Scam Letter(s) from Marina to Keith (USA)

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Letter 1

I am happy, I am very happy to receive so quickly your answer, dear Keith!!! I have received your photos, and I want to tell, that you very nice!!! Thanks for a photo! It is very difficult for me to transfer all happiness through the monitor of a computer. It is a great honor to receive your letter, I with the big desire expected this happy day when I can read your letter. I want to tell you thanks, that you could find a free time and write to me the answer. I want to tell, that I still never had to use a computer, was my first experience of acquaintance through a computer and a spelling of the letter to you, and you unique to whom I write this letter. Excuse, if I will have any mistakes, I shall try to write you more is more quick-witted and that I had less mistakes. I write you because I need in our acquaintance and I hope, that we begin for each other good friends or even more. All will be depends on how our relations develop and how you will show to this interest. But I want to tell, that the beginning of our acquaintance already is pleasant to me also I hope, that further we can continue our acquaintance with the same interest. Well, I would like to tell about myself a little bit more. I live in Russia, in City Kemerov, this city is very beautiful, here in my city there are many interesting places .. And as I want will ask the application that I on a site have written that I live in the USA, in the beginning I wanted to be registered to Russia but a site for some reason did not pass mine zip-cod and consequently I was registered on the USA, I think that it will not upset you?????It is very beautiful and old city, here there are many museums, old palaces, here there is all Russian culture, it is the centre of Russian culture. To tell about this city possible much and long, it needs a lot of time and patiences, I can not tell and write to you all how you of it would like, and at me the purpose absolutely another, I here more to learn about you, to tell about myself that is, I want to get acquainted with you. Well all right, I shall continue to you to tell about myself. I live in small christian family from three person, it is my mum, my daddy and I. But I would like to tell about myself a little on later, about the beginning would like to introduce to you, all members of the family. Mum's name is Julia, she works as the cook, in one from prestigious restaurants of our big city. I very much love mum as she is the most dearly for me, close and native person, she is my angel the keeper and without her I do not present the life, I trust the mum in all and she always will support me in the difficult moments of my life, my mum isthe best mum and she always will be in my heart, up to the end of my life, her age 52. Also I have daddy whom I also very love, also his name Gena, and his age is 56 years old, he already very old, and now he is constantly at home, he does not work, he already on pension. But earlier my daddy worked in police (milicia), and he protected our city from various gangsters and I think, that it is very dangerous work, and my daddy has adequately deserved rest. Well, i hve written you about each member of my family, I hope, that you have remained is pleased with my family. Now the turn has come to tell about myself, I think, that it is more important part of this letter :-). My name is Marina, i am 28 years old, my weight is 46,5 kg, my growth is 5 ' 6. My birthday May 1, 1978. I was born in city Kemerov and till today I live and I work in the same city. I still never was outside the city and even outside the country. But my biggest desire and my dream is to travel worldwide to learn culture and a history of the various countries. But it is only my dreams and I should return to a reality, I hope, that sometime it becomes a reality, I think, that all in my hands. I work in library, this work is pleasent to me, I like to read, I have read already set of the various literature, the various countries and each time, I was more and more and to learn world and its values more. I think and hope, that you will agree with me, that the book is one life from the important part, that the one who creates the book, it is soul of the person. I am lonely woman, also I have no children. It afflicts me, that in the 28 years, I on former live without loved male and I have no the family. I with the big desire want to create the happy family, but I all can not find male my dream. I tried to find male in Russia, but each time I had failure and was absolutely afflicted in Russian male. I have understood, that I am not able to love Russian male and appreciate on the present female love and they are not able to understand women at all. I only have understood, that it is necessary for Russian male, was a lot of vodka. Russian male uses vodka much and they show this the beastliness and a negligent attitude to themselves and to environmental people. I do not want to tell, that all Russian male identical, is male which also, as well as I, try to good life, but such male it is not enough in Russia and I yet did not meet such person and I think, that I never can meet such male, here in Russia. And on this, I have decided to use the Internet, for search of loved male. I each day reflected and did not know that to me to do, as I still never had to do it and was my first experience acquaintance to you and I very much hope, that you understand all that I write you. I am modest woman I hope, that this letter has not created to you any superfluous problems and it appeared such, what you wanted it to read to understand what I am the woman. I use the Internet, in the library, we on work have one working computer, but this computer cannot be used in my purposes and interests. If the director of our library finds out this, that I write you letters, for it me very terribly can punish for use of a computer in my interests. It is a working computer and it only can be used in strict to the working form. As the Internet here very expensive and our library not in conditions to pay for us the Internet and on this to us do not allow to use a computer at the desire. And on this I should use a computer only then when the working day comes to end when I remain absolutely alone when already all visitors and the worker leave, only then I start to write to you the letter. I do not have computer at home because it is expensive for my family to buy the computer and to establish the Internet and on this I compelled to use the Internet on my work. To establish the Internet, it is necessary to establish the phone first, only then a computer. I hope, it strongly does not afflict you and it does not become a barrier between our friendship. Well, I already think, that for the beginning of our acquaintance, I have already written big enough letter and probably you have already got tired to read it. There is, still a set of everything, that I would like to tell to you about myself and the life, but I think, that it will be in the following letters. I hope, that this letter has not frightened off your interest in our acquaintance and it became the good beginning of our friendship. Also I hope, that you understand all that I wanted to tell you and that I have written to you. As I already wrote to you, that this is my first experience acquaintance through the Internet and I probably do by this set of mistakes when I write you the letter :-) But I want to tell you, that I try to write to you independently in English as I well can speak and write in English. I studied English at school, then, when I have left school the beginning to study English three more years in institute and now, the knowledge of my English language has the good level. I hope, that you will estimate it and if I will have any mistakes I ask you that you did not direct the attention to it. Also to my regret, my time was finished on it and I am compelled to go home, to the parents. I also want to send you the photo and I hope, that it is pleasant to you. I the big expectation and desire shall wait for your answer, I hope, that it will be very fast. Your friend Marina...

Letter 2

Hello Keith!!! I am very happy at receptions of your letter again. Again you have given a lot of happiness to my heart and I want to tell you thanks that you have not left my letter without the gentle attention. When I have written to you the first letter I at all did not expect to receive your answer. Because I very much worried, that probably I am not that woman whom you searched. I worried, I very much worried, that I shall not receive from you any answer and because of this i with the big desire expected the end of a working day, when I again can sit down at computer to see your letter. I so wanted it and waited, that you even imagine it can not. And when I have checked up the mail was happy to see there your letter, it was unforgettable feeling of happiness. I would like to continue our acquaintance and we on one step becomes closer to each other. It is very pleasant to see, that you can understand without problems all that I have written to you. It means that we can overcome without problems our language barrier and understand each other, it very much pleases me. How are you? How has passed your day? As to my day it was the usual worker, quiet day. You have not told to me anything about yourselves, why???? It is very interesting to me to study you and consequently I want you as to tell, that would write to me more about myself!!!! And I do not think while of a meeting because, we with you are poorly familiar, let's study each other!!! Today in library there were very few visitors. To me it was absolutely boring and lonely, and I wished the prompt end of my labour shift that for one step, to become closer to you. I work each day since 8 mornings and till 7 evenings. I also have a lunch break in midday, here is cafe not far from my work, I go there to have lunch. Also I have a weekend, at this day I am necessarily with my parents. We will spend together weekend, we all family gather at home and together we have rest. Also in the free time, I like to go on walk in our city. I visit various museums, parks of culture, trading cents. But the most part of time I try to be with my parents at home. When I am at home, I try to help my mum on a facilities(an economy) of a house, to clean an apartment and to cook to eat. So as my mum works much and it happens, that she comes home late, she is tired and I take all her cares for home to incur. Most of all I like to cook, I am a gourmet of the refined meal and I like to tasty prepare and to tasty eat. I like Russian, American, Italian and Japanese meal. But from all is higher told, I only prepared Russian food. Most of all from Russian food I liked to prepare Russian national dish, these are meat dumplings. I almost each day prepare for meat dumplings and each time they turn out more tasty and more tasty. Very much I hope, that sometime, probably I can prepare for you Russian national dish as meat dumplings and I am most of all sure, that it very much will pleasant to you, as it is very tasty. Also I would like to find out yours favourite food? I very much hope, that sometime I also can try a meal, your preparation, and I think, that it also is very tasty. I also very much like to listen music, most of all I like foreign executors, it as Madonna, Rickey Martin, and also i like Enia. I am the big admirer of these foreign executors and when I hear songs of these executors in me there is an additional energy of movement and i want to dance. What is your favourite music? What do you like to listen? Still I like to look films, most of all I like to look a fantasy, a comedy and a drama. I more recently looked very interesting film "Hostage", with participation of my favourite actor Bruce Willis. I looked almost all films with participation of this actor Bruce Willis known for all. What is your favourite film? Also I have favourite kind of sports, it is skiing in the winter. I very much like winter, it is one from my favourite seasons of year. I with the big desire expect winter because in this period, I can go by a ski. Also driving on a ski, is my hobby, in my free time, I the most part skiing, try to be in form, it very much helps to my organism to be always in the excellent form and good mood. But it is all only in the winter, as to the warm period of time, that is a summer? in the summer I very much like to have a rest on a beach to go to bathe and have fine sunburn on the sun. Still we with daddy go sometimes in a weekend to fish, this year I managed to catch very big fish, this fish was weight 4,5 KG. I am first time in life could catch such big fishe, I still never had not to catch such big fish earlier, it was my first big fish. the fish is Pike! It was really big fish, I was happy when could catch such big fish, and I was the moment I shall remember probably all life as I have caught such big fish. In general, I want to tell you, that this year I had many interesting moments which occured to me, there was a set of everything, that through a computer it is difficult to tell all this. But the most important, that could happen, I could get acquainted with you, I could meet you in Internet and it this is the main and happy event of this year. As up to a meeting with you in unternet, I was very lonely, I required in male attention. I tried to find for myself good male all this time, but all my diligence were vain, I have already lost all hope that I never can find worthy for myself male. It was very terrible to me, that all my life I can not find for myself male. I asked all gods who only are that they have helped me with this problem, each day was for me torture. I each day see set of happy pairs, all of them are happy. I also want to be happy, I also want to love and be loved, I also want to be near to loved male as to me has already bothered lonely life. I want to embrace, I want to love, I want to kiss, I want to feel a gentle touch of hands, I want to come each day home and there always was met me by loved male and we together spent our joint time. I each day dream of such life as I was bothered already with this loneliness and it would be desirable to create happy future already. I know, that now all my words sounds too openly for the beginning of our acquaintance. But I nothing can do with myself and with my desire, I can not control the emotions it is all turns out so, probably it comes with ages, more senior, i start to think of the the future more. Also I do not want anything to hide from you, I do not have any secret from you, I want to be completely fair with you, and open all and I want to tell you, that you completely could trust me and also i hope, that I can trust without problems to you. So I hope, that you will agree with me, that we should be fair in all, and only trust to each other can solve all problems. I know, that now there is a set of a various deceit on the Internet and it is difficult to trust somebody through the Internet. But I here not to deceive, I here search for the real love with whom I could create the happy future and I completely fair in all and the god to this the witness. WOW!!! I at all have not noticed, how have imperceptibly flown my time and already it is time to run home as already late and my parents already probably worry for me. I shall be compelled to finish this letter, and with big hope I shall wait for your fast reply. There is still a set of everything, that I would like to write and tell you about myself and the private life. But it needs too many time which i do not have and consequently I should finish this letter. I hope, that this letter also will give you a lot of happiness and a smile on your face and this letter will make our friendship much more strongly. Always your friend Marina.



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