Name: Alisha Aberscher
Age: 25
Name: Elena Sopova
Age: 27
Name: Elena
Age: 28
Name: Bella Desmond
Age: 28
Name: Rebecca Obias
Age: 30
Name: Olga Klasnushka
Age: 29
Name: Precious Collins
Age: 26
Name: Jessica Vivian
Age: 30
Name: Princess Larry
Age: 24
Name: Dora Amoako
Age: 33
Name: Vanessa Hudson
Age: 35
Name: Valentina
Age: 28
Name: Sandra Alida Wuma
Age: 21
Name: Ksenia
Age: 28
Name: Naomi Ankrah
Age: 38

Scam letter(s) from Galina Kalinina to Klaus (Germany)

Letter 1

Hillo my friend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I very much of rad to receive from you the letter, you very much mils the man.
To me 29 I years I dwell in city Rostov, my speciality world economics, but as in Russia is very difficult to find a place on the speciality, I work as the tutor in a children's garden. I have dream to take and to abandon of Russia and to leave far far.
Yours faithfully yours Galya.
Letter 2

Hello my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is very pleasant for me to receive your letters.
I hope that we shall continue to write each other and can we shall meet.
I too so think that we can create remarkable attitudes which are full of passion I have stopped Institute, my speciality economic but as in Russia it is very difficult to find work on a speciality, to me to have to work in a kindergarten. Basically to me to like to work with children as I do not have children and me very much it would would be desirable for them to have..
I very much would want that our correspondence has passed in more open feeling and that we could meet and be happy.
Yours faithfully yours Galya.
Letter 3

Hi mine dear I can not arrive to you as for me poor news my mum has got in emergency, and ? ? it is necessary urgently to message in Moscow for operation as for us such operations are not done. I am very much baffled I can not to live if my mum will die, us have told that such operation will cost 5000 $ I has found 3500 $, it is necessary 1500, I know a nem where it is possible them to take, it is very a shame to me to ask but can you can to me help, ?? ? depends ?? of your answer, you the alone man which one can to me help.
Letter 4

My dear I has learned that the fastest way To transfer to me of money it through the Western Union.
You should enter bank, where - the Western Union. The message supervising Number From the Remittance (MTCN) and names and addresses. The name Kalinina Galya as soon as you will send me the code from 10 figures, me In bank also will remove them. I very much hope that you will help me.
Letter 5

Mine dear I very much hope that you will help me, I feel myself poorly, my mum should operate tomorrow, and if I to not find money that she can die, I ask you as it is possible more fast
Letter 6

Mine dear why you do not write to me or you have overlooked me.
Letter 7

You promised me to help concerning my mum, you have overlooked. I hoped for you I has told to the doctor that I shall bring to it money I so hoped for you, and that to me now do me can to put into prison, because I shall not bring money.
Letter 8

Mine dear is necessary from to give me the debt 1500 for operation to the doctor, I hoped for you that you will send me money but you probably have overlooked about me and your friend that will make because I have written the receipt.
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