Scam Letter(s) from Elizaveta Pavlova to David (Australia)

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Letter 1

Hi David! Have a good day! I am glad that you have written to me. I hope that I can interest you not less than you me. I slightly studied your profile and has decided necessarily to write to you. I hope that you have time to send me some messages. We can get acquainted and learn about each other. I shall tell you about myself. my name is Marina. I'm 26 years old. I am not married and I live with my parents. I work as a Nurse. I like sports and active rest. I love to travel and to be in different places, but my work does not allow me to make it frequently. I have many friends. We sometimes spend time together. We play in the pool and go bowling. I search in the person for love and comprehension. The relevant value to have fairness, as well as you to consider. I do not like when to me lie and do not want to speak the truth. Even if I already to know this truth. As most woman, in life I consider family! I hope that my letter not frighten you. Today i send you a picture, so you know my person. I want to ask you also to send me a picture of you, and also to inform me please of some information about you: What do you do for entertainment? What is your character? What qualities do you love in women? Whether you have had a wife? I too shall inform you more about myself in the following E-mail! I shall wait for messages from you.

Your friend Marina.

Letter 2

Hi David ! I am happy to receive your message, it gives me understanding that you have to me interest also. David, we shall continue our acquaintance - ok? In this E-mail, I wish to tell about myself in more detail. I live, together with the parents in city Ulyanovsk. It in average part of Russia. In my profile the name of the city another and country too. Possibly I should apologize in you for a small secret. At creation my profile. Computer of service of acquaintances did not accept Russia. It either the mistake of the program or service of acquaintances works not with all the countries. Reason of creation profile on a site of acquaintances. I could not find in Russia of the man with whom I would like to have family, here men can not care of family, and in America the people which live can care of the women and family. I have good and confidential attitudes with the parents. My father's name Aleksandr, a name of my mother Katia. I have sister Tatyana. I have failures in searches necessary men here. Also in our man do not wish to become husbands, they prefer to walk and much to drink. Certainly, here there are many men, but the majority of them, have one purpose - only sex. I search for more serious attitudes, probably therefore, I do attempt to search for love and tenderness far from here. I have some experience in attitudes, but now I am lonely. Please David, inform frankly, for what attitudes you search. If you have no purposeIf you have no purpose serious the attitude, but only sex and an entertainment, that to us is better to stop our acquaintance. I very quickly get used to people and the poet to me it is very sick, when attitudes are broken off. I very sensitive person and me it is easy to injure. Please David, closely read my words and write sincere the answer. By the way David, I have not received your pictures, please send me it. With impatience I wait for your messages.

Yours faithfully your friend Marina.

Letter 3

Hi David! I am glad to receive again yours E-mail. Me amaze more and more and admire opportunities of the Internet. We lives on other continents and we with you very different but we communicate as if we are beside. I want to learn you, your culture.Thanks for your photo have very much liked me they. You are interesting to me as the person. Dear you asked me to describe slightly history of my city slightly about my city of Ulyanovsk, centre of the Ulyanovsk area, in 893 kms to east from Moscow. Is located on Privolhskyi of a height, on coast of the rivers Volga and Neva. A climate moderately continental. Average temperatures of January -14C, July 20C. Deposits more than 400 mm per one year. The site of railway lines (on Moscow, Kazan, Ufa, Saratov) and highways. River port. The airport. The population 656,4 thousand the man thousand in Is based in 1648 as a fortress Sinbirsk on an abrupt coast of Volga. Today David, I send you my other picture, I hope, that you will like it. Please, tell to me about family. How many you the person? What at you with them attitudes? What they have opinion about your personal lives? I already informed you, that I live in the house of my parents. In ours apartment there are some cosy rooms. My attitudes with parents close enough. Sometimes we have together an entertainment. Is a beach in the summer , in the winter - skates of a ski. Earlier I lived separately, removed small apartment. But after parting with my partner, I badly felt myself. And my mum asked, that I some time life with them. I spend usually most part of day on work. I is rare communicate with friends in the evening , we sometimes go in club or on a party. But more often, I simply go home and watch TV. A little once a month I have sports to support by way of my body. Also I love water, it is pool or simply bath. David, I would like to learn more about your usual live. Tell, how is your usual day. What ideas often come to you? I have many questions to you, but my modesty does not allow me to ask some of them. Write David, what attitudes for you ideal? About what you you dream? You could represent, in the life, such the person, how I? Write the ideas on these things. I wait for your messages.

Yours Marina.

Letter 4

Hi David! Have good day. I was very happy to read through some details about your life. I wish to tell ???, that I am glad to acquaintance to you. Our information interchange also is very interesting to me. I had a desire to learn about you more, and also to see more your photos. I think, that in the future we can have greater trust and tenderness to each other. Many people cannot understand us how we do it. And as cannot give such pleasure and care which can give the loving pair. Probably, if our attitudes can develop, I can give you the tenderness. And I am assured, that you will receive great pleasure from it. Now it is time to me to go what to do some house work. I can tolk again with you tomorrow, dear David! I wait for your messages!

Yours Marina.

Letter 5

Hi David ! I with impatience reached a computer to read yours E-mail. Lovely I too would want to talk to you on the phone, but I am probable forgot to speak you that I have no the home or mobile telephone. But knowing your number I can cause you from post office. I found out concerning cost of a bell in usa, it seemed to me rather dearly. Now I have no additional means for this purpose. Approximately in one week I receive the salary and by all means I shall call you, before having warned about it. Last days, I often think of you and these new ideas excite me. With your occurrence David, my loneliness is replaced with expectation of your messages. This feeling of expectation is very strong. Probably that I did not begin the attitude by means of the Internet earlier here matters. Such situation what there is a distance between us, draws my ideas to you David. Also gives new emotions of separation for me. In my character there is such feature, that if there is a difficulty to reach the purpose the desire to reach this purpose increases. The distance between us also is this difficulty. It forces me to reflect on you. David, I think, that I should grasp your heart. Dear David, what you will answer it? I wish you to warn, that your heart for me the important purpose now. David, I again wish to ask you about some things. What things the main things in your life: Family? Work? Riches? Or other things? Write David Also inform the ideas. I wait for yours E-mail.

Yours Marina.

Letter 6

Hi my dear! I am glad to your message David. I hope you have good mood and your health are at height! I feel well and which I saw dream does of me happy this lonely day. And ideas about you always will help to relax in most difficult times. Today David, I send you others pictures. I did their at home. I hope, that this pictures you like too. Dear, I would like to learn, what you like an entertainment? I like to think out various entertainments: dances, a cinema or club. But without the favourite person these entertainments give not enough pleasure. I thought today of romantic evening with you David. I would be glad to have simple walk with you or a supper. Whether you think, sometimes of such things? I also very much love holidays when the family gathers behind the general table. It very cosy and comfortably for me. What things give for you a cosiness and comfort? What you like to have a holiday? Tell to me about it David. David, excuse for frank a question : But if you have somebody now I mean woman? I think, that you nice, and I like you a lot. What your private life now? Please tell about it. Probably you have to me frank questions? I shall answer them. Write to me in more detail about the feelings and desires, to me to like to read, when you tell about yourself. I wait for your messages.

My embraces, yours Marina.

Letter 7

Hi, my dear David! I am glad to speak again with you. I hope, that you have good day. By the way yesterday I had good evening with my colleagues. We reached in one club and there were there some hours. First the good supper, then game on billiards and is a little wine. I looked at cheerful and happy pairs people and had from it small envy. During this moment I thought of you David Also dreamed, that you beside. That you embrace me and whisper gentle words on an ear. I heard, that you have many bars and restaurants. How often you go to such places? When you in such places women approach to you to get acquainted? Now I ask you these questions and simultaneously I have a feeling of jealousy. Though I understand, that I have no rights to you dear. David, I often think above your messages and probably I can do a conclusion, that you have serious intentions concerning me. I too do not think, that our dialogue is an easy entertainment. And consequently I speak you some personal ideas, as to the close person. I also wish to tell to you David, that I am glad, that I have such person - as you! I wait for your messages and I think of you.

My gentle kiss!!!! Yours Marina.



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