Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Seleznyova to Rafael (Australia)

Letter 1
my friend.
Very much it was pleasant to me, that you have written to me the mutual letter. It is very interesting to study to me more about you, we this most learn about each other more. In general it is interesting to me, that we with you are copied, because I for the first time contact the person from other country. I hope it to you so Interestingly to meet to me? To me you are interesting to study, I have written to somebody else if not before Rafael? And nevertheless you now with someone If not I you correspond?
In this letter I want to present you mum, her name is Anastasia.
I have decided to search for the love in the Internet because to me have not carried with Russian men. But I want to tell to you about it later.
I think, that all question - that in us the person It is a plenty from and frequently to drink *****. On mine it - a general problem of Russia. Therefore I have addressed in the Internet. I know, that abroad is not present such Problems and the enterprise of men to women is more lawful than in us in To the country. I read all this in the Internet. You know Rafael, I have decided that you on differ kindness from Russian men many. As I to you have told, that I write to you from the Internet - cafe. It - usual Library in which, if not books some computers still cost. To to regret I have no own computer.
I have told about the acquaintance to the mum, and she approves me.
I work the doctor.
I have chosen this trade to help people because I aspire to this.
As I still In the childhood dreamed to consider people. I the doctor - anaesthesiologist and my duty will be that I should support a body of the Person of viability during a narcosis. And therefore frequently in my hands there is a life of the patient. Certainly on it would be much easier, if our hospital has better been equipped.
But we have already got used to this, and we do everything, that is probable that we have. I work during various time basically Certainly in the afternoon, but once in three days, I work at night in evening change. Sometimes there are very complex days when much hardly patients. In such Days very urgently you are tired. My mum very much tests for me because she loves me. She always lifted me and spoke me, what not Supervision something is necessary to help people. I completely agree with it. I want to know what relations in you with the native to you people?
It is interesting to me as you, you will spend a free time and how whom you work?
I as am able I am tasty to prepare know many tasty dishes. You sometime ate Russian pelmeni? I as am able to prepare for various tasty products.
It - very much pity to me, but I should finish the letter. I hope, that you will answer me, is fast Also you will answer my questions.
With impatience to see your letters your friend Tatyana.
Letter 2
Congratulations my friend.
I am pleased, that you have written to me. Today I enter in eioa?
aiao-concentrate also I see the letter from you, it very much me is pleasant.
I very much like all your letters. I understand, that from each letter I can learn about you more and more.
In this letter I wanted to explain to you why I have decided to search for the love in other country.
Now, when we with you investigate each other. We should trust each other Because without trust it is impossible to live. I earlier also trusted The person, and it have deceived me. I to want to tell to you about it. I madly loved people, and it only has pretended, it loves me. Actually It mocked at my feelings. Was such, that it has appointed to me The meetings promised to arrive to me, I waited for it, and it has not made To take place. I sometimes shouted, because it did not enter evening, in Us in city in the evening not so it is silent, and I worried for him. And It, the bad person, has come in day or up to two and spoke, that it Had affairs and that it loves me. And then I have learned through it Friends, that at this time it well spent that it is maidens.
It did not like to work, it frequently borrowed from me money, Promised to give, but never allowed indemnification. And I forgave it because Loved. I even have hidden it from mum. Has transferred some time, and I saw it in the street with other woman. They have kissed. I have not made Remember, how has come home. I shouted all the night long for a long time. I had Depression very much during long time. I started to work very much, and Started to forget this villain. After that case I have decided, that I Will never deceive in love people, I shall never mock and play Feelings of other people, and me to decide, that all this not for me. I Will still not take out some such moment in a life. I shall not be Charge to more Russian men. As in them only one ideas, as to Take walk on the party, and all from them the big fans to drink. I to Do not want so that to risk and break to me directly a life which it is more. I To want to be simply happy and to live as the normal person. The ambassador That I, to decide to find second half with Internet of the help, and me, to Find you, and us to write each other. And it very much to similar me. I to want to be happy with person and to carry out with it all life. I hope, that you not such person. I hope for the heart and I think, that it will not bring me. The most important in relations is a trust.
And how you consider?
Unfortunately it is time to finish this letter. I wait from you for the answer. Tatyana.
Letter 3
sweet Rafael. How you today? I hope that all well?! I have noticed, that our letters it is more and more and open us more. Rafael, I start to notice that I have found out in you those qualities which I appreciate in the future husband. I hope, that I am not mistaken. I spoke you that I appreciate honesty and sincerity because this most important, on it all relations are under construction in relations. We always should trust each other Rafael. Rafael, I notice in you those qualities which I appreciate, and I think that I shall not be mistaken in you. Our relations grow with each letter. How you consider? I dream to create the family, with the favourite person. I looked cinema yesterday at our cinema, and very much it was pleasant to me. I think, that this film could be removed only when Computers and more advanced technologies have appeared. I want to study from you, whether what music to you it is pleasant? It is pleasant to me, various Styles and managements, but last time are pleasant to me style New Ege because it Directs on reflections, and I like to listen to this music before dream. They - such groups As Enya, the Riddle and is a lot of others. If not this music to me to similar also Popular American and English music. We have radio the most popular Radio in Russia - radio - Europe +. I constantly listen to this radio. You heard about them? Probably is not present, but this most popular radio in Russia. Probably you reflect, what for, that I in general started to correspond from you? I can tell only one. Understand me, I cannot find the person who loved me in Russia and respected. As One wise person " has told, when we live, we are in search, in search that, who can go with you on a vital way because one to go very much and Very difficultly. " I think, what you agree with me Rafael? And if it is concrete, that I search for It in the person, that it was kindly and cautiously. Probably it only children's dream, But I think that you such. For me the purpose in a life it to find the person who can cares of me. I shall address to this all Efforts that I am possible and with this person a leg in a leg that will help and support it. I have studied the English language at university, and I can smoothly speak. As you consider, what role of the woman in family. I think, that she should create a cosiness in the house, care of family, about the favourite husband. I would like to prepare every evening to the favourite husband for a fine supper at candles, to create a romantic stop. I could look after with pleasure the house, but the husband should help.
I wait for your letters and I can tell, that they have begun for me more than simply e-mail It on the much greater. Sincerely yours Tatyana.
Letter 4

Congratulations my friend Rafael.
I am pleased to see again your letter in a box of the letter.
Your e-mail is important for me. I understand it with each letter.
I notice, that our relations develop and our friendship develops, but while it is not enough of it. I want to know about you more and more and more.
In us today good weather and therefore mood, simply fine. With Mornings I have gone to a sports hall. I like to be engaged in sports meets because I think, that it is useful for health. From kinds of sports meets I prefer gymnastics and navigation. I like to float. In the summer on the river and in the winter in a reservoir. I like to observe me, and I like, when I look beautiful. And for this purpose I placed not small efforts. Many From our people are not engaged in sports meets. They speak it, they on it have no time. But I think, that for sports meets is always possible to find time. I daily visit the Sports hall and a reservoir. I have been accustomed to sports meets in the childhood. I remember, that time when I studied at university. It were cheerful times. Certainly, to study it it was difficult, but after studying, it was always cheerful. In us the company and each of us was cheerful, free day has gone to various cafes. This tradition has remained and about these days and when we meet it, we gather in anyone, and we recollect a life of our student. Many of us have already left also work in Other cities. But the majority still in our city. When I studied at University, we have studied a set of sciences, but basically it - natural sciences. We, which have studied five years in time so, are obliged to receive the maximal Formation and to become the doctor.
I love various kinds of foodstuff. But basically That I can be prepared for this. I like to be prepared, I look because it Very interestingly. Especially, when you prepare for it for this new. I want to tell Rafael, that I Christian. I want to know about your relation to religion. I visit church about once a month. I am sure Rafael, that it helps all people and I think, that it will help also to me to find the destiny with this life, to find that person to whom I could entrust the heart.
I feel to you sympathy and I search for pure love. I think Rafael, that the God will help me with it.
You know, I have told to my mum about our acquaintance. She understands me and supports.
Unfortunately my time in Internet - cafe comes to an end. I finish the letter and I wait from you for the answer.
I wait for your letters yours Tatyana.
Letter 5
Congratulations the my dear friend Rafael. I recently start to understand, that I get used to your letters, and they become for me big than - simple letters. I always with Impatience I wait for your letters. I study much from interesting about you, about your country. I hope, that you so you concern to my letters.
I during long time have noticed, that my day depends on my mood.
When I have excellent mood, my affairs go, it is excellent.
Thanks for your letters. Your letters do my good day.
I have very much told about me directly. I would like it, you knew about me more.
I speak about me directly because I think, that my letters do us closer. You agree?
I hope, that you as soon as possible will send photos. While Your letters I can tell only one, that you the fair and decent person.
My mum very much like Me, we - friendly family. I have told to mum who has acquainted With you, we always speak each other all news.
I to this have told, that I have the correspondence to you.
It was interesting to listen to it, she has asked about you.
She has asked, as I research you.
What do I wait from our correspondence Rafael? How you consider to me?
1 I think that we still are very poorly familiar that I of you my surname
2 I have hair of average length
They like 3 me
4 yes I love your music
5 you were right
6 we have spring What do you wait from our correspondence ?
She established many questions.
Unfortunately I cannot answer on not, which his questions because not I know all about you.
I would like it, you have told more about your life, about yours Interests , the purposes, about your work also that you would like from Our correspondence .
Probably I established too many questions, but it because I concern seriously to our acquaintance.
You are pleased to our dialogue Rafael?
I seem to me with everyone, the letter should study very much from new about you.
It means, that we become closer.
I wish you success!!! Let your day, it will be better!!!
I hope that you will answer me very soon!!!!
Your Tatyana.
Letter 6
Greetings Rafael.
Thanks for your new letter. It was very interesting to me to read your letter, you have written me very fine letter, I even want to tell that very remarkable letter and very interesting. I want to tell to you, that your letters it as if the love novel, they such huge, and in them many pleasant words. What you would not write me of the letter all of them for me are very huge and fine. I want to hear always from you compliments, it is pleasant for me to do it from such person as you Rafael. Also speak me them always if want. I am amazed you, what you the clever person and as you know much. Yes it is clear, because you for all long life through have much passed. I shall cross the fingers and I shall spiritually help you, in your affairs and your work. I shall always pray for you only that always with you all was good.
Thanks you Rafael, that you did not ignore all my letters and have answered all. I see as you concern to us seriously. I have more and more all are interesting for speaking with you. And I want to tell to you that you did not worry about your letters. All your letters are fine for me because it is very pleasant for me to read them with the big admiration. Because I have got acquainted with you Rafael.
Unfortunately I should finish the letter because now it is time to me to go for work because I today have a lot of work.
I hope that you to me soon write the letter. Tell as you has lead the day.
I send you many kisses,
Your Tatyana.
Letter 7
sweet Rafael.
As you today, thanks for your fine letter.
I'm fine! Now I began to think of you more. And it very much to like me, you any especial person, me are pleasant to talk to you in letters. Now I have just come to the Internet of cafe, and I write to you this letter. Now at us in the street good weather, but is very a pity to me that you are not present near to me.
You imagine Rafael today I go on work, and behind me a precept my girlfriend. And I as if do not hear her, I during this moment thought of you. And me in a head there came various ideas about us with you Rafael. Because I very much am afraid to be mistaken in you. But I think that all will be good, and I was more when I shall not think so. I think that when we with you shall be together, we shall well spend time. You imagine only and I. On any romantic island, among palm trees. And on a fine beach, by the blue sea. Where we with you walk and we do not depart from each other for a second. And on this desert island we with you only together. Was lost in day-dreams.:-)
I do not want you to offend it Rafael.
I think myself the romantic girl.
Because I always dream of beautiful love with the good person.
Rafael it seems to me when we shall meet you we can know each other better. Yes certainly I in it am simply sure. When people meet they can solve much at once. Rafael and for some reason I at once want this moment, but of it now to think still early. We with still know about each other more few.
I want to tell a little to you about a place where I was born. It is my city about which I to you already spoke. You know that in our city very pure air? In this city as my parents have got acquainted. It is pure city, beautiful parks and pure streets. Now our weather every day different. When on streets coldly my cheeks become ruddy, and it very ridiculously looks.:-)
I translate because it saves time. I am not model. I work the doctor.
I do not deceive you. I do not understand why you do not trust me.
What do you think of my idea idea to prepare to eat together?
I understand that with you will be very good me, and even I can be is sure that you always will to preserve and love me. I am pleased, that have got acquainted with such person, as you Rafael. And ours with you everyone become more strong and more strong than the relation.
Letter 8
Greetings my dear Rafael.
Thanks for your letter. I want to tell you Rafael, that you you the finest person in this world. I am afraid to lose you, and very much I worry when I write to you letters. I concern seriously to our relations and I would like that between us all was good Rafael. That we with you always understood each other. I do not want to offend you Rafael, it is very important for me that at us with you always all was good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In this world I want to do for our relations only the most good, the finest!!! Because I love you!!!! I love all your letters, each word Rafael, they concern the most gentle places of my soul. I understand that is in love with you because only with you I shall be the happiest in this life!!!
I do not want to leave you. I DO NOT WANT IT!!!!!!! I want that we with you always were together, I understand that only with you I shall be the happiest in this life!!!
To me to like as you argue in the letters and as speak about us. I worry for our relations a little, to me you are very important, I want to be with you. I was a little enioaaia our acquaintance, but now with me all is good, because I am happy that have met you, and I understand much that we with you shall be the happiest. Rafael I am ready to be with you, and I would like to look you in the face, I want to feel all your caress, and tenderness.
I do not want to refuse you Rafael.
You when did not upset me with the letters. I always with the big pleasure read all your letters. I would like to speak and speak with you Rafael.
I usually go in 3-4?I. we now we have spring and in the street it is not so cold. I have the limited quantity of a place on my box.
I to you have told that I am afraid to be disappointed in you.
Rafael I was frightened a little for our relations. Now I understand Rafael that you that person with which will be good me. Rafael in you I have seen this person!!!!!
I love you Rafael, and I want to be with you!!!
Your love Tatyana
Letter 9
Greetings my love Rafael!
I am approached so to your letters that I do not present the days without them and consequently I want to be with you every day, I want to speak with you more and more and more!!! Because with each letter I fall in love with you more and more and more. You feel it? But I understand that you far from me, and it seems to me that it is doomed to our meeting, what you think?
You know sometimes to me it seems that, the meeting is necessary for development of our attitudes for us.
I want to tell to you a little about today.
Today I have prepared for tasty salad. In Russia this salad name "winter". I think, when we with you, we shall be together I shall prepare for it to you. And it you are necessary for liking. My dear Rafael, at me to you the question which for me is very important! You thought, about our meeting? You imagine today I talked to mum and she to me has told that the meeting because she to see as I is necessary for us concern to you and as I want you.
After your last letter I cannot find to myself a place because you write to me very seriously. I see that you actually concern to our relations.
I already start to get used to you. If you knew, that this very pleasant sensation. It would be very good me with such person as you Rafael.Yes my love I is really real. I very true person. I think that we with you shall be very happy together.
After your letters, I start to think of us with you in increasing frequency.
How you today?
How your weather?
With you it will be good me. The simple person, as you Rafael is necessary for me.
You simply remarkable person!!!!!!!!!! About such as you should dream each girl!!!!!!
On it I shall finish the letter. I send you 10000000000000 kisses!!!!!!!!!! My time comes to an end to me it is time to go. I shall wait from you for the following letter.
I shall wait from you for the answer.
Care of itself.
Your love Tatyana
Letter 10
Rafael, the best time in my life has
arrived, when I have met you!
And I do not want to free it. Rafael, francly I speaking more feel in love with you, I was more - affraid to free mine Rafael!!! You know, that very much it is very difficult to live without your letters. Rafael, I deciced and can force to think nobody of me of you. Rafael, I want to see you, I want to kiss you, I want to feel you. I want you...
Unfortunately I today shall be brief because I am very strongly borrowed on work. I want to tell to you that I think of you constantly!!! Also that all my dreams and desires only about you!!! lyou and I know, that you love me. The fact - that we which acnt write each other for the whole life, we should meet you to understand, whether we like relly each other. Rafael, I have normal desire full each woman to care of you, to do to you coffe in the morning and to prepare a supper in the evening. I want to meet you from work and to listen to you about what happenns on work. At last, I want to sleep in samN beds as you and to feel like warm of your body. Rafael, it not so? It - only love...
I love you with all my heart.
Your love Tatyana.

Letter 11
Congratulations my love Rafael.
I am very pleased, to receive from you the answer.
I think that all from us equally, and all our ideas and dreams are identical. My love I know that both of us are lonely in this world, and we very strongly would like love, I want you Rafael, I want in this life, should Be meet and see each other. As the relation between two people Can not be under construction on the correspondence. All >from them equally should see Each other and look each other in eyes. I think, that we with you should to make limiting, to meet.
I yesterday went to church to pray for us with you and our relations, I is very happy that have met you here!!! I am grateful to the god for that that it has enabled us to speak with each other. I want to tell to you that I love you Rafael!!! I prayed for that that the god has given us more forces in this life. My love you imagine I now began to trust even more to the god in that that it enables us to speak with each other more and more and more!
My love I know that we shall meet in the future. My love I know that the real meeting will not replace 1000 letters. At a real meeting we can look each other in eyes and feel heat of our ph.
My love when I think of it to me it would be desirable in your embraces. And I cannot wait for that moment when we shall be together.
And I shall go tomorrow to travel agency and I learn that to me would be required for that what to visit you! Well???
I think, that the first contact to each other which we Let's remember for all our life because we with you are on various distances from each other, And we it is a pity that not together now. It seems to me, that it is a God, the friend has allowed us to find the friend. You think directly, we are on the various ends of the ground and when did not hear about each other. And in us with you huge chance in a life. We have found each other not looking on distances. I am grateful to the god, that I have been given birth during such Time when technologies connect people from the various Doomsday. Also let people to communicate on huge distances. But we also should undertake efforts to meet and that all this time which we know, time each other has not passed for anything, and we were together. I like from you and for me, the maximal compensation would be that I was with you. I was more also I do not dream to wish. I hope, that you Rafael, you consider seriously my words because they go from heart. I wait your letters.
You and only your girl also can be in future wife Tatyana.
I love you!!!
Letter 12
my love RAFAEL ! It is pleasant for me to receive your letter again!!!

I die without you, is awful! I very much love you RAFAEL . I cannot be, if not you, it is so difficult. You - my life, I want to seize you so it to feel your high temperature to study your eyes, to feel it is similar it is similar to this, it is similar, it is happy and safe about you. I confident, that everyone will be good, and the destiny will work for us, and we it will be happy together. I frequently think of us, and I try to imagine our life together. Sometimes I feel, that you so about, AND be close to me. I even feel you on distance. I feel, when you are in high spirit and when you are sad. I am happy, when you happy. I want to be with you and me though about ways for us to be together. Thanks you for it RAFAEL that you with me!!! You very close the person, and well contact to me!!! I love it. I as think, it was not present what the problem to meet shortly, after your offer, it became valid pleasant for me, that you want our meeting!!! Mine RAFAEL today I have left to agency of travel, and I have investigated, it will be necessary to arrive for me to you. During the beginning
It is necessary to collect for me all necessary documents:
1. The valid passport
2. Two black-and-white photos
3. The filled application - questionnaire
4. Documents, the certificate, that I in Russia have work
5. Documents, than acknowledgement in Russia remain on direct lines relatives
So that to arrive to your country, I should make some documents AND receive the visa. It borrows some time, certainly, and to make many documents concerning my party. And manufacture of these documents in me will be leave approximately 8 days. But I shall make everything, that depends from me.
Concerning the visa, there is a visa of the Bride, but they to be are not present The best variant for us as we have not met however, and we has, is not present anyone documents and pictures to improve our meeting. And to be relative me have told, again also it will be again better to receive it the visa category tourist, it is placed during the period one or two months or even three months. Those who follows in your country as the tourist, should define, where they are going to stop. As I movement to visit you, I should know your exact home address, and the address the airport closest to you where I should arrive. I very much you ask to send me this information. And already when I shall arrive in you, we with you together, we can start to sort our relations. But one thing which upsets me very much. You see, I should pay reception from the visa. And during the beginning I should enter it registration in your country which are in embassy in Moscow. In agency to me have explained to which I can legalize all papers through them, and Moscow I should go only on interview to the consul for consideration AND receptions of my visa. My love it will be necessary for me for registration of my documents 400 dollars USA, for my consideration documents and registration of the visa, it will occupy only 8 days, I was very much happy, that we with you can very soon!!! I have the big desire to arrive to you to see you, at last. I very much love you RAFAEL , and I do not want to lose you. Nobody can help me with it. I am fair also sincere with you. I want to see you very much; It is a pity, it is expensive, if it upsets you. I only think, which we should accuse of everyone another also divide all. Hope, that you agree with me. Only imagine, Which during short time we could be together Set. Also only one problem now which I cannot solve. I very much love you, you, the best in my life, and on our meeting could be the happiest for us!
My love, which you imagine to be fast, we could together!!!??? I very happy!!!
My love you can help me with registration of my documents?
You to me can tell, as you have leadership today day? I want to Know than I have been occupied, today we love the person!!!
I want to feel you RAFAEL !!! Your Tatyana
Letter 13
Rafael, my love, how - you today?
I love you and I dream of you!!!
I waited for your letter, that you will write to me the fine letter and tell to me much about love.
Now I think of that that is very happy that has found you in this huge world. I understand that you my ideal the man with which I always shall be happy and with which all my dreams will come true.
Rafael, I think, that our relations - have come in other level. Now I cannot imgine my life without you, your letters. But I want more you!!!
My love when I learned about reception of the visa of me have warned about all that you speak. I could arrive to you if you can help me with it. My love I hope that we with you can be together as soon as possible.
Rafael, that can be better than when two persons who like each other - together. Dear, make you like masage?
As I work above hospital, I can do it professionally. So, everyone I shall do massage for you every evening.
We shall buy various oil and cream. You will be weakened similarly to this in the evenings.
Romantic music, candles, massage...
Sweety, I want to do you happy, and I shall make all my best for this purpose. You know, the most important thing for me should be convinced, that you are happy. And certainly I would like you, will be happy with me:)!
I love you, and you know it. We like each other, and we should be together, and we shall be together!!!!!!!!!!! Very huge distance is very a pity to me that between us, but I hope that with each letter our relations more and more and grow more, and to honey the distance is reduced by us!!!
Yours Tatyana.
Letter 14
Greetings, my love Rafael!
The best moments in my life - when I read yours, allows. And now it goes from these moments.
It is difficult for you for understanding as pleasant for me, the lonely girl to receive such big attention from you! Honey Rafael, you - the best in this world.
You want to know that I have made last night? I have devoted it to you! I yesterday went to church and prayed for us.
My love Rafael, I dreamed of us with you, I dreamed of our first meeting at the airport because she will take place at the airport where we for the first time can meet you. My love I very strongly want it!!!
My love as soon as I shall have film with my family I to you at once I shall send.
When I was in travel agency and all learned about that that to me is necessary also what for me papers to arrive to you so my love not seemed to me is complex process are necessary. Because now it is a lot of people as from our country the countries move under the tourist visa and from yours to ours. So my love and still I want to tell to you that we should trust in us, in our force of love which is rather strong, and only she should help us always until then while we shall not be together and when we with you shall be together our love will increase with new force!!!
I present as I go down from a gangway of the plane and I see you, I see you in the real world. This simply fine instant when I see you Rafael, I simply shall at height with happiness, and from excitation after I you can see you in the real world!!! I awfully love you. When I of you a meeting in a real life, I am sure that our love will arise with new force, I present all this more often and more often, I want that we with you were together as soon as possible!!!
Rafael, I am so happy with you. Now I am full of ideas. I want to operate. It is energy of love!!! Many thanks, that you are in my life, that you do not give me to boredom, that, you does not allow me to be lonely, that you do me to be happy!!! I love you for this purpose very much!
My dreams and all my desires of us and our meeting, I understand that to me well with you, and with your letters, I understand that when we for the first time shall meet you I cannot when to live any day without your love. Tatyana your love!!!
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