Scam Letter(s) from Anna Aganina to Gerold (Germany)

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Letter 1

Hello as you have know my name is Anna and my surname is Aganina. First of all I want to tell you, that I am very grateful to you for that that you have answered me. I think that for the beginning you would like to find out little bit more about me. Probably about my appearance I shall tell better my photos. And now I want to tell to you where I was born: I was born in republic Tatarstan, city Elabuga. it is very beautiful and quiet city. but as strongly I would not love my city, here I could not find my happiness yet and consequently I hope that in the Internet a meeting my love. Let he will be even from other country. I live with parents with mum and with daddy. We live very amicably and we love eachother very much. Probably, you will aska question why I have decided to write to you. Now I shall explain it to you. I am 29 years and my parents speak me that to me is time to marry, I and itself realize that already it is time to finish with loneliness. But that I can wait from Russian men.. .. That they gave all before it is roughness and platitude, and sometimes they were simply silly and to me it was simply boring near to such person. For this reason I have come in Internet - cafe and I have decided to search for myself interesting, careful and clever persons and in you has seen these qualities. As I want to tell you that I very much liked your photo. You very attractive. At us in Russia speak, that on the childhood of the person it is possible to tell much about his character. And now I want to tell to you about it slightly. I have come as all usual children to study in the first class and very much liked to study. I very well studied all 11 classes and I have finished school with a gold medal. And after school I have entered to study as the economist in our city and there was disaccustomed 6 years. I very much liked to study but it is very expensive in our times and I did not begin to study further and has decided to start to work but I could not find work on my trade. Also it was necessary to work in different places. My first work, I worked as the waiter at local restaurant. But I work there not long time because such work was not pleasant to me. Then I have found one more work and I worked in small firm on the speciality but I have worked there half-container of year and then this firm has gone bankrupt and after that I can not find good work. You probably understand that after good work would not be desirable to work at bad work. My parents very kind people they were married since 22 years and now to my parents of 51 years but they work and help me with the finance on pocket charges. My mum the bookkeeper in state the organizations and she very much loves the work. My father carries any rich person he works as the personal driver and my father very much loves machines and as very much loves the work. And I at present search for myself for the guy with which I can live all life and work with it and evenings to drink tea to talk about family and about work as my parents do. I understand I have written not all in detail but I promise you that in the following letters I shall write more about myself and I very much would like to correspond with you and who knows all may turn out at us. Write to me I shall wait your letters. And me it will be very insulting if you will not write to me. Your new friend Anna!!!



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