Letter(s) from Polina Dubrovina to Gerold (Germany)

Letter 1

Hi my dear friend!!!
I hope, you so can be named???
Thanks, that you have found, minute for the answer.
If to be fair I hoped for your answer.
I do not know what to write in my first letter as I before did not get acquainted on the Internet. It for me something new and unusual.
I think, that will be correct, if I shall start to tell about myself from the very beginning because I have started to write to the first to you.
My name is Oksana. I live in fine city Kazan. My city known enough and very beautiful. I was born and has grown too here. I live with mum and with the brother in an one-room apartment. My daddy has died still when I was small and consequently I at all do not remember it. Mum brought up me and loved me as for a two, as for the daddy and for itself. We with it are the best girlfriends. We do not have secrets from each other. To me of 25 years, my growth of 173-174 sm, my weight of 51 kg. I work as the nurse in hospital. I, hope, what it does not confuse you? Since the childhood I dreamed of this i?ioanee, to me very much to like to help people, especially to what are helpless. In the further plans I have a prospect to become the surgeon, to rescue a life aieuiui.a what your dream? Tell to me about it? In the 25 years I have no children. At times to me to become very alone, well, that my girlfriends help me to consult with it. I had not so many young men, basically I stopped attitudes because of lie, that is attitudes were based on their lie to me, they deceived me also to me was very sick, but while I to you about it shall not tell, there can be I shall tell to you about it later. But one I shall tell to you, I ask do not do to me painfully, speak me only the truth. It is real? Excuse, if I something have offended you, I did not want, but I the frank person and speak everything, that I think. And you had girls? You were married? Why you are lonely now? Tell to me please about it? Certainly if you not against, on idea this your personal and I have not the right to get into your private life, excuse. I search for the person with whom I can divide both pleasure and a pain. Do not laugh at my words and feelings if you will be dared above my feelings and words, you will hurt me very much! I hope to receive from you many letters. And if you want to write further to me send me please your photos, it would be pleasant to me to receive them from you, that I can learn about you more. You can tell about yourselves everything, that want. It will be pleasant to me to learn about you more...
I hope, that you soon write to me... Thanks you have written to me. With best regards Oksana...

Letter 2

My dear, I have found you on a site of acquaintances FrendScaut24.de
Tell about itself?

Letter 3

Hello my honey
I am very happy to receive your letter.
Thank for your sincere and warm letters.
It is very good, when know, that in the world there is a man,
Which trusts me.

How you?
How your days off have passed?
I hope, that at you all is good.

Each time when I read your letter I feel, that it brings me
Closer to you. I much think and I dream of our future.
I can not wait that day when we can meet each other.
I can not wait day, when we can have the first conversation, ours first
Embrace, and our first kiss together. This day we shall remember all
The life.
I want to inform you honourly, that I never felt so much a lot of by love in my life. I know, that I can trust you, respect you and that you
Always will be with me. You that which man the god has created for me.
That I have divided with you the life.

Letter 4

Gerold, I have found your structure on Stop-scamme. I you was disappointed!
How you explain it?
I in confusion!

Letter 5

I know nothing, but I have found your structure there!
And me it is not important, that you have written to me!
And your explanations are not necessary to me

Letter 6

Greetings my dear and liked Gerold!
How are you doing???
I have read through today your letter!
To me it is very pleasant, that you to me write to so difficult minute for me!
Yesterday I all the day have spent with mum in hospital, she lays under ventilation of lungs, she cannot breathe, she lays in without consciousness!
It is very difficult to me to realize and see it it in such heavy status for it as mum for me the unique person which has given birth to me and has brought up!
Today I went to church and prayed, that with my mum all was good!
I very strongly experience for it!
But I have nothing to be pleased, as after conversation with the doctor I have understood, that at me a desperate situation!
As operation on changes of kidneys will cost 6000 euro, and I do not have such greater money, at me only is 2100 euro (it is money which I saved for arrival to you), but it is necessary to give this money to doctors who will do operation to my mum.
They disagree to do operation if I shall mourn only 2100 euro,
They need to grant all sum at once!
Now I have lost all hopes of that my mum will be alive, as she should do operation as soon as possible and such money to me to not find in a life for operation.
I now write to you the letter and to crying, crying because I see, how my mum dies, and such money at me for operation is not present!
Thanks, that you support me such difficult minute for me!
I shall finish the letter and I shall tell to you that not looking at illness of mum I all think of you!
I like you very strongly!
Yours Oksana

Letter 7

Good afternoon my dear!
How are you doing???
I had in view of about PDA!
I shall send you characteristic PDA which I want!!!
I would be grateful to you and grateful, if you to me iiaa?aoa such happiness.
Here its characteristic:
Sony Playstation Portable works on 32-bit processor MIPS R4000 with clock frequency 333 MAo, it is equipped neioii for laser disks of carriers of computer games. In portable model Playstation the new format of disks UMD (Universal Media Disc) by diameter 6 sm and capacity 1,8 Aa is used. Sony Playstation Portable it is equipped by the screen of the high sanction, neioii expansions Memory Stick, port USB 2.0. Owing to the built in adapter of wireless communication Wi-Fi, owners Sony PSP can be cut in ioeuoeieaa?iua games with decent speed.
Baikal lake big and consequently is a part to the south, than the north.
Temperature there moderated.
In May there it will be not cold.
Hotels, certainly are, as on this lake many go to have a rest.
I think, that there to two one room will suffice us!?
Only, I think to us it will be necessary to agree with concrete number when both of us there to come as it is necessary to reserve hotel and so on.
What about a pocket computer???

Letter 8

Well, my favourite!!!
My dear, I cannot write to you in current of some time as at me disconnect
The Internet for not payment, but know, that we shall meet you and that I love you!!!