcel. Here Russia, instead of America, here all is made not as all would like. And that that at us not always acts hot water in the winters but only sometimes I too did not speak it to you, from it it becomes a shame to me for my country. As I spoke you, that I do not have phone. Want I to you I shall call the next week under this number (***). I shall call from telegraph. My address: Russia Nizhni Novgorod BELINSKOGO, 68 NIZHNY NOVGOROD, 603027 ILYINA ALLA. Try to send me something to this address, but I do not allow 100 %, that your mail will reach me, she can even will come to someone to another. It will be not good me, if your mail someone will accept another. You understand me? My love I am very strong on you I miss. I want to be with you. I at night dream you always, is especial as we shall pass together happiness and the bad moments too, but I think at us them will not be, but all the same we always shall be together. I already adult girl and am necessary for me loving family. I very much miss and I love you my love Rudolf. I wait from you for letters. Yours ALLA. Greetings Rudolf! I just to read your letter. I do not want now anything more, than to be together with you my lovely Rudolf. I want to be a number and to allow to you my lot of kisses because very much you I love! I to understand, that your country differs from my country, but I am sure, that I shall get used to your culture and custom and it begins for me as native. When I shall arrive you will show me and will tell more about the country and I shall know all then also it will be easier to me to adapt for your country and to get used to live there. I dream and think of you each minute my love I cannot to present myself a life without you. My mum has noticed, that I to speak all time about you and only about you. I to dream of how we with you when that take trip for city, we to be sent on picnic, you take away me so far. Where nobody will find us also we shall be only together. We take with ourselves some products, sandwiches, we do barbeque, also we take some good wine, and this is chosen by you on the taste. And it is very cheerful also an entertainment we spend time. We choose with you such place on the nature, about lake, we plant a fire and we look against each other, we drink wine, we talk, we look at the sky and stars. We slowly and gently caress each other, give each other kisses, and embraces, I am simple all to thaw in your gentle hands, you will spend through my hair, iron my leather..... About My God Rudolf, I cannot tell more about it, from it I still more and more likely want to appear with you together! It is hard for me here, I cannot so more, I want to you my love! I want, that these dreams became a reality. I want, that all this was on the present, and not just in my dreams my loved. I cannot wait that moment when I you to meet, I will have tears of happiness from eyes when it will take place. I very much hope, that it soon will take place also I shall see you and I can embrace my lovely. I shall expect tomorrow your letter my love. Always yours ALLA!!!

Letter 6

Let me to be submitted. My name-Alla.
I loved your history and I wanted to get acquainted with you! To me of 29 years, I Russian.
I work as the seller in shop. I love work, nevertheless I love jokes
And I love laughter, I adore adventures. I the good girl, but beauty not
The most important in a life. I estimate the person for his ideas and actions. I
Have correct and romantic character! I believe in destiny and I like to
Dream of the beautiful future with the person of my dream!
If you want to answer such person, I with pleasure
Will apply a photo in my ambassador of the letter. I wait your sincere letter.
My personal

Letter 7

Hello mine Rudolf! Excuse, has mixed a name, by mistake. Simply in the Internet of cafe, whence I write to you letters, there is such noise, will very difficultly be concentrated, and here still I was distracted constantly by my girlfriend who too searches to itself for the groom abroad. At it is Brian to which she has dinned into me all. I also was mistaken. Excuse me, certainly, I understand, that this such to receive the letter from the girl who has mixed your name. But you likely because of what I were mistaken. All that was in the letter intended for you. You such good I would not like to lose you. Forgive me please and answer me my letter. My love you would know as I you I like, I every Sunday go to church and I pray to the god that it has reunited us that we were always together. I very much want to be with you. I am glad that we have met on the Internet each other. I never thought that I shall find the love on the Internet. I ask the god to be with you. I have already contacted my girlfriend who lives in Moscow, she has told, that my visa, she at me very good girlfriend will help me to make out quickly, we were familiar with it since the childhood, but then the destiny has scattered us on different cities, she lives in Moscow with the husband, and I live in NIZHNY NOVGOROD. As soon as at me will be 200 $. I at once shall go in Moscow, at me already is 200 $ which you sent me, I store them. I understand that you do not have money for this purpose, I would pay for my visa, but me would not suffice to pay my accounts. I very much wait for our meeting, I think that we soon shall together. With love yours ALLA

Letter 8

The theme of sex and love is very important also I feel from your words as you are sexual also sensual, it very much is pleasant to me. I certainly with pleasure shall be engaged with you in love as you will want, though every day, first time even some times in day, if you not is possible against? You have written to me IMPROBABLE DREAM, HOW our FIRST NIGHT of LOVE WILL LOOK is SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!!! I now only wait when it will be, I cannot without you, and I want to feel yours of caress on myself, I want to feel, as you kiss my breasts, and then dummies as you caress my petals of love, I want to feel your member inside myself, I so dream of it. I want to lick your member and to mass his hands while you will not receive pleasure to give vent to the nectar to me in a mouth. I want to feel as your member goes inside me as it pulses in my hand, I want to feel taste of your nectar, it also is sweet, probably, as your words. I never tried anal sex behind so it was not sure in the partner, but I dreamed to try it to me it seems, it is very pleasant. I want to test it with you, I see, that you very skilled, sensual and gentle the man, therefore I completely shall trust in sex in you, we shall use any positions what you only will want.

Letter 9

Hi loved Brian!!! I am glad to receive your letter. In the letter I want to dream of our future meeting a little: I arrive to you, you meet me at the airport with colors (a bouquet of roses). I leave from the plane in a magnificent evening dress. You I approach, I embrace you and whole, you feel a smell of my spirits. I ask as you have passed day... We sit in the machine and we go to you home, on a way we fetch products by a supper. We come to you home. I prepare for a magnificent supper: the fried hen in the furnace with pineapple and nuts, still a cooked potato, stewed in mushroom sauce. Then we go in a dining room, I light candles and you open delightful wine, romantic music plays. We do on a drink and I submit a supper. We eat and we talk about everything, not tearing off eyes from each other. After a supper you invite me on slow dance. We dance not for a long time as feelings overflow both of us, you start to kiss me gently and sensually. You caress to me a breast, I remove from you a suit and a shirt. Whole your strong breast, each centimeter of your body. I fall below and I remove from you trousers, I start to caress hands your body of love and pleasure. At this time I continue to kiss you passionately and sensually. Then I fall on knees and I concern lips, your body of love, I see as it starts to grow and becomes firm. I spend on it language on all to his length, and then I place it to myself in a mouth and I caress it there yet I shall not start to feel as it starts to pulse at me in a mouth, I stop, when I feel as nectar gets to me in a mouth. We go in a bedroom, you undress me, we are completely naked. I approach to a window I open it, in the street it is already dark also anybody was not present, fresh air blows in my hair. You I approach behind and you start to caress me. First then below you touch breasts fingers of my petals of love, I feel heat which goes from you. You enter into me behind and slowly and gently begin movement there. You compress my breasts at yourself in hands. We start to move together in one rhythm in the beginning slowly and then all does not come yet pleasure fastly and fastly, I feel as your nectar fills in me from within. We depart from a window you lie down on bed I caress your body, whole your body of love, then I sit from above on you. You lay and do not move, I start to slide softly back and forth, yet I shall not catch a rhythm of movement. Having caught the necessary rhythm I start to move faster, you start to caress my dummies the strong hands, I feel it. Every minute I move on your body all faster, passes some more seconds and both of us test huge pleasure, I fall without forces on your breast and I lay so some minutes, I do not come yet in myself. Then we go in souls, I my your strong body, and you wash my fragile. We go in a bedroom and we fall asleep in embraces each other... I love you more lives!!! I want to be with you, your love and caress is necessary for me, you have kindled fire of love which burns me from within in my heart, I cannot work, I only think of you now every day and each hour, every minute. Does not pass also an instant that I have not thought of you. I love you!!! Sensually whole you also I embrace, it is eternal your Alla!

Letter 10

Hello my love Rudolf!!! Greetings my love Rudolf unfortunately I could not write to you the letter so long time as I had no opportunity to make it. I have received your money resources, and have postponed this money for my visa, it is necessary for me to get 200 more $ to go in Moscow and to start to make out my visa, to arrive to you my love, I very strongly want it and I dream of it. Unfortunately 100 $ which you sent me earlier I has not kept, I have spent this money for the Internet of cafe to write to you letters. I am very glad to receive from you the letter. I waited for it with impatience, and now I am happy, to read it again. I always with the great pleasure read your letters. How at you an affair loved? How your mood? I hope, that at you all is good, that you had fine time. I'm fine, mood spring. Weather at us today fine. The sun in the street shines. Loved mine, tell to me, what weather at you? It is very interesting to me. At you probably today fine weather, at you probably it is warm. I am sad. Because I not near to you my love. You can present it. I so do not have not enough you. I of you very much Strongly I like and I can not without you my love. I shall soon sit next you. So it is a pity to me, That I not near to you my love. But soon there will come that hour when I shall embrace you and to kiss. When I shall be In your embraces and only in yours. I am very glad, that you too think of me. I even at times feel, how you You speak, that you love me and live without me you can not. You in the world the person and I you very strongly love the most good. We with you shall be together, and we shall be happy. We are created in this world the friend for the friend. And when I, shall be with you Really, happy times will begin. I without you shall not live day. I live only your love. She of me Warms every minute and gives sense to live on this white light my love. Is not present than that is more dear than the favourite person. And the favourite person are you. I to you repeated it much and is ready to repeat it many times. Dear I know and I believe, in you, that you love me and never will make to me, something bad. I for the sake of you am ready on all. When I shall be a number, and I shall soon I shall not be to long minutes. All because my love always will be a number. I madly love you. Also it will be much more pleasant, when I to you shall tell that you the most beautiful and favourite person. When You to me, will tell that you, like to me in eyes. It will be so pleasantly. You will never long, because I I shall make that happy person on light. On it I finish the letter. Write to me, I with impatience shall wait from you the letter. I like, I miss, it is gentle also passionately whole you.
Yours Alla.

Letter 11

RUDOLF, I am very happy to receive news from you. My love I has received from you money, it was pleasant for me as I could make to mum and a good supper on your means and to postpone a little for products, mum was very glad and asked you to thank strongly. It is pleasant for me, that we soon shall together, I very much wait for this minute when I shall arrive to you my love and you will meet me. I know that we always shall be fair among them, and will never injure each other, and I truly hope, that it will be. I really need in love. I so like to read your letters, in any case they force me to feel well. I re-read all your letters, and it gives me pleasure. I love you loved and really can not live without you! And I know that our union will be the best in our life. And we never shall regret that have met each other. I wish you fine day that at you all was good. Now, when you will wake up, I hope that my letter will give you a little pleasure. And you will start the day with good mood. I should run home now so I shall finish on it, and expecting your following the Letter. With love Alla.

Letter 12

Hello my love Rudolf!!! All life I searched to myself for the good friend and have found and have understood, that have fallen in love, now I cannot live without you. As though I would like to be always near to you, to see you always, to hear your voice. You the most dear person on all ground, except for you are necessary nobody for me. I VERY STRONGLY LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I burn down from love to you. I do not get tired to repeat sweet words « I LOVE YOU »!!! This really rare, but bringing satisfaction the feeling demanding something especial. I want to look in your eyes, to kiss your sweet lips and to see your smile, to embrace gently, strong. You reduce me from mind. You do me happy. I am happy! Thanks you, that you is. Thanks the Internet, that we have found each other. Up to our meeting remained to very few time, my ideas not about it, all ideas are borrowed with you. I want to wish you, us happiness together. Let our meeting will be the best for us. The kid, I love you! Now we cannot be together, but soon we shall meet, I shall soon touch you, I shall embrace. I shall kiss your lips and ears, gently to whisper, that I love you. With you to me becomes easier and quieter. You know, time SO SLOWLY lasts without you. One second lasts, as if eternity. You know, I test to you the warmest and tender feelings. Each cell of my body SHOUTS about love to you. It would be desirable to stroke you on a head, to plunge into your hair, to nestle on you, to feel your rough breath, to feel knock of your heart. I test dizziness, I feel love, and all world loses outlines and is promptly carried away away. I very much love you. To me very important your attention. To me your feelings and experiences, in fact your they, and everything are very important, that is connected with you for me very important. You perfectly know all, know, that I feel, because you understand me as anybody all over the world! I hope, that I mean for you so much as you for me because you - my Life, and things, more significant, than she, simply does not exist. I want to be for that bright star in the universe, the purest water in all sources, the warmest essence in cold gloomy days! I very strongly love you. On it I finish the letter. Write to me, I with impatience shall wait from you the letter. I like, I miss, it is gentle also passionately whole you. Yours Alla.

Letter 13

Hello my love Rudolf!!! I am very glad to receive from you the letter. I waited for it with impatience, and now I am happy, to read it. Loved mine, how at you an affair? How your mood today? I hope, that at you all is good, that you had fine time. Today in the morning I thought of you. As it is fine to rise early in the morning and to think of you. I have gone to a bath, and I had dream as we with you are engaged in love in a bath. You caress me, we with you are engaged in love in a bath, you tender kiss me. I want to be with you, I want to be engaged with you love, I very strongly love you. Every minute, every second, I think of you, I think of us with you. And this fine feeling, I am very glad, that you at me are. I am glad, that we with you shall be together, let not now, but soon we shall meet and we shall never leave. I all realize difficulties with money, and I am ready to wait that day when we shall meet you, and we shall be together. Today I have read your letter, there there was everything, that I wanted to hear from you. It has simply struck me up to depth of my soul. As I want, that you now were near to me. Yes, I already probably repeat it constantly!!! You began to borrow the most important in my life and a leaging role, I should think of you. Constantly in a head one name and one image spins only. You constantly dream me, and waking up in the morning I try to find you near to me, and then I understand, that you are now very far, and so it becomes bad to me, I miss you constantly. Lovely if there was no you I do not know that I then did. I very much Love you though simple words of it to not transfer, you for me one all over the world, and I want to be with you, and only with you. I have understood, that I love you! I like so cleanly and innocently as like in fairy tales. I always dreamed to fall in love once with lives and for ever, I ignored feelings of others who wanted to be with me simply to protect the feelings for that unique, and the god has made happy me, I with pride speak - you my love!!! There will be no all words of the world to describe my feelings to you, they as are pure and vulnerable. I love you everything, each part of the body and soul, I love all your merits and demerits. I shall always love you my dear, I shall be always near to you, I shall help you and I shall always care of you. You have presented me belief in pleasure and sincerity, kindness and respect. You have learned me to love and love adequately as in my dreams and to be loved. My heart for ever yours, you took away it and it for ever remain with you, my loved. My life, in fact I so miss on you, you my most dear person on light, remarkable mine, only I in a lap before you - I ask, be with me beside. My soul, I every day to think of you, to live you. Every minute I shall live your voice, your careful hands and a strict sight, your happy smile, proud gait - I love you, my lion I am ready to repeat these words always. Remember always - you my most native, close, dear and most favourite person. You my friend, the brother, my love and all my life. On it I finish the letter. Write to me, I with impatience shall wait from you the letter. I like, I miss, it is gentle also passionately whole you.
Yours Alla.

Letter 14

Hello my love Rudolf!!! I am very glad to receive from you the letter. I waited for it with impatience, and now I am happy, to read it. How at you an affair? How your mood? I hope, that at you all is good, that you had fine time. Since first our acquaintance I realize how I am strong you more and more love, with what tenderness and care you concern to me as you store, closing the back from only. And in fact I dreamed of it all life. Yes, it is dream of any girl. That there was a love that there was a mutual understanding that there was a honesty that it carried you on hands!!!!! And all this is at me!!!!!!!!!!! And I the happiest person on light, only because you beside, only because you with me and I am ready to give all on light to you, is exact as well as you give all to me. I madly love you, now it seems to me, that if you will not be, the life will stop, in eyes will darken for ever, and heart will die of a cold. But I hope, that it never happen. I madly strongly love you. With you each my day, at all the most successful is filled with sense, there is for the sake of what costs and it is necessary to live!!! There is YOU!!! And YOU unique and unique, in YOU are those qualities which are inherent only in the present to the man. YOU the most remarkable person on the ground and I love you!!!! Be always same. I always shall be with you, I love you. You constantly are in my dreams, and I would not like to wake up at all. When I went to bed I thought of you, I dreamed of us with you as we with you are engaged in love as we with you live together. And dream has dreamed me. In this dream I saw the airport, I flied to you, and you met me at the airport. It was fine dream, I so would not like to wake up. I very strongly want to see you, to be with you, and as soon as possible. You are necessary for me as air. I do not have not enough you, I want to be with you, and only with you. More nobody is necessary for me, you are necessary for me, and only you. I want to be with you, to be yours. I am ready to be given you completely, I am ready to be yours from legs up to a head. I want to be yours, and only yours. I very strongly love you, I cannot live without you. Since I have learned you, I have very much grown fond of you. I earlier also had no representation about such strong love. I do not have not enough you, your tenderness, care, love. And I hope, that we can soon meet you, and for ever to be together, and to us nobody will prevent to love each other. On it I finish the letter, I with impatience shall wait from you for the letter. Write to me. I like, I miss, it is gentle also passionately whole you. Yours Alla.

Letter 15

Hello my love Rudolf!!! I am very glad to receive from you the letter. I waited for it with impatience, and now I am happy, to read it. Rudolf, I love you! I shall repeat it, I do not get tired yet though I think, I hardly can sometime get tired to speak you it! You that person of whom I dreamed! I always think of you, I dream of those hours when we shall be together. As I want to drop to your lips, to hear, how you whisper to me tender words on an ear, to embrace you and to not release , feel, how your heart is beaten, to pull out your hair, to speak you, that I like, not ceasing! I want to be with you as much as possible time. I am ready to give everything, if only to be with you beside, to look in your eyes, to feel your hands, to see, how you gently smile, and to smile to you in the answer. To give itself, the love and to receive too, I never simply represented, that sometime I can so to be mad on someone! Waking up in the morning, on a dawn I think of you, and in the evenings when I observe of the star sky. This cold and a little bit sad morning to become the warmest and joyful at one idea about you. Without you - it is dark and cold. And I do not present the life without you. I so am grateful to you, that you are at me. You such good, you so love me, strongly, we did not see each other, and I madly miss, I cannot live without you, I shall be only with you always, always, good my, loved, you my happiness. To me so it is lonely without you in this city. I would like to throw all and to run to you. As it would be desirable me to nestle on you, to kiss you warm lips. I do not see, but each time when I read your letters, my heart is ready to become torn on a part. Each letter fills me with happiness. Thanks you loved for these letters. They give to me tenderness and treat my sincere wounds. Your Love - it very tasty and desired drink which would be desirable to drink at once. Rudolf native simply be with me and I shall be happy. On it I finish the letter, write to me, I with impatience shall wait from you the letter. I like, I miss, it is gentle also passionately whole you. Yours Alla.

Letter 16

Hello my love Rudolf!!! Today the usual day, unpleasant weather, but in my heart a storm of emotions, I so have become bored on you, I want to be a number, to embrace and kiss, I want to enjoy you, but meanwhile, it is impossible to meet to us. You for a long time know all about all my feelings and about my love to you, you began all in my life, without you I do not present further my coexistence. I want, that you knew, that I very much love you, you the most dear for me in the world the person! I of you never to a deceit, shall give nobody, I never shall forget you. I am glad, that you at me are. Thanks that because of you my soul to be in constant alarm, thanks, that you allow to me such feelings which do not give my heart to fall asleep, thanks, that my ideas are constantly in work, to me is never boring, because I have met you, and you have given I peep for my feelings. You to me bring which strange feelings I earlier never tested and I can not describe them, I can tell only, that all this together fear, a pain, pleasure, emptiness. I very much love you, I do not see you, but I love all only more strongly. And today you have dreamed me. And I at all did not want to wake up, I dreamt, where we with you together, you there gave me flowers, you kissed, loved me. It was the finest dream in my life. I cannot without you, I can not live without you. I very strongly love you. You for me everything, all my life it you, only for you I live and only for you I am ready to make all. You unique on light. I ADORE YOU! I repeatedly admitted to you love. One more time I want to cry out for the whole world, that I LOVE YOU. You for me the most dear person on light, I very strongly value you, I value our attitudes. I think, that I the happiest person on light, because you native with me, that my you and only mine. As I am grateful to destiny, that I have met you in the life. Let in have begun our attitudes of difficulty, between us huge distance, but we can overcome and remain this distance together. Write to me, I with impatience shall wait from you the letter. I like, I miss, it is gentle also passionately whole you. Yours Alla.

Letter 17

Hello my love Rudolf!!! Loved, I always think of you! From a dawn up to a decline and from a decline till a dawn! It seems to me, I without you cannot live and day, minute, second! I want to feel always heat of your body, your sweet lips. You for me the most dear in the world! I value you! I do not know, as though I could live without you, I do not present, as earlier I could without you. You for me, most. I do not want anybody another. You for me one the most good and loved. At me it for the first time, that I have fallen in love and to others I do not pay attention - you have made it! You have forced me to believe in the present love - and my love it you! I madly love you!!! I very much - very much love you, you at all do not imagine, as far as is strong, you became sense of my life. I cannot transfer you the love words at all since it is simply impossible. You the best in the world the man are the fact. I so would like your love, your heat and tenderness. I would like, that once, you have told: « your I forever », want, that you have passionately whispered to me it on an ear, have touched my cheek the cheek. Sometimes my dreams of you come so far, that it seems to me, as if I have gone mad, but I like to be a lunatic because I am glad that I can though to dream of you, in fact dream to me can to forbid nobody. I want to wake up in the mornings in your gentle, tender embraces. Only becon, and I shall go for you, call, and I shall come at any time as it would not be borrowed, I shall come, I shall come tearing along, you to me are the most important on light, you are necessary for me, as air, as water, as food. But recently it is no time to me eat, drink, breathe and other since I constantly think and I dream of you. When I close eyes, it would be desirable to stretch a hand, to touch you. But it only your image. I can look at him only. And me of it so a little. It would be desirable to be closer. As far as physical borders only allow. To kiss you, to embrace, be dissolved in you. My condition is similar to illness. But I would not like to be treated for it at all. Well, she has developed into the chronic form. I shall store for you the warm feelings, I shall listen to nobody, only an internal voice and palpation of the heart. Love this delightful madness filled with tears and pleasure, languor, expectation. When you completely feel it, like all heart, each cell of all organism, dream in the afternoon and at night only about one - to see you. My loved, I on you very much miss. I cannot without you. I precisely know, that without you to me to not live. You have learned me to love, you have learned me be such what I is. Thanks you for it. I shall make everything, everything to kindle your heart the love, the overflown feelings, and all because my life without you - grey existence, without you will be gloomy and cold even the most solar, warm day. Write to me, I with impatience shall wait from you the letter. I like, I miss, it is gentle also passionately whole you.
Yours Alla.

Letter 18

Hello my love Rudolf!!! I am very glad, and happy, that we with you shall be together. I believe you, I believe in us, I believe in the future, all will be good, because I very strongly love you! Does not pass such day when I would not catch myself not idea, that my love becomes all boundless. I did not think, that so it is strongly possible to love, I am convinced of it. There are we, there are feelings which connect us. There is nothing on light more important, than search of the present love, that only thing which I have already found, has found it in you, and one day of a meeting with you this happiness, recollect, on what our world is similar: one happy day, it almost a miracle. Let's live hereby, we shall think of the future. We shall be happy, if we slightly shall help our happiness. I shall always thank destiny because she has presented me of you. I cannot transfer words as I want you to see, embrace, kiss. That I did not do, I think only of you, I very much wait, when we shall meet you. Only you know one, what I and that at me inside, knows, that my feelings are very strong, therefore I and want to tell to you all this. I believe, that anybody, and nothing will prevent us to be together, even time, I wait ours with you a meeting. Without you, I was not present, without you I do not live. Thanks that you at me are. I do not want you to lose. Let our expectations of us do not deceive, and all fine our dreams become a reality. I want to be always with you beside, I am ready to divide with you ups and downs, success and failures. And I want to present you of word which never will lose the wonderful force: " Loved mine, I love you!!! " You know, I the happiest girl on all planet because I have you! Each particle of my body misses on you when I do not receive from you letters! What long days without you seem to me! Constantly I think of you, I see your eyes, mentally their whole and to tone in their blue! Loved, thanks you that my you!!! Write to me, I with impatience shall wait from you the letter. I like, I miss, it is gentle also passionately whole you.
Yours Alla.

Letter 19

Hello my love Rudolf!!! I am very glad to receive from you the letter. I waited for it with impatience, and now I am happy, to read it. How at you an affair? How your mood? I hope, that at you all is good, that you had remarkable time. My angel I am very happy, that you in my life and in my destiny. I try to find suitable words which will help me to express all depth of feelings to you, lovely. But likely such words simply yet have not thought up. The most beautiful, sincere and gentle words of all languages of the world will be insufficiently. But you in fact and itself know as roads to me. I do not present the life without you. You and only you in my heart, and in my dreams!!! You could rush into my life hurricane! You as the hot sun could kindle my heart! You have made everything that I have gone mad for your tenderness. At you it has turned out. Yes it also was not difficult for making, taking into account, what you the fine person. I know, you are sent to me by destiny, in fact that who has presented me of you, knew, that it knowingly has made it. It has presented me of you - my angel - keeper! The love you preserve me from all evil on this guilty Earth, closing the snow-white wings, my angel. And I beg you about one preserve me all life, and I shall begin to store our love! Thanks, that you is! Due to you, I have learned that surprising feeling - love! You are necessary for me only, such open, gentle, and the lovely person. Your smile for me - happiness, your eyes - the bottomless sea. You the person most necessary to me. For me you will always stay the most remarkable the man from which heart is beaten as mad, and the mind is lost at all. I LOVE YOU!!! I wait for everyone our meeting. Your good mood is transferred also to me. As it is fine - FOR LOVING! And I, Love you. I like. Probably, also, as you I shall not grow fond of anybody. You the most dear to me the person on the ground. I shall be repeated: I LOVE YOU!!!! I want to be engaged with you love. We with you the first night will be the finest, the most romantic, the most passionate. Loved mine, on it I finish the letter. Write to me, I with impatience shall wait from you the letter. I like, I miss, it is gentle also passionately whole you. Yours Alla. P.S. I VERY STRONGLY LOVE YOU, AND I CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FOREVER YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR I FROM LEGS UP TO THE HEAD!!!!!!!!!! AND I WANT, THAT YOU TOO WERE MINE AND ONLY MINE FROM LEGS UP TO THE HEAD!!!!!! I WANT TO LOVE YOU AND THAT YOU LIKED, GENTLY CARESSED ME, I WANT TO BE ENGAGED WITH YOU LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 20

Hello my love Rudolf!!! Much to our regret as to me have told in the Internet of cafe, that connection with the satellite very bad and when I shall write the letter you not at once receive my letter as malfunctions with connection are possible{probable} and probably you receive my letter much later. To you, mine the LION, only for you all these declarations of love, you know, how I love you... You Know, you know. Loved mine, I very much love you. You such fine, you such kind, gentle, careful. You the most remarkable person on all ground. My feelings every day overflow me more and more and more, I love you strongly, strongly. And every day the love all is stronger and stronger. And your love forces me to work wonders., your love such strong, and sincere, that helps to overcome any problems. I do not want to leave you, I want to be with you always. I live you, I live for the sake of you, I am glad you. And I want, that our Love never died away. I dream to touch your hair, to begin a wind, cheerfully to disarrange them and to burst out laughing in reply to your annoyed kind. You will pretend, that is awfully annoyed. And I shall know, that it is good you, and it will be for me happiness you my eternity, my infinity. You in my heart, your I, you in me. I want to tell to you, that I love you very much, very much, in fact in another way it is impossible to love such lovely, sweet, kindest person!! I love you, and I shall like!!! I on you very much miss, and I want you to see, meet you. At night I do not sleep - think of you, in the afternoon I too think of you. Between us now kilometers but meet and be fast we with you we can together. I very much love you my sweet, and I can not without you any more!!!! As though I would like to be always near to you, to see you always, to hear your voice. For me there are no others, and there is only you. I like how probably loved nobody. With you all in another way, all somehow not so, all is much better. With you I have felt, that did not feel with one man. Lovely, I never can forget you. You the best, that are in my life, and I do not want to lose you. I so would like, that you now were a number. Write to me, I with impatience shall wait from you the letter. I like, I miss, it is gentle also passionately whole you. Yours Alla.

Letter 21

Hello my love Rudolf!!! Loved mine, I am very glad to receive from you the letter. I waited for it with impatience, and now I am happy, to read it. To me so it is lonely without you in this city! I would like to throw everything, to overlook about about all and to run to you, to stay with you, to be forgotten in your embraces, and to love you eternally. As it would be desirable me to nestle on you, to kiss you warm lips. I do not see you, but everyone when I read your letters my heart is ready to become torn on a part. I want every instant the life to carry out with you because your letters fill me with happiness. Thanks you loved in these instants!!!!!!!!!!!!! She gives to me tenderness and treats my sincere wounds. Your Love - it as very tasty and desired drink which is to be drunk down in one breath. But if it to make, thirst will not be satisfied. Therefore you do the first drink big, and then, constraining yourself, you start to drink slowly - slowly and cautiously to not spill. I want to drink you up to the end up to last drop. Favourite, native mine simply be with me, and I shall be happy, I very strongly want to meet you! Your love gives a pacification to my covered with wounds soul and rest to my heart. Terrestrial words any in general it is impossible to express that inexplicable feeling of a celebration of a body and soul, when you beside lovely. Likely during such moments, the sky goes down on the ground, no, more likely the ground towers to heavens. I want to tell once again only, the love is pleasure even at comprehension of that between us such big distance. I know, that you dream of the child, and I am ready you to give birth to it if only you were a number if only liked! You would give what name to our kid? I love you, and I want from you the child if it was somebody another, at me and ideas would not be about it. I know, our child will be same beautiful, as its father! I very much would want, that our child was similar to you, and it had your eyes! It is difficult for me without you, loved very difficultly, very much it would be desirable to feel your hands, your gentle sight, it would be desirable to see your smile inverted only to me. But whether there will be it? Whether I can sometime tell to you: " I love you "? Whether I can sometime feel your hand in the? Whether there will be it? You are very necessary for me. In fact it is bad to you without me, I feel it, and I am compelled to carry out evenings of a house, one. I love you, I very strongly want to feel, as behind a stone wall, I want to be near to you, I am heated only with one idea, that you as love me. Loved, at me only one request if you really love me really, that, I ask you, I want, that we have somewhat quicker met you, I ask you, make everything, that in your forces, make so that we have somewhat quicker met you. I very much love you. And I cannot live without you. I at all do not know, that to me occurs!!! Me, probably will soon break off on a part: I have no place to splash out her all my feelings, all that my energy which I test when I think of you. It would be a pity to me, if this, woken up passion oppress mine I will die out also again I shall stay only one for now that bright fire in my opinion has not died out, you indefinitely do not suffice me! And this second unique my desire it to embrace you more strong, and to give you all itself, to engage with you in love. I very strongly love you!!! On it I finish the letter. I have opened to you all heart, and I think, that you see it, and will try to use the best efforts, that we have somewhat quicker met you. In this letter, I have enclosed all my love, all my passion, all my care to you. And I think, that you will not begin to hesitate with our meeting. I believe you, I hope, that you as strongly love me, and is fast with you we shall meet. I shall wait for your answer. Yours forever Alla.

Letter 22

Hello my love Rudolf!!! Loved mine, I do not sleep at night, I wait, that day when we shall meet you. You love you me. I know, that I LOVE YOU! Day after day I think of you, my dear person. How you? What with you? Whether you are ill? What new in your life? Whether happened that with you? Day after day I whisper, as a pray: you the God, let there where the footstep is put with a life let stores, always there will be a reliable hand of the friend, let any pain will not touch you, let your life will be long and happy! My life has changed since when, I in the first have grown fond. I all so - think of you and all as I present myself you, that you near to me, caress, tender kiss me! You as if an angel have gone down from heavens to present me happiness, to warm soul in a fierce cold, to replace water in hot heat. In fact happiness - it you! I simply could not imagine, what will be, if I shall lose you? I asked the God only about one, never to admit it. In fact then I cannot feel you any more, look in your eyes as the sea which is not knowing borders and limits, attract me to you, call behind myself. I would like to live for a long time, and all this time to love you that we never left you that our feeling has not run low and has not faded, keeping freshness and force long years. Well again I dream. It is enough to me to see of you to feel happy! When I shall look at your eyes, they will speak me about tendernesses, your lips about love, and your body you will speak that you exist actually, about that that a reality for the sake of which I am ready on all! If I was your tear, I would slide to kiss you if you were mine, I never would cry to not lose you!!!! I love you, in my heart memory of you is eternal. I know, that soon we shall meet you, and I like, I like, and I shall love only you, my most gentle and madly the beloved on light!!! This gloomy, cold and a little bit sad morning to become the warmest and joyful at one idea about you. Without you - it is dark and cold. I, as the little girl in a thunder-storm, in a wood and without mum. Around emptiness, cold senselessness, prickly grief and terrible fear, you in fact know as I am afraid to lose you. When I shall be with you beside, I shall feel like as behind « a stone wall »; the same little girl, but strong and confident, happy and loved, and from time to time up to impropriety defenceless. I very much on you miss. I love you. I love you such what you are. I love you, I shall always love you. I would like to see your smile, your sight, I want to see, how you embraced me with becoming transfixed heart, I would feel, that, simply having embraced, we became a single whole, and it cannot be denied. I trusted and I believe in the feeling because such remains on always. I till now believe, that you love me. I love you! I would not like to meet others, nobody will cause more than such feeling, and I do not want to get rid of him and I can not. I do not want to think, that there are other men. I LIKE AND I SHALL LOVE YOU! CONTRARY TO ALL AND ALL! To me today it is sad, very sad, that we now not together, that we now cannot make love. I so strongly want to be somewhat quicker with you, to see you somewhat quicker, to kiss you in your fine, gentle lips. Whole, yours Alla. P.S. I VERY STRONGLY LOVE YOU, AND I WANT TO MEET SOMEWHAT QUICKER YOU, TO BE WITH YOU BESIDE ALL TIME, TO LOVE YOU REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 23

Hello my love Rudolf!!! Loved mine, I very strongly love you. Loved mine, I very strongly love you. Loved mine, I every day think of you, I every day dream, how we with you shall live together. You are very necessary for me, I still never met such fine person, as you. Without you I cannot and live and minutes. Loved mine, you are necessary for me as air. You know, that without air any person cannot live, even the strongest and as I cannot live without you. Loved mine, I very much grieve without you. I would like to arrive somewhat quicker to you, and to remain with you for all life, to look after you, to love you. If there would be at me an opportunity, I have thrown all and right now would sit in the plane and have arrived to you. I very much love you, I cannot live without you. My love, you my LION. I very much grieve without you. Before going to bed I think of you when I go to a bath I I think of you when I rise early in the morning think of you. My most treasured dream it to see you somewhat quicker. And I am very glad, that is fast my DREAM to be carried out, and we with you shall be together. And it will be the happiest day in my life. I very strongly love you. I want to show you all love to you as I can. It is a pity, that now I am not near to you. I so strongly want to be with you, that all my feelings to not write on a paper, to not express in the letter. You will see all, when we shall meet you. I shall show all love, and our love will be envied by many. I want to love you, and to be loved. I know, that you love me. And I am very glad, I am happy. You have presented me the love, you have shown me as it is possible to love. You careful, you the remarkable person. And I was more with anybody I do not want to be except for you, I want to be only with you. With you it is good me, with you I feel the happiest girl on all ground. Nobody is necessary for me except for you, you are necessary for me, and only you. I very much love you. And I have more except for you than anybody is not present. Nobody is necessary for me. I love only you. On it I finish the letter. Write to me, I with impatience shall wait from you the letter. I like, I miss, it is gentle also passionately whole you. Yours Alla. P.S. I LOVE YOU, AND ONLY YOU. NOBODY IS NECESSARY FOR ME. AT ME ANYBODY IS NOT PRESENT. I WANT TO BE WITH YOU, AND ONLY WITH YOU. I VERY MUCH LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 24

Greetings my LION!!! Probably, you are set by a question why I have named you a lion? Now every day and every night you in my apartment. You, probably, do not understand me? Well, I shall explain to you. I have the big soft toy. He/she is the big lion with a long tail and with a dense mane. This lion is so charming. It only one toy which I have, and I love my lion very much. My girlfriend always asked me: « What name of my toy? » . I constantly thought, I thought, what name to think up to it, but I could not think up any name. My girlfriend has suggested many different names, but any name was not pleasant for me. I at all do not know why. But yesterday, when I went to bed, as is usual, I have placed my lion near to myself. I looked at him and thought of you. And I have told good night Rudolf! And during this moment, I have understood, that I have found most better, the most native, closest name for my lion. This name - Rudolf! I was so happy. This name so approached to my lion! Now the lion always is close to me. I look at him and I think of you. It so is amusing. Today I have told to my girlfriend, and we laughed very for a long time. She has told to me: « it is good, that your toy a lion and if the toy was not a lion, she would be an ostrich or the elephant, hardly you would name this toy Rudolf! » It would be very cheerful. By the way, to write this letter, I have made many efforts. You want to know why? Anyway, I shall tell to you. Today I for the first time was late for work. I always wake up, when my alarm clock calls. But today I did not hear an alarm clock, it is probable, because in dream I saw you. I have woken up with a smile on the person. But when I have looked at hours, I began to laugh very loudly because I never slept such long time in the morning. Usually I wake up at 6:30. On work I should be at 8:00. But today I have woken up at 8:20. I have quickly put on and had no time to have breakfast, because my director does not like, when workers are late for work. I very much hurried up. I ran very quickly along the street and when I have arrived closer to my work, I have stumbled and have fallen. You can imagine it? I lick on the middle to the street, similar to a starfish, but to me nobody has helped to rise. And I thought, that you necessarily would help me to rise. I have a little damaged a hand and a knee. And when I have come for work, my girlfriends have asked me: « Alla, in what business? ». And I have told, that I saw in my dream of you! And it was amusing. They asked me, I saw what dream, and have told him. They have told to me, that I have was over head and ears in love in you. Yes, I very much love you, and I very much do not have you. I have worked - as. And after work I have somewhat quicker gone home a few to have a rest. Having come, home, to me it became very sad, boring, melancholy, because you have not met me, have not helped me to remove outer clothing, and have not prepared me for a bath. I very much do not have you. I was not present near to you, and I wait with impatience our meeting, I wait that day when I can tell to you, looking in your fine eyes as strongly I love you. I very much love you, and I want to see you, as soon as possible, as it probably. I understand all difficulties which we have in our life. And I agree on everything to be with you beside, to spend all time with you and only with you my loved, my gentle, my unique Rudolf!!! I LOVE YOU Rudolf!!! I hope, that you will write already soon to me. Write to me, I with impatience shall wait from you the letter. I like, I miss, it is gentle also passionately whole you.
Yours Alla.

Letter 25

Hello my Love Rudolf!!! How - you? I hope, that at you good mood! And my letters lift it, and it remains good during all day. Ideas about you do not leave my head! After your last letter, having come, home, I very for a long time thought of us and about our attitudes. These feelings, they very warm, and also cool time which it is a little, they as the moon in the dark evening sky. If you have time, look at it, and you will understand all depth of my feelings. At us today half of moon in the sky. One half of her is it you. This half is covered in easy and high temperature, And other half from this I, dark and cold, disappearing, in itself a secret. Stars around of it are people which surround us. In them the heap has placed, and in me one, and I cannot her to you. You know to me, it seems, that you very good person, and I can be open with you. You fine, sensitive, kind, you deserve the most good words, and your attitude to me the finest in my life. It - is enough only with abusings love. I shall speak directly, And to me I which should inform. It seems that to you about it. I LOVE YOU!!! Yes you have understood me, and it means, it since this moment instead of which my heart belongs only against you than whom it - is more. Now only you can solve, which my words for you mean. I shall not take offence, if you will write to me, That you have no any mutual feelings, I shall think, that it will seem shortly. I am very pleased to your letters, I always wait, when I shall enter the Internet Both I shall read, and I shall write to you! Heart checks mine, you have left a wound in my heart, And this wound is closed, when I read your letters! I do not accuse you, did not exist opposite, I am pleased to this! I wanted to find people similar to my soul, and I think, which I have found! It you! Soul, your feelings to me! I want to thank you for the big attention to me! But the big inquiry does not play with me, If it - game! My heart, young and soft and me it will be difficult to transfer loss! I do not aspire to receive you, I then to leave did not exist! I try to understand you and to write more about me directly! But I do not deny, you are necessary for me. You became important in my life and necessary for me! And even, if to us I shall not be, is doomed to meet, remember you always! All in your hands! Do not leave me, and I shall not leave you. While we should strengthen attitudes! I think, that we shall have fine time! Walks, entertainments, viewing of films, suppers at candles together! My character is very loyal! I was difficult for deducing! And if I see, that the person who does not open soul, I turn away from him! Do not turn away from me! Please! To my biggest disappointment my time has expired, also I should finish this letter! I - the end to write this letter, but I shall think of you! I hope, that we shall together soon! I shall wait for your letter! Bye-bye My love!!! I like, I miss, it is gentle also passionately whole you. Yours Alla.

Letter 26

Hello my love Rudolf. I am glad again to you to write the letter. I you love mine, I have strongly become missed on you. I very much want to be near to you my loved and when I can not write to you strongly I suffer on you. I am already tired to be one and you are necessary for me. You see now, when we with you have got acquainted, all my dreams now only on you. And now, when I have read your letter, I have told anything to myself, you have written to me such fine letter. For me there was a huge pleasure to read him I each day think of you, I present an our first meeting, the first kiss. As we with you shall carry out together our first night together as we shall caress and to embrace each other. As we with you shall be engaged in sex. What it will be fine time when at us with you our first child will appear. And now it any more dream, we soon shall together! Lovely mine, I speak you while, and I shall wait for your new letter. In swords about fast meeting Alla.

Letter 27

Hello my loved Rudolf! I am very glad to receive your new letter. When I read him, it fills in my soul and attracts. We are very strong, to you were pulled together, and it is fine, that we are each other. I do not present more life without you and your letters. I love you very much mine! I have found that searched in this life. And it you - my loved and unique person. There is nothing better than to love you for other part of my life and to divide all worlds with you. It was my dream, a fairy tale, that we fall in love so deeply, and now our dream is the validity and I am glad to this, that our two souls have incorporated. And I wait for that happy moment when our bodies can incorporate. When we can feel touches each other. In the late evening, I only session and dreaming with you. I dream about Time then all of us shall be together, I dream, how we might at session in the Beach and addressing to sunrise, or a decline, or sitting in the winter about a fireplace. The reflection about each other also understands each other without words. We - only all parts of one big family, and we - together. We Conversation as it is wonderful to be together for ever. We trying to remember that time when we live not together, and these memoirs in a deep fog was. It - seems for us, that we always were together’ Your future wife Alla. Hello my favorite future husband. I am very glad to read your letter again. In your letter it is so much many fine and remarkable words, for me pleasure to read your letters. At that time while we not beside our letters this unique means of dialogue which connects us to you. But I know, that when we with you shall meet, we shall make up for lost time which we have lead in separation from you. I am glad to have you in my life! I dream only of you, my dear! I am so happy to know you, you can not imagine at all! I only wanted, that you were, each time were near to me. I want to speak, that I THANK YOU for your existence. For all you did for me to light dreams, and sweet emotions proceed. A sight, that I have beautiful words for you: there is a sea between us, love, and it is a pity to me that it was not true, within each day when I wake up, I grieve to be with you. There are many miles between us, love though you - always here in my heart, and each night, below Silver Star light, I pray within day, about that remarkable day when we shall be together. I love you, and I shall love all my life!

Letter 28

Hello, my gentle and loved Rudolf! Today fine day, at us stands good solar weather, and I am glad, that I read the letter from loved Rudolf! At me has already become a habit, that I each day go in the Internet of cafe, and write to you the letter. My mum too is very glad for me and also is pleased for me. You see now I have my loved person with whom we shall create family and from which I shall have children. Now my dream on creation of the family became a reality and I am glad to this. The truth to me while is necessary to sleep one in my cold bed. But I know, that already absolutely soon I can divide with you my bed where we with you may make our dreams by a reality. I miss on you and I wait for our meeting my love Rudolf! With love for ever, yours Alla.

Letter 29

Hello my most gentle my loved person on light Rudolf, I so am glad that you do not overlook about me. I recollect about you each minute when one lies down to sleep in cold bed I, think why you are not present a beside then I could nestle on you, and would be heated by your heat. I each day try to distract myself, I think out to myself different affairs on what - that time vanity forces to forget you, and then the wave grows and covers with a head, mad sensation, air roofing felts does not suffice, roofing felts it is a lot of. Heart is beaten in each section of a body and a brain. With you I have learned that love of which everyone dreams. I am overflow with delight of forthcoming meeting with you. I need to see you to be near to you, I any more do not wish to remain one, my lovely! And now we are separated only from each other with a problem of money, but this problem I think, we can decide. And anybody and that can not prevent our meeting! I very much now would like to spend with you all time, but I understand that while it is not possible. For now I should carry spend him far from you. And from it to me it is boring and lonely. At us a magnificent nature, many beautiful places. And I would like to show you all that surround me, that it is pleasant to me. And if we together with you shall arrive then to Russia I shall show necessarily all to you, I hope, it is pleasant to you. I know that when I shall come, you can show me many remarkable places. And I very much want that you have shown them to me. I want to see everything that you surrounded also by all that for you dearly. Yours Alla.

Letter 30

Hello my loved Rudolf!!! Was very glad to receive one more your letter - virtual acknowledgement of that our letters and meetings - not simply fine dream, and though and a little bit remote, but a reality. As I know, that we with you already soon shall together. But I can not bear our separation, now, when you are at me I want to be with you and to belong to you. And if to you that will be interesting to talk to me on my native language, certainly, I shall teach you to Russian. I think, that from me the good teacher will turn out, and you I think, will be the provisional pupil. I all this time tried to you to tell, that I too respect YOU, and I like, therefore I always spoke and I speak you the truth. I simply can not take out, when the person close to me tells lies. I lose to him trust at once and irrevocably. So has developed, that I am trustful enough. Therefore if I love persons I believe him. Therefore and itself hate to tell lies. When to you trust is it is too precious, and I appreciate that at us with you full trust among them. And I can tell you precisely, that I do not know, how it is possible to deceive the loved person. Also trust me that I am not going to deceive you, I too love you and want to arrive to you. I want to become your wife my loved There is you, and there is I. Recently you became very dear to me. I think of you, I dream of you, I wish you. From time to time I in despair from comprehension of that you now so am far from me. Knowing, that nothing can be changed, I, nevertheless, should force to not think myself of you. You always with me, my loved !!! Yours Alla.

Letter 31

Hello my love Rudolf! Today I re-read your letters, have read all your letters, I enjoyed each your letter. I again speak you and I can repeat to you one million more time, I love you and very much I want to be with you. Also trust me that all that I write it sincere words which proceed from my heart. And when we shall meet, we shall enjoy each minute carried out together, my lovely and tender! I so want to nestle on you all body, I want to feel your breath, your smell. I so passionately want you, I do not know that with me, such never was that I never seeing the person, and me to it so strongly pulls. I want, that you have felt, as I now miss you. I want to feel your gentle kisses, your strong body when your language will penetrate into my lips, on mine a body the pleasant shiver runs, I want that you did not cease to kiss me to embrace me, to caress me. Recently I think only of you, fairly, I can not to think of anything the friend, except for you. I wake up and I fall asleep with ideas on you! I likely the happiest girl on light, you see at me am most remarkable and very beautiful mine loving me! I can not describe the love in a word, she should be felt. And I feel that in my heart there is only a love to you. And I to promise to you that you will feel her when we shall meet. My lovely, you force my heart my heart to beat faster; you have helped me to look at the world other eyes to breathe other air. With you I feel easy, freely, unchained. Thank you, loved, that you are at me, and I is at you. I believe, that to us with you nobody will prevent to love each other, I to nobody shall allow to make it, I shall die better, I shall die for love, than To leave with you, I simply can not go through parting with you, my heart is simple it will not sustain. I promise you, that I never shall make to you a bit too. I believe that by destiny is intended to us of happiness. Of your occurrence in my life which I expected, had a presentiment, in which the best proof of that it so was sure how you have appeared in reality. I wait for your letter, your future wife Alla.

Letter 32

My Loved Rudolf, my the most pleasant and the most gentle!!! Mine, I very pleasant, that you think of me and send me your letters in which it is a lot of love and emotional heat. Your letters heat my heart while you are not present near to me. And I would like to speak, that you are very much the close person for me, and I very much think of you all these days, and very much would like to have now all fine moments which we shall lead together. My Loved, I would like, that you were not sad, that day now seems more lonely usual and evening to not begin very quickly. That for me now each day goes very slowly will suffice, and each minute passes as one hour, and each hour seems eternity. It is very a pity to me of that time which we spend not a beside. You imagine, how your Favorite Lady, sits and waits for that fine moment when we for the first time can look each other in eyes embrace and kiss each other, I feel it more and more. When you will try my first warm evening dinner prepared specially for you. My Hands will prepare for you for the warmest foodstuffs, and you enjoy this moment when eat with me, and we speak, laughter and our light of eyes very much. And after dark evening time when we shall go to bed. We shall have fantastic time where two persons bathe in feelings each other and in the biggest Sense which has named Love. I would like it now when you have, this evening you Imagine on this time, that you have quickly and know, that life can be more interesting and more heat which require your ice heart which require that big fire, concern your good heart. I wrote to you, that at me my young man earlier and I not the Virgin was. I know, that such to be near to the favorite person and to enjoy his body. You feel that your life will be a lot of success. When I shall be near to you, and prepare for fantastic life which I Shall give mine loved. You will bathe in my feelings!!!!!!!!
Yours, only yours Alla!

Letter 33

Rudolf I so am excited about our meeting! I am full of Feeling which I never felt before, and I hope, that this real Feeling which I searched so long, and at last at me you have appeared. We have found that we looked and searched. I so happy, that we are together. I believe in our happiness. All my ideas now - about our future meeting. I want it so much. I know that on this time will be very important for both of us. I feel that we shall be happy together. It - is very important for me. I dream and I imagine the first moment of our meeting. Certainly, I so worry! I am ready to arrive to you, and I know, that you too are ready to meet me at the Airport. Today when I slept to me our first meeting has dreamed. When I to arrive to you, all over again I do not see you and I start to search for you. Then I see you. You cost with a bouquet of red roses. At supervision each other we run, each other on a meeting. We hasten to grasp each other and to kiss each other. At me on eyes of tear of happiness. Then we go to you home, and I slightly shall lie to have a sleep, to have a rest from tiresome trip. When to have rest we with you we go in restaurant in the evening and we have supper in candles. We drink a good wine spirits drink, and we dance slow dances all evening. After restaurant we go on foot on park, you embrace me that it was not cold to me. Your warm hands so are gentle. We look together at stars and softly to kiss each other. When we were, was slightly froze, we to go in you home. Together to take a warm bath with foam. Then we to go in you in dream and I to begin to you, to do massage of your body. And then I have woken up also my dream, was completed. I so did not want to wake up; I wanted to see mine Dream by the end. But I was disappointed, which up to the end looked Dream. I know, that it will be speed not in dream, and actually. I have woken up with very good mood. I shall wait for your letter! It - there - is a lot of love from your letters Alla.

Letter 34

Hello my love Rudolf. I was very glad to receive the letter from you. When I read your letter, on my eyes even tears of pleasure have appeared. I see that we are necessary for each other. Not I visit church, and Imp asking the god for our meeting. How you there without me? I grieve without you very much. You are in my heart. I know that you require me very much, and should feel very pleasantly. I always think of you, about our meeting, about our feature. Now I feel, that you - my second half. And I want to be with you most of all on this planet. Imp lonely in this huge world and now I have found you. I am very grateful to you, that you trust me. You are in my opinion. With each your letter I understood that you that person which is necessary for me, that the person who is very necessary for me. I as well as you want to see, I want to arrive to you more never to be separated. Lovely, I very much would not like to burden you with the difficulties, but I so would like to see you faster. I not I can to ask you about the help but if you want to see me can help me with money faster. On registration of the visa as I to you wrote to me for this purpose it is necessary $ 400 If you really want me to see as soon as possible and if you have opportunity have gone them to me, it is very inconvenient for me to ask you, but now it is a unique opportunity to meet. If you want to help our meeting there was money through Western Union, the address of branch:

The address of bank:
For my name Ilyina Alla

My girlfriend to work in bank, and she to advise me system the Western Union, she to speak, that it is the most reliable and fast system of remittances. This system should be in each bank. If you will help me with money and our meeting you to go in bank and there will give you of 10 figures when you to send money ( MTSN number), 10 figures you to send me and about the help of these of 10 figures I can receive your money here in my city in bank. Also it is necessary for me to know your full name. I shall wait from you this information. I know, when I think of you, and you think of me, and it has heated up my soul and a body. A smile from my special person - something which can decorate even the most dark day. One thing which I have noticed from reading your letters, is, that you are very strong. It seems that you have captured and have learned from experiences of life, and it is reflected in your letters. I am now very glad also to me hunting to dream up a little about our attitudes: Night, the novel, we one in a room, we include music and Dance slowly. I study your eyes, they - is so deep, and you look in mine, they are full emotions. I see your lips, so soft, and I want to kiss them. We love each another, and minute - eternity … Or so: - … you come back from work. I expect you. I have Preparing very tasty dinner, and we sit at a table, you inform me news, about your work and I only we listen to you. Require what - be still. I only enjoy the moments which I spend with you. Then we go in a drawing room a room, and observe a film. We sit on a sofa, Embrace and kisses. Only quiet evening … Or so: - … week-end, we prepare for breakfast for our children; they operate about us - the boy and the girl. After breakfast we are going to go, we have Picnic then we are going to see our friends, and we come back home Tired, but so happy. We have lead day with our family. Children already sleep also we one. We are engaged in love and whole night - not enough for us. Tomorrow one more week will begin, and we know, that we always shall be together, and the next week even will be better----. Well, it is enough with my dreams - … I hope, that these dreams very soon become a reality! Write to me, please, your ideas about it. I expect impatiently your Answer. Hot kisses for you. Yours Alla.

Letter 35

Hello loved Rudolf! It is pleasant for me to receive your letter again!!! I grieve without you awfully! I very much love you. I can not be except for you, it is so difficult. You - my life, I want to embrace you so much to feel your heat, to study your eyes, to feel like happy and safe about you. I am sure, that all will be good, and the destiny will work for us, and we shall be happy together. I frequently think of us and I try to imagine our life together. Sometimes I feel you so about and is close to me. I even feel you on distance. I feel when you are in high spirit and when you are sad. I am happy, when you are happy. I want to be with you so much and me though about ways for us to be together. Today I went to agency of travel, and learned, that it will be necessary for me to arrive to you. For the beginning it is necessary for me to collect all necessary documents: 1. The Valid passport 2. Two black-and-white photos, the size 5o5 3. The Filled application form 4. the Documents, testifying that I in Russia have work 5. Documents, acknowledgement of that in Russia remain direct relatives So that to arrive to your country I should do some documents and receive the visa. It will borrow some time, certainly, and to do many documents from my party. And on manufacturing of these documents at me will leave approximately about three days. But I shall do all which depends on me. As to the visa, there is a visa of the Bride, but it - not the best variant for us as we have not met nevertheless, and we have no documents and pictures to improve our meeting. And as to me have told, that all over again it will be better to receive it the visa the Category In - 1/A-2 (for the persons following in USA on affairs or with the tourist purpose), she is given out for the period of one year. Those who follows in USA as the tourist, should specify, where they are going to stop. As I am going to visit you I need to know your exact home address, and the address of the airport nearest to you where I should arrive. I very much you ask to send me this information. And already when I shall come to you that in 6 months we with you together we can start to make out with you for me the visa of the bride and I still shall stay on some time, and then when we with you shall get married that I shall stay with you for ever always to be near to you. But there is one thing which upsets me very much. You see, I should pay reception of the visa. And for the beginning its registrations I should go in embassy of USA which is in Moscow. And you know, that my earnings too small for this purpose. I do not want to complain, but simply I can not find 400 $, for trip to Moscow and registration of the visa. I have the big desire to arrive to you to see you, at last, and only money separate us from each other. I very much love you, and I do not want to lose you. Nobody can help me with it. Certainly, I could ask that my Mum has helped me, but she has no such money though she would like to help us. I am fair also sincere with you. I really hope that you understand my situation. I want to see you very much; I can not do it only because I have no such money. Money - only they help to overcome all difficulties on our way to each another. It is a pity, road if it upsets you. I only think, that we should entrust each another and divide all. Hope that you agree with me. Only imagine that in short time we could be together. Also there is only one problem now which I can not solve. I very much love you, you the best in my life, and our meeting could be the happiest for us! Yours forever Alla.

Letter 36

Hello my love, Rudolf!!! I so am pleased, that you to write to me and that me, to find so a plenty of letters on my box. You a ray of light in my heart. I have understood that you are necessary for me as air and about what I want to be with you. You imagine dream today has dreamed me, it was such bright and fine: I am, at home you enter my room, and I feel your aroma. You cautiously place me in a sofa to unbutton to me, the dress and your soft hands start to caress my breast softly. And our bodies merge as a whole, and you compress me so strong, we hear, as our hearts start to beat in one rhythm. Then we start to be borrowed love. About as I, would like that this dream appeared the truth! I think, you will not object, if I tomorrow shall go in agency of travel and I shall find out that to me will be necessary to arrive to you. I very much want our fast meeting with you! I long so without you here. I have such strange feeling inside. I grieve without you awfully. I need in you so much. It not only words that I feel now. I think of you all time. I never had it before. I did not see you nevertheless, but I can not live without you any more, your letters. I want to touch you to feel your heat and tenderness, I love you, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you are not frightened. It is strange for me also. But I can warrant to you, that it is true. I love you, and the idea on you does me so happy. I want to be with you so much. I want to feel you with each part of my body, I want to feel sensitive contact of your hands to smell your body, only to know, that I only yours and that you are mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am full desire, and I want you as the person, I want to be your wife, your friend, your assistant to soul, your beloved, and your dream. I understand now completely, that you are a person of my dream. I searched for you all my life, and now I have found you, and I am not going to lose you. We shall be happy together; I shall do all for this purpose. I am strong enough to overcome all difficulties and difficulties which are between us. There is no barrier which can stop me. My love will overcome all difficulties on our way. We shall be together to trust me. I shall move ocean only to be with you. I do not need in anything - I only want to see you to study your eyes, to kiss your lips, to concern your strong body. My love will be enough for two of us. You know song Bon Jove "Always". This song - about my feelings to you. I am afraid to ask you this, but what you feel? It is very important for me. It is better to know truly for me than sweet lie. So, please, inform me your feelings. ~ And I think, that it - already time for us to decide, what to do, I could arrive to you, and I think, that it - the best variant for us. So I shall find out all about the visa and as I could arrive to you. And I shall write to you about it in my following letter. Love of you Alla.

Letter 37

Hello my loved Rudolf! You - one of best people with which I ever informed in my life. Though we communicate through e-mail, I believe, that it - not a lot of various from real conversation teat-a-teat. In the past I ignored the Internet communications with whom - that and did not understand, that it could be so bright and is delightful. Before the letter to you something has changed in my opinion, which has told me to try (why not). And now I am happy, that it has taken place. And now I read your letters, they are full of emotions of heat and Sympathy to me. I start to understand, that my life is not meaningful without you because I love you, I think, that during that time, that we with you write each other, we have much gone through together and between us the feeling has appeared, I think, that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you. I grieve without you very much. You are in my heart. I know, that I require you very much, and it is very pleasant for me to feel, that you require me too. I always think of you, about our meeting, about our feature. Now I feel, that you - my second half. And I want to be with you most of all on this planet. I? lonely in this huge world and now I have found you. I want to inform to you to that my feelings and words concerning you always were sincerely, and I always understood, that we place a lot of trust, that our union would be real. Now I am sure be relative all 100, that I can to you to trust. And you are that person who is necessary for me. When I read your letter, I saw in it your sincerity and fidelity to me. I have made your letter for me directly big conclusion which is possible for expressing in three words, I LOVE YOU MINE RUDOLF!!! I spoke with my mum about that that, probably, I shall leave, she only were glad for me, mother has blessed me, she thinks, that it and is my happiness. Today I all day thought only of you, how we shall meet you. I to represent it to myself as you meet me at the airport as we search, each other eyes, we find and we rush in embraces each other. Today fine day, but me it is sad, because we with you so Far apart. Between us huge ocean, but in the ideas I itself. I To love you and for ever in your ideas. I wait your letter it important for me. For ever yours Alla... mailto:

Letter 38

Hi Rudolf ! I think, that for that time that we with you are copied we very much pulled together and between us the feeling has appeared, I think, that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you, you have taken a place in my heart. On work I became a little inattentive also my girlfriends speak, that I on myself am not similar, whether joke you have fallen in love. I do not know that to them to answer. I was never so is happy. I have absolutely changed about it my girlfriends and familiar speak. It is all because of you. I as though fly in heavens as at me the person to which has appeared is possible to trust and which it is possible too to me trusts. I do not know, how you will react to my letter, can, will count me more thoughtlessly. But I wrote to you, that I am very romantic and impressionable also I think that I LOVE YOU! I thought of our attitudes and concerning our feelings. I already on have become attached to you so much, that I miss each day your letters. I always, think of you. I of nothing can do with myself. I think that I am in love. Yes I love you!!!!! I talked about it to mum, and she speaks, that it is good, she thinks, and that I shall be happy. I have told mum, that you the best person and that I completely trust you. She speaks me, that I should not be mistaken. She speaks, that we should even closer study each other. She to love me. And she is simple my native mother. I think that you understand me. She wishes us happiness and the big love. I think that we should meet; we should see each other look in eyes because through the Internet emotions are lost and it is difficult to understand each other. We became frank with you, and I think, that you want to learn about my sexual experience. In Russia all men only dream to drag you in bed, but I do not want it, I to not want to be given to the first comer that it has taken pleasure. It something from above she gives love to the person to learn happiness in this life, and men represent her only as sex, I think, that it is not correct also I hope, that you with me agree. I want to be with the only thing the man with which I shall feel like loved. I shall give myself to it completely both a body and soul. We together learn all depths of pleasure. Our passion will be poured out for limits of love, and we shall enjoy the friend the friend all life up to last moment of our existence. Today we with the girlfriend walked on city, went shopping I waited for the moment, that you will write to me the letter, and I have waited it. I feel, what our hearts are beaten in one rhythm, and you feel it? I wait for your letter, whether it is important for me to know you share my ideas. Forever yours...... Alla..... mail to:



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