Scam Letter(s) from Olga Loskudiva to Paul (England)

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Letter 1

Hello my friend Paul!!!
I am glad that you have answered my letter, it means that I have probably liked you also you wish to get acquainted with me better, from my first small letter you have for certain understood that I have written to you not simply so not from that that to me simply boringly and it would be desirable entertainments, at me serious intentions, I search for the man close to me on its outlook under its attitude to a life to family and to love, I understand that letters it not the best way of acquaintance, but know I many times heard about that what exactly under letters get acquainted many people and then after well learn each other plan the further attitudes.
I do not wish to hurry event, I consider that to people that well it is necessary to learn each other a lot of time, a lot of patience and consequently I would be glad is necessary if we could begin our dialogue.
I think that it will be better if I in this letter shall tell about myself and if something will be interesting to you that you not much can not hesitate and ask to me questions on that that you interests.
My full name Inna, to me of 27 years but will be fast 28 years, I live in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny it not the big city on the river Volga, you can look on a card of Russia where my city, I can prompt you that it is the central Russia. I have higher education, I studied at the state humanitarian university of the city of Kazan and have finished it in 2003 now I work by a trade.
I live separately from parents and I rent the apartment.At me good work and I am happy to it as for a life me suffices.
But I till now do not have love. And so that would be desirable to feel favourite and necessary for whom.
You actually have liked me your structure on and I have decided to write to you with huge hope that you will write to me.
I hope, that our attitudes to proceed and I send you with this letter the photo,I hope it to like you.As I wait, that also you have sent me the .
I finish and I shall wait for your letter.
Take care and be cautious.
With love, Inna.

Letter 2

Hello Paul!!!
So it is good that you have written to me and so has in detail written to me about the life. I wish to tell to you for this many thanks, you are very lovely.
Actually I was born and I live in Russia as I wrote I have finished university and now I work as the manager on sale of musical disks. Work interesting as I have a lot of dialogue with people.
I was born in simple family in village. Now I have moved to city and I rent here a small apartment.Mum and the daddy have grown up me and have educated me education and now as it and I am necessary build an own life and certainly as the loving daughter I try to help my parents with all. I as have a younger sister. Her name Elena, and at present she goes to school and lives with parents. She the remarkable girl and I is very glad, that I have such little sister. Together with this letter I shall send you a photo on which I and my sister Elena. This photo has been made three weeks ago. Elena came to me to city on a visit and we were photographed. I hope, that you will like this photo. City in which I live is very far from Moscow, hardly 1000 kilometers there are more. By the bus approximately borrows 19 hours of driving. But I do not regret that I live in this city, instead of in Moscow, as here for me all native and though it not the big city, but it very beautiful and cosy. No, I never travelled further Moscow and the more so never was abroad. Actually I always would like to travel on other countries and very much it would be desirable to visit England and to walk around your streets. But it does not happen, as all was impossible. But I hope, that all to change in my life and I when that and I can look on Big Ban own eyes.
I hope, that it is interesting to you to read my letters if you that that interests that you necessarily ask. I shall try to answer you as it is possible in detail.
Unfortunately, I have no computer of the house and consequently I come to the Internet of cafe to write to you. But it not the problem as it is cafe is near to an apartment where I live, I need to pass 150 meters only.
I shall finish this letter and with huge impatience and hope to wait for your answer. I wish you success and huge health.
Yours faithfully, Inna.



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