Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana Alekseeva to Jim (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Jim
It was nice to get your letter here. Thank you a lot and of course for the nice pictures. I hope we’ve started a nice talk now and keep on knowing each other.
Well, my name is Natasha and I live in the third biggest city of Russia located in the center of it – Novosibirsk. So I believe you’ve got the right images of it, but actually I’m not so strong at internet surfing so I can’t give you any recommendations. But the pictures of me were taken here of course. But I don’t want to be at the dating site anymore since I got a bit disappointed with that so I can’t remove profile and just removed the pictures. I work as a Manager at a household chemical goods enterprise here at a customer’s department. So I don’t use my language knowledge there and it’s better to call it my hobby. And actually I’m always busy trying to catch up with lost of things. You know dynamic life in a dynamic big city. :) As for my family, it’s not so big. I have my parents and a younger sister. We are all very united. Beside that I have many cousins, although not all of them are living here or nearby. We are very close and try to see each other as often as possible.

You know, it’s not so easy to write about yourself to a person who you almost don’t know and just don’t want to look boring. In addition to my words I just say that I’m a healthy adventurer by nature. I like life and enjoy it in all regards. And I just love traveling. I have been to Germany and all over my country. But I haven’t been to the US ever, maybe some day. Unfortunately recently I have little opportunities for traveling. I actually like lots of things, I believe if we keep on our communication we’ll know a lot of the sort about each other.

And I would like to meet a man who would be interesting to me, who I could share many wonderful things with including talking about any lovely trifles lying in bed together when it's raining or snowing behind the window... And it's so great to laugh together at something especially if it's not funny to anybody else :) And I'd like to look at stars, at the moon, at clouds (it also can be sea, waterfalls and other natural phenomena with a non- aggressive character :) And I'd like to give him all that woman can give: fondness, care, endearment and all my love. And actually it’s of no importance for me where my happiness will be but with the right man. So I believe if we appear from different countries we for sure discuss the options and will find the best way for both of us.

Well, I close now waiting for your reply
Have a nice day

Letter 2

Hello Jim
It’s really nice to hear from you again and of course it’s a great pleasure to get your compliments. Thank you! And also thank you for sharing so many details about your environment and I’m flattered you have found as much about my place. I actually don’t know what part is my department is considered to be, perhaps the new one because it’s quite far from the center.

As I have mentioned I recently didn’t have opportunities for traveling and the last trip was in Altai mountain area 500 km away from here early this summer. And I went to Germany only once and it was about 3 years ago.

You know, for some years the studies and work took most of my time. But now I understood that I really long for a good and strong family with the right man. Of course, I like my country but I'm seeking for the true happiness and it doesn't important where it'll be. I'd just love to find it! Moreover, as you know, I like traveling and, of course, I'd love to see the world or just other countries. I like to learn new things. There are so many interesting ones! And of course it would be wonderful to meet with you!

I'd also like to say that I appreciate care attitude of man to woman. I'm looking for care, love and the man with who I could spend the rest of my life. What do you think about it? So could you, please, write more about your activities? What things do you like to do and what you don't? And of course what things do make you sad and what happy? I just want to know everything!!!
Really look forward to hearing from you.
Have a nice day.



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