Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Volkova to Guy (Belgium)

Letter 1
Dearest Guy, Yes i speak about what can be travel, very first i need collect documents and make foto for passport what fast can be two weeks, and after only interview for visa and ticket, this easy have visa in europa for tourism, and all people can have this who have good situation and i need say that my travel what hard for me only because this cost very big but real hope that you Guy can possible help, but if this happen i never can forget this, and i never lie because real want this in my life, when we together we can enjoy our meets very much that we put all what in mind in our relations, for me now only you and i need delete my profile in alt that i not need this more, i very serious my Guy,only please let for me possible travel and maybe stay near you in Belgium. I be wait letter very much my Guy,
Letter 2
Thank you very much for letter,I real not know what say because how i can give for you absolute sure about that i come, i need this in life and never joke or never lie, i serious and like you Guy very much. I not know what give for you believe, i try give for you telephone number, maybe if i luck i try make web camera, all what you ask, in very begin when i get passport i send copy sure. For here and for me this real never possible even make loan, i need have big pay in work and car and flat, but only possible if you help and i sure that our meets be mutual great for you and i.I need say what can be travels if you invite, yes if you invite this can be more easy, i can stay about 10-30 days, or maybe more (i wish for long possible with you my Guy), and all prepare can be 3-5 week. This good for you Guy? For people here who want tourism go in europa need have good situation, (home, work), need passport international, Shengen visa, place (hotel or flat) where stay during travel, and pack documents from different place and ticket what you can order and send in mail. If you need i can write all what can be, but now i write about money what can real help, this about 700-800 euro (only for passport, road in moscow, documents for visa and visa) but know, that if have something rest from this, i of course bring with me and give for you Guy.And very important what i need say for you, thet not money main for relations or care, main this life what i try give for you understands, i need this and i ready care about you and your home, i very good grow under Mother education, i like clean home and create sweet and beauty around place, also i like very much grow flowers and dream have little garden with little road and beauty flowers. I know that i not can live with you in home, this only i write because for you know more about me.
Letter 3
Hello Dearest Guy,Thank you for letter very much,Yes i think and plan make everything for speak with one girl who i think have web camera in home, maybe i even better pay for her but this ok my Guy,About paper, i need invite letter and this free form, main there that we know together and you can offer flat, this only for interview visa, people say that i can even with out this, but invite letter make more better for in embassy. There all in words that you invite me travel in Belgium and that we know together very good. That i have vacation and interest spend this in Europa Belgium. My full name Volkova Ekaterina and adress Sovetskaya 140, vostrebovanie, Yoshkar ola 424000, Russia. I last day all thinks about you Master Guy, that we can have very interest time together, for me this even more because i first time visit wonderful country, how you think, that if i can have maybe student education there, i can stay? But ok, i think that about this we can have many speak later. How i hear that very good way about western union, but i need say that this little scary because last time money can take another people, this they say in bank for me, where i have account and woman say that account best and very safe for big money, how you think my Guy? And also she say that for account very little fee for sent.I very ready and arrange everything and of course all let for you know my Guy, that you all know. And i very hope in near days apply for passport what be begin about our meet and then we more soon meet, what i wait very much and even little nervous. I send for you another foto, i not have many but all what i have i try send for you my Guy, and hope soon make more for you.With love for you and wait your letter very much Guy,
your valina
Letter 4

Hello my Guy,Thank you very much for letter and for invite, i be wait this very much.
In bank give for me this information and say this this full for you, account with institution:
Bank name sberbank (volgo-vyatsky head office) nizhniy novgorod, mari el branch 8614
Bank account number 42307840337020325927/48
Swift number sabrrummna1
Account holder name Volkova Ekaterina
I think that all prepare and be about 3-5 week, more i hope 3-4 week. I sure soon have more time and visit in this adress in internet, i so interest about this,With Love for you my Guy, Your valina
Letter 5
Hello my Guy,Thank you very much for letter,My visit my Mama very good, i speak and say that soon i hope prepare for leave and stay with you and that i never forget about her, she very important in life and i always care about her, last days she sit all time in home and some time drink many, but we have serious speak and we very good understand together, we love together very much. I say about you my Guy that you can be special man for me and we maybe create strong relations and family, about this early say between you and i, and i never go in your family, but she happy about we my Dearest Guy.I work in market and sell clothes and yes i need finish this and very hope soon for prepare everything with more attention, real not very like this work,
With Love, Your valina
Letter 6
Hello My Master Guy,Yes i sure that i have big wish learn foreign language special if this be in foreign country. I have some thinks about long time ago one girl go in England and buy english course, and for her they make student visa for one year, after one year finish, she again continue and expand visa. I know that many what depend about me, but yes my Guy that if you possible change my life, i never forget this and i want make many pleasure and happy moments for you, for your desires, with my desires too. My Guy when this can be possible, i mean i sorry say this that you already go in bank my Guy?
With Love for you, Your valina
Letter 7
Hello my Guy,
Thank you for letter, I sorry for little delay, in sunday i visit my Mama, and need say that not always easy for me go in cafe, special in this days very busy, but i need say that you always in my thinks and i very glad about this. Yes i yesterday visit bank and have money, i so thank for this, that everything soon we can get what we desire, i thank you my Guy. After i speak about all documents and i sure soon have they all for interview visa, only invite letter long days. I very much think that when we together. My Master Guy i so wait and hope about our soon relations, that we can build with this, i know that i feels very good about you and very much trust in you, main what i hope have real life, be beauty for you and give for you many enjoys and relax in life, make more happy our days. I send for you my some foto and hope that you like this,
With Love, Your valina
Letter 8
Hello my Dearest Guy,
I very glad for write for you again, i miss you a lot very much and this more and more every day and ot only you but i too want soon be with you true, i trust for you and this main what happen in inside me.
I long time think and i want say that you need me my Guy in life or least our first meet when you can own me and my body and use in any way how you enjoy. I need this.
Not know how say but i need say that i wait every day when we can be together and want hope that time go fast, i alone now and need many work for make my mama feel very good before i go to you my Guy i hope that you understand about this. And not have my Man near who can listen and understand what happen in me, that very important and what i not can easy forget and go far. Mather have medical program about recovery from long months alcohol and i not can leave this, not can forget her and must give al my care. This not easy say, believe me Guy. Oh if i would have enough money for pay everything, medicaments. And soon i possible make this i soon with you. I not can say how but i must very hard work and hate myself for say this, that if you have good situation for make help, or lease borrow for me, i sure that this be very important and special for me. I ready for even borrow and with some time if i work somewhere i give with percents. Only you my Guy have possible make this for me. I even cry now from open myself for you. I mean that i very very want finish this all and be with you, have wonderful time, feel your tender hands.
You always in my thinks,
Your valina
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