Letter(s) from Diana Volkova to Alan (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my Dear Alan!!!

Hello my the future husband

Hello my most sweet lover

Only it is very a pity to me, that you my lover only in my dreams. But I know, that soon you will my lover on the true bed. I know, that it soon to happen.
My love, I is happy, that yesterday we so have interestingly talked to you, but it is a pity to me, that I cannot speak with you so every day. My close friend if I shall speak with you in a chat I cannot write to you the letter. You understand it? I have very much limited time on the Internet. Because I work much. I try to rescue as much as possible money for my arrival to you, but I am afraid, that I cannot save money before you can find money for that I have shown it at the airport. My love, me is very difficultly worked now. My chief wants that I worked every day. he even wants that I worked on Sunday. But I have refused it. he absolutely scoffs. I and so every day very strongly get tired. Sometimes I come home from work, and I very strongly would like to sleep. I lie down on a sofa, and my eyes are closed. But I think of you during this moment. I understand, that I need to go in the Internet of cafe to speak with you. So my heart wants. And not looking on my weariness and other problems, I go to you. I go to write to you. I go, that you knew, that in the world there is a heart which loves you which wants to be with you. Darling, I am ready to go on everything only to be with you. You my happiness and I should be with you. Because if I to you shall miss, I am sure, that I do not meet never such person as you. I love you! And you know it. I know as you love me. I am sure in it.
My love you for me the finest flower what I only saw in the life. You for me the most sweet sugar candy, and the most tasty ice-cream. When I meet you I shall enjoy you, you cannot be rescued from me, I shall eat you .
My love I have found your photos of your daughters. My Alan, forgive me but I have absolutely got confused in your children. I know, that you have 2 daughters who live near to you. And you have one more daughter who lives far from you. She from your first wife. I am right? At you the son was. Darling forgive me but I have got confused, tell to me if I in what that am not right. Write to me it once again. My love which you have sent thanks for those photos to me. Thanks you. But Dear, I want to see many your photos, you can send me more? I need in it. I want, that you have sent me all which you have.
Darling to me very sadly to read about that history. Which you have written in the letter. You have written to me about lady who wanted to find my address. She very dirty woman. Thanks, that you have told to me about her, now I shall know who she such. I shall not answer her if she will write the letter to me. Loved do not experience, she cannot prevent us, our love is very strong also can tear nobody our relations. I know it. I love you as well as you love me.
My Alan, I know that we can soon meet. Please tell as soon as you can have money and then we can prepare for my departure. My love I already was almost prepared. I have collected all things which will be useful to me. I have put all my photos, my personal things. And mum has put to me an icon. Now it will bring happiness to our family. I speak about us with you.
My Darling you asked me, what distinction of time between us. Time in Kirov same as well as in Moscow. We live Moscow time. It I can precisely tell.
Loved I very much miss on you. I already start to count days until we not together. Now I live only you. I do all only for us, for our happiness. I know, that I do all this not simply so. All is meaningful. We shall be together. And we shall be happy, we shall present a fairy tale each other. And we shall prove, that the true love really exists.
I love you.

Yours Sweety Diana

Letter 2

Hello my Love Alan!!!!!!!!!!

My lovely my gentle bear cub, I shall forgive pardons at you, but I am not sure, that I can write to you every day, while I not in Moscow. The device which is necessary for connection of Internet has broken In ours Internet cafe. I do not know, that occurs now to our Internet. But I am not sure, whether I can send you my letter. I am not sure, whether it can reach you in time. I am not sure in the Internet. Sometimes the site yahoo is not loaded at all. And all my letter, can be gone. My love, forgive me for it. But I cannot do anything. Because it absolutely from me does not depend. My love, I wanted write you my letter yesterday. But when I have come to Internet cafe it any more did not work.
Dear Alan, today I have fulfilled last day on work. I have already collected all things necessary for me for travel to you. I have already bought the ticket for a train today. And I go to Moscow on 7-th of February. I shall be in Moscow two nights. My love, I thought much, where it is better to me to receive money. Where it will be more safe. You have written to me that in Moscow more more dangerously? I too thought of it. And if I shall receive money in Kirov. Almost anybody of it will not notice that or will see. I think, that better I shall go to receive money with mum or the daddy. But I have not told to my parents when you will send me of money. About it we know only you and I. When you will send me of money I shall call mum to walk. And we shall go in Western Union. And anybody about it does not learn. My love, whether you can send me of money up to 5 p.m. moscow time on 7-th of February. If you will send me of money later I can be late for my train. And if I shall have time to receive it I shall have time to go to Moscow in time. My love, I think, that I shall hide money in the bottom linen. I even have sewed a pocket there. I shall put money in a package and then in the bottom linen. I shall never spread it. But in hotel in Moscow I shall check up it and I shall shift. My love, I is very grateful, that you want to send me 100 dollars more. I think, that it to be useful to me in Moscow. I think, that it will be more safe to me to move by a taxi.
My tenderness, on 8-th of February I shall buy the ticket at the airport and all I shall check up. And then on 9-th of February I shall go in the airport and I shall depart to you. It will be at 12.55 Moscow time.
Mine Alan, I do not work now. And I can frequently come in the Internet of cafe, whether but I am sure I can to send you the letter. Mine dear, I shall try to write to you the letter tomorrow.
My love, I very much suffer, that I cannot write to you. But I very much want, that you knew, that I all to you shall tell directly to face when we shall meet you. Darling, I very much want, that you did not long without me. We shall meet you on this Friday. You hear this word? We shall meet you on Friday this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Darling I have some to not be trusted in it. I feel, that it occurs to me!!!! Darling I such joyful from this idea, that soon we shall with you. We needed to wait very little. Are you already prepared for our meeting?
My darling, I very much wait for letter from you tomorrow. Write to me it tomorrow. I hope, that tomorrow I can send you my letter.
I love you and I miss you very much!!!

Yours forever Diana

Letter 3

Hello my Love Alan!

My love, I grieve without your letters. When I come in Internet cafe and I don't see your letters, It is become awfully sadly to me. I feel that i'm most unfortunate person on the ground. Is it so really? I would not like to be him. Your letters are necessary for me. My life become uninteresting without your attention. Sometimes it seems to me, that without you my life becomes senseless. I have no interest in my life. But when I receive your letters, I feel myself happiest person. I done not disturbed even with distance which to be between us. It is absolutely not important, when we have feelings with you. I want, that our love grew. I want, that our love became happiest of all. And we shall necessarily reach it with you. Today I have melancholiest and useless day. When I cannot read your words of love to me, I ask myself: why my darling Alan has not written today the letter for me? And I long reflect above this question. But I believe, that you simply could not write me. But you very much wanted it. You wanted, that I knew about your ideas. Because I believe, that you thought of me. But you have been very much borrowed. My love, I want to send for you some my photos. These are pictures of the nature which surrounds the nature in our city. These pictures were made not by me. It was made by one known photographer. But I like very mach these pictures. And I think, that you'll like these pictures very much too. My gentle and the most dear man. I very much miss under your letters. I ask you, write me your letter tomorrow. I very much want to read your letters. It makes me very joyful. I very much wait your letter. And I hope for it!!!! Very much!!!
I should finish my letter. But I very much would not like it to do. I want, that you knew. Somewhere away behind ocean, there is a person whom are interesting in you. And which loves you. YOU should know it.
I love you and I miss you very much!!!!!

Your Diana

Letter 4

Hello my love Alan!!!!

Forgive me I could not come yesterday in Internet cafe. I was in hospital at mum. She till now there to be. Doctors have told, that we do not have an occasion to worry. That mum it will be fast as new. She has a chronic stomach ulcer. It very seldom disturbs her. She seldom is ill in general. But sometimes the stomach ulcer opens also a stomach starts to be ill. And It has taken place this weeks. My love in our country the majority of the state hospitals works almost cheaply. But every year people should pay for medicines more. And it is not important where the person works. My love Alan, I shall buy for mum some medicines and syringes for injections. It is necessary for buying to patients. But it is not so expensive also I can pay for it. And I shall have nevertheless money for the ticket of the plane and for a train to Moscow. It is very a pity to me, that I have frightened you. Simply I have been very much frightened.
My love, I has read through all yours 4 letters which you have sent me. Thanks my love that you care of me. I know, that you will be a wall for me when we shall be together. My love. Thanks you, that you have sent me photos. It is magnificent!!! Thanks, that you have made new photos. And now I can look at you as though yesterday. Now, when we shall have a chat I shall place your new photo on a place your old. I shall be glad to see all members of your family. I very much wait for it. There came to me many new your photos.
My love, I is a little shocked with yours 1 yesterday's letter. When you have told to me about that as to me do not trust almost everyone who surrounds you. If you knew my feeling.... I do not think, that you ever felt it. And I can feel it when you to me tell as me everyone do not trust. I feel the most unsuccessful woman. I feel that I am very helpless in this world. And I feel sometimes lonely and lost. I most of all blame myself in it. I was born on other part of the Earth. And I am separated from you by thousand miles. But you know, what the most terrible, what I feel? I understand, that I cannot prove to everything, that I am true and that I really love you. I am ready to give all for it. You understand, when the person knows, that to him do not trust he becomes the patient. I do not know as other people feel like. But I feel so. I feel sick and helpless. And only you believe me. And I very much am grateful to you for it. I am happy, that you love me in spite of the fact that I am far from you. And I am ready to thank you for it one million times. Yes, yes one million or is more. But I cannot make it now.
My love you the remarkable person. It is a pity to me, that we cannot chat using web cam. To me the manager the Internet of cafe has told it. he has told, that in Moscow or other largest cities such it is possible to make, but not in our city. In our city old technologies are applied. Also will use new technologies dearly. But some rich people can allow it to themselves.
I in all ways would want to prove you the love. I am ready to make all for this purpose . But I know, that you love me and appreciate not looking on opinion of other silly people.
I very much love you. And I shall try to have a chat with you tonight, but I should go to my mum and I have a lot of domestic have put. I now should replace mum in housekeeping.
Till the evening, my love. Happy sunday!!!

Yours Diana

Letter 5

Hello my love Alan!!!
I am very happy, that you love me. You the closest person whom to care of me as my parents. YOU the most special person. I very strongly love you. I wait when we at last shall meet also we for ever we can be together. I very much want to look in your eyes. You would know what feeling at me now. Now I can go to Moscow and fly to you. I very strongly love you. You my prince.
My love, I has received money which you has sent me. Thanks you for it!!! I am very happy. You know since we have got acquainted with you, I felt like the happiest woman on light.
Today I shall go to Moscow. My train will go at 7.05 p.m. Moscow time. Tomorrow I shall be in Moscow. And I shall write to you tomorrow about the midday. I do not know in how many. But I should buy the ticket aboard the plane. And then I shall tell to you the information of my flight.
I very much want to be with you my love.
I shall write to you today before my departure.
Yours forever Diana

Letter 6

Dear Alan...

My life is lost, I do not know as you all this now to write, I shall understand you if you any more will not want to be with me as that that with me happened it similarly on a deceit, on that that I specially do, but I swear that that I with all my heart want to be with you that for me is very important to be with you.
My love, I has arrived to the airport right after that as I have written to you. I began to wait flight. When before flight there were 2 hours. Also it was necessary to prepare to pass customs house and to sit down in the plane. I have thought, that I need to shift money from my underwear in a bag. I thought, I should make it. Then I would not have time to make it later. I have gone to a ladies' room and have shifted money. Then I have gone again to a waiting room. Also sat waited for the flight. I was very tired and have fallen asleep on a bench. I have woken up in 30 minutes and wanted to go to buy waters to have a drink it, but have found out, that at me the bag was gone. I very much was frightened, I began to run to the security guard that he has helped me. I cried and probably not clearly spoke him, that has taken place. He has told, that will try to help me and has gone somewhere. He has called me, we have gone to a room of police where I informed about loss and has written the statement. At this time policemen have looked record of video of filming at the airport and there it was visible, that with me near villages any young man and then a minute later has risen and has gone and thus held a package.
There at once began to search for this person on clothes, but have not found and have told, that probably will not find, because from him did not remain that. I have lost consciousness, me have taken away in hospital, I have somehow come to consciousness and me have released, I in a shock. I pay I do not know that to me to do. To hospital to me there has again come the inspector and has asked me again, that has taken place, because I have written the statement to police about loss. It is a pity to me, but I could not to tell that, video filming could tell more than I because I slept. I so damn myself in it. I cannot keep some the tears. The inspector has brought my bag that I have identified it. It really was my bag. He has told to me, that it has been found in a garbage urn in the street about the airport.
I have lost all money what only were in a bag, there there was all. The inspector has returned to me documents which the criminal has thrown out together with a bag, there as there was a ticket which I have changed back for money because I have remained in general without anything. I long time have stayed in police as, to me gave photos of criminals, whether that I have looked and have tried to learn who was about me. I saw somebody whether or not. I could not to identify whom because I did not think of anybody did not point on anybody the attention. In my ideas you were only. I any more of what did not think, only that we would be together.
I completely shall understand you if you will not give me more money, I want to tell to you that that you for me the most favourite and most good person on light, I without you not with can live and on this it will be much better if I today shall go on suicide as to me without you is not present a life, I do not want to live without you.
I know that that you do not have more money and and that that you have spent many money for me, and I want to write to you that that to me any more I what for shall live back to you back to give these money which I have taken for the ticket if you will not help me once again, it is very a shame to me to ask you this money, but without you I cannot live........ I do not know. That to me to do. I only go from a corner to a corner and my ideas are mixed, I do not want to lose you because I love you. And for me it is not necessary who except for you.
You can do that that will consider necessary for you, it is very a shame to me before you and I dreamed of our meeting, but that that has taken place today with me, it does not give me rest, I love you, for me you mean much, I really very much want to be with you, but I shall understand you if you will not send me more money as you already have much enough sent me, but I really did not know that so can take place, I pay all time, at me already my eyes very red, I need to die only.........

Your love